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Ma Tomri 04:21 Tools
Yesh Lach Oti 05:15 Tools
מה תאמרי 04:22 Tools
Whiskey in the Jar 05:40 Tools
Tzilo Shel Yom Kaitz 05:16 Tools
במרחק נגיעה מכאן 04:15 Tools
צילו של יום קיץ 05:17 Tools
Rikod Katan 03:26 Tools
Habalada Al 03:17 Tools
Stav Angli 05:15 Tools
נועה של הים 02:29 Tools
BeMerchak Negi'a MiKan 04:14 Tools
Eric And The Angles 04:14 Tools
יש לך אותי 05:17 Tools
התחלות 04:12 Tools
Kichlot Hakol Vehatmoona 08:35 Tools
מלך שלך 04:23 Tools
איש השוקולד 03:19 Tools
הלילות שלנו 05:25 Tools
הבלדה על... 03:18 Tools
בכל פעם שאני מתאהב (בך מחדש) 04:05 Tools
קמבודיה 04:03 Tools
ריקוד קטן 03:27 Tools
בכל פעם שאני מתאהב בך מחדש 00:00 Tools
זריחה על המדבר 00:00 Tools
הירושימה שלי 05:31 Tools
עם כלות הסופה 04:27 Tools
זמן קסם 04:49 Tools
תן לי קצת ממך 03:58 Tools
מתאהב בך מחדש 04:05 Tools
הגשם ירד 04:52 Tools
כביש לכיוון אחד 04:31 Tools
בכל פעם שאני מתאהב 00:00 Tools
Eric and the Angels 04:10 Tools
רגע 04:42 Tools
סתיו אנגלי 05:16 Tools
ככלות הקול והתמונה 07:40 Tools
הבלדה על 00:00 Tools
זה קרה 00:00 Tools
מטעי הדובדבן של אוקראינה 05:28 Tools
לאן פנינו עכשיו 03:33 Tools
Melech Shelach 03:33 Tools
זה שיר כאב 03:33 Tools
ככלות הכל והתמונה 03:33 Tools
כך הולך הרוח 04:03 Tools
כל האור שרק אפשר לשאת 05:29 Tools
Tzilo Shel Yom Kayitz 05:07 Tools
אבנים 04:38 Tools
לאחת שבגן עדן 03:49 Tools
Ish Hashokolad 03:49 Tools
Noa Shel Hayam 03:36 Tools
Hatchalot 04:35 Tools
סולמות וחבלים 03:49 Tools
עולם של גברים 03:36 Tools
Rikud Katan 03:49 Tools
הדיבוק 04:35 Tools
לא לאבד אותך 03:07 Tools
Haleilot Shelanu 05:46 Tools
תני לי לדבר איתך 03:47 Tools
צילו של יום קיץ (קליפ) 04:03 Tools
לכי ילדה אבודה 03:47 Tools
צילו של יום הקיץ 05:07 Tools
Habalada Al... 03:32 Tools
ערב בלי טלפון 03:26 Tools
אור משוגע 06:03 Tools
עד הפחד הבא 05:04 Tools
בכל פעם אני מתאהב 04:03 Tools
Rega 04:03 Tools
דרך ארוכה 05:00 Tools
Bemerhak negia Mikan 04:03 Tools
Bekol Pa'am She'ani Mit'ahev (Bach Mehadash) 04:03 Tools
bemerchak negia mikan 04:03 Tools
Im Klot Hasufa 05:46 Tools
Hathalot 05:00 Tools
Bechol Pa'am Sheani Mitahev Bach Mehadash 03:02 Tools
Our nights 03:02 Tools
Zilo Shel Yom Kaitz 05:46 Tools
דרך גבר באישה 03:02 Tools
04 צילו של יום הקיץ 03:02 Tools
Hiroshima Sheli 03:26 Tools
Ten Li Ktzat Mimcha 03:26 Tools
למה לא 03:26 Tools
<נעימה> 03:02 Tools
תן לי קצת ממך ( הופעה חיה באמפי שוני, 2011) - Live 03:02 Tools
עניין פרטי 03:26 Tools
תלתלים 03:26 Tools
Zricha Al Hamidbar 03:26 Tools
Zman Kesem 03:26 Tools
Your King 03:26 Tools
Melech Shelah 00:00 Tools
Behol Pam Sheani Mitahev 03:26 Tools
Dma'ot Shel Za'am Umilim 03:26 Tools
Habaladah Al... 03:26 Tools
Noa of the sea 03:26 Tools
דמעות של זעם 04:30 Tools
Mataey Haduvdevan shel Ukraina 05:07 Tools
Chocolate man 04:30 Tools
What will you say? 04:30 Tools
זה קורה 04:30 Tools
שמש סתיו 04:56 Tools
עניין של הֵרגל 04:05 Tools
לילה מה בל 04:30 Tools
Kvish Lekivun Ehad 05:17 Tools
10 זמן קסם 04:30 Tools
עניין של הרגל 04:59 Tools
כפר צרפתי 04:31 Tools
דמעות של זעם ומילים 05:17 Tools
Bemirhak Negiya Mikan 04:30 Tools
Bechol Paam Sheani Mitahev (Bach Mehadash) 04:30 Tools
Zman Kessem 05:17 Tools
רות כמו תות 04:30 Tools
03 בכל פעם שאני מתאהב בך מחדש 05:07 Tools
It's a long way 04:30 Tools
יזהר אשדות - צילו של יום קיץ 05:07 Tools
Haggeshem Yered 05:07 Tools
Inyan SHel Hergel 05:17 Tools
Rega (Live) 05:17 Tools
Erev Bli Telephone 05:17 Tools
תן לי קצת מימך 00:00 Tools
שה לה לה 00:00 Tools
בלונד 04:31 Tools
Until the next fear 00:00 Tools
ליבי לעולם לא נרדם 00:00 Tools
לכי ילדה אהובה 00:00 Tools
Tsilo Shel Yom Kayitz 00:00 Tools
הי את 06:03 Tools
אוטוסטרדת הכאב 06:03 Tools
אבק בשערך 00:00 Tools
Hatuki Flober 00:00 Tools
נוח של הים 00:00 Tools
Bemirchak Negia Mikan 00:00 Tools
No'ah Shel Hayam 00:00 Tools
...הבלדה על 00:00 Tools
Ruth (like a strawberry) 00:00 Tools
התוכי פלובר 03:58 Tools
את והגשם 04:30 Tools
צילו של יום קייץ 00:00 Tools
ישראליאנה 04:47 Tools
Habalada Al' 00:00 Tools
Yesh Lach Mazal Sheat Blondinit 00:00 Tools
Zohar 00:00 Tools
שירת הדולפין 05:23 Tools
Haleylot Shelanu 04:47 Tools
Ways of men and women 00:00 Tools
אל אש בהירה 04:15 Tools
A Transient Tear On A Tuesday Afternoon 04:50 Tools
Atlantis 06:03 Tools
Me'a 06:03 Tools
Bechol Pa'am Sheani Mitahev (Bach Mechadash) 04:30 Tools
Inyan Prati 05:23 Tools
17 רגע 04:47 Tools
זוהר 04:50 Tools
יש לך מזל שאת בלונדינית 03:55 Tools
חצבים פורחים 04:05 Tools
בעולם מקביל 06:03 Tools
זה לא הזמן 04:05 Tools
קר ובהיר 04:50 Tools
ג'וקר פוקר 04:31 Tools
Kichlot HaKol ve HaTmuna 04:47 Tools
Personal matter 04:47 Tools
Im Kalot Hasufa 04:47 Tools
במרחק נגיעה 04:30 Tools
יזהר אשדות - מתאהב בך מחדש 04:30 Tools
The Square 04:05 Tools
HaGeshem Yarad 04:30 Tools
קין קין 08:37 Tools
חץ מתוך הלב 04:05 Tools
08 מלך שלך 05:23 Tools
אטלנטיס 04:31 Tools
בהופעה - מלך שלך 04:31 Tools
מרחק נגיעה מכאן 04:30 Tools
Shemesh Stav 05:23 Tools
Rut (Kmo Tut Sade) 05:08 Tools
שוב אני מתאהב 05:23 Tools
מאה 02:53 Tools
Kichlot HaKol VeHaTmuna 02:53 Tools
יזהר אשדות - מלך שלך 04:50 Tools
Lo Leabed Otach 04:50 Tools
Le'an Panenu Achshav 04:50 Tools
Kvish Lekivun Echad 04:30 Tools
mitahev bah mi hadash 04:30 Tools
(יש לך אותי (בהופעה חיה בהארד רוק קפה 05:08 Tools
Bemerhak Negia Mi'kan 04:15 Tools
Ten Li Ktsat Mimcha 03:58 Tools
Ze Kara 04:30 Tools
דרך גבר באשה 04:05 Tools
Zeh Kara 04:05 Tools
ובינהם 04:30 Tools
A Moment 04:30 Tools
בך מחדש 04:31 Tools
Tni Li Ledaber Itach 02:53 Tools
Ish Hachocolad 04:31 Tools
Avanim 04:30 Tools
Mitei Haduvdevan Shel Ukraina 04:31 Tools
(בכל פעם שאני מתאהב (בך מחדש 04:31 Tools
Hirushima Sheli 04:31 Tools
הפעם זה מרגיש אבוד 04:31 Tools
Tangier 04:31 Tools
The Orchid 04:31 Tools
Lean Paneinu Ahchav 04:31 Tools
Kfar Tzarfati 04:31 Tools
ענין פרטי 04:31 Tools
יזהר אשדות - מה תאמרי 04:31 Tools
Hageshem Yered 04:31 Tools
Derech Aruka 04:05 Tools
Olam Shel Gvarim 04:05 Tools
Takin' Me Back 04:05 Tools
Ad Hapachad Haba 04:05 Tools
Kihlot Ha'kol Ve'hatmuna 08:37 Tools
öéìå ùì éåí ÷éõ 08:37 Tools
(מלך שלך (בהופעה חיה בהארד רוק קפה 08:37 Tools
Zricha `Al ha-Midbar 08:37 Tools
הולך ודועך 08:37 Tools
äúçìåú 08:37 Tools
îä úàîøé 08:37 Tools
ישראלינה 04:05 Tools
Äáìãä Òì... 04:05 Tools
יזהר אשדות - הירושימה שלי 04:05 Tools
Kol Haor Sherak Efshar Laset 04:05 Tools
יזהר אשדות - לכי ילדה אבודה 04:05 Tools
8. במרחק נגיעה מכאן 04:05 Tools
be-Chol Pa`am she-Ani Mitahev (Bach ba-Chadash) 04:05 Tools
Bechol Pa'am Sheani Mitahev (Bach Mechadash) - Live 04:05 Tools
Ma Teomri 04:05 Tools
זמן קסם (עם ברי סחרוף) 04:05 Tools
Drech Gever Beisha 04:05 Tools
àéù äùå÷åìã 04:05 Tools
éù ìê àåúé 04:05 Tools
?מה תאמרי 08:37 Tools
(בכל פעם שאני מתאהב (בך מחדש)(בהופעה חיה בהארד רוק קפה 04:05 Tools
Mitahev Bach Mechadash 04:05 Tools
Meleh shelah 04:05 Tools
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Izhar was born in 1958 in Jerusalem. As a child he dreamt of becoming a pilot, but, at the age of 11 he discovered music, and decided to become a musician. He constantly listened to the charts, bought pop magazines and started playing guitar. With money he had from his "Bar-Mitzvah" Izhar bought an electric guitar and an amplifier, and started his first band , The Red Dogs, in his native town Nof Yam. As a son of a Israeli civil servant Izhar spent most of his childhood in foreign countries, such as France, Cambodia and Greece, but the most meaningful period was in Holland where he lived from the age of 15 till the age of 18. There, Izhar, played in various bands and was constantly exposed to the concerts and records of the time. It was there where his musical identity was forged. In 1977 Izhar was recruited to the Israeli army and was positioned in Galei Tzahal, the army radio station, serving as a musical programmer. Simultaneously he continued to write music and recorded his first version of Tslam's "Lirot Ota Hayom" (See her Today) then titled "Nothing has Happened" (lyrics by Izhar and his mother) at Kolifon studios in Jaffa. While listening to the song in Galei Tzahal he met a soldier-engineer, Yair Nitzani, who also happened to be a musician. They both hit it off immediately, as friends as well as musical partners. Danny Bassan, a soldier-singer who came to Galei Tzahal to record with the Air force Musical Quartet, met Izhar and together started a disco company, working as DJs. Yair Nitzani and fellow engineer Yoav Gera, ran a similar company, and when Ashdot and Nitzani amusedly wrote a song about their occupation saying: "I don't want no disco, I can't take it any more, gimme, gimme Rock'n'Roll…", it evolved into a special relationship that later gave birth to Tislam. Tislam was first introduced to the Israeli awareness at the end of 1980 with its first single, Loud Radio, and two months later released an album by the same title. Yoav Kutner writes in Moma: "Tislam was the most successful band in the early 80's. This was a time when Israeli music in general, and Rock music in particular, matured and developed professionally". Tislam's first tour started in March 1981 and created an unprecedented hysteria in the Israeli youth. By year's end the band had won every possible award including Band of the Year, Song of the year (See her Today) and the LP went platinum. After releasing 3 albums, Tislam split in October 1983. Izhar decided to devote himself to writing and record production. During the 80's he became one of the leading, influential and successful producers in Israel. As such, he worked with many artists, among them, Boaz Sharabi, Natasha's Friends, Si Heiman, Adam, Korin Alal, Alon Olearchik and Ofra Haza. The musical collaboration between Ofra and Izhar led to one of the highest peaks of the Israeli music in general, and Izhar as a musician, in particular. It started in 1984, when Yair Nitzani then head of A&R at Hed Artzi records, initiated a Remix of Galbi, a Yemenite song sung by Ofra, to be produced by Izhar. 3 years later Izhar produced the remix of Im Ninalu, another traditional Yemenite song. The single went on to become Europe's no.1 hit in 1988 and was no.1 in most of the countries of the continent. Ofra's album, Shadai, to a large extent produced by Izhar, became an international best selling LP. Today, Izhar is credited as one of the forefathers and creators of the musical genre which combines pop and ethnic music, largely known as World Music. In 1990 following the successful reunion of Tislam, Izhar took a further step in his career and started producing his first solo album that was released in 1992. While working on his album Izhar met Raviv Gazit. He, then, teamed up with fellow Tslam member Tzuf Filosof (bass) and young drummer Eran Porat (who both play with Izhar to date). Together they worked out an album which introduced a number of big hits such as Chocolate Man, Our Nights, What Will You Say, Noa of the Sea and which quickly reached Gold status. Two years later Izhar recorded his second solo album. He teamed up with co-producer Moshe Levi and musicians Tal Bergman (drums) and Yosi Fine (bass) who arrived from the USA to play on the record. The album included hits My Hiroshima and The Shadow of a Summer Day which was also Izhar's first video. During the follow up tour in 1994, Ran Efron, guitarist and keyboards player, joined the band. Izhar's band joined him on a special acoustic concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Tel Aviv on January 22, 1995 . This performance led to the release of Izhar's most successful album to date. The album Live at the Hard Rock Cafe, released in 1995, contained new versions of many of Izhar's hits, a duet with Korin Alal and 2 new songs: Hatchalot (Beginnings) and Every Time I fall in Love with You (Again). Alongside with his career as a singer-songwriter, Izhar continued to work with other artists and produce their albums successfully. Friends of Natasha (Radio Bla Bla 1994), Alon Oleartchik, Micha Shitrit, Eti Ankri (Despite and Because of, 1997) are among them. He was also involved in Beri Sacharof's album Negiot. In 1998, Izhar's and Alona Kimhi's son Ilai was born. later in that year Izhar started recording his fourth album, Magic Time, released in 1999. Working with Beri Sacharof, they co-wrote and recorded 3 songs including the album title, Zman Kesem, lyrics by Shahar Ariel, son of legendary Israeli songwriter Meir Ariel who wrote the lyrics to Lama Lo (Why Not) on the same album, a month before his tragic death. The album was the first to be recorded in Izhar's studio. Izhar stands a one of the first Israeli artists who used computers in the creation and production process, and was the first to set up a Web site, back in 1995. In 2000, Izhar helped to launch the first music download service in Israel, with a compilation album called Follow your Heart, sold only on the internet. The album included live performances, and Izhar's first version of Rega (Moment) which he wrote for Sacred Cow. The first years of the 21 century are characterized by Izhar's intensive work in his studio. He produced David Broza's album, It's Every thing or Nothing, and Monika Sex's 3rd LP. At the same time he started fulfilling another dream of his, starting an independent label that encourages and supports new and talented artists. Working with Rona Kenan since she was 17, Izhar chose Rona to be the first artist on his Izhar Ashdot Music label. In May 2004, her debut album, Breathing down to Zero, was released. The next artist to be signed by the label was Peter Roth who is about to release his debut album in early 2005. In early 2003, Izhar started writing new songs. A single-room apartment on Sheinkin street was turned into his creative spot. Alongside his studio and label work, Izhar spent almost a year writing and pre-producing his first studio album in 5 years, Bemerhak Negia Mikan (A touch away). Moving to his studio to record, Izhar teamed up with Moshe Levi (artistic advisor), Peter Roth (bass, guitar and backing vocals), and Tal Bergman (who arrived especially from the USA). The title track, Bemerhak Negia Mikan (A touch away), is already a huge radio hit and the album is scheduled to be released on January 9th, 2005. To be continued... For most of 2007 - 2008 Ashdot has been preforming with Black velvet, an ensemble of Israeli musician that play Irish music. Little dance is the name of the tour and the live C.D album they released at the end of 2007 Read more on Last.fm. 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