Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Switzerland 05:36 Tools
Quill 03:32 Tools
They Are Filled 03:59 Tools
Setting Our Tables 05:08 Tools
Iscariot 06:20 Tools
In Your Room 03:44 Tools
River Rhine 03:48 Tools
Autumn Snow 03:53 Tools
Woodcutter's Son 03:30 Tools
Dark Am I 04:57 Tools
Tired Hands 05:02 Tools
Until The Earth Is Empty 06:19 Tools
Anti War 05:17 Tools
Wartime 04:42 Tools
Stokasaurus 05:55 Tools
Primal Emptiness of Outer Space 05:29 Tools
Fraggle Rock 03:48 Tools
Dark Towers 03:47 Tools
Dark Skies Above 04:13 Tools
Drunkard 03:19 Tools
Slow Hand Of Death 05:03 Tools
Tantrum 03:19 Tools
Cancer Rat 04:23 Tools
Earthbound 06:19 Tools
Water Becomes Fire 04:05 Tools
Kenopsia 03:19 Tools
These Are My Dress Clothes 06:01 Tools
Wendigo Pt. 1 (Quest For Fire) 08:18 Tools
The Curse 05:17 Tools
Medication 05:56 Tools
Raiigin 03:19 Tools
Quiet Earth 05:15 Tools
Way To LA (Day) 01:31 Tools
Wendigo Pt. 2 (Cursed To Roam) 04:05 Tools
Within Ear Shot 03:19 Tools
Stressed Elephant 08:18 Tools
Kool Kool Kitty 05:17 Tools
Season Of The Witch 03:49 Tools
Way To LA (Night) 03:45 Tools
I Got Tonight - Morpheus Remix 06:18 Tools
The Traveler 06:29 Tools
Saturday Big Shop 04:57 Tools
Halfway 04:58 Tools
One Fine Day 05:11 Tools
Mandy 03:22 Tools
The Abominator 04:41 Tools
Break Her Down 03:39 Tools
Mind State 03:35 Tools
Familiar Stranger (Night) 03:35 Tools
Phoebe 03:42 Tools
Dream Sweet 05:57 Tools
Sundays 04:51 Tools
My Heart 03:04 Tools
Familiar Stranger (Day) 02:57 Tools
Motorcar Song 03:35 Tools
This One 04:29 Tools
Two-Day Booze 05:07 Tools
Fear Cave 06:46 Tools
Stop Yer Moaning 06:14 Tools
Melody, This Is For You 08:37 Tools
Another Level 02:57 Tools
Architects of Sound 03:08 Tools
Sponk 03:23 Tools
Die Of Devotion 05:07 Tools
Looks Could Kill 03:51 Tools
FTD 03:29 Tools
Mandy (Power Boy Mix) 03:16 Tools
Hard 2 Take 03:37 Tools
Milkfloat Hitch-hike 04:56 Tools
Jason Pritchard 03:02 Tools
Live (Body Rock) 03:43 Tools
Travellers 05:20 Tools
Big Trouble in Great Yarmouth 04:53 Tools
The Curse (Of The White Wizard) 05:17 Tools
HSB Don't C 03:48 Tools
Take The Next Exit 05:18 Tools
Got To Get To You 03:52 Tools
An Old Friend 06:21 Tools
Commuter Love 05:49 Tools
Wendigo Pt. 3 (Let Him Burn) 07:34 Tools
The Knight We Drank The Rider 02:34 Tools
Boring 03:51 Tools
soup fiction (instrumental) 04:46 Tools
You Say That You Love Me 04:23 Tools
Smoke Lab 02:05 Tools
New Moon Boy (Day) 03:17 Tools
New Moon Boy (Night) 05:01 Tools
Kaliber 02:29 Tools
Herd Mentality 02:05 Tools
Another Day 03:57 Tools
Last and First Things 08:10 Tools
Voyager 06:24 Tools
Behind My Own Erection 03:02 Tools
Spleen in a Hoop 03:19 Tools
Kool Kool Kitty Reprise 01:24 Tools
Face Off 04:27 Tools
Who Knows 04:16 Tools
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Raver? 07:15 Tools
Sleepwalker 03:24 Tools
Stalker 05:20 Tools
Big Fish Small Pond 03:40 Tools
One of These Days 03:17 Tools
Suicide Bomber 03:36 Tools
Supersweet 05:22 Tools
panini 04:19 Tools
You Are My Smile 02:52 Tools
Rtt 05:34 Tools
Amazin Daze 03:58 Tools
Zig Zag 05:01 Tools
Clozapine Dream 03:15 Tools
Anal or Bust 02:29 Tools
Finally Asleep 06:51 Tools
Things I Sing of Me 03:56 Tools
O Demonio do Tarraxo 01:30 Tools
Blood Music 10:45 Tools
Round the Twist 05:17 Tools
Watercolours 04:02 Tools
Anxiety Puke / Lovelessness 02:52 Tools
Strangle Fuck 02:09 Tools
Fist Fuck Full Of Rage 02:19 Tools
Apocalypso 04:53 Tools
Brainsnap 04:51 Tools
Deception - Original Mix 05:09 Tools
_ 00:48 Tools
Hangin Low 01:30 Tools
Calm, Friendly and Euthymic 06:01 Tools
Off the Couch 02:05 Tools
Manga 02:54 Tools
Soup Fiction (Original) 04:46 Tools
Huge 03:58 Tools
Mandy (Power-Boy Mix) 01:30 Tools
One Thousand Needles 03:11 Tools
Unoriginal (interlude) 00:48 Tools
Gimme Some 06:24 Tools
The Intergalactic Void (skit) 00:32 Tools
Swizterland 06:24 Tools
Wrestling 00:41 Tools
Ill-billy Hick Hop 06:01 Tools
Bison 03:18 Tools
Soup Fiction 04:46 Tools
Salmon Spungcake 03:57 Tools
A Dog Called Reprise 02:47 Tools
Ghetto Tarraxo 04:53 Tools
Familiar Strangers (Night) 04:53 Tools
You Are My Smile - Live at West One Four, London, 05.02.05 03:10 Tools
Praia Morena 03:57 Tools
Wendigo, Pt. 1 (Quest for Fire) 03:10 Tools
Marine 03:57 Tools
Out Of It 04:53 Tools
Loco 03:11 Tools
Seasick Sam 03:26 Tools
Mammut 03:27 Tools
Dead Center 02:49 Tools
SeaLab 02:44 Tools
Mandy (Power Boys Mix) 03:18 Tools
The District 05:01 Tools
Stained 04:27 Tools
Wendigo, Pt. 2 (Cursed to Roam) 04:05 Tools
Mandy (Mudd's Extended Vocal Mix) 04:27 Tools
Hon har fått nog 03:07 Tools
Altura 02:49 Tools
Dangerous Tarraxo 06:46 Tools
Say It 04:50 Tools
Slipping Thru 03:12 Tools
Mandy (Mudd's Extended Dub Mix) 03:01 Tools
I väntan på vadå? 01:30 Tools
Manta Ray 02:56 Tools
The Secret Of Mana 06:27 Tools
Travellers - Ptaki Mix 05:55 Tools
Shape Shifter 02:12 Tools
Anxiety Puke/Lovelessness 09:02 Tools
Han där uppe 03:58 Tools
Ridin' 03:58 Tools
Heaven Help Us (feat. Adam & Kieng) 03:18 Tools
On My Own 03:49 Tools
Familiar Stranger - Baldelli & Diongi Remix 03:30 Tools
I Know Your Mum 03:53 Tools
Revolution (feat. Adam) 03:29 Tools
Tranquilizer 04:01 Tools
Life Is War 03:01 Tools
Outliner 03:16 Tools
Soup Fiction - (Lexxs Lost in Translation Dub) 04:34 Tools
The Dwarf 03:10 Tools
Liberty Weeps (feat. Adam) 03:35 Tools
Contribute to the Cause 02:51 Tools
Krash 03:21 Tools
Geraniums - Feat. DJ Rubbish 02:24 Tools
Fbi Man 03:10 Tools
Sanningen om sanningen 02:24 Tools
Kaos 02:24 Tools
Crazy love 05:36 Tools
Switwerland 05:36 Tools
My Love 05:18 Tools
Any Other Ideas - Petenotbombs Remix 03:53 Tools
Phenomathon 02:56 Tools
Leaving Arizona 05:36 Tools
Original Sin 05:36 Tools
Hot Tub 03:45 Tools
Grimas 03:45 Tools
Downed 05:18 Tools
Hypnotized 05:18 Tools
Future Tarraxo 08:18 Tools
Hippiebarn 03:52 Tools
Killer Gone Free 05:18 Tools
One Thousand Needles (Live) 03:57 Tools
Illbilly Hick Hop 05:18 Tools
Gotta Go 02:56 Tools
The Water Becomes Fire 04:34 Tools
Geraniums (Featuring DJ Rubbish) 02:23 Tools
Redemption 02:51 Tools
Pear Cider 04:14 Tools
Sub-zero 05:00 Tools
Risen (feat. Adam) 02:51 Tools
Familiar Stranger (Baldelli & Diongi Remix) 03:15 Tools
Pressing the Flesh 05:00 Tools
Grot Bag 04:51 Tools
Soup Fiction (Lexx's Lost In Translation Dub) 04:34 Tools
Credit Crunch Carvery 05:23 Tools
Always Be There 06:22 Tools
In a Fortnight 04:32 Tools
Wendigo, Part 1: Quest for Fire 08:18 Tools
Wendigo, Part 2: Cursed to Roam 04:05 Tools
Daniel Denial 06:42 Tools
Speedball 03:57 Tools
1000 Needles 04:34 Tools
Everything You Say and Do 05:29 Tools
Be My Valentine 03:50 Tools
Saving Lives 03:57 Tools
Crack a Smile 04:19 Tools
Unoriginal 00:48 Tools
Odyssey Of The Mind 08:10 Tools
Familiar Stranger - Incect Beat 04:31 Tools
Soup Fiction (Lexxs Lost in Translation Dub) 09:02 Tools
Move Your Feet 03:21 Tools
Contrast 04:21 Tools
Wendigo Pt.2 (Cursed to Roam) 04:53 Tools
Easier 03:34 Tools
MOE (Dublet) 04:09 Tools
Familiar Stranger (Incect Beat) 03:15 Tools
Cold Fingers 03:40 Tools
Red 04:12 Tools
Familiar Stranger(Day) 04:09 Tools
Any Other Ideas (PeteNotBombs remix) 03:52 Tools
Used to know (Integrity) 04:32 Tools
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Raver 07:15 Tools
Wendigo Pt.1 (Quest for Fire) 03:15 Tools
The Motorcar Song 08:10 Tools
The Intergalactic Void 00:32 Tools
You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient 01:16 Tools
Invaded By God 06:07 Tools
You Make Me Sick - Atreus Remix 05:55 Tools
Stranglefuck 07:15 Tools
MOE - Dublet 04:31 Tools
Four Years 04:21 Tools
Travellers (Ptaki Mix) 04:31 Tools
Way To La Day 04:09 Tools
Solaris 04:53 Tools
Night Crawlers 05:29 Tools
Violence - Original Mix 04:21 Tools
Pope Francis 06:07 Tools
Lullaby Of The Lonely - Original Mix 04:53 Tools
Primal Emptiness of Outerspace 05:29 Tools
Colours 10:45 Tools
The District - 6blocc Remix 05:28 Tools
O Beautiful Star 04:04 Tools
Way to LA - Night 04:04 Tools
HSBDC 04:53 Tools
01-primal emptiness of outer space 04:53 Tools
O Demonio Do Tarraxo @kizombaclub 02:52 Tools
Get Back - EndBoss Remix 04:21 Tools
Familiar Stranger - Day 04:21 Tools
The Art Of Seduction - Original Mix 06:07 Tools
The Long Walk 02:37 Tools
Hangin' Low 03:15 Tools
02-dark towers 03:15 Tools
Familiar Stranger - Night 03:15 Tools
Plug 02:37 Tools
Arkansas 04:31 Tools
Scratch My Name 03:15 Tools
Crashing Down 03:15 Tools
Paper Blade 03:15 Tools
03-slow hand of death 03:15 Tools
Familiar Stranger 02:44 Tools
Let it go 03:30 Tools
Mandy - Power boy mix 03:30 Tools
Reservoir (No.2) 02:37 Tools
Inside Out 03:15 Tools
Synthetic House 04:09 Tools
Mördarsniglar 04:09 Tools
04-wendigo pt. 1 (quest for fire) 04:09 Tools
New Moon Boy - Day 04:09 Tools
Slum Jungle 04:31 Tools
Pike 06:07 Tools 02:52 Tools
Grip The Blade 02:52 Tools
You Are My Smile-Live 02:52 Tools
TheMotorcarSong 02:52 Tools
The Space Between Our Lives 02:52 Tools
Lushund 04:31 Tools
The Light - Extended Mix 08:03 Tools
BehindMyOwnErection 00:56 Tools
You make Me Sick 06:07 Tools
05-these are my dress clothes 06:07 Tools
Let It Do 06:07 Tools
The Protector 08:03 Tools
Sumac 06:07 Tools
New Moon Boy - Night 06:07 Tools
Huntsville 03:20 Tools
Unoriginal-interlude 03:20 Tools
Some Beggars Can Be Choosers 03:20 Tools
OneFineDay 03:20 Tools
Get Back 03:20 Tools
TheKnightWeDrankTheRider 03:30 Tools
FraggleRock 08:03 Tools
I Got Tonight - 2005 Remix By Dj Activator 08:03 Tools
Slum-Jungle 04:54 Tools
Nuclear Provencale 02:44 Tools
Unity 02:44 Tools
Fall Out 02:44 Tools
Your Face 02:44 Tools
Ghetto Tarraxo @izombaclub 02:44 Tools
IllbillyHickHop 02:44 Tools
H S B Don't C 03:20 Tools
Future Tarracho @kizombaclub 02:44 Tools
Sicknote 04:54 Tools
Stokasurus 04:54 Tools
You Are My Smile (Live) 04:31 Tools
Salmon Spungcake - Zip It Shrimpy Mix by Conrad McDonnell 04:31 Tools
I Got Tonight - Morpheus Rmx 04:31 Tools
I Got Tonight 04:31 Tools
YouAreMySmile-Live 04:31 Tools
Primal Emptiness Of Outer Spac 04:31 Tools
Stop ya Moaning 04:31 Tools
86 with Cliff 01:16 Tools
Ate My Spine 01:16 Tools
Grape apes, hessian capes 01:16 Tools
Deception 05:09 Tools
You Make Me Sick (Atreus Remix) 01:16 Tools, Soup Fiction 04:54 Tools
08-quiet earth 04:54 Tools
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There is more than one artist with this name. (1) Bison [Vancouver, Canada] (Known as Bison B.C.) When Bison took its first step amps were scorched and drums were smashed. Born of the ashes of seminal Vancouver skate-thrash band S.T.R.E.E.T.S., Bison are every head banger's dream. Their riffs are colossal and flow like a mighty river into a sea of fuzzed out shredding. Their message is punk rock angst and revolution, with the occasional nod to white wizards, the king of swine and a mythical beast called the "Stokasaurus". For their debut album Earthbound they've managed to capture their massive live sound on tape with the help of Jesse Gander (The Hive). In a perfect world Bison will be playing with High On Fire at your favorite dive bar, all of your friends will be there and a beer will cost a quarter. By the end of their set their amps will be in a ruined heap on top of the drum kit and somebody will be bleeding. It better be you (2) Bison [a rapcore/crossover band, Australia] They made two albums so far: Within Ear Shot (2000) and Architects of Sound (2002). (3) Bison [a 6 piece metal outfit, USA] Featuring current and ex-members of Scars of Tomorrow, Moria, Chainsaw Death Squad, xThe Wrathx, Fate Thirteen, and Strength Beyond Strength. Vocalists confirmed are Mike Milford (SOT), and Taylor (Moria). Other members are yet to be confirmed. They released a 4 track demo in April of 2007 on MySpace, and are continuing to build a reputation for themselves. ( (4) Bison [an eleven-piece ska-pop outfit, Sheffield, UK] They have released four albums to date: The Beast With Nine Backs (2005), Herd Mentality (2006), The Dark Side Of The Moo (2007) and Saturday Big Shop (2008). You can download mp3s etc at their website (below). Bison's MySpace Page (5) Bison [Punk band from Stockholm, Sweden] formed in 1996. MySpace Page (6) Bison [alternative folk band from Chesapeake, VA, USA] Bison describes their music as Folkestral combining elements of alternative folk with classical sensibilities. From Chesapeake, VA the band emerged from a group of family and friends in 2011 and quickly gathered listeners who enjoy their spiritual depth, lyrical style and rootsy music. facebook (7) Bison [alternative rock band from Boston, MA, USA] They have released one album, Space Evader (1996). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.