Andy Harlow

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Mortifica 03:57 Tools
Calle Ocho 03:17 Tools
La Loteria 03:21 Tools
Philadelphia Mambo 05:34 Tools
Evenenao 03:48 Tools
Fracaso 05:00 Tools
Batumbique 03:55 Tools
El Primer Montuno 04:41 Tools
Tin Tin Deo 05:56 Tools
No Que Va A Llorar 04:12 Tools
La Musica Brava 03:53 Tools
Volvere Algun Dia 03:22 Tools
Ay Que Bueno 03:59 Tools
Sorpresa La Flauta 06:43 Tools
Dinora 03:26 Tools
Decide Tu 03:52 Tools
La Lotería 03:17 Tools
Nadie Da Nada 04:56 Tools
Superstar 03:42 Tools
Cambia El Paso 04:42 Tools
Impossible 04:16 Tools
Amor Perdido 02:45 Tools
Loteria - Andy Harlow 03:25 Tools
Manigua 04:10 Tools
Yo Soy Guajiro 04:49 Tools
La Mujer Cocinera 03:34 Tools
La Semana Entera 04:24 Tools
Los cueros 06:21 Tools
No Que Va A Llora 04:12 Tools
No, Que Va A Llorar 04:11 Tools
Sangadunga 03:32 Tools
Las Mujeres 05:13 Tools
Baila Mi Gente 05:13 Tools
La Cumbiamba 03:32 Tools
Ritmo De Azucar 04:11 Tools
Volvere Algun Día 05:13 Tools
Marcela Candela 05:13 Tools
Montuno Con Harlow 03:29 Tools
TiNTiNDeo 05:50 Tools
Que Mulata 05:13 Tools
El 640 03:46 Tools
Mi Mujer 03:46 Tools
Me Llevo a la Marina 03:46 Tools
Envenenao 03:46 Tools
Comportate Jevita 04:00 Tools
Pintate 04:00 Tools
El Campesino De Oriente 04:00 Tools
Para Usted 03:29 Tools
Sangandunga 03:33 Tools
Volvere Algun Dia (Selected By Dj Muro) 03:33 Tools
Volvere Algún Día 03:33 Tools
El Primer Son Montuno 03:29 Tools
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Talented multi-instrumentalist Andy Harlow was raised in a family of Latin musicians; he was the son of bass player Buddy Harlow and brother of pianist Larry Harlow. This enthusiastic performer started playing while attending high school. After achieving a bachelor's degree in Music Education and a master's in Ethnic Music, Andy Harlow was captivated by the saxophone. Learning different techniques, he was soon playing along with Tito Rodríguez, Ismael Rivera, and Tito Puente, among other prominent Latin artists. After participating in Fania All-Stars, Andy Harlow made his solo debut with the release of Sorpresa la Flauta, forming his own band, Latin Fever. He moved from New York to Miami in the late-'70s, assembling a new group called Salsamania, playing Latin jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi His Release Miami Sessions is a must listen for Salsa and Latin Jazz aficionados Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.