Australian Blonde

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
I Want You - Split E.P. 1994 04:45 Tools
Drew and cheri 02:05 Tools
Chup-chup - Version Maqueta, 1993 03:11 Tools
Berlin 15 02:43 Tools
Chup Chup 02:26 Tools
I Want You 03:03 Tools
Australian Blonde 02:08 Tools
September Song 02:06 Tools
Cosmic 04:08 Tools
I Said Yeah! 01:39 Tools
Almas de Metal 04:30 Tools
Straight Ahead 02:56 Tools
Control 04:13 Tools
You Came 02:37 Tools
Seaside 03:02 Tools
Don't Care 03:20 Tools
Precious Love 02:51 Tools
When I Look Back 03:35 Tools
In Town 02:20 Tools
I'm Really Famous 02:07 Tools
Howlin' Down 01:51 Tools
You Kill Me 02:07 Tools
Hole in My Head 01:59 Tools
Cool Dive 02:38 Tools
My House 03:06 Tools
Like A Boy 03:59 Tools
Sweet Lullaby 03:18 Tools
Sorry 03:25 Tools
Perfect Smile 03:53 Tools
It´s over 02:46 Tools
Happy Here 04:28 Tools
Songs of Love and Grace 04:23 Tools
Lakers & Celtics 04:10 Tools
Chup Chup (Historias del Kronen) 02:26 Tools
What to Do 04:33 Tools
Horses & Races 02:04 Tools
Lay It on the Line 04:07 Tools
Black 02:17 Tools
Siempre pienso en ti Always on my mind 03:07 Tools
Shopping 03:11 Tools
Michael 05:17 Tools
Sebastopol 02:34 Tools
Second Time 03:39 Tools
Máquina De Vapor 03:39 Tools
Chance 03:01 Tools
Sandals Doctor Scholl's 04:27 Tools
Pale Star 03:28 Tools
Someone to Be Free 03:38 Tools
Nobody Can Do It 02:42 Tools
I Try So hard 04:35 Tools
Drew & Cheri 02:09 Tools
Here I Come 01:58 Tools
Extra 01:49 Tools
No Time 02:56 Tools
This Is Tearing Me Apart 02:23 Tools
Enough 02:56 Tools
I Like You 01:59 Tools
All I Want 03:40 Tools
War Is Over 01:50 Tools
Scissors 03:15 Tools
Suzanne 02:22 Tools
Anything 03:24 Tools
This Road Will Never End 04:45 Tools
I Want You - Split E.P. 1994 04:45 Tools
You Shook Me All Night Long 03:31 Tools
Annie's Back 01:50 Tools
Sousa 03:08 Tools
I Want You To Stay 04:18 Tools
People Are People 03:29 Tools
Lost in My Self 02:53 Tools
No Puedo Dormir 03:11 Tools
A Brief Honeymoon With Julia 04:16 Tools
Mary 03:25 Tools
Everytime Before 03:42 Tools
Slow Down 06:13 Tools
Date in London 03:49 Tools
What Comes After 03:27 Tools
The Mayor 02:41 Tools
Painted Film 02:26 Tools
Valls 05:42 Tools
Boom 03:52 Tools
The Things I Have 03:31 Tools
Thanks for a Ride 03:42 Tools
Molecula Gogo 03:27 Tools
Old broken dude (Mr. Jones) 03:56 Tools
Rápido 03:38 Tools
Supergirl 03:00 Tools
One Week Now, One Month Next Summer 04:02 Tools
Alonzo Mourning 05:36 Tools
Expensive Game 03:48 Tools
Witchi Tai To 03:03 Tools
Let You Down 01:43 Tools
Lost In Your Own Town 03:23 Tools
Alguien Diferente 02:32 Tools
Easy 01:50 Tools
Under The Disco Lights 03:04 Tools
Better Than Me 01:42 Tools
Calling of the Sioux 03:35 Tools
Broken Glass 03:23 Tools
Deep Inside 03:46 Tools
Good For Nothing 03:03 Tools
Reason 03:15 Tools
She Says 03:23 Tools
Fredy 04:34 Tools
Sobrevuelas 00:00 Tools
Siempre pienso en ti 03:07 Tools
1,2,3,4 02:25 Tools
Waitin on a Go-Go 03:11 Tools
Berlin15 02:45 Tools
Suddenly 04:47 Tools
A beautiful friend 03:11 Tools
You Won I Lost 03:17 Tools
20th century boy 02:59 Tools
Whisky For Ever 03:22 Tools
Hedonist 02:32 Tools
Callin' Of The Sioux 03:35 Tools
In the Corner 04:15 Tools
I Feel Love 03:34 Tools
My Way 03:31 Tools
Dear 02:28 Tools
Nothing Else 04:39 Tools
Real 02:31 Tools
Myself 02:50 Tools
Don't Be Cruel To Yourself 02:28 Tools
It Is Time 03:18 Tools
Black is black 04:15 Tools
It's Over 02:48 Tools
King of riverside park 03:05 Tools
Carnaval 02:46 Tools
Claro que sí 03:14 Tools
I'll Never Be Young Again 03:39 Tools
Chup, chup 02:24 Tools
The last one standing 04:01 Tools
1, 2, 3, 4 02:24 Tools
Underneath the radar 08:17 Tools
OTB 02:21 Tools
On the town 02:22 Tools
You Won, I Lost 03:18 Tools
Sometime before I die 04:45 Tools
Howlin Down 01:51 Tools
Trying to life my day 01:42 Tools
Here she comes 08:52 Tools
Berlín 15 02:42 Tools
Like Boy 03:58 Tools
Hard-Woman 00:00 Tools
I'm a road 02:00 Tools
Chup-Chup - Versión Maqueta, 1993 02:28 Tools
01 - Control 04:13 Tools
More Like This 03:10 Tools
Nothin to be done 02:05 Tools
Drew and cheri 02:05 Tools
As I've Flown to You 03:10 Tools
Chup chup chup 02:05 Tools
Don´t care 03:18 Tools
Chup chup (versión 96) 02:30 Tools
Sandals Doctor Scholl´s 02:30 Tools
I´m Really Famous 02:30 Tools
don't know where 03:06 Tools
Hard-Woman - Maqueta, 1993 02:19 Tools
20th Century Boy - Tributo a Marc Bolan, 1995 02:59 Tools
AUSTRALIAN BLONDE - Chup Chup 02:26 Tools
Trying to Live My Day 03:06 Tools
As I've Flown to You - Spiral E.p., 1995 03:10 Tools
07 - Like a boy 03:58 Tools
10 - Sandals Doctor Scholl's 04:28 Tools
Hard Women (Demo 93) 02:18 Tools
Nothin to Be Done - Miss Cd-Ep, 1995 02:04 Tools
You came (demo 93) 02:50 Tools
Scissors - Spiral E.p., 1995 03:26 Tools
Howlin' Town 01:51 Tools
Chup Chup (Demo 93) 02:26 Tools
Trying to Life My Day - Para Factory, 1995 01:42 Tools
You Came - Maqueta, 1993 02:52 Tools
you are a simple fool 03:30 Tools
Sweet Lulaby 03:11 Tools
Don't Know Where - Miss Cd-Ep, 1995 03:04 Tools
I'm a Road - Chup-Chup E.P.,1994 02:00 Tools
I Want You - Split E.p.,1994 03:01 Tools
More Like This - Miss Cd-Ep, 1995 03:11 Tools
I'm on Fire 01:52 Tools
20º century boy 02:59 Tools
Hedonist - Chup-Chup E.P.,1994 02:33 Tools
I'm Really Famous - Split E.P.,1994 02:22 Tools
Chup-Chup - Versión, 1996 02:31 Tools
03 People Are People 02:04 Tools
It's Ove 01:42 Tools
Nothin' to Be Done 03:58 Tools
Escuchando 02:20 Tools
someone to be free (bonus track) 02:52 Tools
Australian Blonde - 02 - When I look back 02:52 Tools
lakers & celtics (bonus track) 03:11 Tools
Chup chup - Australian Blonde 02:24 Tools
i said yeah 02:24 Tools
Australian Blonde - 01 - Control 02:24 Tools
Australian Blonde - 03 - Sweet lullaby 02:24 Tools
Sobrevuela 03:11 Tools
horses & races (bonus track) 03:11 Tools
Australian Blonde - 07 - Like a boy 03:11 Tools
Im on Fire 03:11 Tools
Australian Blonde - 05 - Almas de metal 03:11 Tools
Chup-chup - Version Maqueta, 1993 03:11 Tools
michael (bonus track) 03:11 Tools
Australian Blonde - 04 - Perfect smile 03:11 Tools
I Want You - M E.p.,1995 03:11 Tools
Old broken Dude (Mr.Jones) 03:58 Tools
Drew & Cherry 03:11 Tools
Alonzo morning 03:58 Tools
Last One Standing 03:58 Tools
Here She Comes - Gijón Goes to the Movies, 1996 03:58 Tools
Black - Australian Blonde 03:58 Tools
You Are a Simple Fool - Cosmic Single,1996 03:58 Tools
Australian Blonde - 06 - Happy here 03:58 Tools
Australian Blonde - 15 - Horses & races 03:58 Tools
Chup, chup, chup 03:58 Tools
Second time ( San Diego girls ) 03:58 Tools
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Components: Francisco Fernández Tito Valdés Paco Martínez Paco Loco City: Gijón (Spain) Style: Pop-Rock Record: Astro Discos After ten years in active-duty, five albums (six if we counted its collaboration with Steve Wynn) and a considerable success, Australian Blonde have practically happened through everything what can pass a group of rock in Spain, and without losing a coherence apex. The ability not to resign to an own musical identity, knowing to evolve independently of fashions, successes or failures, has turned to them classic ones in life. From a successful debut with the mythical album "Pop Pizza" (Subterfuge, 1993), four albums and many songs later, Australian Blonde they have not turned aside an apex of its initial search of the perfect pop song. The maturity has brought with himself a capacity of unsuspected emotion, but in spite of everything, they have not moved a centimeter of its way. The one that now it is going to be fifth album of the band demonstrates that the years have happened for good, and that its quality of new classic is not something given by the successes, but by genuine talent. Exactly the talent necessary to create a collection of subjects varied enough as to evoke in a same disc the best moments of Ray Davies or the pildorazos more vitaminados of the new wave, happening through modernized sounds country, that reveal a constant restlessness to investigate each new variant of the American pop-rock. "Lay it on the Line" is a disc able to captivate simultaneously to the most demanding followers of the pop one with guitars and to the finders of immediate refrains; but in any case, with a content and an elaboration that any previous disc of Australian Blonde surpasses of distant spot: that is the maturity. Maturity that in this occasion comes accompanied from fecundity, because aside from the fifteen subjects which they compose the album one second "virtual" part exists: nothing less than another album with eight unpublished and complementary songs to the previous ones, that all the buyers of the disc will be able to unload gratuitously in Key, which it accompanies the disc that is acquired in the store, is enough to accede to this great gift for the buyers. The song that gives title to the album will be in addition first single extraido, of which a paper clip will be rolled, and summarizes in its three minutes everything what there is again in Australian Blonde without has given up to anything of good the previous thing: new voices (Tito, bear of the group, receives the new protagonism like Co-vocalista), great wealth of musical adjustments (prudent, winds, keyboards...), new sounds (a turn towards the rock and country of its pop classic one) and, in general, excellent new songs that demonstrate the validity of a proposal to which by pure coherence, it is only possible to be described like classic modern. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.