Babe Rainbow

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong 00:00 Tools
Peace Blossom Boogy 16:57 Tools
Love Forever 03:27 Tools
Something new 03:13 Tools
Falling Apart 00:00 Tools
Johny Says Stay Cool 00:00 Tools
Monky Disco 00:00 Tools
Planet Junior 04:29 Tools
The Magician 04:29 Tools
Dub Music 04:03 Tools
Give You Time (ft. Ashley Webber) 04:05 Tools
Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest 03:47 Tools
Morning Song 03:47 Tools
Funky I Like It 03:47 Tools
Many Moons of Love 03:47 Tools
Set Loose 03:30 Tools
Supermoon 47:21 Tools
Fall in Love 16:57 Tools
I Can Try To Run (Stuck) 04:42 Tools
Popcommon 02:53 Tools
Shaved 03:26 Tools
Screwby 05:24 Tools
Monky Disco - Jono Ma Dub Mix 05:24 Tools
plucks 05:24 Tools
Losing Something 05:24 Tools
Butter 05:24 Tools
Eureka 05:24 Tools
It's All Happening 01:54 Tools
combed 03:36 Tools
Tummy Sticks 03:24 Tools
Us and the Rainbow 03:24 Tools
Celebrate 04:11 Tools
Care 05:19 Tools
The Spill 02:21 Tools
Gladly 02:21 Tools
The Faraway Nearer 02:21 Tools
Cool Cat Vibe 02:21 Tools
Darby and Joan 02:21 Tools
Bella Luna 02:21 Tools
Sunflower Sutra 02:21 Tools
Aloe Vera 16:57 Tools
Bounty 04:54 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova of G-Side) 03:29 Tools
Electrocuted 03:29 Tools
For Your Eyes Only 03:29 Tools
The Wedge 03:29 Tools
Blue Hour 03:29 Tools
Chains 04:19 Tools
Twin Peaks 04:19 Tools
New Attitude 04:19 Tools
Charms Travel 04:19 Tools
Beasty 04:19 Tools
2nd of April 04:19 Tools
Superstition Shadow Walk 04:19 Tools
Alan Chadwick's Garden 04:19 Tools
Half a Kiss 04:19 Tools
Cosmic Now 04:19 Tools
Survival Into the 21st Century 04:19 Tools
Running Back 04:19 Tools
Things That Were Not 04:19 Tools
Swept Stairs 04:19 Tools
Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forrest 04:19 Tools
Car Ambient #3 02:55 Tools
The Walker 04:19 Tools
Endless Path (digital bonus track) 02:55 Tools
Britt's Decision 02:27 Tools
The Bells 02:55 Tools
Choked (digital bonus track) 02:27 Tools
My Friends, I Remember 02:55 Tools
Evolution 1964 45:42 Tools
Heavy Set 02:27 Tools
Slip Into 02:27 Tools
Minnesota Winter 02:27 Tools
A Drunk Man's Lament 02:27 Tools
Ash May & Dr. Love Wisdom 02:27 Tools
Nova Scotian (Sketch) 02:27 Tools
Something To Replace 02:27 Tools
Barely (Exercise) 03:33 Tools
YHIM 03:33 Tools
Flock (Meditation) 03:33 Tools
Greed 03:33 Tools
Car Ambient #1 03:32 Tools
Car Ambient #1 (Original) 03:33 Tools
Like I Give A Care 02:19 Tools
Car Ambient #1 (All Piano) 03:32 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) [CFCF Remix] 04:58 Tools
Greed (Instrumental) 03:32 Tools
Give You Time 04:04 Tools
Now Is Not The Time 02:58 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) [d'Eon Remix] 04:34 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) [Nowa Huta Remix] 05:06 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) [LOL Boys Remix] 04:36 Tools
Greed (Lol Boys Remix) 02:58 Tools
Stax 02:37 Tools
You'll Wanna Be 03:37 Tools
Indecision 03:37 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) [Sanctums Remix] 05:40 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) [5kin & Bone5 Remix] 05:27 Tools
04 Care 05:20 Tools
Give You Time (feat. Ashley Webber) 04:22 Tools
Car Ambient #1 - All Piano Version 03:19 Tools
Proper feat. Basketball 05:20 Tools
3 - RETURN OF THE G by Outkast 04:42 Tools
1 - WAKE UP, MR. FLOWERS by Lil B 03:19 Tools
HIT U UP by Lil Wayne feat. Hot Boyz 03:19 Tools
Monkey Disco - Jono Ma Dub Remix 03:19 Tools
5 - READY TO DIE by Notorious BIG 05:03 Tools
4 - LIFE'S A BITCH by Nas 04:46 Tools
8 - SILENCE by Company Flow 04:30 Tools
7 - S.O.D. MONEY GANG by Soulja Boy 06:02 Tools
10 - MOMMY, WHAT'S A GRAVEDIGGA by Gravediggaz 02:10 Tools
(Can't) Fly Away 02:46 Tools
6 - NOT A STAIN by Jhi-Ali 06:09 Tools
11 - UP by OFWGFTA 06:45 Tools
9 - PARADISE by G-Side 03:47 Tools
Ambient 3 Demo (feat. Grimes) 02:06 Tools
Endless Path 02:52 Tools
Choked 02:29 Tools
Stilletosfresh (Crime Mob x Zomby) 02:52 Tools
ENOAnCo 03:27 Tools
nautilus ambient 02:12 Tools
it's going down 02:18 Tools
Bad Trip Dub 02:46 Tools
All Is Ephemeral 08:32 Tools
slide bass 02:48 Tools
Let Me Buy U, Anne Drank Vol. 2 (Halloween Edition) 47:21 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) [5kinAndBone5 Remix] 05:27 Tools
Greed (CFCF Remix) 05:09 Tools
Buddha Bass McCafe Lounge Chill Out Spa 45:42 Tools
FUCK THE WORLD by Freddie Gibbs (Screwed by Babe Rainbow) 05:02 Tools
you'll wanna be (16 bit fake master) 03:37 Tools
Did You Knock 03:42 Tools
Give You Time feat. Ashley Webber 03:37 Tools
FOOLS GOLD 03:07 Tools
Dummy_mix_69 35:50 Tools
Mountains 04:34 Tools
CNDN Mix 27:00 Tools
In The Mountains 27:00 Tools
SENRAHC 02:44 Tools
Die On The Beaches (C&S) 02:44 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) (LOL Boys Remix) 04:36 Tools
Shaved Mixtape 34:18 Tools
Let Me Buy You, Anne Drank Vol. 1 18:24 Tools
SAVEW 03:54 Tools
Stress 03:54 Tools
Car Ambient #1 (All Piano Version) 04:29 Tools
Dragged To Innocence 06:38 Tools
Weed Demon (Surf-Step Edit) 04:29 Tools
Demon 04:29 Tools
Soft Riot's Manhunter Version 05:18 Tools
WAKE UP, MR. FLOWERS by Lil B 04:29 Tools
Let Me Buy U, Anne Drank Vol. 3 18:20 Tools
LIFE'S A BITCH by Nas 18:20 Tools
I Can Try To Run 05:18 Tools
PARADISE by G-Side 05:18 Tools
Set Loose taken from Endless Path EP 18:20 Tools
Weed Demon (Surf-Step Edit) (Babe Rainbow x Wavves) 05:18 Tools
Don't Tell Me Im Wrong 05:18 Tools
cool it now screwed (New Edition cover) 05:18 Tools
Losing Something (Is Finding Something Else) 05:18 Tools
UP by OFWGFTA 05:18 Tools
NOT A STAIN by Jhi-Ali 05:18 Tools
MOMMY, WHAT'S A GRAVEDIGGA by Gravediggaz 05:18 Tools
Chains (Haunted Ghost Remix) 04:22 Tools
S.A.D. mix 04:22 Tools
Monky Disco (Jono Ma Dub Mix) 04:22 Tools
Shaved (13/31 Grey Day Remix) 04:22 Tools
Dummy Mix 69 // Babe Rainbow 04:22 Tools
Ash May Dr. Love Wisdom 04:22 Tools
proper feeling (w. basketball and rico uno gyptian) 04:22 Tools
Snack City 02:52 Tools
Superstition Shadow Walks 02:52 Tools
OUT OF LOVE 03:17 Tools
oh girl 03:17 Tools
Let Me Buy U, Anne Drank Vol. 4 16:57 Tools
Tummy Sticks (Demo) 16:57 Tools
Dummy mix 69 04:34 Tools
YOLO #1 24:48 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) (CFCF Remix) 24:48 Tools
Greed (feat. Yung Clova) (d'Eon Remix) 04:34 Tools
"Set Loose" taken from Endless Path EP 04:34 Tools
PAY YOUR BILLS 04:34 Tools
Melanie Safka 04:34 Tools
Greed (Nowa Huta Remix) 05:06 Tools
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Babe Rainbow is the moniker of Vancouver-born musician/producer Cameron Reed. Reed has been considered of the vanguard of new Canadian electronic musicians having released two albums since 2010 on the acclaimed Warp Records (Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Grizzly Bear). His work has received critical acclaim from outlets such as The New Yorker, Exclaim, CBC, Pitchfork, and The Fader. Reed has performed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and toured across Canada, the United States and Europe supporting artists like Animal Collective, Battles, and Oneohtrix Point Never. Falling Apart, due out on July 7, 2014, is Reed’s third album following a short hiatus performing in the touring band for the R&B project How To Dress Well. Babe Rainbow now lives and works in Toronto, ON. In addition to releasing Falling Apart, Reed has been tapped to score a new documentary by Austin Lynch. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.