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The Alchemist 03:27 Tools
Everything After All 02:06 Tools
Libitz In A Car 03:00 Tools
Thin White Line 03:10 Tools
Cubicle 04:12 Tools
I'm Starting a War With Dolphins 03:12 Tools
It's Getting Better 04:16 Tools
A Renegade Cop 03:03 Tools
Bouillabaisse Of Brilliance 02:22 Tools
The Record Machine 02:41 Tools
A Bird Called Fish 03:00 Tools
Open Air 03:40 Tools
Climbing Trees 04:25 Tools
Life's A Breeze 03:57 Tools
Doctor In Love 02:25 Tools
Swag 03:36 Tools
Bouillabaise Of Brilliance 02:22 Tools
Western Trail 02:17 Tools
Dunce 03:27 Tools
Dock Surf 02:45 Tools
Save 01:56 Tools
Masterminds 02:34 Tools
El verano del cohete 04:28 Tools
T, J & S 03:00 Tools
Un auto para Lynn 05:24 Tools
Moving 02:59 Tools
I'm No Prototype! 03:28 Tools
The Klondike Valley 02:15 Tools
Astronauta Olvidado 06:32 Tools
Novelty 07:35 Tools
El Mismo Lugar 03:51 Tools
Floppy Ears 00:57 Tools
Barry Go Round 03:40 Tools
Feel The New Wave 00:57 Tools
La Mañana Verde 04:28 Tools
El hombre de blanco 05:36 Tools
Giddy Trip 04:31 Tools
Johan and Sam 01:07 Tools
De las nubes al sol, del sol al espacio, del espacio al vacío 06:46 Tools
Falla en el transbordador 05:52 Tools
Miniature Dave 02:24 Tools
Camino a Oxnard 04:44 Tools
Clusters of Edinburghs 02:35 Tools
They're All in Bed 01:21 Tools
Can't Stop Singing 03:21 Tools
The Ohio and Maine 03:55 Tools
Fan 01:11 Tools
The Thrill Of It All 03:18 Tools
Dios Quiere Mi Chocolate 04:10 Tools
Pet Scavenger 03:24 Tools
Avanza 03:36 Tools
Fernando Rey 04:28 Tools
Showalbum 02:54 Tools
Durmiendo En La Nieve De Gerry 08:30 Tools
La entrevista 03:17 Tools
El Valle 04:49 Tools
Pyrfic 04:30 Tools
My Room, My House 01:00 Tools
Sunburned Teeth 03:13 Tools
Más lejos de casa 06:39 Tools
TV Is 2000 Years Old 05:21 Tools
Zurich queda en París 08:08 Tools
Vendrán lluvias suaves 06:11 Tools
Baby Mustard 03:25 Tools
Harlem Shake 03:16 Tools
Mother of Two, Forest of Zero 01:22 Tools
We Have A Savior 02:47 Tools
Puppies 01:47 Tools
Un camino a través del aire 09:22 Tools
Under the L 09:22 Tools
Little Island Song 02:42 Tools
Night Train 03:38 Tools
Hemos traído muchas rocas lunares 04:39 Tools
Evergreen 03:38 Tools
Un Día, Todo El Verano 05:00 Tools
I Will Keep You Warm 04:21 Tools
Snow 04:21 Tools
Waterfall 01:31 Tools
Fancy Friends 01:31 Tools
Blissfully Up 03:10 Tools
Connected 04:16 Tools
Don't You Move 04:09 Tools
Boring Pictures 01:00 Tools
Was du Liebe nennst 01:21 Tools
Un dia, todo el verano 05:00 Tools
A Bouillabaisse Of Brilliance 02:50 Tools
Long Way Away 00:44 Tools
At The Door 03:47 Tools
Here Come The Germans 04:14 Tools
Herrmann 01:21 Tools
Starting Again 02:42 Tools
Zurich Queda En Paris 08:09 Tools
Unbreakable 03:38 Tools
Barrel One 04:21 Tools
Snow In Spring 05:58 Tools
Captured In A Spinning Wheel 01:31 Tools
Indian Sign 04:00 Tools
De Las Nubes Al Sol, Del Sol Al Espacio, Del Espacio Al Vacio 06:46 Tools
Don't Think About It Too Much 03:58 Tools
Yaow! 02:10 Tools
Hemos Traido Muchas Rocas Lunares 04:39 Tools
Vendran lluvias suaves 06:12 Tools
Something Good Again 04:40 Tools
DumDum 02:00 Tools
Un camino a traves del aire 09:23 Tools
Gone 04:02 Tools
Shotgun 03:19 Tools
Isn't It A Perfect World 03:58 Tools
Signs 03:58 Tools
Snow in Spring [Metropole] 03:58 Tools
(Feels Like) Heaven 03:58 Tools
A Bouillabaisse of Brilliance [Metropole] 03:58 Tools
GiddyTrip 04:31 Tools
Robby & Party 03:20 Tools
Get It Right 03:50 Tools
Change Forever 03:20 Tools
Sky Turn Black 03:20 Tools
Dum Dum 01:52 Tools
Nowhere to Turn 03:20 Tools
Sunburned Teeth [Metropole] 03:20 Tools
Captured in a Spinning Wheel [Metropole] 03:20 Tools
Never Look Back 04:27 Tools
Long Way Away [Metropole] 01:52 Tools
Hemos Traído Rocas Lunares 04:39 Tools
Perfect Ghost 02:59 Tools
Made The Change 04:39 Tools
Blissfully Up [Metropole] 04:39 Tools
Here Come the Germans [Metropole] 04:39 Tools
Save [Metropole] 04:39 Tools
Folks 02:15 Tools
Herrmann [Metropole] 04:39 Tools
It's Getting Better [Metropole] 04:39 Tools
Don't Think About It Soo Much 03:58 Tools
Boring Pictures [Metropole] 04:39 Tools
Breathing Out Fire 03:52 Tools
The Lights Go Down 04:10 Tools
Lose All Memory 04:14 Tools
Don't Think About It Too Much [Metropole] 04:14 Tools
Little Revolution 04:47 Tools
I'm No Prototype [Metropole] 04:47 Tools
It's Got to Get Better 03:35 Tools
At the Door [Metropole] 03:58 Tools
Walking In Your Shadow 03:54 Tools
Hombre de Metal 03:54 Tools
True Romance 03:20 Tools
Kagoshima 03:29 Tools
Breakdown 03:21 Tools
Speeding 03:21 Tools
My Guiding Light 00:00 Tools
Infinito 03:20 Tools
Se que vos no ves el mar que se va libre y sin pausa 03:21 Tools
Cucicle 00:00 Tools
Touch And Go 03:02 Tools
Bricks Without Stone 04:26 Tools
Shooting Star 04:26 Tools
La Ley del Caos 04:26 Tools
Harlem Shake Dubstep Version 00:00 Tools
Enciendes Estrellas 02:59 Tools
El Final 03:32 Tools
Baddest 02:02 Tools
The First Time 03:29 Tools
SEPARATION 03:29 Tools
Zurich 03:29 Tools
Distancia 03:30 Tools
Snap [loop] 02:11 Tools
Its Got To Get Better (new) 03:36 Tools
Unbreakable(New Steve Power version) 03:32 Tools
Reverence 03:32 Tools
De las nubes al sol, del sol al espacio, del espacio al vacio. 06:13 Tools
Change for Ever 03:35 Tools
El Día del Perdón 03:35 Tools
Captured In A Spinningwheel 01:31 Tools
Starting Again (Dub Mix) 02:59 Tools
Harlem Shake (Johnny Ned Trap Remix).(AGRMusic) 02:10 Tools
Pajaros 04:18 Tools
Dont you move 04:09 Tools
Lose All Memory (No drums) 04:16 Tools
El camino de Sirga 03:20 Tools
Mil días, mil noches 05:00 Tools
Under Your Spell 05:00 Tools
Nothing Will Change 02:59 Tools
snow in sping 02:59 Tools
Metamorfose 02:59 Tools
The Lights Go Down - Acoustic Version 02:59 Tools
TV=2000 Years Old 02:59 Tools
Lose all memory v1 02:59 Tools
Salvajes 02:59 Tools
Cuando Te Veo Gris 02:59 Tools
Slip 02:15 Tools
Its Got To Get Better 02:15 Tools
Bully Boy 02:15 Tools
Strange And Beautiful - Cover Version 02:15 Tools
Un Dia todo el verano 05:00 Tools
Ride 04:01 Tools
Starting Again - Dub Mix 02:15 Tools
Jerry 02:15 Tools
Persecusión 02:15 Tools
Transfusión 02:15 Tools
Opus 04:01 Tools
Azul Eléctrico 03:20 Tools
The Lights go down (new) 05:00 Tools
Talking with the Middleman 05:00 Tools
Cíclope 03:47 Tools
Feels Like Heaven 03:20 Tools
Interior Bar Día 03:20 Tools
01. Feels Like Heaven 03:51 Tools
No Good 03:20 Tools
No Hay Refugio 02:06 Tools
Errata 03:20 Tools
Luar 03:20 Tools
Sueño en la Playa 03:47 Tools
Por Qué Me Seguís? 03:47 Tools
Otra Vuelta al Sol 03:47 Tools
Starting Again (Stripped Mix) 03:51 Tools
They’re All In Bed 01:21 Tools
Crepusculo 03:20 Tools
Marionette 03:20 Tools
La Desaparición de Alma 03:20 Tools
Pesadilla 03:20 Tools
Heinrich_Schaeferlied 03:29 Tools
Barrell One 03:20 Tools
I’m Starting A War With Dolphins 03:13 Tools
Sin pensar 03:13 Tools
Ounce 02:06 Tools
De las nubes al sol, del sol al espacio, del espacio al vacнo 06:46 Tools
I’m No Prototype 03:29 Tools
By The Blue Lake 02:06 Tools
Pedras no Caminho 02:06 Tools
Enmarañado 02:06 Tools
Lejos 00:00 Tools
Viver Assim 00:00 Tools
Counterfeit 03:29 Tools
Connected (Steve Power - Mastered) 03:29 Tools
En silencio 03:29 Tools
Muchas notas 03:29 Tools
Everyting After All 02:06 Tools
Un Dia Todo El Verano 02:06 Tools
Forever Fighting 02:06 Tools
Mayra 02:06 Tools
Bianca 02:06 Tools
Otra Persecusión 02:06 Tools
Ulises y Alma 02:06 Tools
Secuestro 02:06 Tools
Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix) 00:00 Tools
El Engaño de Ulises 00:00 Tools
Sé que vos no ves el mar que se va libre y sin pausa 00:00 Tools
Intro 00:00 Tools
Starting Again (Restarts - Mark Compton Mix) 00:00 Tools
Isn't It A Perfect World? 00:00 Tools
One touch 00:00 Tools
Drake-Parker_2010-02-26_1 00:00 Tools
there is a place 00:00 Tools
Unbreakable (Steve Power Mix) 00:00 Tools
shooting at stars 00:00 Tools
The Lights Go Down - Acoustic 00:00 Tools
Falla en el transportador 00:00 Tools
Bluessänger sein 00:00 Tools
Signs (unmixed with vocals) 04:44 Tools
I'm Starting A War With Dolphi 00:00 Tools
T, J &S 04:44 Tools
La maсana verde 04:28 Tools
Un camino a través del aire (dentro) 09:23 Tools
Lucid Assembly 00:51 Tools
Fin 00:51 Tools
Sirga 00:51 Tools
Lucid Memory 00:46 Tools
Girl With Two Noses 00:51 Tools
Impossible Is Nothing - Demo 00:51 Tools
Harlem Shake (Johnny Ned Trap Remix) 02:10 Tools
No Good 4 Me 00:00 Tools
-Harlem Shake(Dj Deniz Öztürk.ft.Burak Coskun Remix 2013) 04:00 Tools
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There are at least three artists named Bauer: 1. Bauer is the artist name of Amsterdam-based musician, singer and songwriter, Berend Dubbe (once the drummer of indie rockers, Bettie Serveert). Bauer started out as a one-man project in 1999 and is, as of 2016, once again a one-man project (with a backing band when performing live). Between 2000 and 2006 Bauer was presented as a chamber pop duo, comprised of Dubbe and Sonja van Hamel. Bauer's elegantly arranged chamber pop is strongly influenced by artists such as Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach, Stereolab and Scott Walker. 'Bauer Mark I' released three studio albums, the latter two as a duo: On The Move (1999), Can't Stop Singing (2000) and Baueresque (2004). Bauer's final recording as a duo was a live album with Amsterdam's Metropole Orchestra, entitled The Bauer Melody Of 2006. After a ten-year hiatus 'Bauer Mark II' released Eyes Fully Open (2016), an orchestral pop album by Berend Dubbe as solo-artist, which he brings to the stage with his newly recruited band. Bauer was awarded a Zilveren Harp ('Silver Harp'), a prestigious music prize in The Netherlands. 2. Bauer is an Argentinian band. They released one EP (Bauer, 2003) and two LP's (Astronauta olvidado, 2004; En Otra Ciudad, 2006). The 72-minute trip that was Astronauta olvidado has been described as post-rock, with traces of Radiohead, Mogwai, Sigur Rós and Pink Floyd psychedelia. En Otra Ciudad was more powerful, with echoes of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, rather than Sigur Rós. Band members are Ezequiel Esposito, Federico Pérez Losada, Gabriel Ardanaz, Julián Paz and Martín Mykietiw. 3. Bauer is an indie band from the north of England. Having shared stages with artists such as Snow Patrol, The Ordinary Boys, Stephen Fretwell, Andy Rourke & Mike Joyce (The Smiths), Brendan Benson and Long-View, the band released one EP (The Bauer EP 2006) and one single (Starting Again). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.