Anna Domino

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Land Of My Dreams 04:19 Tools
Everyday, I Don't 04:38 Tools
With The Day Comes The Dawn 04:54 Tools
Trust, In Love 04:44 Tools
Rythm 04:18 Tools
Take That 04:14 Tools
Zanna 03:09 Tools
Rhythm 04:20 Tools
With the Day Comes the Dawn - Mixed 04:14 Tools
Review 04:11 Tools
Caught 06:06 Tools
Summer 04:24 Tools
Koo Koo 04:12 Tools
Drunk 03:53 Tools
Repeating 04:23 Tools
My Man 04:39 Tools
Sixteen Tons 04:28 Tools
The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game 03:29 Tools
Chosen Ones 04:11 Tools
Bowery Blues 01:55 Tools
Not Right Now 04:36 Tools
Paris 04:14 Tools
Lake 05:00 Tools
Change To Come 04:59 Tools
Time For Us 04:37 Tools
Tamper With Time 03:19 Tools
Own Kind 03:49 Tools
Pome On Doctor Sax 01:45 Tools
Half of Myself 03:52 Tools
Tempting 05:08 Tools
88 05:03 Tools
Luck 04:09 Tools
Bonds Of Love 04:51 Tools
Target 04:12 Tools
She Walked 03:57 Tools
Deamback - 1984 Demo 03:26 Tools
Just Once 03:40 Tools
Always, Always 04:36 Tools
Trust In Love 04:43 Tools
Home 04:54 Tools
This Time 05:42 Tools
Hammer 04:18 Tools
'Rythm' - Live 1987 05:40 Tools
Pandora 04:24 Tools
Clouds Of Joy 04:43 Tools
Just Too Much - Live 1987 04:12 Tools
Rain 04:16 Tools
Dust 03:26 Tools
My Man - Live 1987 04:54 Tools
Perfect Day 04:16 Tools
With the Day Comes the Dawn (Mixed) 04:56 Tools
Dreamback 03:30 Tools
Come To Harm 04:48 Tools
Bead/9:15 03:32 Tools
Change - Live 1987 05:27 Tools
She Walked - Live 1987 04:50 Tools
Isn't That So 03:45 Tools
Take That - Live 1987 05:04 Tools
Perfect Day (No, He Says) 04:13 Tools
With The Day Comes Dawn 04:56 Tools
Tyranny (Of Your Company) 02:56 Tools
Always Always 04:36 Tools
Chaos 03:55 Tools
Bead_9.15 03:31 Tools
Caught - Live 1987 11:39 Tools
Summer (Arthur Baker remix) 07:26 Tools
Summer - Arthur Baker 12" Remix 06:06 Tools
Eighty-Eight 05:03 Tools
Please Don't 03:44 Tools
Stand Apart 03:51 Tools
Summer (12" mix) 06:05 Tools
Oh Beautiful_ 03:48 Tools
Oh Beautiful... 03:49 Tools
Bead 03:32 Tools
Land Of Dreams 04:22 Tools
Summer (Arthur Baker 12" Remix) 06:04 Tools
Blood Makes Noise (ATC Tribal Version) 02:43 Tools
'Rythm' 04:20 Tools
Blood Makes Noise 02:43 Tools
'Rythm' (live in Japan - 1987) 05:40 Tools
Tyranny "Of Your Company" 03:02 Tools
Tempting - Single Version 06:58 Tools
My Man (live in Japan - 1987) 04:53 Tools
Take That (live in Japan - 1987) 05:04 Tools
Bowery Blues (Album Version) 01:55 Tools
Blood Makes Noise (ATC Mild Version) 02:41 Tools
Tempting (single version) 00:00 Tools
Tyranny 02:57 Tools
Tempting (1996 version) 05:51 Tools
Johnny 05:24 Tools
Change (live in Japan - 1987) 03:31 Tools
She Walked (live in Japan - 1987) 04:50 Tools
Just Too Much 00:00 Tools
Caught (live in Japan - 1987) 11:39 Tools
Just Too Much (live in Japan - 1987) 04:50 Tools
The Light Downtown 04:28 Tools
Tempting - 1996 Version 05:53 Tools
Koo-Koo 00:00 Tools
"Oh Beautiful..." 00:00 Tools
Wonderkey 03:01 Tools
Summer - Arthur Baker Remix 07:29 Tools
Change 05:27 Tools
Pillar Box Red 00:00 Tools
'Rythm' (Live 1987) 00:00 Tools
Bead/9.15 00:00 Tools
My Man (Live 1987) 00:00 Tools
Just Too Much (Live 1987) 00:00 Tools
Tyranny Of Your Company 00:00 Tools
Zanna (feat. Luc van Acker) 04:20 Tools
Perfect Days (No He Says) 04:14 Tools
Tamper with Me 07:29 Tools
Take That (Live 1987) 03:30 Tools
Caught (Live 1987) 03:30 Tools
'Rythm' (2010 Version) 05:27 Tools
She Walked (Live 1987) 07:29 Tools
KooKoo 04:31 Tools
Change (Live 1987) 07:29 Tools
Here In My Heart 03:30 Tools
'Rythm' - 2010 Version 05:28 Tools
Rune Lindbaek presents Rhythm by Anna Domino 03:30 Tools
Deamback (1984 Demo) 04:23 Tools
'88 07:29 Tools
88' 05:01 Tools
Chosen one 05:41 Tools
Land Of My Dreams / East And West 04:20 Tools
Take That (Live) 00:00 Tools
Review / East And West 00:00 Tools
Perfect Day/No "He Says" 04:13 Tools
Summer (12" Remix) 06:06 Tools
Oh Beautiful? 00:00 Tools
Wonderkeys 05:08 Tools
A - Rythm 04:20 Tools
My Man (Live) 04:24 Tools
Change (Live) 04:56 Tools
Everyday (I don't) 05:08 Tools
"Rythm" 04:24 Tools
Take That (Live In Japan '87) 04:20 Tools
Luck (Rizzolo Extended Mix) 05:08 Tools
With The Day Comes The Dawn / East And West 04:56 Tools
Summer (12'' Version) 04:14 Tools
Repeating / East And West 04:23 Tools
She Walked (Live) 04:56 Tools
Caught (Live) 04:56 Tools
Just Too Much (Live) 04:56 Tools
"Rythm" (Live In Japan '87) 05:08 Tools
Caught (Live In Japan '87) 05:08 Tools
Change (Live In Japan '87) 05:08 Tools
The Light 04:56 Tools
Trust, In Love / East And West 04:24 Tools
B - Target 04:14 Tools
Repeating #Single [Trust In Love] B-side 04:14 Tools
She Walked (Live In Japan '87) 00:00 Tools
My Man (Live In Japan '87) 00:00 Tools
Just Too Much (Live In Japan '87) 00:00 Tools
'Rythm' / Live In Japan 04:56 Tools
'Rythm' (Live in Japan 1987) 04:56 Tools
Everyday, I Don't / East And West 04:24 Tools
Pome On Doctor Sax (Album Version) 04:56 Tools
Zanna (feat. Anna Domino) 04:24 Tools
My Man (Live in Japan) 04:56 Tools
My Man (Live in Japan 1987) 04:56 Tools
Anna Domino - Rythm 04:24 Tools
Rhytm 04:24 Tools
Rythm (Live) 04:24 Tools
'Rythm' (live) 04:24 Tools
Take That / Live In Japan 04:24 Tools
Change (Live in Japan) 04:24 Tools
Take That II 04:24 Tools
Take That (Live In Japan) 04:24 Tools
She Walked (Live in Japan) 04:24 Tools
Anna Domino-Tamper with time 04:24 Tools
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Anna Domino (born Anna Virginia Taylor) is an American, Tokyo-born indie rock artist who has released several albums under that moniker, notably for Les Disques du Crepuscule and Factory Records. Notable performers Domino has collaborated with include The The, Blaine L. Reininger and Virginia Astley. She is also one half of the duo Snakefarm. Additionally, she sang lead vocals on the song "Here In My Heart" by The 6ths on their album Wasps' Nests. Her stage name is a play on the term Anno Domini, and an American sugar brand. After a series of enjoyable singles and EPs, Anna Domino's first proper album as such was a sharp, fun treat. Working with Marc Moulin of Telex and Alan Rankine, formerly of the Associates, Domino kicked up her heels in a series of songs both of the '80s and beyond it. The arrangements place songs like "Drunk" and "Not Right Now" at a certain time -- then state-of-the-art drum machines and synth bass, for instance -- but Domino's ear for singing and pop fascinations of other times did the trick. Her voice is low and moody without being smoky as such -- it's not rough but neither does she coo -- and she keeps an easy feel going in her music, with plenty of finger-snapping, hip-swinging grooves. When she goes "modern," as on the sparkling "Caught," it's just as intriguing, an argument against seeing her simply as a revival act. If an inexact parallel could be drawn, Anna Domino almost suggests a companion album to early Sade -- there's the same calm coolness that's not dull, one where silence and space rather than a wall of sound is crucial. Everything but the Girl is another obvious reference point -- perhaps unsurprising considering Ben Watt was due to do some remix work for Domino a couple of years beforehand. "Rythm," the intentionally misspelled single that had surfaced a year before, kicked things off with a jazzy feel that found an unexpected midpoint between Tracey Thorn and Laurie Anderson, swinging pop with a sly, wry cast. The left-field inclusion is an inspired remake of Smokey Robinson's "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game," given a slight lovers rock undertow to mix with Domino's general approach. The LTM reissue of the album in 2004, as always in keeping with the rest of the label's work, contains various B-sides and an Arthur Baker remix of the jaunty "Summer" as bonus cuts. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.