Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Hope / Tikva 03:55 Tools
The Shadow from Zion / Ha'tzel Mi'tzion 00:57 Tools
Divide and Conquer / Hefred U'mshol 04:00 Tools
The Final / Hafinali 04:07 Tools
Street Kid / Yeled Rechov 05:19 Tools
Introduction / Hakdama 01:11 Tools
You Won't Succeed In Stopping Me / Lo Tatzlichu La'atzor Oti 04:02 Tools
The Hinge / Hatzir 04:32 Tools
Move With the Bass (Bounce) / Zazim Im Ha'bass 04:08 Tools
I Can / Ani Yechol 04:16 Tools
ילד רחוב 00:00 Tools
Give Me / Tni Li 04:10 Tools
Steams of Depression / Adei Dika'on 00:50 Tools
תקווה 00:00 Tools
We Came to Expel the Darkness / Banu Choshech Legaresh 04:17 Tools
Biladi 02:43 Tools
Lordy Lord (The Archive) / Shumu Shamayim (Ha'archion) 02:49 Tools
הפינאלי 00:00 Tools
We Were There, We Did It / Hayinu Asinu 03:51 Tools
A Bottomless Pit / Bor Le'lo Tachtit 04:56 Tools
אני יכול 00:00 Tools
The Light & the Shadow / Ha'or Vehatzel 06:17 Tools
טורו 04:13 Tools
Non-Stop 04:15 Tools
הפרד ומשול 00:00 Tools
תני לי 00:00 Tools
הקדמה 01:05 Tools
באנו חושך לגרש 00:00 Tools
הציר 00:00 Tools
בילאדי 00:00 Tools
האור והצל 00:00 Tools
זזים עם הבאס 00:00 Tools
בית הספר הישן 00:00 Tools
לא תצליחו לעצור אותי 00:00 Tools
חי מיום ליום 00:00 Tools
היינו עשינו 00:00 Tools
בור ללא תחתית 00:00 Tools
Tikva 03:55 Tools
הצל מציון 00:00 Tools
Hakdama 02:36 Tools
אדי דיכאון 00:00 Tools
יותר מחבר 00:00 Tools
הוליווד 05:00 Tools
נון סטופ 00:00 Tools
Toro 05:00 Tools
לא פוחד 02:54 Tools
קלאסית ופרסי 04:26 Tools
פרחים בקנה 00:00 Tools
לפעמים אני מרגיש 03:54 Tools
איזה סרט 04:37 Tools
פרופורציה 03:35 Tools
Hafinali 03:21 Tools
האדריכלים 00:00 Tools
הרביעיה הפותחת מכריזים 01:15 Tools
Klasit U'Pharsi 03:35 Tools
MC Neto 03:35 Tools
האור 03:26 Tools
Non Stop 03:35 Tools
Tni Li 04:10 Tools
In Tel Aviv (Ft. Wyclef Jean) 01:15 Tools
Ten Koach 01:15 Tools
מפה לשם 02:41 Tools
B'Aba Ba 02:41 Tools
Hamakom Hamushlam 02:41 Tools
Eretz Ahovah 02:41 Tools
Lifamim Ani Margish 02:41 Tools
רזומה 04:52 Tools
Hey Sexit 02:41 Tools
Commando Mochi 02:41 Tools
אל תהיה תינוק 04:25 Tools
Al Tihiyeh Tinok 04:25 Tools
Ani Yahol 04:25 Tools
המקום המושלם 04:20 Tools
Bediyuk Keshechashavtem Shehakol Nigmar! 04:25 Tools
שומו שמיים 02:50 Tools
זה הגיע עד לכאן 03:24 Tools
יותר מדי 03:47 Tools
Yoter Midai 03:47 Tools
Hafinaly 03:47 Tools
אתה חזק 05:20 Tools
לא יכול לישון 05:20 Tools
Metro 05:20 Tools
Lo Yachol Lishon 05:20 Tools
Ze Higiah Ad L'Kan 05:20 Tools
Proportziah 05:20 Tools
קומנדו מוחי 04:37 Tools
הסוד 05:16 Tools
M'Poh L'Sham 03:54 Tools
זזים עם הבאס (BOUNCE) 04:09 Tools
בדיוק כשחשבתם שהכל נגמר 03:54 Tools
החגיגה נגמרת 11:02 Tools
מתפלל 00:00 Tools
עליי 03:42 Tools
ארץ אהובה 04:51 Tools
Hatzir 04:33 Tools
Yeled Rehov 04:09 Tools
The Finale 04:51 Tools
הפרד ומשול (G.N) 04:51 Tools
חי בגדול 04:33 Tools
באבא בא 02:50 Tools
היי סקסית 03:41 Tools
Hope 04:51 Tools
אינטרנשיונל 04:19 Tools
Subliminal 04:51 Tools
Ani Yachol 03:41 Tools
פיספסת 03:41 Tools
אם סי נטו 04:15 Tools
שומו שמיים (הארכיון) 02:50 Tools
Bounce 04:19 Tools
הקזבלן של שנות ה -'90 04:19 Tools
מתל אביב לאל איי 04:19 Tools
חלום של כל גבר 04:18 Tools
מ-'א עד 'ת 04:15 Tools
מימי 03:53 Tools
תן כוח 03:52 Tools
The Axis 02:50 Tools
Introduction 02:50 Tools
שומו שמיים (אריכיון) 02:50 Tools
האדריכלים מארחים את הצל וצ'ילו 02:29 Tools
Banu hoshch legaresh 02:50 Tools
הפינאלי [The Finale] 03:52 Tools
סמל 03:52 Tools
Zazim im habass (Bounce) 03:52 Tools
Hainu Asinu 03:52 Tools
תן למוזיקה לדבר 04:18 Tools
יותר מזה אנחנו לא צריכים 04:19 Tools
take your baby 02:29 Tools
יותר מחבר remix 04:31 Tools
Ha Finali 04:31 Tools
Hayinu Asinu 03:52 Tools
We Have Come To Banish Darkness 03:52 Tools
Street Boy 03:52 Tools
Hafred wu mshol 03:52 Tools
Bottomless Pit 03:52 Tools
מטרו (skit) 02:29 Tools
מארח את הצל וצ'אקי l.a-ל t.a-מ 03:52 Tools
תקווה [Hope] 03:52 Tools
I Can 03:52 Tools
Good Heavens (The Archive) 03:52 Tools
Hunting for humans 03:52 Tools
(Bounce) Moving With The Bass 03:52 Tools
The Shadow From Zion 03:52 Tools
The same (produsa de Ortega) 03:52 Tools
חייל אוניברסלי 03:52 Tools
Lo tatzlihu lahatzor oti 03:52 Tools
Haor ve hatzel 03:52 Tools
מטרו 03:52 Tools
You Won't Be Able To Stop Me 03:52 Tools
My Country 03:52 Tools
Eddie Depression 03:52 Tools
Tenny li 03:52 Tools
Hatzal mizion 03:52 Tools
Bor Lelo Tahtit 03:52 Tools
אדי דיכאון [Eddie Depression] 03:52 Tools
חופשי 03:52 Tools
צבע לחיים 03:52 Tools
מא' ועד ת' 04:18 Tools
Yeled Rechov 05:20 Tools
Tikvah 05:20 Tools
In Tel Aviv 03:52 Tools
תן כח 03:52 Tools
From T.A. To L.A. 04:19 Tools
האור והצל [The Light & The Shadow] 03:52 Tools
הצל מציון [The Shadow From Zion] 03:52 Tools
Hate me 03:52 Tools
The Fifth Element / Ha'element Ha'chamishi 03:52 Tools
בת 60 04:19 Tools
Ha'Finali 03:52 Tools
משטרה 04:38 Tools
באה לי טוב 04:38 Tools
הפינלי 04:38 Tools
היינו עשינו [We Were, We Did] 04:38 Tools
זזים עם הבאס (Bounce) [Moving With The Bass] 04:19 Tools
בילאדי [My Country] 04:19 Tools
Give Me 04:19 Tools
תני לי [Give Me] 04:19 Tools
לא תצליחו לעצור אותי [You Won't Be Able To Stop Me] 04:19 Tools
הפרד ומשול [Divide And Conquer] 04:19 Tools
Zazim Im Ha'Bas (Bounce) 04:19 Tools
הציר [The Axis] 04:19 Tools
[I Can 04:19 Tools
Nervous Israeli 04:19 Tools
תיזהר ממנה 04:19 Tools
עושה מה שבא לי 04:19 Tools
בתל אביב 04:18 Tools
Ten La Musica Ledaber - Afro Trap 03:37 Tools
Intro 04:18 Tools
החגיגה 04:19 Tools
Divide And Conquer 04:19 Tools
באנו חושך לגרש [We Have Come To Banish Darkness] 04:19 Tools
אני יכול [I Can] 04:19 Tools
The Light & The Shadow 04:38 Tools
Yeled Rekhov 04:19 Tools
Hafred Vemshol 04:19 Tools
בור ללא תחתית [Bottomless Pit] 04:19 Tools
Adei dicaon 04:19 Tools
Shomo shamaim 04:19 Tools
(שומו שמיים (הארכיון [Good Heavens (The Archive)] 04:19 Tools
Edi Dicaon 04:19 Tools
Goa Subliminal 04:19 Tools
גבר רומנטי 03:00 Tools
עיניים להם 03:28 Tools
זה קורה 03:28 Tools
חלום של כל גבר (feat. גלעד ויטל) 03:37 Tools
Zazim Im Ha Bass (Bounce) 03:37 Tools
שרוטים 03:37 Tools
Srutim 03:37 Tools
חופשי אקוסטי 03:37 Tools
Haor Vehazel 03:37 Tools
The Old School 04:18 Tools
Banu Choshech Legaresh 00:38 Tools
רצועה 10 00:38 Tools
Gracebudd 00:38 Tools
[We Were, We Did 00:38 Tools
Import 00:38 Tools
'מא' ועד ת 04:18 Tools
Touch 04:18 Tools
הקדמה [Introduction] 04:18 Tools
פעימות 03:28 Tools
Eretz Ahuva 03:28 Tools
Torro 03:28 Tools
Fuego 03:37 Tools
Tikva (Hope) 03:37 Tools
In Tel-Aviv 03:37 Tools
הקזבלן של שנות ה-90 03:37 Tools
הכל מלמעלה 03:37 Tools
Bor Lelo Tachtit 03:37 Tools
איך שהיא רוקדת (Baila) 03:37 Tools
יורם תתכונן 03:37 Tools
יותר מחבר - היפ הופ 03:37 Tools
Ani Yakhol 03:37 Tools
פספסת 03:37 Tools
Hafinale 03:37 Tools
[Give Me 03:37 Tools
biladai 03:37 Tools
ילד רחוב [Street Boy] 03:37 Tools
We Were, We Did 03:37 Tools
[Divide And Conquer 03:37 Tools
Zazim Im Habas (Bounce) 03:37 Tools
Sin 03:37 Tools
Cry out loud 03:37 Tools
Bor Lelo Tahtit 03:37 Tools
Pray 03:37 Tools
Hollywood 03:37 Tools
Banu Hosheh Legaresh 03:37 Tools
Berlin II 03:37 Tools
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Ya'akov "Kobi" Shimoni (Hebrew: יעקב "קובי" שמעוני) (born November 13, 1979), commonly known by his rap name Subliminal (Hebrew: סאבלימינל), is an Israeli rap artist and music producer. He and the stable of artists on his label, TACT Records, are the best-selling Israeli musical group of all time, with over 10 #1 hit singles in Israel and over 1 million records sold worldwide to date, and TACT Records is Israel's largest music label. Background: Subliminal was born in Tel Aviv, Israel to a mother from Mashhad, Iran and a father from Tunisia. Subliminal started performing music at age 12, and at age 15 met Yoav Eliasi. The two quickly became friends as a result of their mutual love of hip-hop. In 1995 the two began performing in Israeli clubs geared toward a hip-hop audience, wearing baggy clothes and gold chains. They quickly developed a following among the nation's youth, and soon put out their first album, "The Light From Zion". After the outbreak of the Second Intifada in 2000 the two began writing patriotic songs. They became known as creators of "Zionist hip-hop", a label still applied to them. In further contrast to the generally rebellious, "outlaw" nature of most hip-hop, they also praise army service and eschew drugs and smoking. Subliminal's being the son of Jewish refugees is at the core of his hard-line politics. "In Tunisia, my father grew up with his family locking all the doors and windows whenever performing a Jewish ceremony -- out of fear of attacks." Both parents, he says, "ran for their lives" to Israel, where they spent decades recovering from the persecution they had faced. Subliminal and Ha'Tzel also helped discover the Arab Israeli rapper Tamer Nafar; they collaborated but eventually fell out over political differences. The bitter end of their musical relationship is chronicled in the documentary film, Channels of Rage. In 2006 Subliminal collaborated with contratenor David D'Or for the song "Ten Koah" ("Give Me Strength") on Subliminal's hip hop album, Just When You Thought it Was Over. This is the subliminal (T.A.C.T) site: http://www.tact-records.com/en/ Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.