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Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr 00:00 Tools
Six Parts Summer 00:00 Tools
Bassett St. 00:00 Tools
Cities & Memory 00:00 Tools
Narrow Hallways 00:00 Tools
Hiccups 00:00 Tools
Model Trains 00:00 Tools
Bike Notes 00:00 Tools
Lautrec 00:00 Tools
Midwest Values 00:00 Tools
Rogers Alexandra 00:00 Tools
Beating High Schoolers At Arcade Games 00:00 Tools
Ghost Boat 00:00 Tools
I Know What A Lion Is 00:00 Tools
Plays One On TV 00:00 Tools
Stranger, You Know 00:00 Tools
Space Jam: The Return 00:00 Tools
When a Movie is Made in France, it's Called Cinemas 00:00 Tools
Chilsen 00:00 Tools
Evil Robots With Swords for Hands 00:00 Tools
(Get) Bucktown 00:00 Tools
Rogers Alexandria 00:00 Tools
Midwestern Values 00:00 Tools
Bassette St. 00:00 Tools
Bassett St 00:00 Tools
CSTVT - Ghost Boat 00:00 Tools
CSTVT - Rogers Alexandra 00:00 Tools
Cities & Memories 00:00 Tools
When A Mouse Is Made In France Its Called Cinemas 00:00 Tools
Ghost Ships 00:00 Tools
Cities And Memory 00:00 Tools
Bucktown 00:00 Tools
Between Berwyn & Bryn Mawr 00:00 Tools
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Chicago’s CSTVT (formerly Castevet) is band that combines the upbeat passages of midwest punk rock with intricate guitar work and shouted, but melodic vocals. Drawing inspiration from bands like American Football, Small Brown Bike, Appleseed Cast, and Braid, CSTVT has taken these influences and created a sound of their own. Their first full length, 'Summer Fences' was released on Count Your Lucky Stars records in June of 2009. A follow-up LP, 'The Echo & the Light' was released June 12th, 2010 on Tiny Engines records. It was released on CD in Japan via StiffSlack Records. In August 2010, CSTVT released a split 7” with Into It. Over It. on Topshelf Records. Since signing to Run For Cover Records, CSTVT released a self-titled tour 7”, and a track on "Mixed Signals." Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.