Amal Hijazi

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Ya La Lale Aman 03:42 Tools
Gharam Kebeer 03:53 Tools
Bayya'al Ward 03:49 Tools
Bhebb Naou' Kalamak 04:53 Tools
Baad Sneen 03:37 Tools
Btes'alni Meen 05:10 Tools
Tousaddek 03:49 Tools
Rjaa 03:40 Tools
Jnoon Bhebbak 04:11 Tools
Lamma Teghammad Aynayk 04:18 Tools
A7la Ma Fel Ayam 00:41 Tools
Aainy Aalaik 00:35 Tools
Nefsi Tefhamny 00:42 Tools
Maleet Aalaya Donyeti 00:46 Tools
Albi Nadak 04:30 Tools
Haseebak Teren 00:34 Tools
El Layli 03:16 Tools
Keef El Amar 04:16 Tools
De2 El May 01:07 Tools
Zaman 04:11 Tools
Hassibak Terenn 03:27 Tools
Lamma Tghammad Aeinak 04:11 Tools
Bansa Rohi 03:44 Tools
Ahla Ma Fi El Ayam 04:39 Tools
De'el May 03:43 Tools
Wailak Min Allah 04:30 Tools
Bansa Rouhy 00:54 Tools
Eyni Aaleyk 03:31 Tools
BI Ayounak Zaal 04:55 Tools
Ma Tazamini 04:05 Tools
Mestani Eih 04:04 Tools
Nafsi Tefhamni 03:19 Tools
Bi Amelnih 03:56 Tools
Einak Einak 03:53 Tools
Akher Gharam 08:00 Tools
Shou Baddak 03:58 Tools
Romancia 04:07 Tools
Bent Sageerah 04:09 Tools
Alaftna Behoubina 03:54 Tools
Kefak 03:29 Tools
Qalbi Muadab 03:54 Tools
Malleyt Aalaya Dounyiti 04:12 Tools
Bae'a Al Ward 03:49 Tools
Omre We Senene 04:23 Tools
Ah Ya Nari 04:31 Tools
Zein El Rouh 03:19 Tools
Beldawer'a Albi 00:30 Tools
Ma Habietsh Ghairak 03:59 Tools
Mestaagel Leyh 03:55 Tools
Deel May 03:40 Tools
Habibi Oud 08:00 Tools
Wainak 04:29 Tools
Ayna Aliey 03:45 Tools
Aah Ya Habebe 04:18 Tools
Rayeh Balak 03:28 Tools
Zalem 04:38 Tools
Katier Aleik (gorba) 03:45 Tools
Ainak 03:19 Tools
Nefsi Tefhamni 03:13 Tools
Ya Allah 04:44 Tools
Mesta3gel Leih 00:58 Tools
Bekouf 03:54 Tools
Lama Teghamad Enayek 00:30 Tools
Ah Ya Habibi 04:18 Tools
Betdawer A' Albi 04:41 Tools
Ba'ad Senan 00:00 Tools
Betdawer ‘A albi 00:00 Tools
Ashgar 00:00 Tools
Shu Elle Saar 03:33 Tools
Oulha Li 03:44 Tools
Weyli Wah 03:44 Tools
Kief 04:06 Tools
Eyni Alek 00:00 Tools
Maghroum 04:04 Tools
Wailak Men Allah 04:45 Tools
Kif Ma Baddak 04:04 Tools
Edeili 03:55 Tools
Bent Sghayara ( Baby Girl ) 04:10 Tools
Alby Nadaak 04:10 Tools
Comme ci comme ça 03:44 Tools
Mestanni Eih 04:04 Tools
El Hawa 04:04 Tools
Ahla Ma Fel Ayyam 04:04 Tools
Be Oyonak Zaal 04:56 Tools
Esaal ‘Alaya 03:44 Tools
Baya3 El Ward 04:04 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazi-Ahla_Ma_Fi_El_Ayam 04:56 Tools
‘Ala Kefak 03:33 Tools
Beyaamlne 03:57 Tools
Nefsy Tefhamny 03:19 Tools
Betdawer Aala Albi 04:41 Tools
Mestani ih 03:19 Tools
Kizbi Kbire 04:24 Tools
Wylak Men Alla ( I`am Sorry that You Are Not a Man) 04:31 Tools
Baheb Nuoa Kalamak 03:57 Tools
Haseebak Terenn 03:57 Tools
Bkhaf 03:55 Tools
Al Hawa 04:00 Tools
Deq El Mayy 03:55 Tools
Ala Kaifak 03:55 Tools
Oulhali 03:55 Tools
Show Bedak fiyy 03:59 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazi-Albi_Nadak 03:55 Tools
'Ala Kefak 03:33 Tools
Maghrom 03:26 Tools
Amal Hijazi Feat. Faudel - Ainak 03:59 Tools
Nafsak Tejmaa 03:44 Tools
Ed'ili 00:00 Tools
Alle El Musika 04:06 Tools
Alli El Mousiqa 03:33 Tools
Ma Tesamene 04:06 Tools
Helefna Be Hobena 03:55 Tools
Bakhaf 03:55 Tools
Romansya 04:06 Tools
Rakat Aaynay Shawkan 03:55 Tools
Comme Ci Comme Ca 03:44 Tools
Ghanneit 04:00 Tools
Mestani Eah 04:06 Tools
Ma Tasamini 04:06 Tools
Ainak Ainak 03:58 Tools
Albi Dawa 04:41 Tools
Ya Mariam 03:45 Tools
Keif 00:30 Tools
Waili Wah 04:06 Tools
Ayno Aleya 03:45 Tools
Kalbe Moazab 03:55 Tools
Ayno Allaye 03:46 Tools
Keter Alayek [El Ghardaqa] 03:44 Tools
Ba3d Seneen 03:55 Tools
Bekhouf 03:44 Tools
Bent Seghayyara 04:10 Tools
Bayya' Al Ward 03:44 Tools
Ashqr 04:00 Tools
Bedawar 3ala Alby 04:00 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazi-3ayni_3aleik 04:00 Tools
Ba'ad Sneen 04:24 Tools
01.Albi Nadak 04:00 Tools
Reja'A 04:00 Tools
Weely Wah 04:24 Tools
Id'eely 04:00 Tools
Hijabek Taj 04:00 Tools
Mestany Eih 04:00 Tools
Albi Dawwa 04:00 Tools
Ala Al Moseqa 04:47 Tools
Kifak 04:47 Tools
Waylak Min Allah 04:24 Tools
Bayaa El Ward 04:24 Tools
Mali Mil 03:44 Tools
Ayna Aley 04:24 Tools
Mali Meil 04:24 Tools
Mestaagel Laih 04:24 Tools
Es'al Alaya 03:45 Tools
Ma Tsammini 04:06 Tools
Waylak Mn Allah 04:29 Tools
Qalbi M'adhab 03:55 Tools
Helefna Bi Hobbena 03:55 Tools
Nefsak Tegmaa Ma Benna 03:55 Tools
Mali Meel 03:55 Tools
Bokra Yekbaro 03:55 Tools
Malleyt Aalata Dounyiti 04:31 Tools
Aini Alaik 03:55 Tools
waylak men allah 04:07 Tools
Qoulhali 03:26 Tools
Maghroom 03:45 Tools
Habiby Ood 03:45 Tools
Jnon Be7Obak 03:45 Tools
Ghannait 03:45 Tools
Bedawer aalbi 04:07 Tools
Ma Tsameni ( Don`t Call Me ) 04:07 Tools
Ba'younak Za'al 04:07 Tools
Bent Soghayara 04:29 Tools
Ghanait 04:07 Tools
Rayah Balak 04:41 Tools
Amal Hijazi Ft Faudel - Ainak 04:07 Tools
09.Nefsi Tefhamni 04:07 Tools
Qalbi Dhowa 04:07 Tools
Ya Lalally Amaan 04:07 Tools
Keef Ma Beddak 03:44 Tools
Es2al 3alaya 00:30 Tools
Kef Ma Bada Lak 00:30 Tools
ويلك من الله 04:31 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazi-Daq_El_May 00:30 Tools
Keef 00:30 Tools
Malait Aalayya Donyeti 00:30 Tools
Bi'amelni 03:57 Tools
Ketir Aleik 03:57 Tools
Betdawar-Aa-Qalbi 04:41 Tools
Einah Alay 04:41 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazy-01.Waylak_Mn_Allah 04:41 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazi-Nefsi_Tefhamni 04:41 Tools
Bas Estna 04:41 Tools
Bayaa-El-Ward 04:41 Tools
Comme Cicomme Ca 04:41 Tools
Aah Ya Habebi 04:41 Tools
Sho Elli Sar 04:41 Tools
Betsalni Meen 04:41 Tools
Ba3ed snin 04:41 Tools
Ghannayt 04:31 Tools
Rayyeh Balak 04:31 Tools
Baheb Nou Kalamak 04:31 Tools
Baheb No3 Kalamak 04:31 Tools
Betsalne Meen 04:56 Tools
Lama Teghamad Enaek 04:56 Tools
Baad Snein 04:31 Tools
Bheb Noaa Kalamak 04:31 Tools
Kezbi Kbiri 04:56 Tools
Rejaa 04:31 Tools
Esaal 'Alaya 03:45 Tools
Ashqar 03:44 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazi-Bansa_Rohi 03:44 Tools
Omri We Snini 03:44 Tools
Nefsak Tegma' Ma Beinna 03:44 Tools
Nefsak 03:44 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazi-Kif_El_Amar 03:44 Tools
Baad Seneen 03:44 Tools
Betsalni Meen (Music) 03:44 Tools
Jnoon Behabak 03:44 Tools
Es'al Alaya ( Instrumental ) 03:44 Tools
Kif 04:06 Tools
Gheyabak Taal 04:06 Tools
Jnoon Bhebak 04:06 Tools
Tesadak 04:08 Tools
Baheb Noa'u Kalamak 04:08 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazy-12.Bi_3amelny 04:06 Tools
Tesadaq 03:50 Tools
Achgar 04:08 Tools
08.Bansa Rohi 04:08 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazy-05.Bekhouf 04:08 Tools
06.Ahla Ma Fi El Ayam 04:08 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazy-10.Bent_Sghayera 04:08 Tools
Waink 04:08 Tools
بعيونك زعل 04:56 Tools
Tesada2 04:56 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazy-06.Ma_Tasamini 04:56 Tools
Romansia 04:56 Tools
02.Kif El Amar 04:56 Tools
Edeely 04:56 Tools
Nogomi.com_Amal_Hegazi-Mesta3gel_Leih 04:56 Tools
Ya ahla ma fil ayam 04:56 Tools
El-Hawa 04:56 Tools
Ahla Ma Fi Elayam 04:56 Tools
Ria7 Balk 04:56 Tools
7bibe 3od 04:56 Tools
Daq Elmay 04:56 Tools
Ahla_Ma_Fi_El_Ayam 04:56 Tools
Ya-La-Lale-Aman 04:56 Tools
Eynah A`laya ( His Eye Follow ) 04:56 Tools
Shou Elli Saar 03:35 Tools
Tesadq 03:35 Tools
Ah Ya Nare 03:35 Tools
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Amal Hijazi (Arabic:أمل حجازى) (born on 20 February 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a Lebanese singer, model and pop icon. She is currently one of the most active Lebanese singers and has given a number of concerts throughout the world and has made countless TV appearances. After her lengthy career as a fashion model, Hijazi released her first single was called "Halan" ("Right Away") in 2000, it was followed by her second single "Rayyah Balak" ("Put Your Mind at Ease") one year later, for which she also shot a music video. On the same year her debut album "Akher Gharam" including the hit single "Rayyah Balak" was produced by Dilara Master Production and distributed by Music Master. The critics were thrilled and her first step on the way to becoming a super-star was a hit. It became one of the biggest selling albums of the year, ranking on number eight Official Sales charts published by the Chart Magazine. The debut album ranked eighth on the official sales charts, the album included numerous hits singles like "Akher Gharam" ("Last Love"), "Ghanneit" ("I Sang") and "Rayyah Balak" ("Put Your Mind at Ease"), which were kept Amal on the Top Twenty Charts for six months. Yet her first steps in live performances were rather influenced by stage fright, even though her modeling experience gave her the ability to capture the audience. But soon she overcame her fears and on she went with her live performances. Not much later, in July 2001, Amal performed as the opening artist for Raï star Faudel at La Marina in Lebanon, which was her first time in Beirut after her concerts in Dubai. A short while ago Amal signed a contract, which should bring her into a new light and increase her popularity all over the Arab world. She released her second album Zaman in mid 2002 with even greater success. The album released four number one hit singles, Zaman, Oulhali, Einak and Romansyia catapulting her to phenomenal success. A third album Bedawwar A Albi was released in early 2004 followed by the release of her fourth album Baya al Ward in 2006. The album's breakthrough of the same name caused the entertainer to face negative critical publicity and a number of controversies. The career of Amal Hijazi is surely not over yet. With her passionate voice and her unique appearance she may possibly climb the ladder till the very top Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.