Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sweet Dreams 03:34 Tools
ROMANCE 02:56 Tools
Bittersweet 04:08 Tools
Boys and Girls 03:49 Tools
Kissin' in the Dark 03:15 Tools
STAND UP 05:24 Tools
LIKE A DANCE 04:25 Tools
Dizzy Love Kiminimuchu 03:42 Tools
White Caress 03:42 Tools
Dizzy Love 03:43 Tools
Seseragi 04:38 Tools
Heaven 04:03 Tools
ボクノセイ 05:07 Tools
YOAKEMAE 05:07 Tools
MARIA 05:07 Tools
GALAXY 05:07 Tools
Masquerade 05:08 Tools
せせらぎ 04:32 Tools
Boku No Sei 05:08 Tools
GO 02:12 Tools
Carry 03:22 Tools
ONE AND ONLY 03:59 Tools
ROMEO 03:22 Tools
R-ED 04:17 Tools
Short Ride In A Fast Machine 04:17 Tools
LOVE ME 03:55 Tools
Checkmate!! 03:36 Tools
The Holy City 05:40 Tools
Dizzy Love ~君に夢中~ 03:55 Tools
囁き 04:01 Tools
69 04:01 Tools
Baddest Crown 05:44 Tools
blind 05:44 Tools
キミノセイ 05:44 Tools
Dizzy Love~君に夢中~ 03:42 Tools
WHY 05:44 Tools
Wolf 05:44 Tools
Fly through the sky 05:44 Tools
Darling 05:44 Tools
NUDE 05:44 Tools
Akisame 05:44 Tools
ゲームセット 05:44 Tools
Kimi No Sei 05:44 Tools
S.E.X 05:44 Tools
HERO - Dear Eves my precious broken piece - 05:44 Tools
"69" 05:44 Tools
Imagine 05:44 Tools
Bokunosei 05:07 Tools
秋雨 05:07 Tools
Mardi Gras Mambo 05:07 Tools
Monday 01:57 Tools
Kiminosei 05:44 Tools
The Bible 03:16 Tools
Nemureru Otome 00:00 Tools
Game Set 03:55 Tools
hill of greece 02:34 Tools
Konservatif 04:47 Tools
Phrygian Gates 02:49 Tools
China Gates 03:50 Tools
Mosque Of Love 03:50 Tools
Shaker Loops 04:01 Tools
S. E. X 00:00 Tools
Turn Up For The Books 05:44 Tools
Tromba Lontana 05:44 Tools
Dizzy Love ~君に夢中~ 03:55 Tools
Whisper 04:01 Tools
HERO -Dear Eves my precious broken piece- 00:00 Tools
Sasayaki 00:00 Tools
What's Occurring - Original Club Mix 00:00 Tools
Dizzy Love - Kimi ni Muchuu - 04:01 Tools
100 Mesures 04:01 Tools
A Short Ride In A Fast Machine 04:01 Tools
Summer of 69 04:01 Tools
Beijo Partiu 02:49 Tools
Ribjeske 04:08 Tools
Checkmate 03:00 Tools
The Chairman Dances 04:01 Tools
ボク ノ セイ 02:49 Tools
Woodpeckers From Space 04:08 Tools
D'n aaje hip 03:29 Tools
Lollapalooza 03:29 Tools
A Noite É Nossa 02:46 Tools
Christian Zeal And Activity 02:46 Tools
Ut vet is d'r vanaaf 04:18 Tools
HERO 04:18 Tools
Please Forgive Me 04:18 Tools
Blues van de Internationale Boulevards 02:17 Tools
The Dharma at Big Sur - Part II: Sri Moonshine 12:20 Tools
On The Transmigration Of Souls 02:17 Tools
Everthyng I Do It For You 02:17 Tools
Harmonielehre: Part I 02:17 Tools
Gone 02:19 Tools
Corre Corre 02:45 Tools
A'la Bach 04:00 Tools
The Dharma at Big Sur - Part I: A New Day 14:29 Tools
Amy 02:45 Tools
Doctor Atomic, Chorus: “At the sight of this” 04:18 Tools
Zoek 01:29 Tools
Everything I do 04:18 Tools
Kissin in the Dark 03:16 Tools
Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson cover) 03:16 Tools
Fearful Symmetries 28:03 Tools
Dwa wiatry 04:38 Tools
Common Tones In Simple Time 28:03 Tools
Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman 04:51 Tools
Symphony of rave 03:51 Tools
Don't Go Mango 02:39 Tools
Slonimsky's Earbox 02:39 Tools
Tak nie tak 01:38 Tools
Bittersweet 04:11 Tools
せせらぎ(seseragi) 04:38 Tools
Kiminosei (キミノセイ) 04:38 Tools
INVASION 04:38 Tools
Loops and Verses 04:38 Tools
The Chairman Dances (Foxtrot for Orchestra) 04:38 Tools
As d'n daag is gedaon 02:54 Tools
Gevecht met m'n vrouw 02:22 Tools
Aaf 01:38 Tools
Cruise Control 01:38 Tools
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1) ADAMS is a project by the Norwegian DJ/Producer Kristoffer Lee Adams focusing and deep, future and garage house. 2) ADAMS grounded in 2011 Vocal: ADAM | Guitar: Shota ADAMS describes itself as a "NEOSEXUAL" rock duo, incorporating the theme of Ultimate Love across the borders of gender into their lyrics, videos and live performances. The concept includes hints of scandal, and an electro pop sound. ADAMS members, vocalist Adam and guitarist Shota, want to create with this concept something original, revolutionary and timeless. Artistically provocative, but always in the most esthetic way, ADAMS tells the story of a new Genesis with two Adams, instead of Adam and Eve, committing the First Sin. ADAMS expects to achieve its goal of sensational success before its 10th (and final) anniversary in 2021. HISTORY 2015: Feb 20th: Pre-release of SEXPLOSION, 3rd album Feb to May: 30 shows in Europe and Russia for the SEXPLOSION TOUR 2014: November: Debut in Latin America (2 shows in Mexico City, J'Fest) Sep. 24th: Release of Akisame, 2nd download single Mar. 14th (pre-release) : SIXNINE, 2nd album March/April : The First Sin EU Tour: 23 shows in Europe and Russia 2013: Nov. 18: Release of Seseragi, 3rd single July: The Bittersweet Tour: 5 shows in Europe (Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands) Jul. 19th: Release of Bittersweet, 2nd single Feb. 20th: Boku no sei/Kimi no sei, 1st download single released 2012: Nov. 21st: NEO SEXUAL, 1st album, is released Aug 11th: DIZZY LOVE , 1st single 2011: Nov.: Debut 3) Adams was a symphonic pop vocal band from Japan who recorded in 1968. Some of their songs were compiled in the Cult GS series. 4) ADAMS was a Polish eurodance project that included violin in their instrumental songs. Their album, "Dance & Violin", was released in 1995. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.