Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Hobgoblin 00:00 Tools
BLACK DRESS 00:00 Tools
No 03:03 Tools
ME 03:13 Tools
Liar 00:00 Tools
Devil 02:57 Tools
Pepe 03:18 Tools
Meow Meow 03:18 Tools
Like It 00:00 Tools
I Like It 00:42 Tools
SHOW 03:31 Tools
Where Are You? 00:00 Tools
I Need U 00:00 Tools
Mistake 00:00 Tools
Breakdown 00:00 Tools
To the Sky 00:00 Tools
No oh oh 00:00 Tools
Like That 02:59 Tools
CALL MY NAME 00:00 Tools
I Mean That 00:00 Tools
Depression 00:00 Tools
Distance 00:00 Tools
BAE 00:00 Tools
SUMMER KISS 00:00 Tools
High Heels 00:00 Tools
7th 00:00 Tools
Eighteen 00:00 Tools
Like 00:00 Tools
Hold Your Hand 00:00 Tools
Hey-yo 00:00 Tools
What Planet Are You From? 00:00 Tools
Cafe Mocha Please 00:00 Tools
Day By Day 00:00 Tools
Yaya (Say bye to solo) 00:00 Tools
Refresh 00:00 Tools
SHARALA 00:00 Tools
도깨비 00:00 Tools
Dear my friend 00:00 Tools
Lucky 00:00 Tools
First Love 00:00 Tools
One, Two, Three 00:00 Tools
Friend Lover Zone 00:00 Tools
Opening the Window 00:00 Tools
미유미유 (Meow Meow) 00:00 Tools
Hide and Seek 00:00 Tools
What Should I Do 00:00 Tools
It's Too Late 00:00 Tools
말이야 00:00 Tools
チャミスマ 00:00 Tools
눈물병 00:00 Tools
즐겨 (I LIKE IT) 00:00 Tools
아니야 (No Oh Oh) 00:00 Tools
궁금해 00:00 Tools
카페모카 주세요 00:00 Tools
1,2,3 (Japanese Version) 00:00 Tools
ME(美) 00:00 Tools
スキドキ 00:00 Tools
샤랄라 (Sharala) 00:00 Tools
00:00 Tools
창문을 열고 00:00 Tools
첫사랑 00:00 Tools
도깨비 (Hobgoblin) 00:00 Tools
예뻐지게 00:00 Tools
Chocolate spice 00:00 Tools
It’s too late 00:00 Tools
숨바꼭질 00:00 Tools
일곱 번째 00:00 Tools
学園天国 00:00 Tools
어디야? (Where are you?) 00:00 Tools
어쩌죠 00:00 Tools
잡아줄게 00:00 Tools
오빠친구 00:00 Tools
하나, 둘, 셋 00:00 Tools
진작에 00:00 Tools
어디야? 00:00 Tools
チャミスマ Feat.イルフン by BTOB 03:19 Tools
두근두근 러브 04:53 Tools
어느 별에서 왔니 (What Planet Are You From?) 00:00 Tools
아니야 No Oh Oh 00:00 Tools
미유미유 00:00 Tools
I should be so lucky 04:53 Tools
어느 별에서 왔니 (What Planet Are You From_) 00:00 Tools
Yaya(Say bye to solo) 04:53 Tools
선 Distance 04:53 Tools
ME (美) 04:53 Tools
궁금해 (Like) 00:00 Tools
일곱 번째 7th 04:53 Tools
어느 별에서 왔니 What Planet Are You From? 04:53 Tools
예뻐지게 (High Heels) 04:53 Tools
하나, 둘, 셋 One, Two, Three 04:53 Tools
진작에 It's Too Late 04:53 Tools
Gung Geum Hae 05:33 Tools
クングメ 04:53 Tools
Miles Away From Home (England) 03:33 Tools
ファーストラブ 05:33 Tools
Ride on King Jesus 04:53 Tools
말이야 (I mean that) 04:53 Tools
INTRO + Crazy + Black Suit│ M COUNTDOWN 180712 EP.578 05:34 Tools
Hobgoblin (도깨비) 04:53 Tools
Open The Window 04:53 Tools
Рэп террор 00:00 Tools
도깨비 Hobgoblin 04:53 Tools
선 (Distance) 05:34 Tools
눈물병 (Crying Disease) 05:33 Tools
두근두근 러브 - Instrumental 05:33 Tools
Please Give Me Cafe Mocha 04:53 Tools
눈물병 (Depression) 05:33 Tools
말이야 (What I’m Saying) 05:33 Tools
샤랄라 05:34 Tools
La Vie En Rose 05:34 Tools
아니야 03:33 Tools
어느 별에서 왔니 (What Planet Are You From) 05:33 Tools
하나, 둘, 셋 (One, Two, Three) 04:24 Tools
Hobgoblin M/V (Versão de Perfomance) 04:53 Tools
Where are you 04:53 Tools
Pepe (Japanese Ver.) 04:53 Tools
첫사랑 (First Love) 04:53 Tools
즐겨 03:33 Tools
YAYA 03:33 Tools
잡아줄게 (I’LL HOLD YOU) 03:33 Tools
일곱 번째 (7th) 05:34 Tools
Tears Bottle 03:33 Tools
What Do I Do 05:33 Tools
What Planet Are You From 03:33 Tools
No Oh Oh (아니야) 05:34 Tools
Seventh 05:34 Tools
Chamisma 05:33 Tools
도깨비(Hobgoblin) 05:33 Tools
I'll Hold You 03:33 Tools
Hobglobin 03:33 Tools
Oppa's Friend 05:15 Tools
어느 별에서 왔니 03:30 Tools
Call on That Name 05:35 Tools
All I Think About 03:33 Tools
Please Give Me A Cafe Mocha 03:33 Tools
카페모카 주세요 (Cafe Mocha Please) 05:12 Tools
미유미유 Meow Meow 04:06 Tools
진작에 (It's Too Late) 03:49 Tools
Gentle Breeze 04:06 Tools
If Everybody in This World Knew Jesus 03:33 Tools
Where Are You? (어디야?) 03:45 Tools
눈물병 (Tears bottle) 03:45 Tools
Before 03:45 Tools
눈물병 Depression 03:15 Tools
창문을 열고 (Open The Window) 04:06 Tools
숨바꼭질 (Hide and Seek) 01:04 Tools
Hobgoblin Lyrics (Color Coded Han/Rom/Eng) 03:26 Tools
Like (궁금해) 03:33 Tools
Have Faith in God 05:39 Tools
진작에 (Before) 04:06 Tools
Eternally Shrinking Venn Diagrams Imprisoned Me in Mathematics (With Pythagoras) (demo) 03:33 Tools
One Two Three 01:06 Tools
오빠친구 (Oppa's Friend) 04:06 Tools
말이야 I Mean That 03:15 Tools
チャミスマ (Chamisma) 05:34 Tools
New Jerusalem 06:18 Tools
God Will Work A Miracle for You 03:49 Tools
Jesus You're Everything 05:34 Tools
A Hiding Place 04:29 Tools
즐겨 I Like It 05:34 Tools
What I’m Saying 05:34 Tools
1, 2, 3 (Japanese Ver.) 03:15 Tools
Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise the Lord 02:57 Tools
Get Out (H+ Mix) 02:11 Tools
Goodbye why because (demo) 02:11 Tools
Distance (선) 05:54 Tools
Only What You Do for Christ Will Last 03:26 Tools
La Vie en Rose (clean demo) 03:26 Tools
창문을 열고 (Opening The Window) 03:16 Tools
1, 2, 3 (Japanese Version) 04:24 Tools
Meow Meow (미유미유) 03:16 Tools
예뻐지게(High Heels) 03:15 Tools
Curious (Like) 04:29 Tools
Sukidoki 04:24 Tools
Come On Everybody 05:12 Tools
블랙드레스 커버댄스중.. 진짜 CLC 가 나타났다? 04:24 Tools
Разрушитель 03:45 Tools
I Mean 03:16 Tools
What I'm Saying 03:45 Tools
チャミスマ (feat. 정일훈) 01:06 Tools
잡아줄게 (Hold Your Hand) 04:24 Tools
어디야? Where Are You? 04:24 Tools
Line 03:57 Tools
주문을 외울게 (아르피엘 '아이린') 03:15 Tools
スキドキ (Sukidoki) 03:16 Tools
Transmundane (demo) 02:57 Tools
라비앙로즈 02:57 Tools
BLACK DRESS Line Distribution (Color Coded) | 씨엘씨 - 블랙드레스 03:32 Tools
바람과 함께 사라지다 [불후의 명곡 전설을 노래하다 , Immortal Songs 2].20190831 03:32 Tools
Don't Worry (demo) 02:57 Tools
Crying Disease 03:31 Tools
You Mean 02:57 Tools
What To Do 01:35 Tools
goblin 01:35 Tools
Pepe (Japanese Version) 01:35 Tools
Magic Number 03:57 Tools
1,2,3 (Japanese Ver.) 03:15 Tools
선 (Line) 01:06 Tools
일곱 번째 (Seventh) 04:24 Tools
dP/dR=e^2[((R+r)-2R)/(R+r)^3] 01:06 Tools
High Heels (Japanese Ver.) 01:04 Tools
Irnbruprofen (demo) 01:06 Tools
하나 둘 셋 01:06 Tools
I’LL HOLD YOU 01:06 Tools
어쩌죠 (What Should I Do) 01:06 Tools
You Ain't Seen Nothin 05:15 Tools
궁금해 Like 04:24 Tools
No' Teaser 04:24 Tools
8th Mini Album "No.1" Audio Snippet 04:24 Tools
NO Explained by a Korean (Feminist Anthem?) 04:24 Tools
Devil @인기가요 Inkigayo 20190908 04:24 Tools
<Depression Period> 01:06 Tools
Can't Help You Feeling Blue 01:06 Tools
You (acoustic demo) 01:06 Tools
검정 드레스 (BLACK DRESS) 01:06 Tools
카페모카 주세요 (Please Give Me Cafe Mocha) 03:16 Tools
Invisible Star Remix 03:50 Tools
I Just Walking 03:01 Tools
Plan B 03:30 Tools
Beloved II 05:15 Tools
오빠친구 (Oppa`s Friend) 03:16 Tools
Pepe -Japanese ver.- 03:16 Tools
BLACK DRESS - CLC 03:16 Tools
I Like It (즐겨) 03:16 Tools
学園天国 (School Heaven) 04:24 Tools
Backwards Interlude 05:15 Tools
오빠친구 (Friend Lover Zone) 05:15 Tools
Hobgoblin Lyrics (color coded / han|rom|eng) 04:24 Tools
Под Прицелом (Курыган Remix) 04:24 Tools
Под Прицелом 01:04 Tools
チャミスマ (Feat.イルフン by BTOB) 01:04 Tools
Black Dress [세로댄스] | Dance Choreography 04:24 Tools
Don't Worry 05:15 Tools
A Beautiful Lie (first demo) 05:15 Tools
I'm Not Like That 05:15 Tools
CLC - BLACK DRESS 05:15 Tools
어디야 05:15 Tools
Monster 03:31 Tools
D.I.P 03:55 Tools
예뻐지게 High Heels 01:35 Tools
Intro 00:00 Tools
Joker feat. KROUD 03:39 Tools
Missa feat. KROUD 05:54 Tools
Czar cuts by K-Flash 04:24 Tools
High Heels (예뻐지게) 03:16 Tools
Hey Yo 03:16 Tools
Crystyle 03:16 Tools
A Beautiful Lie (second demo) 04:24 Tools
Devil' Teaser 2 04:24 Tools
No' 손 Teaser 04:24 Tools
Devil' Teaser 1 04:24 Tools
You Ain't Seen Nothin' (Til You See What God Can Do) 04:24 Tools
Waiting to Live 04:24 Tools
I Like It (Line Distribution) 04:24 Tools
Jump 01:35 Tools
말이야 (I Mean) 01:35 Tools
잡아줄게 Hold Your Hand 01:35 Tools
For Time 04:04 Tools
S.H.I.T feat. 仙人掌 04:06 Tools
7th (일곱 번째) 04:06 Tools
카페모카 주세요 Cafe Mocha Please 03:16 Tools
Plathome 04:48 Tools
Hobgoblin 도깨비 04:48 Tools
Depression (눈물병) 04:48 Tools
Munchees Guy 03:15 Tools
I Mean That (말이야) 03:15 Tools
High Heels (イェポジゲ) 03:15 Tools
창문을 열고 Opening the Window 03:15 Tools
CLC - Hobgoblin 03:15 Tools
Хардкор (Инвалиды Кунг-Фу skit) 03:15 Tools
Samuel Butler (2004 mix) 01:04 Tools
a[d^2w(x,t)/dx^2]+v(x,t)w(x,t) = B[dw(x,t)/dt] (demo) 01:04 Tools
Curious 03:16 Tools
No' 유진 Teaser 03:16 Tools
No' 승희 Teaser 03:16 Tools
BLACK DRESS, 씨엘씨 - 블랙드레스 Show Music core 20180317 03:16 Tools
No' 엘키 Teaser 03:16 Tools
The Tears Bottle 03:16 Tools
Hobgoblin(Color Coded Han/Rom/Eng) 03:16 Tools
HobotSkit (Dj Hobot Intro) 01:04 Tools
Diabo 01:04 Tools
Hobgoblin || LEARN Members / Names 01:04 Tools
Манифест (feat. Михайлов, MC Froll) 01:04 Tools
На Компакт Диске (skit) 03:16 Tools
Miles Away from Home (feat. Micky Bullen) 03:32 Tools
Devil @인기가요 Inkigayo 20190922 03:32 Tools
Samuel Butler 03:32 Tools
BLACK DRESS, 씨엘씨 - 블랙드레스 Show Music core 20180303 03:16 Tools
Waiting to Live (acoustic demo) 03:32 Tools
어디야_ 03:32 Tools
Filet-O 04:27 Tools
Hajimari No Aizu 03:16 Tools
Грязные Песни (feat. S.O.D.I. & Шагай) 03:16 Tools
Open The Windows 03:16 Tools
도깨비 (鬼怪) 03:16 Tools
Black Dress (Remix) 03:16 Tools
I'll Catch You 03:16 Tools
High Heels -Japanese ver.- 03:16 Tools
No' 예은 Teaser 03:16 Tools
Gakuen Tengoku 03:16 Tools
Prozac Song 03:16 Tools
잡아줄게 (I'll Hold You) 03:16 Tools
School Heaven 03:16 Tools
Скорпион 03:16 Tools
High Heels (Japanese Version) 03:16 Tools
T.W.A.T. (The War Against Terrorism) 03:16 Tools
1,2,3 03:16 Tools
Hobgoblin M/V (Versão de Performance) 03:16 Tools
Wonderful [One Side Promo] 03:16 Tools
No | Areia Kpop Remix #333 03:16 Tools
BLACK DRESS || LEARN Members / Names 03:16 Tools
Devil Line Distribution (Color Coded) 03:16 Tools
No @인기가요 Inkigayo 20190203 03:16 Tools
BLACK DRESS, 씨엘씨 - 블랙드레스 Show Music core 20180224 03:16 Tools
FREE'SM The 6th Mini Album 03:16 Tools
어쩌죠 (What Do I Do) 03:16 Tools
От МертвоПавла (МП skit) 03:16 Tools
CHAMISMA feat ILHOON 03:16 Tools
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CLC (씨엘씨; short for "CrystaL Clear") is a seven-member South Korean girl group formed by Cube Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie and Eunbin. In 2014, Cube Entertainment teased their first girl group in five years since 4minute. Prior to their debut, CLC made their first appearance as back-up dancers for G.NA. The group began to gain publicity through street performances that raised money for children with disabilities. These featured on their online reality show CLC's Love Chemistry. The original member line-up for CLC was a five-member line-up consisting of Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, and Yeeun. They released their first extended play First Love, including the lead single "Pepe", on March 19, 2015. Their debut showcase was held the day before at the Acts Hotel in Seoul, where they performed their debut song for the first time. They made their debut music show performance on M! Countdown. On April 16, CLC released a digital single titled "Eighteen", described as a song about teenage love influenced by 1960s/70s motown and 1980s synthpop. They began promotions for the single the following day on Music Bank. Their second extended play Question was released a month later on May 28. Its lead single "궁금해 (Like)" was first performed on M! Countdown on May 28. On February 29, 2016, CLC released their third extended play REFRESH along with title track "예뻐지게 (High Heels)". This marked the addition of two new members: Elkie and Eunbin. At the time, Eunbin was participating in the idol survival show Produce 101. Cube Entertainment stated that Eunbin had been part of the group's original lineup, but was dropped following delays in production of the group's debut album. Due to Produce 101 contractual restrictions, Eunbin was not able to promote the single "High Heels" on music shows or other broadcasts, nor appear in the single's music video. The agency planned for Eunbin to join promotions in the event that she was eliminated from the show, or else to postpone her activities as part of the group until after Produce 101 promotions if she was a winner. On February 29, a short version of the "High Heels" music video that included Elkie but omitted Eunbin was released. The full version of the music video, including Eunbin, was released on March 21. CLC made their Japanese debut on April 13, 2016 with the release of their first Japanese extended play High Heels. The album includes the Japanese version of "Pepe", "First Love", "Like", "High Heels", and a cover of Kylie Minogue's "I Should Be So Lucky". The showcase for the album was held without Eunbin, who was still competing in Produce 101 at the time. On May 23, Cube Entertainment began uploading group and individual photo teasers for CLC's fourth mini-album. This would mark the first release with Eunbin as an official member. From the released images, CLC showed a funky and unique concept with the use of fancy neon colors, highlighting the "sly-dol" image. On May 30, 2016, they released their fourth extended play NU.CLEAR along with title track "아니야 (No Oh Oh)". Member Yeeun participated in song-writing for three of the tracks on the album. The group made their first music show performance on Show Champion, performing both "No Oh Oh" and "One, Two, Three". In the last month of December, CLC confirmed that they would be going for a concept revamp for their next extended play. They later teased a more charismatic, hip-hop girl crush image. On January 17, 2017, CLC released their fifth extended play CRYSTYLE. The extended play contains six tracks including the EDM/trap lead single "도깨비 (Hobgoblin)". Labelmate Hyuna helped with the concept design and song-writing of the album. CRYSTYLE debuted on Billboard's World Albums chart at #6, while "Hobgoblin" peaked at #4 on the World Digital Song Sales chart. On August 3, CLC released their sixth extended play FREE'SM. The album title is portmanteau upon the words "prism" and "free", which describes the group's musical and conceptual direction for this extended play. The album is inspired by 1990's girl groups Fin.K.L and S.E.S.. It consists of six tracks including the R&B ballad lead single "어디야? (Where Are You?)". The album debuted at #10 on the Gaon Album Chart. On February 1, 2018, CLC released a pre-release single from their upcoming album titled "To The Sky". On February 12, their agency stated that CLC's upcoming extended play "will show off its charm and maturity by focusing on a chic and charismatic performance with a hip-hop, EDM and dance-based composition". On February 23, CLC released their seventh extended play BLACK DRESS along with title track "BLACK DRESS". Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.