Barbara Mendes

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Billie Jean 03:27 Tools
Got to Be in Love (dub mix) 02:49 Tools
Californication 04:15 Tools
Got To Be In Love 04:48 Tools
Got To Be In Love - Dub Mix 00:00 Tools
Help 03:27 Tools
Because of You 03:51 Tools
Across the Universe 04:15 Tools
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You 03:21 Tools
Billie Jean (Bossa Version) 03:25 Tools
Rehab (Bossa version) 00:30 Tools
Californication (Bossa Version) 04:12 Tools
Golden lady 02:51 Tools
Across The Universe (Bossa version) 04:12 Tools
Call Me 02:28 Tools
Eternal Flame (Bossa version) 00:30 Tools
Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) (Bossa version) 03:45 Tools
Don't Stand So Close to Me (Bossa Version) 00:30 Tools
Call Me (Bossa Version) 02:26 Tools
Dancing in the Moonlight - Bossa Version 03:29 Tools
Got to Be in Love (Dub) 08:15 Tools
Got to Be in Love [Dub Mix] 00:00 Tools
Got To Be In Love (FK Vocal Mix) 05:08 Tools
Rehab 03:49 Tools
Once I Loved 02:24 Tools
Got to be in Love (Club Mix) 07:16 Tools
Under the Bridge - Bossa Version 03:00 Tools
Lonely - Bossa Version 03:29 Tools
. Across The Universe 00:00 Tools
Just The Way You Are 03:56 Tools
Help (Bossa Version) 01:30 Tools
My Number One 04:35 Tools
Under the Bridge 05:11 Tools
Superstar 04:34 Tools
Latino Sol (Dub Mix) 05:39 Tools
Ardendo Em Cores 04:23 Tools
Don't Stand So Close to Me 02:05 Tools
One Note Samba 01:09 Tools
In The End 03:37 Tools
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (KGO MIX) 02:08 Tools
Across The Universe (KGO MIX) 01:33 Tools
Shout to the Top 02:51 Tools
You Are My Destiny 03:45 Tools
Secret Combination 02:31 Tools
Help (KGO MIX) 02:28 Tools
Shout To The Top (KGO MIX) 01:42 Tools
Lonely 03:00 Tools
Brasil Invertido 03:17 Tools
Useless Landscape (Inutil Paisagem) 01:57 Tools
Californication (VA - Vintage Cafe) 04:19 Tools
Lonely - Mr. Lonely 02:57 Tools
Nada Pra Depois 03:59 Tools
Bille Jean 04:58 Tools
Tatuagem 03:19 Tools
Got To Be Love (Dub Mix) 02:49 Tools
Suddenly I See - Bossa Version 03:07 Tools
Can't Take My Eyes Off You 03:23 Tools
Joana 03:07 Tools
Awakening - Needs Remix 03:23 Tools
Nada Pra Depois (feat. Djavan) 00:30 Tools
Ouro E Marrom 04:03 Tools
Superstar - Bossa Version 03:37 Tools
E Isso Acontece 04:13 Tools
Maya 02:54 Tools
Lonely (Mr. Lonely) 02:55 Tools
Já Sabia 03:52 Tools
Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) 03:37 Tools
My Number One - Bossa Version 03:27 Tools
Got To Be In Love - Vocal Mix 07:16 Tools
Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover) 04:19 Tools
Segue Sorrindo 03:32 Tools
Billie Jean - 04:02 Tools
Useless Landscape 02:54 Tools
Best thing I never had 01:49 Tools
Awakening 10:30 Tools
Got to Be in Love (FK vocal) 05:08 Tools
Musica [Native New Yorkers Funked Up Mix] 03:32 Tools
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson - In Bossa Nova) 03:29 Tools
Got To Be In Love Dub Mix 03:29 Tools
Golden Lady - Bossa Version 07:14 Tools
Disseram Que Eu Voltei Americanizada 07:16 Tools
who says 03:25 Tools
This I Promise You 07:16 Tools
Vem Cá 03:57 Tools
Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) 03:43 Tools
Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers) 04:19 Tools
Crazy - Bossa Version 00:30 Tools
Ja Sabia 03:54 Tools
Mr. Lonely 02:55 Tools
Eternal Flame 03:37 Tools
Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) [Bossa Version] 03:44 Tools
Alone Again 03:27 Tools
Don't You Worry Child - Bossa Version 04:19 Tools
Awakening [Needs Remix] 02:55 Tools
When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around 02:55 Tools
Lonely (Bossa Version) 03:25 Tools
Jai Ho 03:37 Tools
Ipanema Girl 03:37 Tools
Ser 00:30 Tools
Alone Again - Bossa Version 03:25 Tools
Misty 07:16 Tools
Vem 00:30 Tools
The Gentle Rain - Bossa Version 03:25 Tools
So Many Stars - Bossa Version 03:25 Tools
Mais Que Nada - Bossa Version 03:25 Tools
Ipanema Girl (feat. Barbara Mendes) 07:16 Tools
Sabia 00:30 Tools
Help ! 03:27 Tools
Eu VI 03:29 Tools
Hipnótica 03:25 Tools
Got To Be In Love (Fk Vocal Mi 00:30 Tools
Samba De Orly 11:06 Tools
Californication (RHCP Cover) 04:19 Tools
Under the Bridge (Bossa Version) 03:25 Tools
Help! 03:27 Tools
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Bossa Version) 03:27 Tools
01 Billie Jean 03:29 Tools
Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You 00:00 Tools
Carta Para Alceu 01:36 Tools
Musica (Audiowhores Re-edit) 00:00 Tools
Billie Jean [Lounge] 11:06 Tools
Got To Be In Love - Dub 08:16 Tools
Loney ( Mr. Loney) 02:56 Tools
Sina 01:36 Tools
Dancing In The Moonlight 07:14 Tools
Got To Be In Love [Club Mix] 03:25 Tools
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) 03:25 Tools
Human Nature 03:18 Tools
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (Boys Town Gang) 03:25 Tools
My Number One (Bossa Version) 03:25 Tools
So Many Stars 03:25 Tools
Got To Be In 03:25 Tools
Mais Que Nada 03:25 Tools
Pra Dizer Adeus - Bossa Version 03:25 Tools
Na Lage 03:25 Tools
O Barquinho - Bossa Version 03:25 Tools
Serpenteando 03:25 Tools
Maria Das Mercedes 07:14 Tools
São Sebastião 03:25 Tools
São João Xangô Menino 03:25 Tools
君の瞳に恋してる 03:25 Tools
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover) 03:25 Tools
Suddenly I See (Bossa Version) 03:25 Tools
Jб sabia 03:25 Tools
Shout To The Top (The Style Counci) 03:25 Tools
Beat It 03:25 Tools
Maracutais 07:14 Tools
Telephone Song 07:14 Tools
Help - Bossa Version 07:14 Tools
Bordado 07:14 Tools
Se Eu Pudesse 07:14 Tools
Baião da Guanabara 03:25 Tools
Santos Palhaços 07:14 Tools
Call Me (Blondie cover) 07:14 Tools
The Gentle Rain 07:14 Tools
O Barquinho 07:14 Tools
The Return 07:14 Tools
Across the Universe - Bossa Version 07:14 Tools
Billie Jean [Лаунж] 07:14 Tools
Got To Be In Love(Vocal Mix) 07:14 Tools
Respiração 07:14 Tools
Once I Loved-Barbara Mendes 07:14 Tools
Sem Companhia 07:14 Tools
Got To Be In Love (Dub Mix) 07:14 Tools
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Barbara Mendes grew up in Rio de Janeiro, home of the Bossanova. On her first songs she accompanied her mother Marisa Rossi who was the winner of the musical "Big Chance" in the 60s. In 1996 Barbara Mendes moved to New York where he was educated at various singing schools and made forays into gospel music. She published two solo albums and has done multiple collaborations on soundtracks and with renowned DJ's. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.