Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Good Night 04:16 Tools
Love's Philosophy 04:07 Tools
The Smile 03:27 Tools
Knock Knock Knock 03:28 Tools
April rain 04:45 Tools
I Don't Wanna Lose You 04:35 Tools
On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour 04:49 Tools
In the Back of My Mind 03:33 Tools
Daisies 03:45 Tools
My Ghostly Happiness 04:01 Tools
Dead Tree 03:55 Tools
Not You Not Me 01:20 Tools
Kukawaka 01:52 Tools
As Soon As 01:11 Tools
Beautiful And Clean 00:51 Tools
People And Dolphins 00:51 Tools
Daisies (MRF brave remake) 03:44 Tools
love's philisophy (другая версия) 03:57 Tools
The Philosophy Of Love 03:53 Tools
Daises 03:44 Tools
Love's philisophy (другая верс 03:57 Tools
Decades (Joy Division cover) 05:00 Tools
Мёртвое дерево 04:00 Tools
Smile [demo] 03:31 Tools
Love's Philosophy [demo] 03:57 Tools
Song for my friends 04:32 Tools
On Leaving Some Friends 04:59 Tools
Knock Knock Knock (Versione Strumentale) 03:12 Tools
Decades 05:00 Tools
Knock, Knock, Knock 02:54 Tools
Decades (Joy Division cover, live) 05:00 Tools
Not Me Not You 01:17 Tools
02. April Rain 04:44 Tools
08.Knock Knock Knock 03:25 Tools
Love`s philosophy 03:27 Tools
As Soon as... 01:12 Tools
хуй 01:12 Tools
Amurekimuri 01:12 Tools
Мертвое дерево 04:00 Tools
15. Good Night 04:00 Tools
I Don't Wanna Lose You (Live) 03:27 Tools
Knock Knock Knock (new edition) 03:26 Tools
01. The Smile 03:27 Tools
Goodnight 04:08 Tools
NEW 03:27 Tools
I dont wanna loose you 03:27 Tools
Knock Knock Knock [New Album] 03:05 Tools
13. Daisies 03:05 Tools
10. Knock Knock Knock 03:26 Tools
Good_night 03:26 Tools
I don’t wanna lose you 03:26 Tools
I don't wanna lose you; 03:26 Tools
Love's Philosophy (Demo) 04:11 Tools
03. Love's Philosophy 04:08 Tools
Smile (Demo) 04:08 Tools
..In the back of my mind.. 04:08 Tools
Kukawaka 2010 04:08 Tools
06. Kukawaka 01:48 Tools
I Don't Wanna Lose You (Интерференция 2009, Live @ Ильичёвск) 04:11 Tools
04. Not You Not Me 01:17 Tools
Счастье моё призрачное 01:17 Tools
Radio Cardiowave 01:17 Tools
Love's Philosophy (Live @ Odessa) 04:05 Tools
11. My Ghostly Happiness 04:05 Tools
07. On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour 04:52 Tools
05. I Don't Wanna Lose You 04:35 Tools
The Smile (Demo) 04:35 Tools
Good Night [rehearsal] 04:35 Tools
Good Night (live) 04:35 Tools
08. In The Back Of My Mind 03:31 Tools
I dont wanna lose you 03:31 Tools
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Amurekimuri is a dream-pop band from Odessa, Ukraine. The band members are: Yelena Voynarovskaya (Flёur, МРФ) – vocals Aleksey Dovgalyov (РБиД, 4th Layer, The КЛЮКВИНs) - bass / back vocals Andrey Basov (Нормандия-Неман, Мёртвый театр, Легендарные пластилиновые ноги) - guitar Aleksey Tkachevsky (Flёur, Легендарные пластилиновые ноги, МРФ) – percussion. The band uses classical English poetry from the Romanticism era as their lyrics (Blake, Shelley, Keats). They played for the first time in Odesa on April 7, 2006. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.