Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
WOW 03:38 Tools
Missing You 03:54 Tools
MOVIE 03:44 Tools
Imagine 03:45 Tools
Monday To Sunday 03:12 Tools
Born TO Beat 01:26 Tools
비밀 (Insane) 03:38 Tools
Only one for me 03:47 Tools
My Girl 03:54 Tools
Stand Up 03:42 Tools
Pray (I'll Be Your Man) 03:46 Tools
Thriller 03:26 Tools
For You 04:19 Tools
Press Play (feat. G.NA) 03:20 Tools
Beautiful Pain 03:20 Tools
U & I 03:23 Tools
사랑밖에 난 몰라 03:30 Tools
It's Okay 03:05 Tools
Beep Beep 03:29 Tools
Call me 03:41 Tools
Irresistible Lips 03:46 Tools
Catch Me 03:31 Tools
Friend 03:31 Tools
You're So Fly 03:26 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 03:49 Tools
스릴러 03:31 Tools
Someday 03:31 Tools
뛰뛰빵빵 03:29 Tools
Hello Mello 03:41 Tools
Second Confession 03:54 Tools
NEW MEN 03:10 Tools
Remember that 03:10 Tools
아버지 03:42 Tools
My Lady 03:05 Tools
Running Into Breakup 03:29 Tools
ABOUT TIME 03:29 Tools
Killing Me 03:46 Tools
Guitar (Stroke of Love) 03:29 Tools
The Feeling 03:54 Tools
Last Day 03:29 Tools
Red Lie 03:54 Tools
내가 니 남자였을 때 03:47 Tools
왜 이래 03:36 Tools
Father 03:42 Tools
Pray (I`ll Be Your Man) 03:42 Tools
YES I AM 03:48 Tools
Blowin’ Up 03:54 Tools
두 번째 고백 03:55 Tools
Open 03:05 Tools
When I Was Your Man 03:33 Tools
03:46 Tools
Complete (Intro) 03:05 Tools
크리스탈같이 03:10 Tools
Shake It 03:05 Tools
Fly Away 03:54 Tools
Summer Romance 03:29 Tools
Way Back Home 03:22 Tools
Happening 03:54 Tools
Lover Boy 03:29 Tools
끝난 건가요 03:10 Tools
So Pretty 03:48 Tools
Anymore 03:48 Tools
여보세요 03:10 Tools
Dreaming 03:20 Tools
끝나지 않을 (Melody) 03:54 Tools
Nanana 03:20 Tools
JUST TELL ME 03:48 Tools
Blue Moon 03:22 Tools
Yeah 03:20 Tools
Love Drunk 58:12 Tools
ROCK N HIPHOP 03:37 Tools
넌 감동이야 03:54 Tools
Why 03:40 Tools
A Day 03:39 Tools
The Winter's Tale 03:39 Tools
Come On Over 58:12 Tools
Star 03:46 Tools
Finale (Our Concert) 03:39 Tools
Like A Crystal 03:10 Tools
괜찮아요 03:29 Tools
Like It 03:29 Tools
Climax 03:29 Tools
Color Your Days 03:37 Tools
I'm Bored 03:39 Tools
U&I 03:22 Tools
You Do You 03:39 Tools
Butterfly 03:39 Tools
Press Play 03:20 Tools
Interlude : Brother Act. 03:39 Tools
Miss You 03:39 Tools
Yippie Yo Yippie Yay 03:39 Tools
Melody Song 03:54 Tools
You Can Cry 03:39 Tools
잘 지내겠죠 03:20 Tools
Let's go 03:20 Tools
Broken Heart 03:39 Tools
Insane - Acoustic 03:40 Tools
Come with Eerie 03:20 Tools
Giddy Up 03:39 Tools
Just Like You 03:52 Tools
My Boy's Girl 03:39 Tools
Beautiful To Me 03:39 Tools
Because It's Christmas 03:52 Tools
너나 잘 살아 03:48 Tools
친구의 여자친구 03:48 Tools
By Your Side 03:52 Tools
어기여차 디여차 03:48 Tools
꽃보다 그녀 03:48 Tools
집으로 가는 길 03:22 Tools
Everything's Good - Il Hoon Solo (Outro) 03:29 Tools
Ello Ello 03:39 Tools
보고파 58:12 Tools
넌 나의 천사 (feat. JOO) 03:48 Tools
몰라 03:48 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Inst.) 03:48 Tools
Neverland (Feat. G.NA) 03:22 Tools
취해 03:39 Tools
심장어택 03:22 Tools
북치고 장구치고 58:12 Tools
봄날의 기억 03:22 Tools
For You - Ballad Version 00:00 Tools
나 빼고 다 늑대 03:39 Tools
기도(I'll Be Your Man) 03:39 Tools
비밀 (Insane) (Acoustic Ver) 03:22 Tools
One Sip 03:52 Tools
비밀 (Insane) (Inst.) 03:37 Tools
울어도 돼 03:22 Tools
놀러와 03:39 Tools
여기 있을게 03:39 Tools
그리워하다 03:39 Tools
언젠가 (SOMEDAY) 03:29 Tools
예지앞사 03:39 Tools
BtoB 04:19 Tools
Insane (Acoustic Ver) 03:37 Tools
그려본다 (내가 그린 그림) 03:39 Tools
빨리 뛰어 (Rock N HipHop) 03:39 Tools
기도 (I'll Be Your Man) 03:54 Tools
말만 해 03:39 Tools
너 같아서 03:39 Tools
울면 안 돼 04:28 Tools
자리비움 03:39 Tools
Cheers! 03:57 Tools
WOW M/V 03:39 Tools
Everything’s Good - 일훈 Solo (Outro) 03:39 Tools
새빨간 거짓말 03:52 Tools
한 모금 03:39 Tools
신바람 03:29 Tools
Naivety 03:54 Tools
Hope You're Doing Fine 03:29 Tools
나나나 03:54 Tools
크리스마스라서 03:39 Tools
Peep Po Peep Po 03:54 Tools
Hope You’re Doing Fine 03:48 Tools
꿈에 03:54 Tools
이별을 만나다 03:30 Tools
Endless (Melody) 03:54 Tools
무료해(콕 To Me) 03:30 Tools
Endless (Melody )- Eun Kwang Seo, Chang Sub Lee, Hyun Sik Lim, Sung Jae Yook 03:48 Tools
스릴러 (Thriller) 03:30 Tools
뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep) 03:54 Tools
Beautiful Pain - Instrumental 03:54 Tools
너 없인 안 된다 03:46 Tools
I Only Know Love 03:29 Tools
Hello Mello - Min Hyuk Lee, Il Hoon Jung, Peniel 03:37 Tools
Heart Attack 03:37 Tools
Prelude : 하루 03:29 Tools
You’re My Angel 11:06 Tools
Finale : 우리들의 콘서트 03:30 Tools
L.U.V 02:13 Tools
두 번째 고백 (Inst.) 03:54 Tools
I Don’t Know 03:48 Tools
마셔! 03:30 Tools
Come with Eerie (Music from Telemonster) 00:00 Tools
IceBreaker 03:38 Tools
Cold 03:49 Tools
1, 2, 3 03:37 Tools
언젠가 Someday 03:54 Tools
무료해 (콕 To Me) 03:25 Tools
Beyond The Time 03:30 Tools
빨리 뛰어 Rock N Hiphop 03:38 Tools
스릴러 (Thriller) M/V 03:30 Tools
Naviety 03:48 Tools
말만 해 Just Tell Me 03:48 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Irresistible Lips) 03:57 Tools
비밀(Insane) M/V 03:52 Tools
I'll Be Your Man 03:48 Tools
Love Virus 03:51 Tools
비밀 03:37 Tools
뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep) M/V 03:52 Tools
Goodbye Sadness [From “DalKom Family (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt. 1”] 00:00 Tools
비밀 (Insane) (Acoustic Ver.) 03:38 Tools
Blowin' Up 03:10 Tools
Irresistible Lips (Inst.) 03:48 Tools
Regrets of Love 03:54 Tools
Hello 03:25 Tools
Ha-Na-Bi 03:48 Tools
Insane (Acoustic) 02:13 Tools
아름답고도 아프구나 02:13 Tools
DEAR BRIDE 03:29 Tools
Interlude: Brother Act. 03:37 Tools
MAGIC TIME 03:54 Tools
Insane (Inst.) 03:37 Tools
아버지 (Father) 03:42 Tools
넌 감동이야 (You’re So Fly) M/V 03:25 Tools
Go for It 00:00 Tools
See you again 00:00 Tools
Snow Light Road 03:47 Tools
북 치고 장구 치고 03:57 Tools
마쎠! 03:38 Tools
Jump! 03:29 Tools
제발 03:29 Tools
For You - Instrumental 03:42 Tools
기도(I’ll Be Your Man) 03:37 Tools
두 번째 고백 (2nd Confession) 03:54 Tools
비밀(Insane) 03:37 Tools
今すぐここでKISSを交わそうよ 03:10 Tools
여행 가고 싶어 03:37 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어(Irresistible Lips) M/V 03:57 Tools
나비 03:57 Tools
Irresistible Lips - Instrumental 03:38 Tools
그리워하다 (Missing You) 03:37 Tools
I Don't Know 00:00 Tools
レモネード 03:37 Tools
Everything's Good - 일훈 Solo (Outro) 00:00 Tools
Finale: Our Concert 03:29 Tools
Guess Who’s Back 03:29 Tools
Melody 02:13 Tools
Insane - Instrumental 03:48 Tools
두 번째 고백 (2nd Confession) M/V 04:14 Tools
二度目の告白 (JPN ver.) 00:00 Tools
夏色 My Girl 00:00 Tools
Prelude: A Day 03:57 Tools
Evidence 03:57 Tools
별 (Star) 03:46 Tools
Blowin' 03:29 Tools
For You - Ballad Version Instrumental 03:37 Tools
未来(あした) 03:42 Tools
이별을 만나다 Running into Breakup 03:10 Tools
여보세요 (Hello) 03:10 Tools
Christmas Time ~君だけを~ 03:42 Tools
クリスマス・イブ 03:37 Tools
내가 니 남자였을 때 (When I Was Your Man) 03:47 Tools
I stole those lips 02:13 Tools
크리스탈같이 (Like A Crystal) 03:10 Tools
WOW(JPN ver.) 04:40 Tools
괜찮아요 (It's Okay) 03:48 Tools
Is This the End 03:37 Tools
Crush On You 03:48 Tools
비밀 Insane 00:00 Tools
Twilight 03:38 Tools
You're My Angel (Feat. JOO) 03:29 Tools
그리워하다 Missing You 03:54 Tools
I Didn't Know About Love 03:29 Tools
왜 이래 (Why) 03:40 Tools
Further Rise 03:29 Tools
WOW (JPN ver.) 03:40 Tools
未来 03:48 Tools
I Don’t Know Anything But Love 03:29 Tools
끝난 건가요 (Is This The End) 03:39 Tools
Hello Mello(JPN ver.) 03:57 Tools
Prelude: 하루 00:00 Tools
Insane (비밀) 03:37 Tools
너 없인 안 된다 Only One for Me 03:46 Tools
00:00 Tools
Second Confession - Instrumental 03:54 Tools
サヨナラを繰り返して 03:49 Tools
BTOB - WOW 03:38 Tools
For You (Ballad Ver.) 03:28 Tools
넌 감동이야 (You're So Fly) 03:54 Tools
이리와 (Come On) 03:29 Tools
넌 감동이야 (You’re So Fly) 03:37 Tools
You’re So Fly 03:29 Tools
桜色 03:37 Tools
BTOB 그 입술을 뺏었어 Irresistible Lips 03:57 Tools
I Stole Those Lips (Irresistible Lips) 03:48 Tools
When I Was Your Man(내가 니 남자였을 때) 00:00 Tools
Finale: 우리들의 콘서트 00:00 Tools
너 없인 안 된다 (Only one for me) 03:42 Tools
내가 니 남자였을때 (When I Was Your Man) M/V 03:49 Tools
Two 03:42 Tools
Irresistable Lips 03:57 Tools
Bimil (Insane) 03:37 Tools
さくらいろ 00:00 Tools
두 번째 고백 (Second Confession) 03:54 Tools
아름답고도 아프구나 (Beautiful Pain) 03:54 Tools
봄날의 기억 (Remember That) 03:19 Tools
未来 (あした) 03:37 Tools
Second Confession (Inst.) 03:29 Tools
사랑밖에 난 몰라 (I Only Know Love) 03:29 Tools
I Miss You 00:00 Tools
목소리 03:42 Tools
You'll Be Alright 03:37 Tools
울어도 돼 (You Can Cry) 03:29 Tools
Brand new days 〜どんな未来を〜 03:40 Tools
Insane [Mp3/Audio] 00:00 Tools
Goodbye Sadness 00:00 Tools
울면 안 돼 (The Winter's Tale) 04:19 Tools
Second Confession (두 번재 고백) 00:00 Tools
All Wolves Except Me 03:42 Tools
BTOB - Insane 03:40 Tools
집으로 가는 길 (Way Back Home) 03:40 Tools
내가 니 남자였을때 03:49 Tools
Insane (Acoustic Ver.) 03:42 Tools
MOVIE(JPN ver.) 03:43 Tools
My Friend's Girlfriend 03:37 Tools
Hello Mello (JPN ver.) 01:27 Tools
기도 I'll Be Your Man 03:42 Tools
Guess Who's Back 11:06 Tools
Endless (Melody ) 11:06 Tools
Mirotic 00:00 Tools
Her Over Flowers 03:37 Tools
また会えるから 03:48 Tools
I Know Nothing But Love 03:29 Tools
涙色の空 03:48 Tools
ずっとずっと 03:37 Tools
You're my Angel 03:10 Tools
사랑밖에 난 몰라 (Lover Boy) 03:29 Tools
울면 안 돼 (The Winter's Tale) M/V 03:28 Tools
Thriller (스릴러) 03:28 Tools
MOVIE (JPN ver.) 03:42 Tools
(Insane) 00:00 Tools
내가 니 남자였을때 (When I Was Your Man) 00:00 Tools
Irresistible Lips (Instrumental) 03:38 Tools
SOMEDAY(JPN ver.) 03:48 Tools
?? (Insane) 03:37 Tools
Insane (Acoustic Version) 03:29 Tools
For You (Ballad Version) 03:00 Tools
Drunk 03:54 Tools
I'll Be Here 03:37 Tools
For You (Cinderella & Four Knights OST) 03:42 Tools
말만 해 (Just Tell Me) 11:06 Tools
Insane (Instrumental) 03:48 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Irrisistible Lips) 03:40 Tools
Beep Beep (뛰뛰빵빵) 03:57 Tools
Beautiful Pain (Instrumental) 03:57 Tools
새빨간 거짓말 Red Lie 03:48 Tools
넌 나의 천사 03:48 Tools
신바람 Blowin' Up 03:42 Tools
나나나 Nanana 03:42 Tools
아름답고도 아프구나 (Inst.) 03:42 Tools
비밀 (Insane) (Instrumental) 03:37 Tools
사랑밖에 난 몰라 (Lover Boy) M/V 03:37 Tools
I Don't Know Anything but Love 03:29 Tools
I Only Know Love (Lover Boy) 11:06 Tools
취해 (Drunk) 03:48 Tools
Never Ending (Melody) 11:06 Tools
Neverland 03:42 Tools
Irresistible Lips (그 입술을 뺏었어) 03:57 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어(Irresistible Lips) 03:57 Tools
Born TO Beat (Intro) 01:27 Tools
二度目の告白 03:42 Tools
꿈에 Dreaming 11:06 Tools
꽃보다 그녀 (Her Over Flowers) 03:37 Tools
Father (아버지) 03:42 Tools
Remember That (봄날의 기억) 04:52 Tools
One Man Show 03:37 Tools
보고파 (I Miss You) 03:48 Tools
Why (왜 이래) 03:40 Tools
2nd Confession (두 번째 고백) 03:54 Tools
It`s Okay 03:31 Tools
Live Well Yourself 03:48 Tools
Unforgettable 00:00 Tools
Prelude: 하루 A Day 11:06 Tools
It’s Okay 03:48 Tools
SOMEDAY (JPN ver.) 03:48 Tools
미안해 (Song by 서은광, 이민혁, 이창섭) 03:48 Tools
未来(あした) 03:48 Tools
기도 00:30 Tools
You Live Well 03:30 Tools
Yo-Ho-Ho 00:00 Tools
친구의 여자친구 (My Friend's Girlfriend) 03:37 Tools
Empty Space 03:10 Tools
Way Back Home (집으로 가는 길) 03:10 Tools
봄을 꿈꾸다 (겨울잠) 03:10 Tools
'WOW' 03:10 Tools
Hello Mello - Min Hyuk Lee Il Hoon Jung Peniel 03:10 Tools
Will Be Here 03:57 Tools
이리와 03:37 Tools
Second Confession (Instrumental) 03:54 Tools
아버지 M/V 03:42 Tools
WOW (Piano) 00:00 Tools
심장어택 (Heart Attack) 03:37 Tools
나나나 (Nanana) 03:37 Tools
Bimil (Insane/Secret) 00:00 Tools
A Sip 03:48 Tools
BLUE(비투비-블루) _ When it rains(비가 내리면) 03:54 Tools
Finale: 우리들의 콘서트 Our Concert 03:48 Tools
비밀 (Secret) (Insane) 03:37 Tools
시간이 흐른 뒤엔 04:37 Tools
Whan I Was Your Man 03:10 Tools
Press Play (ft. G.NA) 03:19 Tools
꿈에 (Dreaming) 03:37 Tools
Drink! 03:48 Tools
Brand New Days 03:48 Tools
비밀 (Bimir) [Secret] (Insane) 03:37 Tools
괜찮아요 It's Okay 03:57 Tools
Regrets of Love (Instrumental) 03:37 Tools
새빨간 거짓말 (Red Lie) 03:39 Tools
One-Man Show 03:37 Tools
I'll be your man (기도) 03:37 Tools
5 크리스탈같이 03:10 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Geu Ipsureul Ppaeseosseo) [Irresistible Lips] 03:48 Tools
여기 있을게 (I'll Be Here) 03:57 Tools
Dream of spring (Hibernate) 03:57 Tools
언젠가 03:37 Tools
몰라 (I Don't Know) 03:37 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 Irresistible Lips 03:57 Tools
랑밖에 나 몰라 (I Know Nothing But Love) 03:31 Tools
나비 (Butterfly) 03:31 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Instrumental) 00:30 Tools
I want to vacation 03:00 Tools
사랑병 03:51 Tools
괜찮아요 (It’s Okay) 03:00 Tools
You're So Fly (넌 감동이야) 03:37 Tools
Future (Tomorrow) 03:37 Tools
I Love You Forever 03:42 Tools
I’ll Be Your Man 03:54 Tools
Drawing (The Picture I Drew) 03:42 Tools
未来 (Instrumental) 03:42 Tools
桜色 (Instrumental) 03:42 Tools
Secret (Insane) 03:37 Tools
Come Over 03:37 Tools
Namidairo no Sora (涙色の空; Sky's Tears) 03:39 Tools
아버지 (Abeoji) [Father] 03:42 Tools
스릴러 Thriller 03:37 Tools
Everything`s Good - 일훈 Solo (Outro) 03:54 Tools
예지앞사 (Yejiapsa) 03:57 Tools
MAGIC TIME (Instrumental) 03:37 Tools
한 모금 (One Sip) 04:16 Tools
너나 잘 살아 (Live Well Yourself) 03:57 Tools
아버지(Father) 03:42 Tools
자리비움 (Empty Space) 03:39 Tools
나 빼고 다 늑대 (All Wolves Except Me) 03:37 Tools
Blow up 03:37 Tools
Natsuiro My Girl 03:20 Tools
크리스탈 같이 03:10 Tools
ºñ¹Ð (Insane) 03:37 Tools
Voice 03:37 Tools
Hello (여보세요) 03:39 Tools
Heart Attack (심장어택) 00:00 Tools
봄을 꿈꾸다 (겨울잠) Instrumental 00:00 Tools
You're the best, 비투비 - 넌 is 뭔들 Show Music core 20160416 03:41 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Irresistable Lips) 03:48 Tools
Lover Boy 사랑밖에 난 몰라 03:48 Tools
왜이래 03:39 Tools
It Is Over 03:48 Tools
스릴러 (Thriller) 03:30 Tools
알듯 말듯해 00:00 Tools
Lemonade 03:29 Tools
COMPLETE 03:42 Tools
Mata Aeru Kara (また会えるから; Because We Can Meet Again) 03:57 Tools
빨리 뛰어 03:57 Tools
나 빼고 다 늑대 (All Are Wolves Except Me) 04:40 Tools
북치고 장구치고 (One Man Show) 03:33 Tools
이별을 만나다 (Running into Breakup) 03:10 Tools
이리와 Come with Eerie 03:37 Tools
Christmas Time ~君だけを~ 04:40 Tools
그녀에게 전해주오 03:39 Tools
제발 (Climax) 03:39 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Irrisistible lips) (Instrumental) 03:29 Tools
Star(별) 03:10 Tools
? ??? ??? 04:19 Tools
Just Say It 00:00 Tools
Come On 04:16 Tools
감기 03:39 Tools
Zutto Zutto (ずっとずっと; Always and Forever) 03:57 Tools
Finale : 우리들의 콘서트 (Our Concert) 03:29 Tools
삼오야 밝은 달 03:39 Tools
신바람 (Blowin` Up) 03:10 Tools
놀러와 (come over) 03:10 Tools
At The End 03:33 Tools
놀러와 (Come To Play) 04:52 Tools
WOW (Instrumental) 04:52 Tools
뛰뛰빵빵 Beep Beep 00:00 Tools
말만 해 (Just Talk) 04:40 Tools
When I Was Your Man (내가 니 남자였을 때) 03:47 Tools
Thriller (Piano) 03:54 Tools
Insane 비밀 03:37 Tools
Everything’s Good 00:00 Tools
I Don't Know Anything About Love 03:29 Tools
크리스마스라서 (Because It's Christmas) 04:40 Tools
It's Okay (괜찮아요) 03:57 Tools
몰라 (서은광,이창섭,임현식,육성재) 03:49 Tools
SayonarawoKurikaeshite 03:48 Tools
너 같아서 (Just Like You) 03:57 Tools
내 곁에 서 있어줘 03:57 Tools
swimming 03:57 Tools
Second Confession (두 번째 고백) 03:54 Tools
Byul (Star) 01:00 Tools
크리스탈같이(Like A Crystal) 00:00 Tools
Irresistible Lips [Inst.] 03:47 Tools
Digital Booklet - Way Back Home 03:19 Tools
Everything's Good - Ilhoon Solo (Outro) 00:00 Tools
WOW, 비투비 - 와우, Show Champion 20120925 03:37 Tools
Neverland (Ft. G.NA) 03:37 Tools
Выше 00:00 Tools
Western Sky 03:56 Tools
첫사랑 03:33 Tools
어기여차 디여차 (Yo-Ho-Ho) 04:37 Tools
I Don’t Know Anything but Love 03:00 Tools
끝나지 않을 03:42 Tools
Dream (Intro) 00:00 Tools
사랑밖에 난 몰라 (Sarangbakke Nan Molla) [I Don't Know Anything But Love] 00:00 Tools
왜이래 (Why) 03:39 Tools
마쎠! (Drink!) 03:57 Tools
Thriller 스릴러 03:33 Tools
Christmas Eve 03:37 Tools
Everything's Good (Outro) (일훈 Solo) 03:39 Tools
봄날의 기억 Remember That 03:51 Tools
Like A Crystal (크리스탈같이) 03:10 Tools
스릴러(Thriller) 03:27 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Irresistible Lips) (Inst.) 03:10 Tools
Star (별) 03:46 Tools
넌 is 뭔들 03:57 Tools
넌 나의 천사 (You're My Angel) (Feat. JOO) 03:29 Tools
Because of Xmas 03:10 Tools
Insane [Inst.] 03:54 Tools
For You (Inst.) 03:48 Tools
마쎠! (Cheers!) 03:45 Tools
??? 03:42 Tools
minhyuk epic laugh + cute family fight 03:37 Tools
I Stole The Lips (그 입술을 뺏었어) 02:09 Tools
Finale : Our Concert 03:42 Tools
BTOB - Irresistible Lips 03:42 Tools
Sakura Iro 03:29 Tools
Irrisistible Lips 04:40 Tools
비밀 (Insane) 03:37 Tools
Fancy Shoes 03:37 Tools
끝난 건가요 (Broken Heart) 03:37 Tools
Her Over Flowers (꽃보다 그녀) 03:29 Tools
WOW (Japanese Ver.) 03:21 Tools
Hana 03:37 Tools
놀러와 (Come And Play) 03:57 Tools
비밀 (Insane) [Instrumental] 03:37 Tools
You Are So Fly 00:00 Tools
You’re My Angel (넌 나의 천사) 03:10 Tools
(2nd Confession) AUDIO 00:00 Tools
Winter's Tale 03:37 Tools
Brand new days ~どんな未来を~ 04:37 Tools
한 모금 (A Sip) 03:49 Tools
사랑밖에 난 몰라(I Don't Know Anything But Love) 03:29 Tools
Press Play ft. G.NA 03:19 Tools
어기여차 디여차 (Giddy Up) 03:37 Tools
The Winter’s Tale 03:57 Tools
±× ÀÔ¼úÀ» »¯¾ú¾î 03:57 Tools
취해 (Love Drunk) 03:57 Tools
All Are Wolves Except Me 03:57 Tools
Sorry 03:57 Tools
Like Crystal 03:10 Tools
未来 (あした) (Instrumental) 03:48 Tools
Ambiguous 03:48 Tools
Lover Boy (사랑밖에 난 몰라) 03:29 Tools
아버지 Father 00:00 Tools
Sakurairo 03:37 Tools
WOW (TexTrailer) 03:10 Tools
For You (Ballad Ver.) (Inst.) 03:29 Tools
비밀 (Bimir) [Secret] (Insane) (Instrumental) 03:46 Tools
Second Confession (JPN Ver.) 03:37 Tools
여행 가고 싶어 (I Want To Vacation) 03:37 Tools
It's Ok 03:10 Tools
Prelude : 하루 (A Day) 03:37 Tools
시간이 흐른 뒤엔 (feat. 용준형) 04:37 Tools
WOW ( 04:37 Tools
신바람 (Excitement) 04:52 Tools
예지앞사 (I Love You Forever) 04:52 Tools
제발 (Please) 04:52 Tools
2nd Confession (Inst.) 03:54 Tools
Bye Bye Love 04:16 Tools
북치고 장구치고 (One-Man Show) 04:52 Tools
기도 (I`ll Be Your Man) 04:16 Tools
Beep Beep 뛰뛰빵빵 04:16 Tools
집으로 가는 길 Way Back Home 03:19 Tools
너나 잘 살아 (You Live Well) 04:40 Tools
두번째 고백 03:55 Tools
I'm Sorry 03:10 Tools
I Miss You (보고파) 03:38 Tools
THAT GIRL 03:38 Tools
기도 (I’ll Be Your Man) 03:20 Tools
울면 안 돼 (The Winter’s Tale) 03:48 Tools
사랑병 (feat. 유성은) 03:51 Tools
크리스마스라서 (Because of Xmas) 03:48 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 03:57 Tools
Blowin' (Inst.) 03:37 Tools
Purple Rain (feat. CHEEZE) 03:57 Tools
二度目の告白 (Instrumental) 04:40 Tools
Why? 03:29 Tools
Everything’s Good - Ilhoon Solo (Outro) 03:57 Tools
보고파 Miss You 03:46 Tools
The Winter’s Tale (울면 안 돼) 03:48 Tools
I`ll Be Here 03:48 Tools
왜 이래 Why 03:37 Tools
무료해(콕 To Me) (Free) 03:19 Tools
Irresistible Lips (Acapella) 03:57 Tools
내가 니 남자였을 때(When I Was Your Man) 03:46 Tools
Digital Booklet - Last Day 03:46 Tools
별(Star) 03:45 Tools
WOW (Dance Version) 03:41 Tools
Finale: 우리들의 콘서트 (Our Concert) 03:37 Tools
For You (Ballad Ver.) [Cinderella and the Four Knights OST Part.1] 03:37 Tools
(2nd Confession) 00:00 Tools
두 번째 고백 (2nd Confession) AUDIO 00:00 Tools
님에게 (은광, 창섭, 현식, 성재) 03:41 Tools
사랑밖에 난 몰라 (I Know Nothing But Love) 03:29 Tools
Gangsta Luv 03:35 Tools
Here With Me 04:52 Tools
신바람 (Blowin' Up) 04:52 Tools
Missing You (그리워하다) 03:05 Tools
If By Chance (현식 solo) 04:52 Tools
I'm So Bad 04:52 Tools
After The Love 04:40 Tools
왜 이래 (Why Like This) 03:39 Tools
Yejiapsa 03:39 Tools
Press Play feat. G.NA 03:20 Tools
Because We Can Meet Again 03:20 Tools
넌 감동이야 You're So Fly 03:20 Tools
サヨナラを繰り返して (Inst.) 03:20 Tools
잘 지내겠죠 (You’ll Be Alright) 03:37 Tools
첫사랑 (feat. 용준형) 03:33 Tools
I Only Know Love (사랑밖에 난 몰라) 03:29 Tools
UI 03:33 Tools
BRAND NEW 03:37 Tools
I Know Nothing but Love (사랑밖에 난 몰라) 03:29 Tools
Only one for me(너 없인 안 된다) 03:29 Tools
Paradise 03:37 Tools
잘 지내겠죠 (You'll Be Alright) 03:42 Tools
목소리 (Voice) 03:42 Tools
Everything's Good (Outro) 03:41 Tools
Mirai (Ashita) 03:41 Tools
For You (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
놀러와 (Come On Over) 00:00 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Geu Ipsureul Ppaeseosseo) [Irresistible Lips] (Instrumental) 03:37 Tools
Prelude: 하루 (One Day) 03:37 Tools
새빨간 거짓말 (Downright Lie) 03:37 Tools
Don't Know 03:05 Tools
내가 니 남자였을때 (When I Was Your Man) 03:49 Tools
Move 03:49 Tools
Ashita 03:49 Tools
Yo Ho Ho 03:05 Tools
Dream 03:54 Tools
For You (Cinderella & Four Knights OST); 03:54 Tools
Confession 03:54 Tools
크리스탈같이 (Like Crystal) 03:10 Tools
너나 잘 살아 You Do You 03:10 Tools
You Can Cry (울어도 돼) 03:29 Tools
말만 해 (Just say it) 04:40 Tools
꽃보다 그녀 Beautiful To Me 04:40 Tools
When I Was Your Man 내가 니 남자였을 때 03:46 Tools
夏色 MY GIRL (Inst.) 03:29 Tools
친구의 여자친구 My Boy's Girl 03:29 Tools
Drawing 03:29 Tools
Insane [Instrumental] 03:48 Tools
Her Before Flowers 03:48 Tools
Press Play [feat. G.NA] 03:19 Tools
비밀 Insane (Acoustic Version) 03:19 Tools
また会えるから (Because We Can Meet Again) 03:19 Tools
BTOB-WOW 03:38 Tools
Movie (Japanese Ver.) 03:38 Tools
크리스탈같이 Like a crystal 03:29 Tools
¾Æ¹öÁö 03:42 Tools
A Drop 03:42 Tools
Please 03:42 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Irresistible Lips) (Instrumental) 03:48 Tools
Press Play (featuring G.NA) 03:21 Tools
Come and Play 03:21 Tools
Dream of spring (Hibernate) Instrumental 03:21 Tools
두 번째 고백 (Second Confession) 03:50 Tools
Brand New Days ~どんな未来を~ 03:50 Tools
For You (Ballad Version) [Instrumental] 03:50 Tools
비밀 (Instrumental) 03:37 Tools
Digital Booklet - Naivety 03:37 Tools
목소리 - Instrumental 03:37 Tools
Btob Thriller Piano 00:00 Tools
두 번째 고백 2nd Confession 08:52 Tools
BTOB Irresistible Lips 00:00 Tools
Kissing Game Eng Sub 03:37 Tools
지난 날 03:05 Tools
난 알아요 03:05 Tools
Its Okay 03:05 Tools
Brand new days ~What Kind Of Future~ 03:05 Tools
Imasugukokodekisswoshiyouyo 03:05 Tools
Sky's Tears 03:05 Tools
넌 나의 천사 (Feat. JOO) (이민혁,프니엘,정일훈) 03:05 Tools
Love Virus (feat. Yoo Sung Eun) 03:29 Tools
뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep) 04:40 Tools
Giddy Up (어기여차 디여차) 03:29 Tools
Is This the End (끝난 건가요) 03:29 Tools
Is This The End? 04:40 Tools
사랑밖에 난 몰라 (I Didn't Know About Love) 04:40 Tools
Going Over 03:46 Tools
I'll be here (여기 있을게) 03:46 Tools
I Do Not Know Anything But Love 03:29 Tools
My Friend's Girlfriend (친구의 여자친구) 03:29 Tools
MOVIE (KRN ver.) 03:29 Tools
Everything’s Good (일훈 Solo) (Outro) 03:29 Tools
Beautiful Pain (아름답고도 아프구나) 03:29 Tools
미안해 (Sorry) (Song by Seo Eun Kwang, Lee Min Hyuk, Lee Chang Sub) 03:29 Tools
별 Star 03:29 Tools
I Ony Know Love 03:31 Tools
Everything's Good 03:37 Tools
비밀 (Insane) (Instr.) 03:37 Tools
그 입술을 뺏었어 (Acapella) 03:29 Tools
To Me 03:29 Tools
왜 이래(Why) 03:29 Tools
두 번째 고백 (Du Beonjjae Gobaeg) [2nd Confession] 03:29 Tools
심장어택 Heart Attack 03:29 Tools
夏色 MY GIRL (Instrumental) 03:29 Tools
Goodbye Sadness (From “DalKom Family [Original Television Soundtrack], Pt. 1”) 03:29 Tools
두 번째 고백 03:29 Tools
Zutto Zutto 03:29 Tools
MOVIE -JPN ver.- 03:29 Tools
Let's Kiss Right Here, Right Now 03:29 Tools
그입술을 뺏었어 (2nd ver) 03:29 Tools
이리와 (Come On) (TELEMONSTER OST) 03:29 Tools
북 치고 장구 치고 Yippie Yo Yippie Yay 03:29 Tools
The Road Home 03:29 Tools
Brother Act. 03:29 Tools
Because Like You 03:29 Tools
울어도 돼 You Can Cry 03:29 Tools
Thriller (Piano cover by jgmb829 ) 03:29 Tools
BTOB - My Girl 00:00 Tools
This Is The End 00:00 Tools
한 모금 One Sip 00:00 Tools
스릴러 (Thriller) MV 00:00 Tools
Na Ppaego Da Neukdae (All Wolves Except Me) 00:00 Tools
Thriller () 00:00 Tools
너 없인 안 된다 (I Can't Live Without You) 00:00 Tools
Wow Lyrics 03:37 Tools
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BTOB (비투비, Born to Beat) is a seven-member South Korean boy group formed in 2012 by Cube Entertainment. The group consists of Eunkwang (leader), Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae. The group originally consisted of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, Ilhoon and Minwoo. They appeared on the JTBC sitcom "I Live in Cheongdam-dong" as an boy band working towards their debut. However, Minwoo left the group after their first appearance on the sitcom which had upset many fans. Later, Minwoo debuted as a member of C-Clown under Yedang Entertainment, changing his name to T.K. On March 21, the group held their debut showcase in Seoul, which was streamed from their official YouTube channel. On March 22, they made their official debut on Mnet's M! Countdown with two title tracks, Imagine (a ballad track) and 비밀 (Insane) (a dance track). On April 3, 2012 they released their debut album "Born to Beat", with songs co-written by Jörgen Elofsson. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.