Byron Berline

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Funky Deer 00:00 Tools
Route 66 02:55 Tools
Stampede 03:28 Tools
Ragtime Annie 03:26 Tools
Rose Of Old Kentucky 03:29 Tools
Comfortably Numb 05:45 Tools
Were You There? 04:02 Tools
Nickle Creek 04:02 Tools
Sally Goodin 05:00 Tools
Nickel Creek 02:35 Tools
Hummingbird Reel 02:45 Tools
Blackberry Blossom 00:00 Tools
Double Trouble 00:00 Tools
Fiddle Faddle 02:03 Tools
Sweet Memory Waltz 03:52 Tools
Second Fiddle 03:56 Tools
My Dixie Darling 03:15 Tools
Roly Poly 02:44 Tools
Faded Love 05:39 Tools
Midnight Waltz 02:25 Tools
Cajun Medley 05:46 Tools
Coming Home 03:52 Tools
Jumpin' The Strings 05:39 Tools
Zigzag 07:56 Tools
Oklahoma Stomp 03:15 Tools
Liberty 02:33 Tools
Skippin Along On Top 07:57 Tools
Grand River 03:25 Tools
Fiddler S Dream 04:28 Tools
Teetotaler Reel 02:54 Tools
Cryin' Eagle 02:01 Tools
Skippin' Around 02:25 Tools
Outrageous 03:28 Tools
Fall Creek 05:39 Tools
Passin' By 02:54 Tools
Skippin' Along on Top 07:56 Tools
New Broom 02:14 Tools
Oklahoma Waltz 02:22 Tools
Tugboat 02:27 Tools
The Old Rugged Cross 02:45 Tools
Barndance 05:46 Tools
Cuttin' Horse 02:40 Tools
Byron's Barn 05:46 Tools
Jack Rabbit 04:17 Tools
Don't Put It Away 04:07 Tools
Honeymoon Waltz 03:00 Tools
Pick-A-Dilly 03:13 Tools
Dance With Me Waltz 03:18 Tools
Ballerina Waltz 02:18 Tools
Memories Of Scotland 03:18 Tools
Indian Hill 02:52 Tools
Trail Of Tears Waltz 02:52 Tools
Plantation Ball Waltz 02:57 Tools
Sally Goodwin 02:18 Tools
Mando Mania 04:32 Tools
Funky Chicken 03:29 Tools
Shepherd's Waltz 02:20 Tools
Around The World Waltz 03:19 Tools
Only a Boy 04:06 Tools
Cajun Waltz 00:00 Tools
Leavin' Town 02:20 Tools
Time Changes Everything 03:57 Tools
Arkansas Traveler 03:57 Tools
Sugar in the Gourd 02:30 Tools
I Don'T Love Nobody 02:30 Tools
Cajun Medley: Down at the "Twist & Shout"/Diggy Liggy Low/Jambalaya 02:30 Tools
Coming Down From Denver 02:53 Tools
Grey Eagle 05:05 Tools
B & B Rag 02:15 Tools
Miller's Reel 02:53 Tools
Birmingham Fling 01:52 Tools
Fiddler's Dream 02:15 Tools
Crosstown Traffic 02:15 Tools
Stone's Rag 03:18 Tools
Redbird 03:18 Tools
Were You There 03:18 Tools
D Minor Swing 02:15 Tools
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Berline was born 6 July 1944 in rural northern Oklahoma, near the border with Kansas. He started playing the fiddle at a very young age and quickly developed a remarkable talent for it. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in the mid 1960s and moved to Southern California in 1969. In 1970, Berline won the National Oldtime Fiddle Contest Championship in Weiser, Idaho. Berline went on to win two more titles. In many of the competitions he attended in Weiser, younger virtuoso Mark O'Connor would earn the junior crown. Soon after his move to California, Berline became one of the most popular fiddlers in the bluegrass world. Berline recorded several solo albums, most notably Fiddle and a Song, which featured guest performances from Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, Vince Gill, and Mason Williams. The album was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1996: Best Album of the Year and Best Song of the Year. While in California, Berline collaborated with John Hickman and guitarist Dan Crary to form the band Berline, Crary, and Hickman; with the addition of Steve Spurgin and John Moore, that band became known as California. Berline was also involved with the bands The Flying Burrito Brothers and Country Gazette. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.