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Big Shot Pimpin' (Billy Joel vs. Jay-Z) 03:07 Tools
Easy Heaven (The Cure vs. The Commodores) 03:42 Tools
Blow Job 02:12 Tools
Drippin' Used Condom 01:50 Tools
Bulletproof 02:31 Tools
Let's Get Drunk 01:47 Tools
Beauty Queen 02:31 Tools
Let's Come Together 02:05 Tools
Fuck You Up 02:17 Tools
Shelter 02:59 Tools
Funky Christmas 02:56 Tools
Long Time Away 02:59 Tools
Fuck the Pain Away 05:55 Tools
Starsky & Hutch 05:55 Tools
Chalk Dust (The Umpire Strikes Back) 03:05 Tools
Rhiannon's Teardrop (Fleetwood Mac vs Massive Attack) 05:01 Tools
Attitudes 01:59 Tools
йду за стаффом 01:52 Tools
Treble Clef 01:59 Tools
Goin' Down for Cocaine 01:59 Tools
фоп 01:52 Tools
БРАТ (intro) 01:52 Tools
One Of These Nights (Lamb vs The Eagles) 05:35 Tools
Big Shot Pimpin' 03:07 Tools
Please Don't Shoot 03:48 Tools
Доля українця 03:23 Tools
Separation Anxiety 03:48 Tools
ні хуйні 03:48 Tools
Easy Heaven 03:41 Tools
Big Shot Pimpin' (Billy Joel v 03:07 Tools
Travelin' Meth Lab 01:52 Tools
ментальне 03:23 Tools
к&к 05:01 Tools
Brat 01:52 Tools
галичина 01:52 Tools
Як Анджеліна Джолі 01:48 Tools
What Do You Know About Ukraine 01:48 Tools
Circles of Fire 03:23 Tools
1991 00:30 Tools
Ітнддсм 03:41 Tools
Томос 03:41 Tools
Black Widow 03:21 Tools
Папі тяжело (feat. Ne chi tai love) 03:21 Tools
Rhiannon's Teardrop (Fleetwood Mac vs. Massive Attack) 05:01 Tools
c'est un long chemin 02:06 Tools
Fogg 02:46 Tools
Silence Is The New...Oh Shut Up 03:53 Tools
Stompen 03:53 Tools
Zapparade 03:53 Tools
F**k the Pain Away 01:40 Tools
Zapprock 03:53 Tools
Hall of the Mountain King 01:48 Tools
Jingle Bells (feat. Annie LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, Carson Lueders & Brooke Butler) 02:39 Tools
Sword And Stone 02:21 Tools
Stoke 03:53 Tools
Alpaca On The Country 03:53 Tools
Policy Of Truth (Depeche Mode VS St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review) 00:00 Tools
Attitude 01:58 Tools
Destruction Song 02:40 Tools
The Forbidden One 04:30 Tools
manifeste de la terreur gouvernementale et le message de la lutte 01:48 Tools
Fame (David Bowie vs Booker T.) 00:30 Tools
Hell On Wheels 04:30 Tools
Amigos Having A Lovely Time 01:48 Tools
l'attaque du ghetto mutant 01:32 Tools
The Killing Floor 04:30 Tools
Bad Blood 02:36 Tools
Slap Happy 02:56 Tools
Swift Moves 02:18 Tools
discours d'intronisation d'un dictateur 01:49 Tools
Easy Heaven (The Cure vs The Commodores) 03:41 Tools
Cocktail Molotov 02:56 Tools
Throw Away the Key 05:35 Tools
So What'cha Want? A Whole Lotta Love! (Led Zeppelin vs Beastie Boys) 01:49 Tools
Chalk Dust 00:00 Tools
High School 00:00 Tools
Marching To The Barracudas 03:35 Tools
Dreaming In Your Sleep 03:35 Tools
Don't Lie To Me 02:36 Tools
Perversion Politique 03:55 Tools
Manifeste Insurrectionnel 02:39 Tools
Please Don't Shoot Again! 02:39 Tools
Leave Me Alone 03:41 Tools
Born Under The Northern Sky 01:52 Tools
Nous Sommes En Guerre 03:33 Tools
The Nightstalker 01:52 Tools
Big Shot Pimpin (Jay-Z vs. Billy Joel) 02:36 Tools
Sledi za soboy (original mix) 06:40 Tools
police illicite feat. Korpse 03:33 Tools
Chalk Dust - The Umpire Strikes Back 03:05 Tools
So long 03:56 Tools
Clueless 03:36 Tools
Dreaming In Your Sleep (BRAT Mix) 02:18 Tools
Born Under the Northern Star 02:43 Tools
What's Pride? 03:36 Tools
Trick or Treat 01:52 Tools
Easy Heaven (The Cure vs. The 03:41 Tools
j'ai vu 01:41 Tools
path of violence 01:52 Tools
Honeymoon 02:18 Tools
Chalk dust-umpire strikes back 02:43 Tools
you suffer 02:43 Tools
lost soul 04:12 Tools
Steal Your Heart Away 04:12 Tools
Recurring Nightmares 04:12 Tools
Brat-Pista_01 03:02 Tools
brutality song part II 01:45 Tools
hell smiling 02:24 Tools
Junkie 02:10 Tools
Big Shot Pimpin' [Billy Joel vs. Jay-Z] 04:12 Tools
Big Shot Pimping 04:12 Tools
Chalkdust (The umpire strikes back) 00:00 Tools
The Hand That Gives You Up 00:00 Tools
Sob Story 03:40 Tools
generation of disorder feat. ray koefoed 01:40 Tools
Oppression impériale (outro) 01:40 Tools
Big Shot Pimpin 01:40 Tools
Say Lady Say 01:40 Tools
Baby, You're A Pure Man 03:05 Tools
Starry Nights 03:05 Tools
Easy Heaven [The Cure vs. The Commodores] 03:40 Tools
Droga do chwaały - Macios 03:40 Tools
Chalk Dust, The Umpire Strikes Back 02:09 Tools
He Said, She Said 03:05 Tools
Sword & Stone 03:40 Tools
generation of disorder (rotten remix) 02:24 Tools
Policy Of Truth Ska Mashup 03:40 Tools
Shining Moon 02:32 Tools
Oppression Imperiale (Outro) 00:57 Tools
Please Don't Shoot Again 02:09 Tools
Soul of Trance (part 1) 02:09 Tools
punki pija 02:09 Tools
Callipigia 02:09 Tools
rhiannon's teardrop 05:01 Tools
Indian Ink Tears 05:01 Tools
Tombstone Blues 05:01 Tools
holiday girl 02:32 Tools
BRAT - Heavenly 02:32 Tools
Prodigy In A Bottle 02:32 Tools
Angel Whisper 02:32 Tools
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There are several artists with this name: - an Italian rock band; - a booty rap group; - a mash-up artist; - a jazz group from Trondheim, Norway; - a heavy metal band; - a folk-punk duo from Madison, Wisconsin; - an early 1990's trio from Columbia, SC; - an Ukrainian rapper. Pronounced like the meat product, not the unruly child. This peculiar duo out of Madison, Wisconsin released one self-titled album in 2003 before splitting up. Playing a folk-punk style reminiscent of They Might Be Giants, Heavy Vegetable and Ed's Redeeming Qualities, multi-instrumentalist Eena Ballard (NoahJohn) and guitarist Freddy LaForce (Fun Rod, Freddy Faggot, Inflatable Grandpa) split vocal duties on tunes that ranged from disarmingly sweet to cheerfully vulgar. The Jazz band: Brat are a young quartette from the city Trondheim in Norway, consisting of Eirik Hegdal and Kjetil Møster on sax, Ole Morten Vågan on double bass and Ole Thomas Kolberg on drums. They had their debut during the Norwegian music festival called by:Larm in 2003. They play a sort of 'spontanious groove-jazz' (in their own words), impro and set pieces. In 2005 they released the album Please Don't Shoot. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.