Bo Bruce

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Save Me 04:04 Tools
Alive 01:30 Tools
Landslide 01:30 Tools
The Fall 04:34 Tools
Fighting Arizona 04:27 Tools
Speed the Fire 01:30 Tools
Holding The Light 03:20 Tools
The Hands I Hold 01:30 Tools
Telescope 01:30 Tools
Ghost Town 01:30 Tools
Running Up That Hill 01:53 Tools
On the Wire 01:30 Tools
Lightkeeper 01:30 Tools
Black Ice 04:23 Tools
Echoes 01:30 Tools
Behind The Gates 03:40 Tools
Golden 01:30 Tools
How We're Made 01:30 Tools
Waking 04:32 Tools
Crossfire 03:32 Tools
Another Life 01:30 Tools
Search the Night 01:30 Tools
Nothing Compares 2 U 02:22 Tools
Over & Over (Run With the Horses) 01:30 Tools
Charlie Brown 03:05 Tools
Without You 01:55 Tools
Over and Over 01:55 Tools
Love The Way You Lie (Part II) 02:09 Tools
Love The Way You Lie 14:54 Tools
Black Ice (Acoustic) 03:24 Tools
Without You (Live) 01:42 Tools
kiss in the dark 02:32 Tools
Running Up That Hill (The Voice Performance) 01:51 Tools
Brighter Moon 03:50 Tools
Save Me (Acoustic) 03:41 Tools
Another Life (Bonus Track) 03:32 Tools
Over & Over (Run With the Horses) (Bonus Track) 03:20 Tools
Search the Night (Bonus Track) 04:40 Tools
The Rage That's in Us All 02:56 Tools
Without You [David Guetta] 01:40 Tools
Read All About It 03:05 Tools
All Angels 03:05 Tools
These Hands I Hold 03:05 Tools
Charlie Brown [Coldplay] 02:03 Tools
Over & Over (Run With The Horses) 03:19 Tools
Charlie Brown (The Voice Performance) 01:57 Tools
With Or Without You 02:26 Tools
Damaged 03:53 Tools
Fighting Arizona Mix 3 03:50 Tools
Love The Way You Lie (Part II) (The Voice Performance) 02:04 Tools
Charlie Brown (Live Acoustic) 03:07 Tools
Game Over 03:43 Tools
Nothing Compares 2 U (The Voice Performance) 02:05 Tools
Cast a light 03:45 Tools
The Rage That's in Us All (feat. J.J. Abrams) 00:00 Tools
My Guy (Cover) 03:38 Tools
Love The Way You Lie (Part II) [The Voice Performance] 02:09 Tools
Nothing Compares To You 02:22 Tools
Charlie Brown [Live @ The Voice UK] 02:13 Tools
Brighter Moon new w Sacha 03:50 Tools
Damaged By Plum 03:50 Tools
Crosses (Jose Gonzalez cover) 03:38 Tools
Sonnet 03:03 Tools
Without You (The Voice Performance) 01:55 Tools
Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover) 03:59 Tools
Running Up That Hill (Live) 01:53 Tools
The Fool 01:53 Tools
He The Fool 01:53 Tools
Seen This Place Before 03:30 Tools
Echoes ( 03:30 Tools
Nothing Compares 2 U (Live) 03:59 Tools
The Fool myspace 04:41 Tools
Charlie Brown (Live) 02:07 Tools
Holding The Light (Acoustic) 02:07 Tools
My Guy 03:09 Tools
Over & Over Run With the Horses 03:20 Tools
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Bo Bruce is a British singer-songwriter. Born in Wiltshire, she is the daughter of the Earl of Cardigan and is herself titled Lady Catherine Anna Brudenell-Bruce. Bo appeared on Channel 4's Orange unsignedAct in 2009, where she finished in fourth place. Bruce has performed frequently and in December 2010 she independently released a self-written EP, entitled Search The Night. In 2012 Bo was invited to audition for the BBC talent show The Voice UK. In her blind audition Bo sang the David Guetta and Usher hit "Without You". Coaches and Danny O'Donoghue turned round in a bid to add Bo to their teams. Bo opted to join Team Danny as she felt that she and Danny had the most in common. In her first live show on 5 May 2012, Bo sang "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush. Bo received praise from all four coaches and was voted through to the next round of the competition with the viewers' vote. Bruce received the praise of the songwriter Kate Bush, who posted a message to Bo on Twitter, Facebook and In the statement Bush congratulated Bruce on her "fantastic performance". Bush also stated that she thought Bruce's performance was "really beautiful and moving" and also said that she "felt so proud of Bo". Eventually making it to the final of the show on 2 June 2012, Bo sang three songs. The first was "Nothing Compares 2 U". After that she sang with her mentor Danny before Vince Kidd was announced as the act in fourth place. Bo went on to sing her favorite song of the series, "Charlie Brown" by Coldplay. Bo was announced as a runner up alongside Tyler James to winner Leanne Mitchell. Her debut album, Before I Sleep, was released on 29th April 2013. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.