About FreeMusicLib

FreeMusicLib is a big and growing music portal where you can search and listen your favorite music among 250,000 artists and 100,000,000 music tracks.

It’s a high-end service that gives users a great choice among artists and music genres. It allows searching, listening, downloading tracks, viewing statistical data and checking the history of listened tracks, adding music to Favorites, sharing music and information about artists.

It’s a top artists, tracks with growing popularity, an ability to check what’s your friends listening to, history, powerful search, abilities to create your own music playlists and many other possibilities.

We offer a huge music archive with constantly updating thanks absolutely for free. Search, listen, save, create your own music library, share and discuss music and artists. This is a new free music streaming experience you won’t forget!

FreeMusicLib become better and better:

Search you favorite music or browse music by genres, check what your friends listen and recommend, easily browse and add music you liked to your Favorites.


Use convenient music player, listen any tracks, immediately save them to your Favorites and share with one button.


Your friends must find out about your favorite new songs in your music library. FreeMusicLib gives you an ability to share any track you find here in any popular way – send links to new tracks via email, post on Facebook, Twitter from our website and offer your favorite social media networks we should add to our list of sharing-compatible resources.


Invite and find friends to discuss music you all love. At FreeMusicLib you will find a cozy, user-friendly community expanding daily and worldwide, talk about music and artists you want to.


You own music library of favorite artists and tracks, use History to recover all tracks you’ve listened recently, browse your statistics at your profile section.

PROS of FreeMusicLib:

- Free service
- Constantly updating music library
- Fast and convenient search
- Growing community
- Favorites
- Sharing
- 24/7 technical support and quick responses to your help requests

Register with E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or VK and try all services and features of FreeMusicLib. It’s a free music service. Create your own music library, invite your friends, join our music community and upload your favorite music (or your own music) to the music archive of FreeMusicLib.

Welcome to FreeMusicLib!