A Classic Education

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
What My Life Could Have Been 02:26 Tools
Gone To Sea 02:51 Tools
Stay, Son 03:54 Tools
I Lost Time 03:05 Tools
Forever Boy 04:07 Tools
Terrible Day 02:57 Tools
Grave Bird 02:10 Tools
Work It Out 00:50 Tools
Night Owl 02:54 Tools
Can You Feel The Backwash 03:13 Tools
Place A Bet On You 02:58 Tools
Billy’s Gang Dream 03:18 Tools
Spin Me Round 04:15 Tools
Victories At Night 04:30 Tools
Devilish Coast Sway 03:24 Tools
Badlands & Owls 03:20 Tools
Wartimes 03:23 Tools
We Can Always Run To Hawaii 02:25 Tools
Toi 02:50 Tools
Lovers Barricade 03:15 Tools
Toi (Gilbert Bécaud cover) 02:51 Tools
Terrible Day (Banjo Or Freakout remix) 04:33 Tools
Best Regards 03:29 Tools
Baby It's Fine 02:20 Tools
Spanish Harlem (Phil Spector cover) 02:20 Tools
I Lost Time (Visions of Trees Remix) 03:27 Tools
Spin Me Around 04:15 Tools
Rest 03:49 Tools
Gone To Sea (Death In Plains Remix) 04:43 Tools
Crawfish (Elvis Presley cover) 02:54 Tools
Night Owl (FISHING College Pool Remix) 00:00 Tools
Badlands & Owls (demo) 03:19 Tools
Forever Boy (final mix) 00:00 Tools
NightOwl-1.0 REF MIX 00:00 Tools
We Can Always Run To Hawaii [italy] 00:00 Tools
Crawfish 02:54 Tools
Toi (Gilbert Bcaud cover) 02:54 Tools
Baby, It’s Fine 02:20 Tools
04 Devilish Coast Sway 03:24 Tools
A Classic Education, 'Forever Boy' 03:24 Tools
Spanish Harlem 02:30 Tools
Best Regards (premaster) 02:30 Tools
Devilish Coasts Sway (Crimea X Remix) 02:30 Tools
Devilish Coasts Sway - Crimea X Remix 03:53 Tools
'Forever Boy' 02:30 Tools
Rest (premaster) 02:30 Tools
"Gone To Sea" 02:30 Tools
Devilish Coasts Sway 02:30 Tools
Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: January (2010) - 103 - What My Life Could Have Been 03:53 Tools
G Rave Bird 02:10 Tools
Baby, It's Fine (Call It Blazing) 02:10 Tools
Little Red Riding Hood 02:10 Tools
Gone To Sea (Welcome Back Sailors Remix) 02:10 Tools
A Classic Education - What My Life Could Have Been 02:10 Tools
Billy s Gang Dream 03:18 Tools
Toi (Gilbrt Becaud cover) 03:18 Tools
A Classic Education - Stay Son 03:18 Tools
Baby, Its Fine 03:18 Tools
Lover's Barricade 03:18 Tools
02 Terrible Day 02:53 Tools
06 toi 02:51 Tools
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A Classic Education is a band that formed in 2007 in Bologna, Italy although singer Jonathan Clancy is from Ottawa, Canada. The rest of the band is formed by Paul Pieretto, Luca Mazzieri, photographer Giulia Mazza, Federico Oppi, Stefano Roveda. Their music is a mix of dreamy guitars, sixties melodies, psych-pop, garage and classic songwriting. The band has put out releases on Bailiwick, Holiday Records and now Lefse Records. www.aclassiceducation.com Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.