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Your Friends 00:00 Tools
Poppin' My Life 03:52 Tools
Paper Planes REMIX 03:32 Tools
Me and You 00:00 Tools
Get It 02:23 Tools
Technolocrips 00:00 Tools
Lightning Sparks 03:48 Tools
Danger Girl 02:55 Tools
Do It Now 03:59 Tools
Quality Style 03:50 Tools
In It For The Swag 03:14 Tools
Intergalactic Inc. 02:52 Tools
Kick,Push,Drugs 03:00 Tools
What is Logical? 02:10 Tools
Single Pico 03:22 Tools
mixtape 15:15 Tools
Stuntin like My Only Swerving 03:54 Tools
There, There, Take This Taco 01:19 Tools
make money 02:59 Tools
Bassman 02:41 Tools
WHITE DWARF 04:11 Tools
Crimewave to Heaven 02:39 Tools
Hustle & Destroy 03:21 Tools
Easily, Busily 04:43 Tools
Baller 01:38 Tools
Black Hole 15:52 Tools
Nts Nts Nts (Part 2) 01:55 Tools
We Are The Creator 03:26 Tools
Black 03:34 Tools
Nts Nts Nts (Part I) 03:09 Tools
STAR 02:52 Tools
Daftest Punk 03:03 Tools
Stuntin' Like My Only Swerving 03:54 Tools
Hell Yeah 02:13 Tools
Red Dwarf 02:13 Tools
Two Bunnies, One Field 02:36 Tools
La Cocaina 02:52 Tools
Out of Control 03:15 Tools
NEBULA 02:45 Tools
Neutron Stars 01:59 Tools
Burger King (ft. Andy Warhol) 02:04 Tools
Super Nova Type I 01:25 Tools
Red Giant 05:00 Tools
Star Wars Right Now! 02:05 Tools
Journey ft. David Bowie 02:40 Tools
Combat Love 02:49 Tools
NYC 02:05 Tools
WoW 03:16 Tools
Fire! Fire! 02:46 Tools
digital B.E.A.T 04:46 Tools
My Wildcat 03:42 Tools
Polaroid 03:33 Tools
Leopards 02:45 Tools
Neither Black Nor White (LIVE) 04:56 Tools
we dont give a fuck 03:58 Tools
Me and You (Cut Copy vs. Peter, Bjorn and John) 04:42 Tools
Stay Fly, Major Tom 01:37 Tools
Red Bull 02:14 Tools
Bad Romance Major Tom 01:58 Tools
Crack House 03:00 Tools
FOREVER HBFS 03:27 Tools
Pop The Glock 02:35 Tools
Fire! 02:46 Tools
Coco Rosie Remix 02:20 Tools
Gangsta La Vista 00:46 Tools
Mother Fucker I'm Ill, Not Sick! 02:38 Tools
Seventeen Years , Don't Cha 04:19 Tools
This is How We Daft 02:24 Tools
New York 02:05 Tools
Paper Planes (REMIX) 03:33 Tools
Mother Fucker I'm ILL, not SICK. 02:38 Tools
Don't Cha Wish 04:19 Tools
The Radio Star 04:18 Tools
$m0k3 d4t cR4cK 02:46 Tools
Auto Stressifaction 06:00 Tools
Git, Dat, Durt Off Ya Shoulda 02:33 Tools
The Big Beat 03:36 Tools
Valentine 04:52 Tools
See 03:02 Tools
Hustlest 04:18 Tools
Quality 00:00 Tools
gangsta shit 01:36 Tools
Quality Style (Ratatat vs. Jurassic 5) 03:51 Tools
Yippie In The Icebox 04:38 Tools
Quality Pipes 03:51 Tools
Sweet Child Of Lil Wayne 02:06 Tools
Way Up High 03:24 Tools
Oscar 02:40 Tools
Planisphere Girl 02:17 Tools
Mini Citi 02:43 Tools
Alps This Club 03:13 Tools
Sweet Child Of Lil' Wayne 02:06 Tools
Me and You (Peter, Björn & John vs Cut Copy) 04:42 Tools
We Grow 03:08 Tools
Valentine Affair 02:56 Tools
Me and You (Peter, Bjrn & John vs Cut Copy) 02:56 Tools
Digital Planes 03:10 Tools
I Am Fo' Real 04:54 Tools
Lightning Sparks (Ratatat vs. Ima Robot vs. Teddybears Stockholm) 03:49 Tools
Lightening Sparks 03:49 Tools
DAYLIGHT! 02:26 Tools
Fuck Dat Shit 03:35 Tools
I Want Us Back 03:35 Tools
Valentine Lockdown 03:35 Tools
Burger King ft. Andy Warhol 03:35 Tools
Pardon Me, I'm Dribbling 01:59 Tools
Womp 05:13 Tools
Takin My Time 03:07 Tools
Soul Fly (feat. Nighthawk) 04:00 Tools
Kick Push Drugs 04:00 Tools
We Are Your Friends (Justice vs. Ratatat) 02:50 Tools
DAYLIGHT 02:26 Tools
scratch test 1 01:58 Tools
Addicted (Feat. Nighthawk) 04:00 Tools
Troll (Feat. Will Brennan) 04:32 Tools
Eclipse 04:35 Tools
Kick, Push, Drugs 03:00 Tools
Last Call (Feat. Nighthawk) 04:35 Tools
The Sound 04:02 Tools
Stuntin Like My Only Swerving (single) 04:02 Tools
Paper Planes 03:00 Tools
Young Folks (remix) 04:42 Tools
We Are Your Friends 04:42 Tools
speak 04:42 Tools
Seventeen Years, Don't Cha 04:42 Tools
Your Friends (Ratatat vs. Justice) 04:42 Tools
biggieezer 04:42 Tools
Mixtape 2 04:42 Tools
Bearbot Mixtape 1 04:42 Tools
Digital B.E.A.T (Daft Punk vs. Justice) 04:42 Tools
Daftest Punk (Daft Punk vs. Digitalism) 04:42 Tools
7/2/2012 - Mixify Set 46:16 Tools
Ichigo Ichie 46:16 Tools
Paper Planes Remix (M.I.A vs. T.I vs. Lil Wayne) 03:33 Tools
Single Pico (Beyonce vs. Ratatat vs. Lil Wayne) 03:33 Tools
Me and You (Cut Copy vs. Peter 03:33 Tools
Mixtape 1 03:33 Tools
Paper Planes Remix (Single) 03:33 Tools
Again and Again 03:33 Tools
Cocorosie Remix 03:33 Tools
Poppin' My Life (Lil Wayne vs. The Game vs. Birdman) 03:33 Tools
Technolocrisps 03:33 Tools
Polaroid (Daft Punk vs. Ladytron) 03:33 Tools
Valentine Affair (Justice vs. Daft Punk vs. Mary J. Blige) 03:33 Tools
The Big Beat (Dizzee Rascal vs. Daft Punk) 03:33 Tools
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Hailing from New York City, Bearbot is a motion graphics artist by day and a DJ/Producer by night. She produces mash-ups, remixes and visuals that compliment her music. She is inspired by different colors of music and people she is surrounded by on a day to day basis. “A lot much of the mash-up culture, particularly of late, is to mix the old with the new; most of Bearbot’s stuff is contemporary vs. contemporary which makes an interesting sound and different sensibility.” Just after receiving her DJ residency at the world famous Webster Hall in NYC in November 2009, Bearbot has toured the US and Canada. She is now working on a new album to be released in January 2011. She plans on touring the world after receiving her BFA degree in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects at the School of Visual Arts. Until then, she will tear it down in the states. Ain't no party like a Bearbot party, cuz a Bearbot Party dont stop! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.