Bare Jr.

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
You Blew Me Off 02:40 Tools
Nothin' Better To Do 03:33 Tools
The Most 03:23 Tools
Tobacco Spit 03:47 Tools
Love-less 04:05 Tools
Patty McBride 04:44 Tools
Faker 04:36 Tools
Give Nothing Away 03:20 Tools
I Hate Myself 02:57 Tools
Soggy Daisy 02:22 Tools
Naked Albino 04:12 Tools
Guitar Playin' Woman 04:35 Tools
If You Choose Me 03:48 Tools
Brainwasher 03:58 Tools
Tired And Sleepy 02:01 Tools
I Wanna Live 03:26 Tools
Why Won't You Love Me? 02:46 Tools
Pink-Peg Slacks 02:11 Tools
Fool's Paradise 02:04 Tools
Latch On 01:39 Tools
Why Do I Need a Job 02:43 Tools
Open The Door 02:04 Tools
Blue Suede Shoes 01:50 Tools
Slow Down 02:01 Tools
Long Tall Sally 01:46 Tools
My Love To Remember 02:02 Tools
Skinny Jim 02:12 Tools
Sittin' In The Balcony 02:01 Tools
I'm Ready 01:34 Tools
Cotton Picker 02:13 Tools
Drive-In Show 02:01 Tools
Dark Lonely Street 02:22 Tools
Mean When I'm Mad 01:54 Tools
Am I Blue 02:18 Tools
Cradle Baby 01:48 Tools
Half Loved 02:26 Tools
Sweetie Pie 02:09 Tools
Yesterday's Heartbreak 02:04 Tools
One Kiss 01:50 Tools
Undying Love 02:07 Tools
You Never Knew (I Lied) 03:30 Tools
Tell Me Why 02:16 Tools
Shine 03:16 Tools
Limpin' 03:15 Tools
Dog 03:35 Tools
Kiss Me (Or I Will Cry) 02:13 Tools
God 04:33 Tools
Miss You the Most 03:06 Tools
Gasoline Listerine 02:02 Tools
Devil Doll 03:20 Tools
Overture: Love theme from Brainwasher 01:12 Tools
Song For Boby's Ex 02:02 Tools
You Blew Me Of 02:39 Tools
You blow me off 02:39 Tools
Bare Jr. - You Blew Me Off 02:39 Tools
Phone Call/Pearl 03:20 Tools
You Blew Me Off-Bare JR 03:20 Tools
13 you blew me off 02:28 Tools
You Blew Me Off (Hager Mix) 02:28 Tools
Overture (Love Theme From Brainwasher) 02:52 Tools
Why Do I Need a Job (live) 02:52 Tools
You Blew Me Off [Explicit] 02:39 Tools
Hidden 02:39 Tools
You Belw ma off 02:52 Tools
Phone Call / Pearl 03:17 Tools
Blew Me Off 02:52 Tools
You biew me off 02:52 Tools
King Kong (Original Mix) 02:52 Tools
Nothin Better To Do 03:34 Tools
Boo-tay 00:28 Tools
I Hate Myslef 02:59 Tools
You Blew Me Off (160) 02:59 Tools
Completely Sweet 02:33 Tools
Bare Jr - you blew me off 02:33 Tools
Why do I need a job? 02:43 Tools
[Untitled] 03:21 Tools
[Untitled Track] 03:21 Tools
Twenty-Flight Rock 01:45 Tools
You Blew Me Off - Bare Jr. 01:45 Tools
You're Ruining My Life 02:29 Tools
13. You Blew Me Off 02:39 Tools
Overture - Love Theme from Brainwasher 02:39 Tools
13 - You Blew Me Off 01:45 Tools
Pearl 02:39 Tools
Bare Jnr - You Blew Me Off 02:39 Tools
This Shiney Moment 02:39 Tools
She Blew Me Off 02:39 Tools
I'll Be Around 02:39 Tools
You Blew Me Up 02:39 Tools
That's My Desire 02:39 Tools
I Almost Lost My Mind 02:39 Tools
You Blew Me Off (OST Cruel Intention (Жестокие игры)) 02:39 Tools
The Heart Bionic 03:17 Tools
Bare Jr. - Brainwasher 03:17 Tools
Kiss Me 03:17 Tools
Nothing Better To Do 03:17 Tools
Bare Jr. - Choose Me 03:17 Tools
You Blew Me Off (Bare Jr.) 03:17 Tools
You Rlew Me Off 03:17 Tools
You Blew Me Off(Cruel intentions OST) 03:17 Tools
Things I Didn't Say 03:52 Tools
Untitled 03:17 Tools
The Ending 03:17 Tools
A-Overture (Love Theme From Brainwasher) 03:17 Tools
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Bare Jr. was a rock band fronted by Bobby Bare Jr., son of country musician Bobby Bare. The band released two albums: Boo-Tay (1998) and Brainwasher (2000) before disbanding, however they have performed a number of reunion shows in the years since. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.