Nathan Barr

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Grieve To Grave To Groove 03:14 Tools
Bill's Entrance 01:29 Tools
Hairclip 01:46 Tools
Bill's Lament 01:07 Tools
Bill And Sookie Together 02:23 Tools
First Taste 01:20 Tools
Gran's Story 01:47 Tools
Bill And Sookie's Reunion 01:21 Tools
Tripping 01:42 Tools
Tara In The Pool 01:19 Tools
Tara And Mother 01:05 Tools
Amy's Goodbye 01:56 Tools
The Tribunal 02:31 Tools
Priapism 02:14 Tools
The Cabin 02:50 Tools
More Than You Can Imagine 01:42 Tools
Jason And Amy 02:16 Tools
The Funeral 02:24 Tools
Marlo and Ray 03:56 Tools
Love Theme 02:50 Tools
Vampire Love 03:56 Tools
Goodbye Godric 04:50 Tools
Take Me Home 02:33 Tools
Eric The Viking 01:22 Tools
Unpacking Gran 02:09 Tools
Ride And Slash 02:53 Tools
Eric's Grief / The Bleeds 03:54 Tools
Sookie Dreams 03:19 Tools
House Party 02:16 Tools
The Proposal 04:08 Tools
Suite 04:32 Tools
Pray With Me 02:18 Tools
Hoyt And Jessica 03:04 Tools
Family's Gone 02:39 Tools
Sam Visits 01:52 Tools
Erics Grief / The Bleeds 03:55 Tools
Hostel 2 - Suite 00:30 Tools
hemlock grove 00:52 Tools
Suite - "Amid A Crowd Of Stars" 06:31 Tools
Sancto Erico 01:38 Tools
Crime Scene 02:59 Tools
Ice Cream 02:09 Tools
Escape 02:27 Tools
Bill And Sookie's Love Theme 01:46 Tools
Elevator 01:54 Tools
Eric's Grief/The Bleeds (True Blood S02 Soundtrack) 01:46 Tools
Shelley's Email 03:02 Tools
Carnival 01:48 Tools
Brooke's Vigil 01:54 Tools
Brothel 00:42 Tools
Letha Dreams 02:30 Tools
Boat Ride 01:37 Tools
Guidebooks 01:19 Tools
Beautiful Skin 02:22 Tools
Spa 00:51 Tools
Train 01:45 Tools
Pedicure 00:52 Tools
Village 01:44 Tools
Is This A Joke? 04:24 Tools
Aftermath 01:11 Tools
Good to Me 03:23 Tools
Achilles 00:48 Tools
Smokestack 01:04 Tools
Unwell 01:02 Tools
Tortury 02:15 Tools
Paxton Meets Sasha 02:09 Tools
Revenge 01:48 Tools
Bidding War 02:44 Tools
Killer Wolf 01:57 Tools
Far From Home 01:02 Tools
Portrait 02:16 Tools
Gallery 01:40 Tools
Peter's Transformation 03:04 Tools
Longing 03:07 Tools
Roman and Olivia 00:50 Tools
Main Title 01:58 Tools
Mr. Serious American 02:20 Tools
The Kiss 00:55 Tools
Bugeye 04:06 Tools
Montage 03:08 Tools
Land Beyond 03:02 Tools
Trust Each Other 01:52 Tools
Peter Dreams 03:17 Tools
Dreams 03:38 Tools
Follow 01:18 Tools
Stuart 02:26 Tools
Trolley Of Death 02:54 Tools
Screaming Schoolkids 03:17 Tools
The Bath 03:39 Tools
Bill and Sookie Come Together 02:25 Tools
Roadblock 01:56 Tools
The Bleeds 03:39 Tools
Reflections 02:15 Tools
Deja Vu 00:46 Tools
Sookie and Eric Kiss 01:52 Tools
Axelle 00:40 Tools
Snip 01:16 Tools
Todd 02:14 Tools
Turning Tables 03:57 Tools
Suite ("Amid A Crowd Of Stars") 02:34 Tools
The Trap 00:30 Tools
Good To Me (Feat. Lisbeth Scott) 03:23 Tools
Safe Disguises 02:49 Tools
Elizabeth's Past 02:27 Tools
Silver-Tongued Men 00:30 Tools
Pas de deux 00:30 Tools
Pierced Ears 02:34 Tools
Not A Good Day 00:00 Tools
Philip Paige Walk Home 00:00 Tools
A Lot of Clocks 00:00 Tools
Phone Bug 01:27 Tools
New Zebedee 01:27 Tools
I'll Be Alone 01:27 Tools
Code Copy 05:25 Tools
Making Love 02:40 Tools
Martha Waits 03:54 Tools
Welcome to Tokyo 00:30 Tools
Evil People 00:00 Tools
Quite Different Around Here 00:00 Tools
Crash 00:46 Tools
Stealthy Pursuit 03:54 Tools
Suite (Amid a Crowd of Stars) 06:31 Tools
Hurting Olivia 00:30 Tools
Daddy 00:59 Tools
Courtney's Flatline 00:52 Tools
Dumping Ashes 03:52 Tools
In The Bushes - Delirious 02:54 Tools
Poker Face 02:54 Tools
Little Pin 00:58 Tools
Museum 02:34 Tools
Linda Taken Away 00:46 Tools
Studying Magic 00:46 Tools
Dennis Bites 01:58 Tools
Nina's Dream 02:34 Tools
Backyard Magic 02:34 Tools
Sacrifice 05:25 Tools
A Boy Witch 05:25 Tools
Amerika the Beautiful 00:58 Tools
Shared Dreams 00:00 Tools
Burn the Hermit 02:27 Tools
Alone In Tokyo 00:30 Tools
Mother Visits 00:30 Tools
Back-Up Hospital 02:34 Tools
Meet Miranda 00:52 Tools
Chasseur 00:52 Tools
Lemonade 00:59 Tools
Enough Suffering 05:25 Tools
Untethered 05:25 Tools
To Roman's House 00:52 Tools
True Blood 01:58 Tools
Jonathan With Ax 01:58 Tools
What To Do 02:49 Tools
No Accident 00:00 Tools
Rescuing Shelley 00:30 Tools
Roman Did This 00:00 Tools
Stop My Heart 00:30 Tools
Mother Returns 00:30 Tools
Lightstorm 01:27 Tools
Meeting The Marks 00:00 Tools
Bevy of Swans 00:00 Tools
My House Is Magic 00:00 Tools
Party Crasher 01:13 Tools
Library 05:25 Tools
Déjà vu 00:46 Tools
TGK 00:30 Tools
Books Attack 00:30 Tools
Jeff Makes It 04:09 Tools
We Hit a Girl! 00:30 Tools
I'm Sorry 01:47 Tools
Tarby Opens The Book 01:47 Tools
Nadia 00:00 Tools
The Mighty Wurlitzer 00:00 Tools
Secret Entrance 00:00 Tools
Fly In the Eye 00:59 Tools
Karen Falls Apart 03:47 Tools
Rest In Peace 00:00 Tools
True Blood - Love Theme (Nathan Barr) 03:52 Tools
Tonight Then 02:34 Tools
Hands On 05:25 Tools
Nickelodeon 05:25 Tools
The Argument 00:00 Tools
The Spirit Room 00:00 Tools
Grim's Cave 02:21 Tools
The Party Ain't Over 01:27 Tools
Party 02:34 Tools
The Great War 02:34 Tools
Horse Shoes 02:34 Tools
Messy Room 02:34 Tools
Lewis Confesses 02:34 Tools
Visiting Murase 02:49 Tools
What Do You See in Me? 00:58 Tools
Sunken Ship 00:58 Tools
Lewis Finds the Clock 00:58 Tools
Bedroom Escape 00:58 Tools
Master Here 00:58 Tools
Dark Asher Iq 00:58 Tools
Hemlock Grove 'Title Sequence' 00:52 Tools
I Saw Megumi 04:09 Tools
Smashing Pumpkins 04:09 Tools
Jane Visits TGK 00:30 Tools
Goodbyes And Lullabies 02:54 Tools
Chasing Jack 02:54 Tools
Scripture and a Meal 02:54 Tools
Pumpkins Attack 02:54 Tools
My Beautiful Wife 02:54 Tools
Marcy & Paul Screw 01:49 Tools
Shower Curtain 01:49 Tools
Marlo's Flatline 02:34 Tools
Trueblood: Goodbye Godric (feat. Joohyun Park) 03:54 Tools
Goodnight Vignette 03:54 Tools
Insect Book 03:54 Tools
Automatons Attack 03:54 Tools
The Truth 00:52 Tools
No Cheating Death 00:52 Tools
Like Father Like Daughter 00:52 Tools
Back to Normal 00:52 Tools
Lewis in Cage 00:52 Tools
Wild Car Ride 01:49 Tools
The Whole Truth 00:00 Tools
Psych Ward 00:00 Tools
Flip Book 00:00 Tools
The Reservoir/Leg Shaving 05:25 Tools
Hope and Weakness 05:25 Tools
Sacred Library 05:25 Tools
Die, Redneck Die 02:34 Tools
Gassing Automatons 02:34 Tools
Bill & Sookie's Love Theme 01:43 Tools
Driving to Megumi's 00:00 Tools
Forgiveness 02:28 Tools
Comin To A Town Near You 00:58 Tools
March to Mimasery 00:58 Tools
Issac's Album 00:58 Tools
Tessa Visits 03:42 Tools
Imogen and Agreus 03:42 Tools
Friendly Sweep 03:42 Tools
Pact Air Raid 03:42 Tools
The Bridge 02:54 Tools
Morgue 02:54 Tools
Bill and Sookie's Theme 01:49 Tools
Fatherly Familiarity 01:49 Tools
Carnival Row a Cappella 01:49 Tools
Raising Issac 01:49 Tools
Scared of Sophie 01:49 Tools
Our Common Enemy 01:49 Tools
True Blood - Love Theme 02:56 Tools
Main Title/Infectious Dog 03:42 Tools
Marlo's Vortex 01:47 Tools
Pub Discussions 03:56 Tools
The Halfblood 03:56 Tools
Love Theme a Cappella 03:56 Tools
Welcome to Hazzard 02:54 Tools
True Blood - First Season - "Love Theme" 02:54 Tools
Pancakes/Runnin' From Rednecks 02:28 Tools
Bill & Sookie's Theme 01:47 Tools
Isaac's Album 01:47 Tools
Wash My Mongoose 01:47 Tools
Karen Sips/The Hog Lady 03:35 Tools
Eric's Grief 03:56 Tools
The General Lee 02:28 Tools
Boss Hogg 02:28 Tools
Roscoe P. Coltrane 02:28 Tools
The Safe Ride 02:28 Tools
Safe Drag 02:28 Tools
Uncle Jessie 02:28 Tools
Issac Starts the Clock 02:28 Tools
Hemlock Grove Intro 00:47 Tools
Geology Hi-jinx 03:56 Tools
Campus Cops 01:14 Tools
In The Bushes - Delirious 00:34 Tools
Daisy's Undercarriage 01:14 Tools
Prickett's New Paintjob 00:59 Tools
Raising Isaac 00:59 Tools
The Safe 01:14 Tools
The Still 01:14 Tools
Trooper Chase 01:14 Tools
Seducing Enos 01:14 Tools
Make It A Party 00:59 Tools
The Trap 02:02 Tools
Dehydration 00:59 Tools
Amy's Goodbye (True Blood) 00:59 Tools
Prison Visit 00:59 Tools
Hostel II: Suite 06:33 Tools
Хемлок Гроув 'Title Sequence' 00:00 Tools
Hostel Ll 06:33 Tools
Donuts 06:33 Tools
Love Theme (True Blood) 00:59 Tools
Hazzard County Picnic 06:33 Tools
Labor Day 00:34 Tools
Dixie 00:34 Tools
eric's grief - the bleeds 00:44 Tools
True Blood - Take Me Home (Lisbeth Scott) (2:28) 02:34 Tools
Marcy and Paul Screw 01:49 Tools
Comin' to a Town Near You 00:59 Tools
Hostel II/Suite 06:33 Tools
Shoot the Moon 00:59 Tools
Kiss Scene 02:02 Tools
Pardon Me 01:49 Tools
Cocktails 06:33 Tools
Hemlock Grove End Credits 00:44 Tools
True Blood - Love Theme (Solo Piano) (2:51) 05:25 Tools
Isaac Starts The Clock 05:25 Tools
Vinyl Discovery 05:25 Tools
Die Redneck, Die 02:34 Tools
Red Love/Virus Check 04:21 Tools
True Blood - First Season - "Take Me Home" 04:21 Tools
Love Theme (Piano by Lisbeth Scott) 02:56 Tools
Main Theme (OST The Americans) 02:56 Tools
The Reservoir / Leg Shaving 05:25 Tools
Six of Hearts 05:25 Tools
Paul And Karen/Good Kisser 01:25 Tools
The Reset Button 01:25 Tools
Strapped Horses 01:25 Tools
Kiss Scene [4x05] 13:49 Tools
Title Sequence 00:00 Tools
Sancto Erico (Vocals by Lisbeth Scott & Nathan Barr) 01:38 Tools
Neighborly 01:38 Tools
The '55 Chev 01:38 Tools
Hostel II - Suite 06:33 Tools
Snake Eyes Suite 06:33 Tools
Goodnight, Markus 06:33 Tools
Hostel II 01:56 Tools
Pancakes - Runnin' From Rednecks 06:33 Tools
Shitty Ass Day 06:33 Tools
It's Over 06:33 Tools
Short List 06:33 Tools
Milwaukee 06:33 Tools
Go Big or Go Home 06:33 Tools
Suite - From "Hostel II" 06:33 Tools
Suite (Hostel II) 06:33 Tools
Take me home (Vocal by Lisbeth Scott) 02:32 Tools
Suite ('Amid A Crowd Of Stars') 06:31 Tools
End Theme (OST The Americans) 00:00 Tools
Suite (From "Hostel II") 00:00 Tools
Main Title / Infectious Dog 00:00 Tools
The Reservoir / Leg Shaving (From "Cabin Fever") 06:31 Tools
Normal Son 06:31 Tools
They're Coming 06:31 Tools
Take Me Home (feat. Lisbeth Scott) 06:31 Tools
The Auction 06:31 Tools
Escoute Home 06:31 Tools
Marius Escapes 06:31 Tools
Lost Boys: The Tribe Suite 01:56 Tools
Grocery Store Nailers 01:56 Tools
Meet Nathan Wood 01:56 Tools
Bloody Footprints 01:56 Tools
Meet The Plowboys 01:56 Tools
Driving 01:56 Tools
Miss Milwaukee, This is Eagle 01:56 Tools
The Garage 01:56 Tools
Stabbed in the Face 01:56 Tools
Sy Appears 01:56 Tools
I'll Handle This Bitch 01:56 Tools
The Ring 01:56 Tools
Suburban Shootout 01:56 Tools
Mystery Meat 01:56 Tools
The Overpass/Nathan's Revenge/Betsy The Cherry 01:56 Tools
Pancakes / Runnin' From Rednecks 05:25 Tools
Main Title - Infectious Dog 06:33 Tools
Jason and Amy (True Blood) 06:33 Tools
Bill & Sookie Together 06:33 Tools
Bill & Sookie's Reunion 06:33 Tools
Bad Things 01:14 Tools
Take Me Home (Lisbeth Scott) 01:14 Tools
Hair Clip 02:32 Tools
He Says She's Alive 02:32 Tools
It Must Be Done 02:32 Tools
OST Hemlock Grove 00:00 Tools
Karen Sips / The Hog Lady 00:00 Tools
They Seemed Nice 00:00 Tools
Wedding 00:00 Tools
Sancto Erico (feat. Lisbeth Scott) 00:00 Tools
Jason & Amy 10:38 Tools
Karen Sips - The Hog Lady 10:38 Tools
True Blood - Aftermath (Bill's Lament) (1:02) 10:38 Tools
Luca 10:38 Tools
Photo Montage 10:38 Tools
This Isn't Going to Work 10:38 Tools
Trouble Begins 10:38 Tools
Then I'll Kill Him 10:38 Tools
Ghosts Of Eli's Past 10:38 Tools
Steel Arrow 10:38 Tools
Family Destroyed 10:38 Tools
Welcome to the Wrenhaus 10:38 Tools
I Love You, Markus 10:38 Tools
Suite (Hostel) 05:25 Tools
The Reservoir - Leg Shaving 05:25 Tools
True Blood - Grieve To Grave To Groove (3:10) 05:25 Tools
Tara & Mother 05:25 Tools
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Nathan Barr began studying music in Tokyo, Japan at the age of four. He grew up surrounded by eclectic music ranging from Kabuki Theater, to the sounds of his mother performing on the koto and piano, to his father playing the banjo, guitar, and shakuhachi. His interest in music was further influenced by extensive travels around the world, where he experienced music ranging from Bali's Kecak Orchestras to China's Beijing Opera. During the summer of 1993, he toured Italy and Switzerland with the Juilliard Cello Ensemble. Upon graduating from college, he joined the industrial alternative rock group V.A.S.T. (Elektra Records) for a short time, playing guitar and electric cello. Looking to explore a career in film music, he moved to Los Angeles in 1996, where he met Academy Award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer, who invited him to join him as his assistant. During his time with Hans, he worked on many projects ranging from the Jim Brooks hit comedy As Good As It Gets (1997) to Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line (1998). In 1998, Nathan struck out on his own after landing his first feature film entitled Hairshirt (1998), directed by Dean Paras, and starring Neve Campbell and Rebecca Gayheart. Since then he has scored more than ten films ranging from the critically acclaimed documentary Beyond The Mat (1999), directed by 'Barry Blaustein' for Universal Studios, to the Quentin Tarantino produced Hangman's Daughter (2000), for Miramax. He has also worked in television where he scored the CBS drama "Kate Brasher" (2001), starring Mary Stuart Masterson, produced by Danny DeVito and Stephen Tolkin. He has also worked on the independent film Briar Patch (2001), directed by Zev Berman. For this score, he performed all of the music playing more than thirteen instruments including cumbus, hurdy-gurdy, bul-bul, psaltery, and gender. Nathan also scored the music for the hit-series 'True Blood'. Nathan is comfortable composing in many styles ranging from big band to orchestral to rock, among others. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.