Bart Baker

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Anaconda Parody 04:09 Tools
Blurred Lines Parody 03:03 Tools
I Knew You Were Trouble Parody 06:57 Tools
We Can't Stop Parody 03:02 Tools
Fancy Parody 02:15 Tools
Scream and Shout Parody 02:50 Tools
Thrift Shop Parody 03:18 Tools
Sexy and I'm Homeless 02:31 Tools
All About That Bass Parody 02:55 Tools
Blank Space Parody 02:51 Tools
Wrecking Ball Parody 04:49 Tools
Problem Parody 02:57 Tools
22 Parody 03:43 Tools
Dark Horse Parody 03:10 Tools
Applause Parody 04:21 Tools
Started from the Bottom Parody 02:33 Tools
What Makes You Beautiful Parody 04:40 Tools
Wiggle Parody 02:58 Tools
Boyfriend Parody 02:55 Tools
Shake It off Parody 03:11 Tools
Hello Kitty Parody 02:53 Tools
Royals Parody 02:55 Tools
Happy Parody 02:53 Tools
Fat Hungry Bitch 02:28 Tools
Kiss You Parody 03:45 Tools
Break Free Parody 02:47 Tools
The Monster Parody 02:29 Tools
Uptown Funk! Parody 02:49 Tools
Love Me Harder Parody 02:27 Tools
Hot Dog Condom Style 03:31 Tools
Rude Parody 03:28 Tools
What About Love Parody 02:52 Tools
I'm A Stupid Hoe 02:06 Tools
Drake 03:05 Tools
Gucci Gang Parody 02:09 Tools
Gentleman Parody 02:56 Tools
Bound 2 Parody 02:17 Tools
White Negro 01:39 Tools
Confident Parody 02:55 Tools
Pussies 02:42 Tools
As Long As I'm Barfing 02:09 Tools
Animals Parody 02:55 Tools
Live While We're Young Parody 03:25 Tools
My Grandpa's Super Gay 02:08 Tools
Best Song Ever Parody 03:06 Tools
Can't Remember to Forget You Parody 02:36 Tools
Bang Your Mom 02:31 Tools
All That Matters Parody 02:53 Tools
Booty Parody 03:01 Tools
Bad Blood Parody 02:25 Tools
Kimye 02:28 Tools
Pour It up Parody 02:56 Tools
Lips Are Movin Parody 02:17 Tools
Elastic Heart Parody 02:25 Tools
Little Things Parody 03:04 Tools
I Should Have Worn a Condom 02:57 Tools
Super Fake 02:24 Tools
What Do You Mean? (Parody) 02:11 Tools
Work from Home Parody 02:59 Tools
Side to Side Parody 03:09 Tools
Worth It Parody 02:27 Tools
Girls Would F**K Us 02:34 Tools
RiceDum 03:05 Tools
Me Too Parody 01:21 Tools
I Wear a Glove (When I Masturbate) 01:57 Tools
We Are One Parody 02:49 Tools
Sorry Parody 02:27 Tools
Focus Parody 01:40 Tools
Look What You Made Me Do Parody 02:59 Tools
Shape of You Parody 01:40 Tools
Stitches Parody 05:12 Tools
Hair Parody 03:16 Tools
Senior Citizen Love 02:19 Tools
Can't Feel My Face Parody 01:40 Tools
I'm the One Parody 02:28 Tools
Hangover Parody 02:27 Tools
Ariana Grande 03:10 Tools
Sugar Parody 03:15 Tools
Pretty Girls Parody 03:54 Tools
Hello Parody 01:40 Tools
Cock Cakes 02:27 Tools
Style Parody 01:40 Tools
Hotline Bling Parody 02:59 Tools
Fefe Parody 02:17 Tools
Ain't Your Mama Parody 01:21 Tools
No Parody 01:40 Tools
Wildest Dreams Parody 01:40 Tools
I Really Like You Parody 03:08 Tools
Feeling Myself Parody 02:43 Tools
Taylor Swift 01:40 Tools
Look into My Eyes (While I Masturbate) 01:40 Tools
That's What I Like Parody 02:15 Tools
Closer (Parody) 03:13 Tools
Adore You Parody 01:40 Tools
This Is What You Came for Parody 01:21 Tools
Work Parody 01:21 Tools
Sweatshirt Parody 01:21 Tools
Rockstar Parody 02:34 Tools
Finesse Parody 01:21 Tools
Where Are U Now Parody 01:21 Tools
Hands to Myself Parody 01:21 Tools
Kill 'em With Kindness (Parody) 02:38 Tools
Esskeetit Parody 04:02 Tools
FourFiveSeconds Parody 01:21 Tools
I Feel It Coming Parody 01:21 Tools
Pillowtalk Parody 01:21 Tools
Calvin Harris 01:21 Tools
Love Yourself Parody 03:33 Tools
Girls Would F**K Us (Clean Version) 02:34 Tools
Juju on That Beat Parody 02:42 Tools
Bieber Bottle Song 01:21 Tools
Justin Bieber 01:21 Tools
Black Beatles Parody 01:21 Tools
#DWBD (Don't Worry Bout Dat) 01:21 Tools
Starboy (Parody) 03:20 Tools
Hit or Miss Parody 03:05 Tools
Diva (MisSiss Remix) 01:21 Tools
Future 03:10 Tools
First World Problems 01:21 Tools
Applause 03:10 Tools
"Anaconda" Parody 02:38 Tools
I'm Sexy and I'm Homeless 02:30 Tools
Slutty Friday 03:05 Tools
The Jerk Off Song 03:05 Tools
We Can't Stop 04:02 Tools
Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars - "Uptown Funk" PARODY 03:03 Tools
The Parody Artist That Time Forgot 03:03 Tools
Taylor Swift - Blank Space (PARODY) 03:03 Tools
Call me maybe PARODY 02:25 Tools
Communication 03:05 Tools
Shrimp Coat 03:03 Tools
"Blurred Lines" PARODY 02:25 Tools
"All About That Bass" Parody 03:05 Tools
Blurred Lines 03:15 Tools
Fancy 03:03 Tools
California Boys 02:29 Tools
blank space 02:29 Tools
PSY - Gentleman Parody 02:29 Tools
Blurred Lines Parody 02:29 Tools
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