A.R. Rahman & M.I.A.

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O...Saya 03:36 Tools
O... Saya 03:33 Tools
O… Saya 03:33 Tools
O Saya 03:33 Tools
Paper Planes (DFA Remix) 05:51 Tools
O...Saya - [rKmania.com] 05:51 Tools
Paper Planes 03:23 Tools
Jai Ho 03:23 Tools
O Saya (J.Paul Remix) 03:23 Tools
O ... Saya 03:23 Tools
Paper Planes (low bass 27hz) 00:00 Tools
O.. Saya 00:00 Tools
Mausam & Escape 00:00 Tools
Riots 00:00 Tools
Ringa Ringa 00:00 Tools
Aaj Ki Raat 00:00 Tools
Liquid Dance 00:00 Tools
Millionaire 00:00 Tools
Latika's Theme 00:00 Tools
Dreams On Fire 00:00 Tools
Gangsta Blues 00:00 Tools
01 - O...Saya 00:00 Tools
O...Saya - A.R.Rahman and M.I.A. 00:00 Tools
O... Saya (Slumdog Millionaire) 00:00 Tools
O…Saya 03:35 Tools
Paper Planes(low bass 27hz)[vk.com/dbooster | bassboosted] 03:35 Tools
A.R Rahman & M.I.A - O...Saya 03:35 Tools
O...Saya - A R Rahman & M.I.A. 03:35 Tools
O. Saya 03:35 Tools
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Mr.A. R. Rahman is an indian songwriter, born in Chennai,T.N.,India. He became known for compiling the soundtrack to the motion picture Slumdog Millionaire (2008) He came from an ordinary Indian middleclass background. His father was also a famous singer. He participated many cultural music events and received many prizes and certificates.Rahman established an international Music School in Chennai,T.N.India. Mr.A.R.Rahman became famous for successful music secnes, e.g. music from *ROJA* intamil7hindic pictures. He is also famous for many movies - roja, sivaji, lord of rings, indian independence celebration songs and so on. His upcoming projects are - Ravan, Endhiran-The Robot. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.