Abyss & Judge

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Hardstyle Revolution 06:06 Tools
Rapture 05:30 Tools
Shadows 05:49 Tools
Shadows 2009 03:15 Tools
My Way 03:05 Tools
One Life 06:05 Tools
Hardstyle Revolution (Showtek Remix) 03:54 Tools
International Fame 03:39 Tools
To Connect 03:14 Tools
The Vision 02:09 Tools
Rise As One 05:11 Tools
Hardstyle Preacher 05:26 Tools
Rokit 04:19 Tools
Another World 03:20 Tools
Hardstyle Revolution (Showtek Mix) 03:20 Tools
Drop the Bomb 02:44 Tools
Unify 06:16 Tools
Maniacs 02:37 Tools
New Generation 04:00 Tools
Combined Forces 07:03 Tools
stronger 04:00 Tools
DMW 05:56 Tools
Turn it Up 05:10 Tools
Stronger (Original Mix) 05:56 Tools
The Truth 04:00 Tools
Melodia 05:22 Tools
Showdown 05:59 Tools
Combined Forces (original mix) 07:03 Tools
Get It Right 04:40 Tools
Hardstyle Revolution - Showtek Remix 06:42 Tools
We`re Together 03:13 Tools
Another World (Original Mix) 06:22 Tools
Unify (Dub Mix) 03:46 Tools
Stronger (Dub Mix) 05:55 Tools
Combined Forces (dub mix) 05:45 Tools
hardstyle revolution (showtek rmx) 02:34 Tools
Rebirth (Ground Zero Anthem) 04:07 Tools
Rebirth (Ground Zero 2011 Anthem Hardstyle) 06:42 Tools
Rok It 06:42 Tools
Insane 03:18 Tools
Unify (Original Mix) 06:16 Tools
To Connect / New Generation 06:16 Tools
The Vision - Original Club Mix 05:42 Tools
Turn It Up (Original Mix) 05:07 Tools
Unify__Original Mix 05:07 Tools
Hardstyle Preacher (Original Mix) 05:25 Tools
Stronger - Original Mix 06:34 Tools
No Escape 03:11 Tools
The Truth (Original Mix) 05:59 Tools
New Generation (Original Mix) 06:34 Tools
Combined Forces - Dub Mix 06:34 Tools
Abyss & Judge - Hardstyle Revolution (Showtek Remix) 06:34 Tools
Combined Forces - Original Mix 06:34 Tools
Rebirth 05:21 Tools
We're Together 03:13 Tools
Rapture www.powermuza.eu 05:21 Tools
The Vision (Original Club Mix) 05:29 Tools
Deezektor Invites (Rautemusik Harder) 07:57 Tools
Turn It Up - Original Mix 07:57 Tools
Hardstyle Preacher - Original Mix 05:29 Tools
Hardstyle Revolution (Showtek Remix) [HardStyle] 03:13 Tools
Shadows***compilation by ZONG***www.trancelaciya.com*** 03:13 Tools
Rapture ( Vinyl, High Quality ) 03:13 Tools
Raptur***compilation by ZONG***www.trancelaciya.com*** 05:29 Tools
Melodia (www.technorocker.info) 05:29 Tools
Deezektor Invites Rautemusik HardeR 30-05-09 05:29 Tools
Abyss & Judge - Hardstyle Revolution 05:29 Tools
Hardstyle Revolution [Showtek Remix] 05:29 Tools
Hardstyle Revolution [Showtek Remix/ Hardbass Edit] 05:29 Tools
The Truth (www.technorocker.info) 05:29 Tools
Hardstyle Revolution (Showtek Radio Edit) 05:29 Tools
The Truth (Short Cut) 05:29 Tools
at HARDfm X-Mas Sessions 2008 05:29 Tools
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Biography Abyss & Judge “The Abyss & Judge sound is very diverse,” says DJ/producer Gevrey Heijnes, “but catchy as well. We prefer hardstyle with great melodies, heavy basses and pounding kicks.” He should know, since he forms the Abyss & Judge duo together with fellow DJ/Producer Justin Putuhena. Abyss: Gevrey decided to get involved with the magic of vinyl at the age of 15. Records and mixing tracks were really something to focus on and so oldstyle, hardcore and houseclassics (Late 80’s and early 90’s) were the start in his repertoire. More people started to notice Gevrey’s unique skills and passion to always look for exciting new musical paths. So it was no surprise when the hardstyle sound started to conquer the scene, Gevrey was on the forefront. After sending a mix-cd to Q-dance Gevrey performed in the talent room of Qlubtempo #5. After this, things just got better and Gevrey played on several major events in Holland; Matrixx, QrimeTime, DefQon One Festival, Qlimax(VIP), X-Qlusive labels, Seqtion and several other local/national and international events (Lloret De Mar, Callela, Mallorca). Since 2003, Gevrey (co) produced a handful of well received productions on labels such as Straight On Recordings and DJS Records. Judge: Justin started playing the piano when he was just 5 years old. He got hooked on dance music at a young age. But when he got his hands on a set of two turntables and a mixer, Justin found his life’s devotion. He started to perform at local parties. At the age of 15 Justin also started producing tracks. In June 2004 Justin got a call from Q-Dance that he was invited to play at the Deqon1 talent night at Q-Beach after sending a mix-cd. After that things were going forward with Justin and he released his first record at DJS Records. In 2006 Justin decided to learn more about producing, mixing and mastering and he studied “Studio Engineering and Producing” at the Sound Academy in Utrecht. Gevrey and Justin met on a gig in Purmerend in 2006. They joined their forces witch led to the release “Bassreactor” with on the B-side “We're back and Syndicate” in 2007. They decided to form the DJ/producer duo Abyss & Judge. In 2008 Abyss & Judge signed to the Dutch Master Works label, home of many dance floor heavyweights including Showtek, Southstylers and Dutch Master. The duo have made a lasting impact with their two releases “Hardstyle Revolution/One Life” and “Rapture/Shadows”. “But with three EP’s under our belt and a series of new releases scheduled for 2009 we’re happy that we’re part of one of the leading hardstyle labels in the world,” says Justin with a happy smile on his face. You can also find Abyss & Judge on the following sites: http://www.abyss-judge.nl http://www.myspace.com/abyssjudge http://nl-nl.facebook.com/pages/Abyss-Judge/47927886173 http://partyflock.nl/artist/44837:Abyss_amp_Judge.html http://www.netlog.com/abyssjudge http://abyss-judge.hyves.nl/ Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.