Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Hot Issue 03:28 Tools
HUH 03:49 Tools
Hate 03:36 Tools
Crazy 00:22 Tools
I My Me Mine 03:27 Tools
Volume Up 03:51 Tools
Muzik 03:45 Tools
Bababa 03:27 Tools
What A Girl Wants 03:25 Tools
For Muzik 01:26 Tools
Invitation 03:25 Tools
HIGHLIGHT 03:31 Tools
What's Your Name? 03:07 Tools
Canvas 00:17 Tools
미쳐 00:22 Tools
Whatcha Doin' Today 03:24 Tools
4Minutes Left 01:18 Tools
Sweet Suga Honey! 03:27 Tools
You Know 03:57 Tools
FIRST 03:29 Tools
Get On The Floor 01:46 Tools
Say My Name 03:18 Tools
거울아 거울아 03:37 Tools
Dream Racer 03:32 Tools
I'm OK 03:28 Tools
Femme Fatale 03:30 Tools
Hot Issue (Remix) 03:03 Tools
Black Cat 03:15 Tools
Already Gone 03:34 Tools
No Love 03:35 Tools
Blind 03:39 Tools
Show Me 03:09 Tools
웃겨 03:30 Tools
이름이 뭐예요? 03:27 Tools
안줄래 03:18 Tools
Whatever 03:00 Tools
What's My Name? 01:20 Tools
태연하게 당연하게 04:02 Tools
Cut it Out 01:59 Tools
Gimme That 03:24 Tools
Superstar 03:15 Tools
Domino 03:28 Tools
Mirror Mirror 03:37 Tools
Hide & Seek 03:26 Tools
모르는 척 04:00 Tools
WHY 03:09 Tools
Who's Next? 01:58 Tools
Cold Rain 03:24 Tools
싫어 (Hate) 03:24 Tools
MUZIK (Japanese Version) 03:44 Tools
Wait A Minute 00:50 Tools
Tickle Tickle Tickle 03:05 Tools
READY GO 03:30 Tools
Love Tension 02:41 Tools
나쁘게 03:33 Tools
Is It Poppin'? 03:22 Tools
December 03:57 Tools
1절만 하시죠 03:24 Tools
Who's Next? (feat. 비스트) 01:59 Tools
오늘 뭐해 03:24 Tools
간지럽혀 03:24 Tools
추운 비 03:24 Tools
Hide And Seek 03:28 Tools
눈에 띄네 (feat. 매니저) 03:28 Tools
Who`s Next? (Feat. Beast) 03:24 Tools
Geo Ul A Geo Ul A 03:37 Tools
물 좋아? 03:22 Tools
Dreams Come True 03:24 Tools
Funny 03:42 Tools
ICatch 03:33 Tools
미쳐(Crazy) 00:22 Tools
I My Me Mine (Japanese Ver.) 03:42 Tools
Can’t Make Up My Mind 03:41 Tools
FreeStyle 03:21 Tools
고마워 :) 03:21 Tools
알려 줄게 03:08 Tools
Volume Up (Japanese Version) 03:51 Tools
들어와 03:51 Tools
Who's Next? (feat. BEAST) 03:51 Tools
Muzik ORIGINAL VERSION 03:51 Tools
Already Gone - Korean Album Version 03:32 Tools
Welcome to the School 03:41 Tools
Mo Reu Neun Cheok 03:53 Tools
Creating Love 03:35 Tools
First - Korean Album Version 03:53 Tools
Thank You :) 03:54 Tools
One Thing 03:18 Tools
미쳐 (Crazy) 00:22 Tools
First (Korean Ver.) 03:18 Tools
Cool and Natural 04:01 Tools
Pretend 03:53 Tools
Change 03:29 Tools
Tae Yeon Ha Ge Dang Yeon Ha Ge 04:01 Tools
グッバイ 04:14 Tools
싫어 (Hate) (Inst.) 03:35 Tools
Hate - Instrumental 03:05 Tools
Na Ppeu Ge 03:33 Tools
Hide And Seek - Korean Album Version 03:28 Tools
Heart To Heart (Japanese Version) 03:53 Tools
Making Love 03:35 Tools
Personal Taste 03:34 Tools
Huh (Hit Your Heart) 12:51 Tools
Badly 03:33 Tools
Hot Issue (Japanese Version) 03:29 Tools
Muzik (Japanese Ver.) 03:45 Tools
살만찌고 03:29 Tools
Moreuneun Cheog 03:53 Tools
징글징글 (feat. 마리오, 에이맨) 03:14 Tools
Free Style 03:29 Tools
Festival 03:05 Tools
Chaos A.D. 03:30 Tools
What's Your Name 03:05 Tools
WHY (Instrumental) 00:30 Tools
Sweet Sugar Honey! (Japanese Ver.) 03:26 Tools
Gain Weight 03:31 Tools
HOT ISSUE (Original Version) 03:29 Tools
Muzik (Original Version) 03:45 Tools
홈런 02:44 Tools
물 좋아? (Is It Poppin'?) 03:22 Tools
Superstar (Inst.) 03:16 Tools
Chaos A.D 03:55 Tools
웃겨 (Funny) 03:21 Tools
Over And Over (R.Tee Mix) 03:58 Tools
Homneon 03:51 Tools
Wont give you 03:21 Tools
ICatch (feat. Manager) 03:54 Tools
Won't Give You 03:18 Tools
Hate (Inst.) 03:06 Tools
Sarang Mandeulgi Pominit 03:34 Tools
Woman On the Beach 00:39 Tools
4minute 03:44 Tools
Manufacturing Love 03:35 Tools
Steal 20 00:39 Tools
Good Bye 00:30 Tools
Mirror, Mirror 03:36 Tools
HEART TO HEART (japanese Ver.) 03:36 Tools
추운 비 (Cold Rain) 03:26 Tools
사랑 만들기 포미닛 03:34 Tools
What's Your First Name? 03:17 Tools
Muzik (Instrumental) 03:45 Tools
Sweet Sugar Honey! (Japanese Version) 03:26 Tools
Hot Issue (Instrumental) 03:27 Tools
Pretending Not To Know 01:30 Tools
Love Tension (Karaoke Version) 03:47 Tools
I'll Teach You - Ji Hyun, Ji Yoon, So Hyun 01:57 Tools
오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today) 03:26 Tools
안줄래 (Won't Give You) 03:21 Tools
Over And Over (Original Mix) 03:54 Tools
Hot Issue(SIN SA DONG HO RAENG I REMIX) - Remix 03:31 Tools
Hate (Instrumental) 03:10 Tools
Hot Issue (핫이슈) 03:26 Tools
I`m OK 03:26 Tools
Volume Up (Karaoke Version) 03:50 Tools
Ready Go (Karaoke Ver.) 03:31 Tools
Come In - Ga Yoon, Hyun A 03:06 Tools
First (Korean Version) 03:34 Tools
거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror) 03:36 Tools
Hot Issue (신사동호랭이 Remix) 03:14 Tools
I My Me Mine (Instrumental) 03:24 Tools
사랑 만들기 03:34 Tools
미쳐 (Crazy) (Choreography Ver.) 04:00 Tools
Who's Next? (feat. B2ST) 01:57 Tools
UT GYEO 03:14 Tools
Hit Your Heart 03:48 Tools
MUZIK - Japanese Version 03:44 Tools
Who`s Next? 01:57 Tools
Heart To Heart (Instrumental) 03:49 Tools
Goodbye 04:11 Tools
I My Me Mine - Japanese Version 03:24 Tools
AN JUL RAE 03:49 Tools
Is It Poppin? 03:10 Tools
Come In 03:22 Tools
Whos Next Ft Beast 03:44 Tools
Jingle Jingle 03:06 Tools
Sweet Suga Honey! (Japanese Version) 03:26 Tools
Won't Give It To You 03:18 Tools
안 줄래 03:17 Tools
World Cup Song Ft Brown Eyed Girls 03:10 Tools
Is it poppin 03:17 Tools
Who's Next (feat. Beast) 03:22 Tools
Whos Next Ft Beast 03:17 Tools
Funny (웃겨) 03:26 Tools
1절만 하시죠 (Cut It Out) 03:23 Tools
거울아거울아 (Mirror Mirror) 03:41 Tools
간지럽혀 (Tickle Tickle Tickle) 03:48 Tools
World Cup Song Ft Brown Eyed Girls 03:22 Tools
이름이 뭐예요 (What's Your Name) BY FUJIFILM 03:22 Tools
What’s My Name? 01:19 Tools
징글징글 (Inst.) 03:06 Tools
모르는 척 (Pretend) 03:53 Tools
4Minute - Hot Issue 03:27 Tools
HUH (Original Version) 03:48 Tools
I'll Teach You 04:00 Tools
Can`t Make Up My Mind 04:00 Tools
4minute (포미닛) 03:48 Tools
Crazy (미쳐) 04:18 Tools
Heart To Heart (Korean Version) 03:53 Tools
웃겨 (You Are A Joke) 03:31 Tools
Mirror Mirror/거울아 거울아 03:43 Tools
나쁘게 (Badly) 03:33 Tools
Mirror Mirror (거울아 거울아) 03:43 Tools
I won't give you 03:17 Tools
Bubble Pop! 03:32 Tools
4minute - Huh 04:18 Tools
What's Your Name (이름이 뭐예요) 03:06 Tools
Stand Out (feat. Manager) 03:41 Tools
미쳐 Crazy 00:22 Tools
Only Gained Weight 03:39 Tools
Badly (나쁘게) 03:39 Tools
Welcome to the School - Instrumental 03:36 Tools
Hit Your Heart (HuH) 03:51 Tools
안줄래 (Won't Give It to You) 01:30 Tools
Gain weight (inst) 00:00 Tools
살만찌고 (Inst.) 01:08 Tools
태연하게 당연하게 (Cool and Natural) 04:00 Tools
Ready Go! 01:08 Tools
싫어 03:20 Tools
이름이 뭐예요 (What's Your Name) 03:06 Tools
Home Run 02:44 Tools
Who's Next 01:57 Tools
싫어 (Hate) [prod. by Skrillex] 03:36 Tools
SWEET SUGA HONEY! (Japanese Ver.) 02:44 Tools
Muzik (inst.) 03:46 Tools
Hot Issue (Inst.) 03:32 Tools
Welcome to the School (Instrumental) 03:41 Tools
Whatcha Doin' Today (오늘 뭐해) 03:17 Tools
My Me Mine 03:28 Tools
I'll Tell You 03:41 Tools
?? 03:30 Tools
Hate (싫어) 04:16 Tools
눈에 띄네 01:57 Tools
Is it Poppin? (물 좋아?) 03:30 Tools
Already Gone (Korean Version) 03:39 Tools
What Are You Doing Today? 03:26 Tools
One Two Three 03:14 Tools
싫어(Hate) 01:57 Tools
사랑만들기 03:34 Tools
Hot Issue(SIN SA DONG ** RAENG I REMIX) 03:34 Tools
コウラコウラ ~鏡よ、鏡よ~ (KOREAN VERSION) 03:31 Tools
Welcome To The School (Inst.) 03:41 Tools
Thank You 01:30 Tools
For Muzik (Intro) 03:36 Tools
Hot Issue(SIN SA DONG ** RAENG 03:34 Tools
??? 03:17 Tools
Hide And Seek (Korean Version) 03:27 Tools
Whatcha Doin’ Today 03:20 Tools
HIDE&SEEK 03:26 Tools
First (Korean Album Version) 03:36 Tools
??? ??? 03:36 Tools
Jingle Jingle (Feat. Mario, Amen) 03:36 Tools
First (Korean) 03:54 Tools
I My Me Mine (inst.) 03:24 Tools
DREAMS COME TRUE (Japanese Ver.) 01:30 Tools
4minute - Hate 03:27 Tools
I, My, Me, Mine 03:26 Tools
Whatcha Doin' Today? 03:14 Tools
Who`s Next? (Feat. B2ST) 03:26 Tools
Stand Out 01:57 Tools
물좋아 (Is It Poppin?) 03:26 Tools
Hot Issue (S.Tiger Remix) 03:26 Tools
Superstar (Instrumental) 03:20 Tools
Won't Give You (안줄래) 03:21 Tools
Do Not Pretend 04:00 Tools
Already Gone (Korean Album Version) 03:32 Tools
물 좋아? (Is It Poppin?) 03:22 Tools
Wont Give You (안줄래) 03:17 Tools
Ready Go (Karaoke Version) 03:31 Tools
Hide and Seek (Korean) 00:30 Tools
4MINUTE - Volume Up 03:21 Tools
Hot Issue (Shinsadong Tiger Remix) 03:14 Tools
Whatcha Doin’ Today (오늘 뭐해 ) 03:54 Tools
Muzik (areia remix) 04:00 Tools
Over And Over 03:54 Tools
살만찌고 Gain weight 03:06 Tools
I Won't Give 03:17 Tools
Say HUH 03:17 Tools
Whatcha Doin Today 00:00 Tools
애니메이션 <지구대표 롤링스타즈> OST ? 4minute '홈런' 03:54 Tools
Is It Poppin' 03:22 Tools
Who’s Next? 01:57 Tools
Won't Give 03:17 Tools
오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin’ Today) 03:33 Tools
거울아 거울아 (Geoura Geoura) [Mirror Mirror] 03:36 Tools
I My Me Mine (Japanse Version 03:25 Tools
안줄래 (Won’t Give) 03:18 Tools
Hide And Seek (Korean Album Version) 03:27 Tools
Won’t Give You (안줄래) 03:17 Tools
Volume Up (areia remix) 04:16 Tools
거울아거울아 26:51 Tools
눈에 띄네 (Stand Out) (Feat. Manager 매니저) 03:31 Tools
모르는척 26:51 Tools
MUSIK 03:44 Tools
미쳐(Crazy) 03:27 Tools
Sweet Sugar Honey! (Japanese V 03:26 Tools
거울아 거울아 (Mirror, Mirror) 03:36 Tools
Attention 01:26 Tools
고마워 03:29 Tools
Welcome To The School [School 2013 OST] 00:00 Tools
Chaos AD 03:30 Tools
눈에 띄네 (feat. Manager) 03:15 Tools
들어와 (Come In) 03:15 Tools
Volume Up [Epitone Club Remix] 03:25 Tools
Who's Next? (ft. BEAST) 00:00 Tools
이름이 뭐예요 (What's Your Name?) 03:06 Tools
Heard 'Em All (feat. Amerie) 03:15 Tools
Just Follow (Feat. DOK2) 03:06 Tools
Pretend (모르는 척) 03:53 Tools
싫어 (Hate) [Skrillex Instrumental] 00:30 Tools
Watcha Doin' Today 00:30 Tools
グッバイ (Goodbye) 04:11 Tools
웃겨 You Are A Joke 00:30 Tools
Ready Go (Instrumental) 03:31 Tools
Mirror, Mirror (거울아 거울아) 03:36 Tools
Is It Popping 00:00 Tools
笑わせて 03:29 Tools
First (Japanese Version) 03:15 Tools
Hot Issue [Remix] 03:11 Tools
징글징글 (Jingle Jingle) (feat. 마리오 [Mario], 에이맨 [Amen]) 03:15 Tools
Jingle Jingle (Feat. Mario) 03:29 Tools
A Bitter Day (feat. 용준형 & G.NA) 00:30 Tools
Sweet Suga Honey 03:26 Tools
Jingle Jingle (Feat. Mario & Amen) 03:15 Tools
Huh! 03:48 Tools
Taeyeonhage Dangyeonhage 04:01 Tools
Hate! 03:18 Tools
모르는 척 (Moreuneun Cheog) [Pretend] 03:53 Tools
나쁘게 (Nappeuge) [Badly] 03:33 Tools
안줄래 Won't Give It To You 03:21 Tools
あげない 03:18 Tools
살만찌고 (Only Gained Weight) 00:30 Tools
Gain weight(살만찌고) 01:25 Tools
오늘 뭐해 Whatcha Doin' Today 03:34 Tools
4minutes Left (Intro) 03:20 Tools
Change (HyunA feat. Jun Hyung) 03:33 Tools
4minute - Muzik 03:44 Tools
Whatcha Doin'Today 03:33 Tools
I My Me Mine (Japanese Ver.) (I My Me Mine (Japanese Ver.)) 00:30 Tools
Hide And Seek, Hide & Seek 03:52 Tools
Is It Poppin'? (물 좋아?) 03:10 Tools
Anjullae 03:18 Tools
Mirror, Mirror (Freakhouze Remix) 03:48 Tools
¾È ÁÙ·¡ 03:17 Tools
Tickle 03:20 Tools
01 For Muzik 03:18 Tools
미쳐 - 4minute 03:06 Tools
4MINUTE - 'Volume Up' M/V 00:30 Tools
오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today) (Choreography Practice) 03:53 Tools
¿ô°Ü 03:31 Tools
Utgyeo 03:30 Tools
You Are A Joke 03:31 Tools
02 MUZIK 03:47 Tools
Downtown (Feat. 전지윤) 03:47 Tools
징글징글 03:06 Tools
Hot Issue (Sinsa-dong Tiger Remix) 03:14 Tools
HEART TO HEART (Japanese ver.) (HEART TO HEART) 03:06 Tools
Mirror Mirror (Freakhouze Remix) 03:30 Tools
Geoura Geoura 03:43 Tools
I My Me Mine(Japanese version) 01:57 Tools
'Volume Up' M/V 04:17 Tools
Who's Next? feat. Beast 01:57 Tools
Pretend (모르는척) 03:52 Tools
Muzik(Japanese version) 01:57 Tools
4minute - I My Me Mine 03:37 Tools
What's Your Name? (이름이 뭐예요) 03:06 Tools
What's Your Name ? 03:06 Tools
Change (feat. 용준형 from BEAST) 03:06 Tools
Dreams Come True - Japanese Version 03:21 Tools
1절만 하시죠 Cut It Out 03:27 Tools
웃겨 [Funny] 03:34 Tools
Only Gained Weight (살만찌고) 03:17 Tools
고마워 :) (Thank You :)) 03:33 Tools
WHY - Instrumental 03:09 Tools
Will Not Give 03:17 Tools
웃겨 Funny 03:33 Tools
Stand Out (Feat. 매니저) 03:17 Tools
03 Hot Issue 03:17 Tools
Crazy (1st) 03:13 Tools
간지럽혀(Tickle Tickle Tickle) (Teaser) 03:33 Tools
4minute - Superstar 03:15 Tools
Ready Go (Japanese ver.) 03:32 Tools
Ready Go (Japanese Version) 03:32 Tools
Cool & Natural 03:33 Tools
Nappeuge 03:39 Tools
Sweet Sugar Honey! 03:33 Tools
?? (Hate) 03:14 Tools
コウラ コウラ (KOREAN VERSION) ~鏡よ、鏡よ~ 03:33 Tools
WHY (Inst.) 03:09 Tools
미쳐(Crazy) (Teaser) 00:16 Tools
이름이 뭐예요 (What’s Your Name?) 03:23 Tools
笑わせてあげる 03:31 Tools
오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today?) 03:17 Tools
Moreuneun Cheok 03:53 Tools
知らないふり 03:53 Tools
Is It Poppin’? (물 좋아?) 03:10 Tools
징글징글 (Jingle Jingle) (feat. 마리오, 에이맨) 03:39 Tools
MUZIK (Insrumental) 00:30 Tools
? 00:00 Tools
What's My Name ( ) 00:00 Tools
간지럽혀 Tickle Tickle Tickle 00:00 Tools
Jingle Jingle [Feat. Mario & Amen] 04:17 Tools
Won't Give (안줄래) 03:21 Tools
悪く 03:33 Tools
HOT ISSUE(Japanese Version) 03:48 Tools
À̸§ÀÌ ¹¹¿¹¿ä? 03:06 Tools
Volume Up - Japanese Ver.- 03:23 Tools
거울아 거울아 (Freakhouze Remix) 03:37 Tools
안줄래 (Won't Give) 03:17 Tools
Cold Rain (추운 비) 03:18 Tools
눈에 띄네 (Stand Out) 03:21 Tools
Already Gone (Korean Ver.) 03:32 Tools
징글징글 (Jingle Jingle) (Inst.) 03:33 Tools
°Å¿ï¾Æ °Å¿ï¾Æ 03:37 Tools
이름이 머예요? 03:06 Tools
Whats Your Name 03:06 Tools
ウッキョ<笑っちゃう> 03:09 Tools
Mirror_ Mirror 03:36 Tools
안줄래 [Won't Give You] 03:21 Tools
Who's Next (ft. Beast) 01:57 Tools
テヨナゲ タンヨナゲ<平然と当たり前のように> 01:57 Tools
06 Won't Give You 01:57 Tools
ナップゲ (KOREAN VERSION) ~悪く~ 01:57 Tools
??? ? 03:32 Tools
First (Inst.) 03:37 Tools
'I My Me Mine' M/V 03:37 Tools
Who's Next? (feat. ???) 01:57 Tools
Milkshake Cover 01:25 Tools
물 좋아 03:22 Tools
Muzik (areia trance remix) 03:34 Tools
Change (Hyun A solo) feat. Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST 03:34 Tools
거울아 거울아 Mirror Mirror 03:41 Tools
사랑 만들기 포미닛 03:35 Tools
싫어 Hate 01:59 Tools
MUZIK (Japanese) 03:17 Tools
Tomorrow 03:08 Tools
Huh (Hit Your Heart) (feat. Beast) 03:35 Tools
Cool And Naturally 03:07 Tools
Christmas Song 03:07 Tools
1절만 하시죠(Cut It Out) (Teaser) 00:30 Tools
Show Me (Teaser) 03:53 Tools
鏡よ 鏡 03:36 Tools
I MY ME MiNE [Japanese Version] 03:17 Tools
Jingle Jingle feat. Mario 03:06 Tools
Cut It Out (1절만 하시죠) 03:36 Tools
Hot Issue (½Å»çµ¿È£·©ÀÌ Remix) 03:14 Tools
I My Me Mine (Japanse Version) 03:23 Tools
05 Funny 03:08 Tools
HATE / Crazy | 포미닛 - 싫어 / 미쳐 04:41 Tools
Whatcha Doing Today? 00:00 Tools
Intro 03:18 Tools
Won’t Give You 03:17 Tools
Hot Issue (SIN SA DONG ** RAENG I REMIX) 03:36 Tools
I’ll Tell You 03:23 Tools
4 Minutes Left 01:17 Tools
알려 줄게 (I'll Teach You) 03:48 Tools
Hide & Seek (Korean Ver.) 03:21 Tools
泣かないで 03:18 Tools
¡±Û¡±Û (Feat. ¸¶¸®¿À, ¿¡À̸Ç) 03:18 Tools
ナップゲ (KOREAN VERSION)~悪く~ 03:23 Tools
'물 좋아? (Is It Poppin'?)' (Official Music Video) 03:22 Tools
I My Me Mine - M/V 00:00 Tools
What's Your Name? (이름이 뭐예요?) 03:06 Tools
Cool and Natural (태연하게 당연하게) 04:00 Tools
Huh (Ver.MV) (feat.Beast) 03:14 Tools
웃겨 (Utgyeo) [Funny] 03:23 Tools
?? ?? 03:43 Tools
コウラコウラ ~鏡よ、鏡よ~ 03:37 Tools
First - Instrumental 03:53 Tools
이름이 뭐예요 (What's Your Name ?) 03:06 Tools
Hot Issue(신사동호랭이 Remix) 03:14 Tools
눈에 띄네 (Stand Out) (Feat. 매니저) 03:14 Tools
알려 줄게 (I'll Tell You) 03:48 Tools
鏡よ鏡 03:14 Tools
Fly So High 03:23 Tools
Geoura Geoura (Mirror Mirror) 03:43 Tools
안줄래 (Anjullae) [Won't Give] 03:17 Tools
들어와 (허가윤 & 현아) 03:48 Tools
07 Hot Issue (Remix) 03:17 Tools
Love Tension (Instrumental) 03:47 Tools
눈에 띄네(Feat. 매니저) (Teaser) 03:22 Tools
Huh (Original Ver.) 03:48 Tools
Crazy 미쳐 00:22 Tools
고마워 :) (Thank You) 03:53 Tools
04 What a girl wants 03:48 Tools
Muzik(Japanese Version) 03:47 Tools
'이름이 뭐예요? (What's Your Name?)' (Official Music Video) 03:27 Tools
Volume Up (Instrumental) 03:52 Tools
Heard 'Em All 03:21 Tools
싫어 (Hate) - 4minute 04:11 Tools
Tickle Tickle Tickle (간지럽혀) 03:34 Tools
4minute - Dreams Come True 03:21 Tools
¸ð¸£´Â ô 03:53 Tools
'HUH' M/V 03:47 Tools
First - Instrumental version 03:34 Tools
Hot Issue(SIN SA DONG HO RAENG I REMIX) 03:53 Tools
Dreams Come True - Instrumental 03:20 Tools
Muzik (Japanese Ver.) (Muzik) 11:06 Tools
Heart To Heart Remix 00:00 Tools
거울아 거울아 [Mirror Mirror] 03:43 Tools
(미쳐) Crazy 00:22 Tools
Muzik [Japanese Version] 03:45 Tools
Creating Love [Personal Taste OST] 03:34 Tools
Create Love 03:34 Tools
4 Minute - Hot Issue 03:37 Tools
First (Japanese Ver.) 03:53 Tools
Won't Give up 03:17 Tools
Volume Up MV 04:17 Tools
What’s Your Name? 03:06 Tools
추운 비 Cold Rain 03:46 Tools
사랑만들기(Creating Love) 03:34 Tools
疯(crazy) 03:34 Tools
모르는 척 (Do Not Pretend) 03:34 Tools
Come in (들어와) 03:28 Tools
I Wont Give 03:34 Tools
4 Minutes Left (Intro) 01:17 Tools
살만찌고 Gain weight (Instrumental) 04:00 Tools
Who's Next (feat. 비스트) 01:58 Tools
Can’t make up my mind 03:43 Tools
Get On The Floor (Intro) 03:34 Tools
태연하게 당연하게 (TaeYeonHaGe DangYeonHaGe) (Cool And Natural) 03:53 Tools
Watcha Doin Today 03:34 Tools
Hate | Areia Kpop Remix #210 01:25 Tools
Dreams Come True (Inst.) 03:20 Tools
Hot Issue - 4minute 03:29 Tools
24/7 03:25 Tools
Let You Know 03:51 Tools
ナップゲ ~悪く~ 03:33 Tools
Crazy (Choreography Practice) 01:57 Tools
Crazy, 포미닛 - 미쳐 @ Show Music Core 03:42 Tools
What's My Name (이름이 뭐예요) 00:00 Tools
사랑 만들기 (Making Love) 03:34 Tools
오늘 뭐해? 04:03 Tools
Just Do the First Verse 00:00 Tools
Who`s Next? (Feat. 비스트) 03:51 Tools
What's My Name? (Intro) 01:15 Tools
Goodbye (グッバイ) 04:11 Tools
OST Personal Taste 03:34 Tools
4Minute - Mirror Mirror 03:41 Tools
Who's Next (feat. B2ST) 01:57 Tools
이름이 뭐예요? What's Your Name? 03:51 Tools
Mirror Mirror/??? ??? 01:57 Tools
4Minute - Heart To Heart - Single _ Heart To Heart 03:52 Tools
Dreams Come True [Japanese Version] 03:21 Tools
Who's Next? (Featuring Beast) 03:21 Tools
Making Love [Inst.] 03:51 Tools
4Minute_-_Hot_Issue 03:25 Tools
Change - Hyun Ah & Joon Hyung (Beast) 03:25 Tools
可笑 03:51 Tools
안줄래 (Won’t Give You) 03:17 Tools
HUH (Zhasbolat) 03:34 Tools
바람 불어라 03:33 Tools
Thank You 고마워 :) 03:36 Tools
CHANGE -Hyun A SOLO- 04:00 Tools
Dreams Come True - Instrumental version 04:00 Tools
Hide Seek 01:57 Tools
Pretend (City Hunter) 03:53 Tools
FIRST (Japanese version) (FIRST) 03:20 Tools
물 좋아 (Is It Poppin) 03:10 Tools
사랑 만들기 Creating Love 03:34 Tools
알려 줄게 (남지현, 전지윤 & 권소현) 01:57 Tools
Come In (Gayoon & HyunA) 03:51 Tools
I My Me Mine (Japanese) 01:57 Tools
Watcha Doin' Today? 03:20 Tools
애니메이션 03:51 Tools
02.MUZIK 03:51 Tools
WHY (ForeverSilent Remix) 03:51 Tools
Tell Me 03:51 Tools
For Musik 03:21 Tools
I'll Teach You (알려 줄게) 03:21 Tools
Heard 'Em all (Amerie feat. 4minute) 03:10 Tools
Hot Issue (Remix Ver.) 03:33 Tools
Why Not 02:46 Tools
Jingle Jingle (Instrumental) 05:29 Tools
What's Your Name (i5cream Remix) 05:29 Tools
Do not pretend (모르는 척) 04:00 Tools
Jingle Jingle (Inst.) 03:06 Tools
Is It Poppin ? 03:10 Tools
포미닛 (4minute) – 미쳐 (Crazy) 02:07 Tools
Who’s Next? (feat. 비스트) 01:57 Tools
Whats Your Name? 00:00 Tools
I Me My Mine 03:28 Tools
4minute - READY GO 01:59 Tools
I Won't Give You (안줄래) 03:21 Tools
Trouble Maker 03:39 Tools
&#49899;&#50612; (Hate) 03:07 Tools
들어와 (허가윤,현아) 03:21 Tools
Hot Issue Remix 03:23 Tools
눈에 띄네 (Stand Out) (Feat. Manager) 03:53 Tools
Hate (3DVER.) 03:50 Tools
징글징글 (Jingle Jingle) 03:50 Tools
Change (ft. JunHyun From Beast) 03:21 Tools
미쳐 (Crazy) 03:37 Tools
Hot Issue (Main Version) 03:53 Tools
Muzik - 4Minute 03:29 Tools
거울아 거울아 - 4minute 03:05 Tools
이름이 뭐예요? - 4minute 03:06 Tools
Hate [prod. by Skrillex] 03:53 Tools
³ª»Ú°Ô 03:33 Tools
What Is Your Name 03:06 Tools
HuH (Hit Ur Heart) 03:51 Tools
이름이 뭐예요?  (What's Your Name?) 03:08 Tools
Who's Next? (ft. B2ST) 01:59 Tools
Ready, Go 01:59 Tools
Muzik (remix) 01:59 Tools
뻔뻔한 거짓말 03:27 Tools
절만 하시죠 (Cut it Out) 03:26 Tools
Hot Issue (Sin Sa Dong Ho Raeng I Remix) 03:14 Tools
Silly Boy 03:45 Tools
4Minute - Crazy 03:38 Tools
004 포미닛(4minute) - Volume Up 03:50 Tools
알려 줄게 (남지현,전지윤,권소현) 03:45 Tools
HOT ISSUE熱門話題 03:50 Tools
¾ÈÁÙ·¡ 03:28 Tools
05 Making Love 03:53 Tools
Jingle Jingle (ft. Mario & Amen) 03:23 Tools
Welcome To The School (School 2013 OST) 03:41 Tools
Volume Up (Remix) 05:29 Tools
Can¡¯t Make Up My Mind 05:29 Tools
Only Gained Weight (Inst.) 01:25 Tools
First - Japanese Version 01:25 Tools
I Don't Give You 11:06 Tools
Muzik (Japanese Version) (Muzik) 11:06 Tools
WHY (Japanese ver.) (WHY) 11:06 Tools
Jingle Bell Rock 01:59 Tools
The Wings 03:53 Tools
4MINUTE - 미쳐(Crazy) 03:37 Tools
Muzik [Epitone Remix] 03:18 Tools
Mirror Mirror 거울아 거울아 03:18 Tools
Highlight [Original Version] 03:28 Tools
Volume Up - Japanese Version 03:38 Tools
Jingle Jingle (feat. 마리오, 에이맨) 03:28 Tools
Hate (Nika Lenina Russian Version) 03:09 Tools
Love Tension (Karaoke Ver.) 03:47 Tools
싫어 MV 03:51 Tools
Canvas, 포미닛 - Canvas Show Music core 20160213 04:03 Tools
Dreams Come True (Japanese) 01:25 Tools
I My Me Mine - 4minute 03:53 Tools
World Cup Song (feat. Brown Eyed Girls) 01:25 Tools
?? ??? ??? 01:25 Tools
태연하게 당연하게 (Taeyeonhage Dangyeonhage) [Cool And Natural] 01:25 Tools
Crazy (Line Distribution) 03:34 Tools
오늘 뭐해 (Watcha Doin' Today) 04:03 Tools
Ice Cream (Feat. Maboos) 01:25 Tools
Intro (feat. Beast) 03:51 Tools
알려 줄게 (Let You Know) 03:34 Tools
World Cup Song 03:20 Tools
물 좋아? (Is It Poppin ?) 03:20 Tools
I My Me Mine(Japanese Version) 03:42 Tools
笑話 03:31 Tools
不給你 03:18 Tools
Hot Issue (Korean Version) 03:26 Tools
Change (Feat. ¿ëÁØÇü From Beast) 03:18 Tools
미쳐 (GOOD BOY Remix.) 03:22 Tools
Only You 03:02 Tools
눈에 띄네 Icatch 03:38 Tools
Mirror 03:41 Tools
'WHY' 03:41 Tools
악몽 (feat. 정일훈 of BTOB) 03:41 Tools
Bubble Pop 03:34 Tools
Billie Jean 01:25 Tools
추운 비 - 4minute 03:05 Tools
¹° ÁÁ¾Æ? 03:10 Tools
Is It Poppin? ( ?) 00:00 Tools
Who's next?(feat. BEAST) 00:00 Tools
Heart To Heart - 4minute 04:03 Tools
4 Minute - Muzik 04:03 Tools
What a Girl 00:00 Tools
HUH - 4minute 03:48 Tools
포미닛 (Hot Issue) 03:20 Tools
사랑 만들기 (Creating Love) 03:34 Tools
Shameless Lie 03:27 Tools
I My Me Mine (Tofuya Remix ver. 2) 04:15 Tools
4minute - Bababa 03:26 Tools
01.For Muzik 03:26 Tools
04.What a girl wants 03:26 Tools
HuH(Hit Your Heart) 03:26 Tools
1철만 하시죠 03:26 Tools
Who’s Next (Feat. Beast) 03:26 Tools
Mirror Mirror (Geoula Geoula) 03:36 Tools
Super Star 03:34 Tools
平然と当たり前のように 03:34 Tools
What`s your name 03:06 Tools
WHAT A GIRL WANTS少女心 03:26 Tools
Volume Up [Japanese Version] 03:06 Tools
FIRST 03:31 Tools
? ??? 03:10 Tools
Cool & natural (태연하게 당연하게) 03:10 Tools
Heard 'Em All (Remix) (feat. 4 Minute & Beast) 03:47 Tools
HUH (Original Korean Version) 03:48 Tools
Jingle Jingle (ft. Mario) 03:05 Tools
FIRST (Intrumental) 03:05 Tools
Creating Love (Main Version) 03:05 Tools
태연하게 당연하게 [Cool And Natural] 04:03 Tools
Hate (Kitsun Remix) 03:29 Tools
싫어 (Hate) [Instrumental] 03:34 Tools
WHO'S NEXT?(feat. B2ST) 04:03 Tools
미쳐 미쳐 (Crazy) 00:00 Tools
미쳐 (Crazy) (Full Audio) 04:03 Tools
절만 하시죠 04:03 Tools
오늘 뭐해 (Rap Version) 04:03 Tools
간지럽혀 (Tickle) 00:00 Tools
Huh (Korean Version) 00:00 Tools
이름이 뭐에요? 03:07 Tools
이름이 뭐예요? (What’s Your Name?) 03:05 Tools
Why Are You Calling 02:44 Tools
A Bitter Day 03:07 Tools
Volume Up (Karaoke Ver.) 03:50 Tools
고마워 (Thank You) 03:48 Tools
Ice Cream 03:15 Tools
ウッキョ <笑っちゃう> 03:29 Tools
4Minute - WHY 03:09 Tools
テヨナゲ タンヨナゲ <平然と当たり前のように> 03:29 Tools
물 좋아? Is It Poppin'? 03:07 Tools
Muzik [Epitone Party Remix] 03:09 Tools
What`s Your Name? 03:07 Tools
'Volume Up' 04:17 Tools
핫이슈 03:29 Tools
Without U 03:44 Tools
Hot Issue (G Sweet Remix) 03:10 Tools
Hot Issue MV 03:10 Tools
¹ÌÃÄ 03:10 Tools
'WHY' M/V 03:25 Tools
황야의 무법자 - 현아 4 Minute, 낯선 03:48 Tools
Muzik [Japanese Version][Version] 03:45 Tools
What's Your Name? (i5cream remix) 00:00 Tools
Sweet Suga Honey (Japanese Version) 03:28 Tools
'Heart to Heart' M/V 03:46 Tools
n 03:45 Tools
Whatcha Doin' Today (Rap Version) 03:10 Tools
홈런 (Home Run) 02:44 Tools
First (Japanese) 00:00 Tools
사랑 만들기 포미닛 (Creating Love) 00:00 Tools
미쳐 03:43 Tools
Ireumi Meoyeyo? 03:38 Tools
Left 01:24 Tools
Who's Next [Ft. BEAST] 01:24 Tools
Who's Next?£¨ (Feat.???) (Feat 03:50 Tools
Volume Up (Extended Remix) 03:26 Tools
Calmly For Granted 03:50 Tools
MUZIK (Original Korean Version) 03:50 Tools
알려 줄게 (I’ll Tell You) 03:50 Tools
Hot Issue(Remix) 01:59 Tools
Who’s next? (feat. BEAST) 03:53 Tools
Volume Up - 4Minute 03:31 Tools
Dreams Come True (Inst) 03:20 Tools
First (Inst) 03:20 Tools
Creating Love (Personal Taste OST) 03:34 Tools
Musik (Extended Mix) 03:20 Tools
Hide & Seek (Korean Version) 03:31 Tools
Digital Booklet - I My Me Mine 03:31 Tools
Dreams Come True [Instrumental] 03:20 Tools
싫어 (Inst.) 03:10 Tools
Highlight (Original ver.) 03:20 Tools
Hot Issue(SIN SA DONG HO RAENG I REMIX) (Remix) 03:20 Tools
오늘 뭐해 - 4minute 03:20 Tools
Crazy | 포미닛 - 미쳐 03:31 Tools
FIRST (Japanese ver.) (FIRST) 03:20 Tools
Sweet sugar honey (Japanese Vers.) 03:20 Tools
Change (Hyun A solo) 03:20 Tools
Who’s Next? [Feat. BEAST] 03:20 Tools
Is It Poppin?/ Like Water? 00:00 Tools
4minute - FIRST 02:44 Tools
4minute - Invitation 03:22 Tools
What a Girls Wants 03:28 Tools
Is It Poppin' ? 03:10 Tools
Hot Issue (SIN SA DONG -- RAENG I REMIX) 03:40 Tools
04 I My Me Mine 03:26 Tools
Who's Next? (ft Beast) 03:26 Tools
Just Do the 1st Verse 04:01 Tools
I My Me Mine [Japanese Version][Version] 03:26 Tools
Digital Booklet - Huh 03:41 Tools
FOR MUZIK音樂唯一 03:17 Tools
4Minute Left 04:01 Tools
4 Minute - Huh 03:17 Tools
4MINUTE - What's Your Name 03:41 Tools
Welcome To The School ( School 2013 OST ) 03:41 Tools
싫어(Hate) MV 04:01 Tools
Thank You :) (고마워 :)) 04:01 Tools
08 Can't Make Up My Mind 04:17 Tools
Heart To Heart - Japanese Version 03:34 Tools
Who's Next? feat. B2ST 03:29 Tools
镜子啊镜子 03:36 Tools
나쁘게 (Nappeuge) 03:44 Tools
Moleuneun Cheog 03:53 Tools
Just Follow 03:53 Tools
不行吗 03:53 Tools
Hot Issue Mp3 03:21 Tools
Just Do the 1st Verse (Cut It Out) 03:33 Tools
황야의 무법자 (Vocal. 현아 of 포미닛, 낯선) 03:53 Tools
Hot Issue (Shinsadong Horaengi Remix) 03:34 Tools
Dreams Come True [Japanese Version] 03:53 Tools
First [Instrumental] 03:53 Tools
웃겨(funny) 03:53 Tools
jingle_jinlge (feat mario amen) 03:34 Tools
싫어 (Hate) (VMP Remix) 03:34 Tools
Love Parade 03:53 Tools
Hot Issue (Shinsadong Horengi Remix) 03:34 Tools
Volume up, 포미닛 - 볼륨 업, Music Core 20120512 03:34 Tools
'이름이 뭐예요?(What's Your Name?)' 00:00 Tools
Havana 00:00 Tools
? (What's Your Name?) 00:00 Tools
WHY (Japanese ver.) (Akuto - Juhanzai Sosahan OP Single - WHY) 00:00 Tools
Making Love [Personal Taste OST] 03:34 Tools
Is it popping? 03:34 Tools
Whatcha Doin’ Today (오늘 뭐해) 00:00 Tools
이름이 뭐예요_ 03:06 Tools
싫어 (Hate) (恨) 03:42 Tools
What A Girl Wants [Album Version] 03:43 Tools
Muzik (Korean Version) 02:44 Tools
07.Hot issue (Remix) 03:43 Tools
Thank You : ) 03:28 Tools
Music 03:38 Tools
Downtown 03:23 Tools
슈퍼스타 03:15 Tools
Muzik - Hot Issue 03:40 Tools
Anjullae (Won't Give You) 03:28 Tools
02 HUH 03:48 Tools
Jingle Jingle ft Mario 03:48 Tools
안 줄래 (Won't Give) 03:17 Tools
이름이 뭐예요? 03:07 Tools
HEART TO HEART (Korean Ver.) 04:01 Tools
「거울아거울아」 03:41 Tools
Muzik (japanese vers.) 03:44 Tools
Crazy (Male Ver.) 04:01 Tools
싫어 (Hate) (Instrumental) 03:59 Tools
Hot Issue (HeadBanger Remix) 03:44 Tools
알려 줄게 (지현, 지윤, 소현) 03:44 Tools
4minute- Muzik 03:44 Tools
Milkshake 03:10 Tools
Muzik (Original Ver.) 03:31 Tools
?? (Funny) 03:34 Tools
IceCream 03:31 Tools
007. 거울아 거울아 03:34 Tools
Can't Make Up My Mine 03:34 Tools
Ready Go (Inst.) 03:34 Tools
HUH? 03:31 Tools
'Love Tension' M/V 03:34 Tools
포미닛 (4MINUTE) - 오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today)' 03:34 Tools
Mul Joha? 03:34 Tools
MÜZİK 03:34 Tools
For Muzik [Album Version] 03:34 Tools
거울아 거울아 03:43 Tools
Mirror Mirror (거울아거울아) 00:00 Tools
징글 징글 (feat. 마리오, 에이맨) 03:05 Tools
들어와 (Come) 03:34 Tools
Is It Poppin'? (물 좋아) 03:10 Tools
Who's Next? Ft. B2ST 03:10 Tools
다시 한 번 대한민국 03:10 Tools
IMMM 03:38 Tools
jingle jinlge 03:38 Tools
거울아 거울아(Mirror Mirror) 03:38 Tools
I My Me Mine (Tofuya Remix) 03:38 Tools
Hot Issue{Remix} 03:38 Tools
징글징글 (Jingle Jingle) (feat. Mario, Amen) 03:05 Tools
Cool and Natural 태연하게 당연하게 04:01 Tools
Whatcha Doin' Today? (오늘 뭐해) 03:42 Tools
MUZIK (Male Version) 04:01 Tools
안줄래 (I Won't Give) 04:01 Tools
이름이 뭐예요?(What's your name?) 04:01 Tools
Dreams Come True (God Of Study OST) 03:25 Tools
애니메이션 <지구대표 롤링스타즈> 04:01 Tools
빨개요 03:25 Tools
1절만 하시죠 (1 Verse) 02:54 Tools
흐트러지지 마 02:54 Tools
What's your name ~ lyrics on screen KOR/ROM/ENG 04:01 Tools
Dream come true 03:21 Tools
MUZIK MV 02:54 Tools
살만찌고(Only Gained Weight) 03:10 Tools
Musik (Club Mix 2) (G Sweet Remix) 03:10 Tools
Crazy (미쳐) 03:48 Tools
What a A Girl Wants 03:31 Tools
Who's Next? [feat. Beast] 01:59 Tools
グッバイ (Good bye) 03:32 Tools
Jingle Jingle (Feat. Mario Amen) 03:31 Tools
Hot Issue (Original Ver.) 01:59 Tools
¿À´Ã ¹¹ÇØ 03:31 Tools
Home Run (홈런) 03:51 Tools
눈에 띄네 (Feat. 매니저) (Stand Out) 03:51 Tools
4minute - Hot Issue (Remix) 03:15 Tools
06 HIGHLIGHT 03:31 Tools
1절만 하시죠 - 4minute 03:31 Tools
미쳐 (疯了) 03:10 Tools
4 Minute - Muzik (areia remix) 03:31 Tools
나쁘게 Badly 03:31 Tools
징글징글 (Jingle Jingle) (ints.) 03:31 Tools
1?? ??? 03:31 Tools
?? ? 03:31 Tools
사랑 만들기 포미닛 (Making Love) 03:48 Tools
Hate x PopDate 03:42 Tools
It Is Poppin 03:10 Tools
眶败 03:10 Tools
'HUH (Hit Your Heart)' (Official Music Video) 03:42 Tools
06 Dream Racer 03:31 Tools
Muzik (Original Version) 03:46 Tools
I My Me Mine/Lucifer (Tofuya Remix) 03:31 Tools
WHY (WHY) 03:46 Tools
?? ?? (feat. Manager) 03:31 Tools
름이 뭐예요? (What's Your Name?) 03:42 Tools
FIRST (Japanese ver.) (FIRST/DREAMS COME TRUE) 03:31 Tools
What's Your Name? ( ) 00:00 Tools
Making Love (사랑 만들기 포미닛) 00:00 Tools
'I My Me Mine' (Official Music Video) 03:46 Tools
오늘 뭐해 Whatcha Doin’ Today 03:46 Tools
오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin Today) 03:46 Tools
이름이 뭐예요 What's Your Name 00:00 Tools
CHANGE - Hyun A SOLO - 00:00 Tools
Cool Friend 00:00 Tools
고마워 Thank You :) 00:00 Tools
4 Minute - I My Me Mine 03:27 Tools
4minute - Highlight 03:32 Tools
Funny 웃겨 03:27 Tools
4Minute (Hyun Ah) - Change 03:27 Tools
п,Р 03:27 Tools
制造爱情 03:27 Tools
BABABA (Korean Version) 03:27 Tools
For Muzik (Korean Version) 03:27 Tools
02 muzik(3) 03:27 Tools
[Official Remix Release] 4Minute - 거울아 거울아 [Mirror Mirror] (Freakhouze Remix) 03:27 Tools
RED 03:27 Tools
작년 겨울 03:27 Tools
'HUH' 03:07 Tools
안줄래 (I Won't Give You) 03:07 Tools
물 좋아 (Is it Poppin') 03:22 Tools
I'll Show You 03:34 Tools
Geoula Geoula 03:36 Tools
Hot Issue (Original Korean Version) 03:36 Tools
알려 줄게 (남지현, 전지윤, 권소현) 03:36 Tools
What's Your Name? (이름이 뭐예요?) 03:06 Tools
12 Already Gone 03:34 Tools
모르는 척 03:34 Tools
05 Hide&Seek 03:34 Tools
HIDE&SEEK (Korean Version) 03:34 Tools
What’s My Name 03:33 Tools
I’m OK 03:33 Tools
13 December 03:59 Tools
Hot Issue (???) 03:25 Tools
Heart To Heart (Japanese) 03:33 Tools
Volume Up (2012) (mzhiphopindomdc.blogspot.com) 03:25 Tools
Crazy '미쳐' (Ferry Remix) 03:25 Tools
Volume Up M/V 00:00 Tools
Muzik (Japanese Ver) 00:00 Tools
A Talk 00:00 Tools
アン ジュルレ<あげない> 03:42 Tools
모르는 척(Pretend) 03:53 Tools
WHO'S NEXT? feat.BEAST 03:33 Tools
Who's Next? Ft. Beast 03:53 Tools
11 I My Me Mine (Japanese Version) 03:42 Tools
Blacklist (feat. LE) 03:42 Tools
4minute - 웃겨 03:42 Tools
Moreuneuncheok (모르는 척 "Acting Oblivious") 01:59 Tools
남지현 & 전지윤 (Only You) Ten For Love - Youth Generation OST 03:51 Tools
01 Love Tension 03:48 Tools
Utgyeo (Funny) 03:48 Tools
4Minute- What A Girl Wants 03:48 Tools
Mo reuneun Cheok (Pretend) 03:51 Tools
징글징글 (Instrumental) 03:31 Tools
Creating Love Person 03:31 Tools
4Minute- Funny 03:51 Tools
물 좋아_ 03:10 Tools
MUZIK (뮤직) 03:10 Tools
Change (feat. Yong Jun Hyung from B2ST) 03:29 Tools
Black Swan (feat. 낯선) 03:21 Tools
Hate (prod. By Skrillex) [Instrumental] 03:29 Tools
Stand Out feat. Manager 03:29 Tools
Muzik (Club Mix 1) (G Sweet Remix) 03:29 Tools
≤È ÁÙ·¡ 03:29 Tools
4Min - First 03:29 Tools
쎄쎄쎄 (feat. Kikaflo) 03:42 Tools
바람 불어라 허가윤 03:31 Tools
징글징글 (Jingle Jingle) [Intrumental] 03:21 Tools
?? ??? 03:21 Tools
Welcome to the school (320) 00:00 Tools
Hot Issue (脚荤悼龋珐捞 Remix) 03:42 Tools
World Cup Song - Ft Brown Eyed Girls 03:42 Tools
(Crazy) 03:42 Tools
Huh (MV) 03:42 Tools
I My Me Mine M/V 03:37 Tools
미쳐 (Crazy)(ver.3) 03:46 Tools
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4minute was a five-member girl group from Seoul, South Korea, formed by Cube Entertainment in 2009. The group consists of Nam Ji Hyun (남지현), Heo Ga Yoon (허가윤), Jeon Ji Yoon (전지윤), HyunA (현아) and Kwon So Hyun (권소현). In [yeardisbanded]2016[/yeardisbanded], Cube Entertainment announced the disbandment of 4Minute after unsuccessful contract renewal negotiation with the majority of the members. They made their debut with "Hot Issue" on June 15, 2009 and performed on their debut stage on June 18, 2009 on Mnet M! Countdown. Their official fan club name is "4Nia", a combination of "4minute" and "mania". 4minute won their first music award on 27 September 2009 on SBS' Inkigayo for their second single, "Muzik". 2009: Debut and For Muzik Cube Entertainment announced the creation of 4minute in May 2009, along with the identity of two of the group's members, Nam JiHyun, the group's leader and Kim HyunAh, a former member of Wonder Girls. On 11 June 2009, the silhouette teaser video was released online, along with their official website, www.4min.co.kr. The remaining three members' identities were not announced until June 12. Cube Entertainment had released a teaser for their first single "Hot Issue" on 10 June while the single debuted on June 18. The group promoted the song from its release until August. At the end of August, 4minute released a mini-album called "For Muzik" which was alongside their second single, "Muzik". 4minute won a Mutizen Award and a Mnet Award for their second single "Muzik". Their third single "What A Girl Wants" was released shortly after the release of their EP. On 21 June 2009, after the first week of "Hot Issue" promotions, fans stole various items from the group's van, including clothing and other items. Cube Entertainment said, "It was very unfortunate that such an ordeal occurred." Two months later, on 27 August, KBS banned the playing of "안줄래 (Won't Give You)" for what they considered to be overly sexual lyrical content. The lyrics in question, in the style of a first-person narrative, express an unwillingness on the part of the subject to "give" herself or her heart to her partner. Cube Entertainment responded to the ban by stating that the song was intended to be "about the pure feelings of a girl to a guy" and that they were very disappointed by the decision. 4minute was featured in fellow label-mate Mario's Christmas digital single "Jingle Jingle", which was released on 2 December 2009; the music video premiered online on December 3, 2009. They also recorded a remix with American artist Amerie for her song "Heard 'Em All (Remix) (feat. 4 Minute & Beast)" that was released on the Asian version of her fourth album. 2010: Hit Your Heart and debut in Japan Cube Entertainment announced that Universal Music Group would be assisting 4minute with an international launch of their album. They embarked on their Asia Tour that started in January and followed into other countries such as Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. They had their first solo concert in Japan on May 8, 2010. Cube Entertainment announced that the tickets to the concert had been sold out in a very short period of time. For their first solo concert in Japan, they performed in front of an audience of 4,000. On April 23, 2010 a new repackaged album of 4minute was sold in Taiwan adding in the Hyuna's solo debut "Change (feat. 용준형 from BEAST)" featuring Jong Junhyung (용준형) of B2ST and their duet song with Amerie "Heard 'Em All", as well as a bonus DVD of their concert in Taiwan. On May 5, 2010 Muzik (Japanese version) was rerecorded in Japanese as the group's debut single in Japan. 4minute released a new mini-album entitled HuH (Hit Your Heart) for their comeback on May 19, 2010. Along with this, they also released the first single from it, titled "HuH". In the first track "Who's Next? (feat. 비스트)" 4minute's fellow label mates, the members of B2ST, were featured and also appeared in the music video for "HuH" and "Who's Next? (feat. 비스트)". They released a new music video for "I My Me Mine" their second single from "Hit Your Heart" on July 5, 2010. On July 19, 2010, the song "Superstar" was digitally released for the Korean TV show Superstar K season 2. 4minute also performed the song live, to further promote the show. They performed for Celebration at Marina, the warm-up concert for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010, on August 13, 2010 together with B2ST, becoming the first Korean artists to perform for the Youth Olympic Games. On July 28, 2010 Cube Entertainment also announced "I My Me Mine (Japanese Version)" as their next Japanese single. Three different editions of the single were released. In September, Far Eastern Tribe Records announced a third Japanese single and their first double single, entitled "FIRST / DREAMS COME TRUE". After a teaser was released, the full music video for "FIRST" was officially released on 21 October 2010. The single was released on October 27, 2010. 4minute had their second solo concert entitled 4Minute Energy Live Volume 2: Diamond. It was held for two nights in Tokyo on December 4 and December 5, 2010 in Osaka. It also marked the start of their promotions Diamond which was released on December 15, 2010 and debuted at the number 18 spot on the Oricon charts. 2010: Role in North/South relations In May 2010, the South Korea began broadcasting to the North on the FM station "Voice of Freedom." Among the songs broadcast was 4minute's "HuH." The lyrics include the lines, When I say I want to appear on TV, when I say I want to become prettier, everybody says I can’t do it. Baby, you’re kidding me? I do as I please. This was supposed to make North Korean listeners aware of the greater opportunities available in the South. 2011: Heart To Heart and 4minutes Left plus Japan Activities and Promotions On January 13, 2011 4minute participated at DiGi Live K-Pop Party 2011 in Malaysia at Stadium Negara together with B2ST and G.NA. The group received the Bonsang Award at the 20th Seoul Music Awards on January 20, 2011. On February 6, the group attended the 2010 Billboard Japan Music Awards, and received the "KPop New Artist Award". On January 19, 2011 it was announced that 4minute would be releasing their fourth Japanese single, “WHY” on March 9 and that is the theme song to TV Asahi drama, "Akutou~Juuhanzai Sousahan". The MV teaser for "WHY" was released on January 21, 2011 and the music video was released on February 7, 2011. On February 23, 2011, the group modeled for the well-known bridal designer Yumi Katsura at her "2011 Paris Grand Collection Tokyo fashion Show" held in Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan. At the end of the show they performed their songs "Muzik (Japanese version)" and "WHY". They performed at 50th Anniversary Music Wave Concert in Thailand on March 12, 2011. On January 12, 2011 Cube Entertainment announced that 4minute would be returning with a full official album in March. After several teasers were released with the name "Steal 20". 4minute released their third mini album, titled Heart to Heart featuring five new songs, with a title track titled "Heart to Heart". The MV teaser for "Heart to Heart" was released on March 28, 2011 and the music video was released on March 29, 2011. The MV also stars CN Blue's Jungshin. With the release of the third mini album, it confused many fans, but Cube Entertainment explained that it was a new form of marketing, and that a full Korean Album was coming in April. This was confirmed after an alternate version of the Heart to Heart intro track "4minutes Left", featuring a much heavier dance beat was revealed. On April 5, 4minute released their first full length Korean album titled 4Minutes Left. Along with the highly anticipated video for their Shadow Title Track "거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)". The album consists of all the tracks the Heart to Heart digital EP had, along with "Hide and Seek" and "Already Gone" which were from their debut album in Japan, [açbum artist=4minute]DIAMOND, as well as the new shadow title track "거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)", another new song titled "나쁘게 (Badly)" and a Korean remake of their Third Japanese Single "First (Korean version)". The Album and two lead promotional singles are maintaining their positions in the top 10 of many Korean REAL TIME Charts. 4minute made a comeback after a year hiatus through M.net's M! Countdown on April 7, 2011, to further promote the album. Despite the song's success, controversy followed because of the song's provocative spread leg choreography for "거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)" with various Korean music program's demanding it be changed or 4minute would not allowed to be perform the song on their shows. Their new choreography debuted on M! Countdown April 14, 2011. 4minute's "거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)" Music Video dethroned Britney Spears "Till the World Ends" in the number 1 spot of Europe's HIT INT'L VIDEOS TOP 20. During the airing of the May 1, 2011 episode of the show 4minute's "거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)" leaped from #5 to #1. And they were also ranked #2 on Gaon Charts losing the #1 spot to Korean boy band, Big Bang. In late April, it was announced that 4minute will collaborate with Japanese singer Thelma Aoyama for her single, "WITHOUT U feat. 4Minute". It was released on May 25, 2011. The English Version was released on May 7, 2011. 4minute's member HyunA released a solo mini album Bubble Pop! on July 5, 2011. Within 5 days of the Bubble Pop! music video's release, it received 1 million views per day. 4minute planned they would release their 5th Japanese single "Heart to Heart (Japanese Ver.)" and their first DVD "Emerald of 4minute" on September 7, 2011. On August 3, 2011, 4minute released their music video for "Freestyle" and "Freestyle" is the song for a street basketball game called "Freestyle". The girls revealed the album jacket photos for the Japanese version of "Heart to Heart (Japanese Ver.)" on August 7 and on August 8, they revealed the audio teaser of the song and they revealed the music video teaser last August 12, 2011. On August 15, Universal Music Japan released the music video for "Heart to Heart (Japanese Ver.)". The single and DVD both ranked in the position 15 on the first day of sales in Oricon's Singles and DVD daily chart. On October 1st, the group's Japanese agency, Far Eastern Tribe Records, announced the group's 6th Japanese single titled "Ready Go", which was released in December 7. The song is a soundtrack for the TV Tokyo's drama "Welcome to the El-Palacio", which started on October 6. A 45 seconds teaser of the song was revealed on the same day. On their Facebook page, 4minute released "Ready Go" on November 11, 2011. 2012, 2013: Comebacks On December 22, 2011, soompi.com announced the next Cube Entertainment unit group will consist of Gayoon and Jiyoon. The new group debuted as 2YOON with the Harvest Moon EP on 17th January, 2013. 4Minute released Name Is 4minute on 26th April, 2013 with a title track produced by Brave Brothers and an accompanying music video released on the same day. Members Ji Hyun Birth name: Nam Ji Hyun (남지현) Stage name: Jihyun Position: Leader, Vocalist, Visual D.O.B.: January 9, 1990 Additional Notes: Has a degree in Contemporary Ballet. Ga Yoon Birth name: Heo Ga Yoon (허가윤) Stage name: Gayoon Position: Main Vocalist, Visual D.O.B.: May 18, 1990 Additional Notes: Featured in Mario’s music video “I’m Yours”. Ji Yoon Birth name: Jeon Ji Yoon (전지윤) Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper D.O.B.: October 15, 1990 Additional Notes: Was a contestant in Unpretty Rapstar Season 2. Hyun Ah Birth name: Kim Hyun Ah (김현아) Stage name: Hyuna D.O.B.: June 6, 1992 Position: Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist Additional Notes: Former member of Wonder Girls, resigned due to health issues. Featured in AJ’s (Gikwang from B2ST) song “2009 (feat. 현아)” and music video for “Dancing Shoes”. Released her solo single Change (feat. 용준형 from BEAST) on January 4th, 2010. So Hyun Birth name: Kwon So Hyun (권소현) Position: Vocalist, Rapper D.O.B.: August 30, 1994 Additional Notes: Was once a member of the child group called "Orange". Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.