Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use define conditions based on which FreeMusicLib will make available its services through the website “m.freelistenonline.com”.

1. Aim of FreeMusicLib

The web portal provides an online platform, allowing its Users to search, listen, upload and share music.

2. The agreement between users and website

This is also a legally binding agreement between “User” and “FreeMusicLib”. Users have the legal right to enter into this agreement and that it can be enforceable against users as well. Users of m.freelistenonline.com will be asked to check the checkbox “I agree” when registering a new account on the website. By clicking this checkbox, you express the agreement with these Terms of Use. FreeMusicLib has the right to alter the Terms of Use and the portal’s website whenever the FreeMusicLib founders team finds it required. The site’s version number will be mentioned at bottom of Terms of Use. A user is responsible to verify the updated Terms of Use after modifications. If a user disagrees with modifications, he may terminate his User account (within two weeks) or it will be terminated automatically. Please follow the updates news on the our Updates page to read and confirm all changes in Terms of Use or your user account will be terminated.

3. User profiles

Only persons who are at least thirteen (13) years old may become Users of FreeMusicLib’s website. When a person registers and creates a User Account, how will need to choose a username and password. A user is also responsible for keeping the confidentiality and security of the data about his username and password.

4. Third-party content

A significant part of the information provided on the website is presented by the third-party companies – users and third parties who are responsible for the accuracy and reliability of all content that we post on the website. We are not responsible for the links to other websites that we have at FreeMusicLib and not responsible for their content. The full responsibility for the links, as well as for other materials added by community of FreeMusicLib lies on people who added this content.

5. Copyright Policy

When using FreeMusicLib, you also accept the privacy policy’s rules. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy. If you find any content on the site, that belongs to you (you have a legal confirmation of your copyright), that is used without your agreement, immediately contact us. We take seriously the claims of copyright infringement and we ask you to provide all the data listed in the order so that we can quickly respond to your copyright-related request.

6. The rules for FreeMusicLib’s Community

Behave yourself, respect others members of the community and do not forget about common sense. If we think that someone is behaving inappropriately and breaks these rules, we reserve the right to ban this user, without asking permission of the user. We do not like to do it, but sometimes it's the only thing we can do to protect the integrity of community of FreeMusicLib.

7. Use of software

By using the website of the FreeMusicLib portal, all of its software and services, you accept them as they are. Being just people the developers’ team can make mistakes, but we are constantly updating and improving all services and features of FreeMusicLib, trying to eliminate errors and making subtle changes to the software and codes according to your recommendations. This means that the site of FreeMusicLib project should not be taken as a complete product. When browsing FreeMusicLib, you accept this fact, and the fact of errors that can occur while you are using this website.