Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
League of Ladies 02:32 Tools
Better Nerf Irelia 02:12 Tools
Welcome to the League of Draven 02:18 Tools
Back in the Day 03:12 Tools
Breathe 03:07 Tools
The Gentleman 02:16 Tools
Time to Die 01:36 Tools
Three Kings (w/ KDH and Hizkit) 03:08 Tools
The Hook 02:03 Tools
Corporate Takeover 02:17 Tools
Fourth Degree 02:28 Tools
The Sheriff 02:50 Tools
Ready or Not 02:00 Tools
Winter is Coming 03:03 Tools
Push the Lanes 02:47 Tools
Wanna be Friends? 02:31 Tools
We Never left 01:26 Tools
The Viktor 01:55 Tools
Dear Summoner 03:40 Tools
It Was a Good Day 02:39 Tools
The Reactor 02:12 Tools
Animal Spirit 06:22 Tools
The Explorer 02:48 Tools
The Resurrection 02:07 Tools
Big Paws 02:07 Tools
Show'em What you Got 01:57 Tools
No Sunshine 02:00 Tools
Legendary Status 03:27 Tools
Hit the Fan 02:28 Tools
Pokeahontas 02:41 Tools
Lady Luck is Smiling 02:49 Tools
Why So Serious 02:19 Tools
Fiddle Went Down to Summoner's Rift 02:17 Tools
M-Rated 03:38 Tools
Don't Stop 03:44 Tools
Bang Bang 02:37 Tools
Time to Bleed 02:27 Tools
Walk the Plank 03:06 Tools
Murder of Crows 01:31 Tools
We Take Lives 02:13 Tools
Unsung Heroes 04:08 Tools
Upgrade 02:28 Tools
Prison 02:40 Tools
Abracadabra (ft CodyPov) 02:57 Tools
Lost and Forgotten 02:48 Tools
The Poison 01:59 Tools
Fight of the Century (ft Rawb09) 02:34 Tools
Consume and Adapt 03:05 Tools
Bombs Away 03:06 Tools
My Hero 04:02 Tools
Bodies Collide 03:19 Tools
Jungle Kings 03:19 Tools
Better Nerf Irelia (Irelia Tribute) 02:12 Tools
Without a Sound 03:44 Tools
Jungle Kings (ft Cody/Collective/Keyori) 05:18 Tools
The Berserker 03:41 Tools
Rise of the Undead 02:18 Tools
Retro League Theme 02:18 Tools
Corporate Takeover (Mundo Tribute) 02:17 Tools
League of Ladies (prod. Thomas Prime) 02:31 Tools
Consume and adapt (Kha'zix tribute) 03:06 Tools
Bang Bang (Miss Fortune Tribute) 02:37 Tools
Time to Bleed (Nasus/Renekton Tribute) 00:00 Tools
Three Kings w/ KDH and Hizkit (Wukong, Tryn, J4 Tribute) 02:40 Tools
Ghost in the Machine (Blitzcrank/Orianna Tribute) 03:10 Tools
Prison (Ryze Tribute) 02:40 Tools
Lost and Forgotten (Nautilus Tribute) 02:48 Tools
Without a Sound (Zed Tribute) 00:00 Tools
Push the Lanes (Minions tribute) 00:00 Tools
Ghost in the Machine 03:10 Tools
Burn 03:10 Tools
Big Paws (Volibear Tribute) 03:20 Tools
The Badger 03:10 Tools
Why So Serious (Shaco Tribute) 02:19 Tools
Bodies Collide (Garen/Kat) 03:19 Tools
Lady Luck is Smiling (Twisted Fate Tribute) 00:00 Tools
Rise of the Undead (Harrowing Tribute) 02:07 Tools
The Grandmaster (Jax Tribute) 03:20 Tools
M-Rated (Graves Tribute) 03:38 Tools
The Grandmaster 02:13 Tools
The Resurrection (Anivia Tribute) 02:07 Tools
No Sunshine (Leona Tribute) 03:20 Tools
The Hook (Blitzcrank Tribute) 02:01 Tools
The Badger (Teemo Tribute) #TeemoTuesday 02:10 Tools
Animal Spirit (Udyr Tribute) 02:22 Tools
Show'em What you Got (Lux Tribute) 02:09 Tools
We Never Left (Demacia Tribute) 01:25 Tools
The Explorer (Ezreal Tribute) 02:47 Tools
Breathe (Singed Tribute) 03:13 Tools
We Take Lives (Talon/Kat Tribute) 02:13 Tools
Going Down 02:09 Tools
Hit the Fan (Karma Tribute) 02:28 Tools
The Reactor (Kog'Maw Tribute) 02:10 Tools
Fourth Degree (Brand Tribute) 02:27 Tools
Upgrade (Heimerdinger Tribute) 02:28 Tools
Abracadabra (Leblanc Tribute) Ft Cody 02:28 Tools
Breathe Redux (Singed Tribute) 03:05 Tools
It was a Good Game (Zilean Tribute) 02:38 Tools
Wanna be Friends? (Amumu Tribute) 01:52 Tools
The Poison (Cassiopeia Tribute) 00:00 Tools
Walk the Plank (Gangplank Tribute) 00:00 Tools
It was a Good Game 02:38 Tools
Ready or Not (Xin Tribute) 02:09 Tools
Bombs Away (Jayce/Corki/Ziggs Tribute) 03:10 Tools
Time to Die (Urgot Tribute song) 01:52 Tools
The Sheriff Redux (Caitlyn Tribute) 03:41 Tools
Badministrator Time To Bleed (Nasus Renekton Tribute) 00:00 Tools
Gluglug Open Collab (Kassadin) 00:00 Tools
Bonus - The Berserker 03:41 Tools
Bonus - Burn 03:10 Tools
Three Kings 03:08 Tools
Pokeahontas (Nidalee Tribute) 02:27 Tools
Dear Summoner (Redux ft Lunicas) 03:08 Tools
Police Brutality (Vi Tribute) 02:13 Tools
18 - Time to Bleed 02:27 Tools
The Sheriff (Caitlyn Tribute) 02:50 Tools
Don't Stop (Lee Sin/Aesop Rock tribute song) 02:40 Tools
The Harvest (Zyra Tribute) 02:50 Tools
Lilies 02:15 Tools
Dear Summoner (Annie Tribute) 03:39 Tools
Unsung Heroes (ft. The Kid Relent and Skitz the Menace) 02:40 Tools
My Hero (Rammus Tribute) 04:03 Tools
19 - Prison 02:40 Tools
Time to Die (Urgot Tribute) 02:40 Tools
The Hook (Blitz Tribute) 02:40 Tools
Murder of Crows (LoL Cypher) 02:40 Tools
12 - Don't Stop 03:44 Tools
The Berserker (Olaf Tribute) 00:00 Tools
The Gentleman (Cho'Gath Tribute) Songs of the Summoned 2 00:00 Tools
Without Remorse (Shyvana Tribute) 00:00 Tools
The Gentleman (Cho Tribute) 02:15 Tools
We Take Lives Talon/Kat Tribute 02:13 Tools
Fight of the Century 04:03 Tools
16 - Upgrade 02:28 Tools
Don't Stop (Lee Sin tribute song) 02:28 Tools
Working 04:03 Tools
Abracadabra 02:58 Tools
The Sheriff Redux 02:50 Tools
Police Brutality 02:50 Tools
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