Call And Response

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Rollerskate 00:00 Tools
The Fool 00:00 Tools
California Floating In Space 00:00 Tools
Trapped Under Ice 00:00 Tools
Blowin' Bubbles 00:00 Tools
Nightflight 00:00 Tools
Colors Bleed 00:00 Tools
Silent Chill 00:00 Tools
Silhouette 00:00 Tools
Eclipse 00:00 Tools
I Know You Want Me 00:00 Tools
Lightbulb 00:00 Tools
Landscapes 00:00 Tools
Colors 00:00 Tools
Map 00:00 Tools
Station 00:00 Tools
All Night Long 00:00 Tools
Stars Have Eyes 00:00 Tools
Before the Dream 00:00 Tools
Misty Moon 00:00 Tools
Time Lapse 00:00 Tools
When The Lights Are Out 00:00 Tools
Baby I'm a Want You 00:00 Tools
Nervous Wreck 00:00 Tools
Connection 00:00 Tools
Tiger Teeth 00:00 Tools
Curves In A Straight Line 00:00 Tools
Mr. Weatherman 00:00 Tools
Messages 00:00 Tools
Little Noises 00:00 Tools
Josie and Chloe 00:00 Tools
rollerskate (you learn to) 00:00 Tools
Call And Response - Baby I'm A Want You 00:00 Tools
Call and Response - Trapped under Ice 00:00 Tools
Baby, I'm A Want You 00:00 Tools
Call And Response - Mr. Weatherman 00:00 Tools
Fool 00:00 Tools
03 rollerskate 00:00 Tools
I Want You Me 00:00 Tools
Fool, The 00:00 Tools
Eclipse (live on Gideon Coe) 00:00 Tools
Roller Skate 00:00 Tools
Bubbles 00:00 Tools
Source Direct 00:00 Tools
Sour 00:00 Tools
Blowin` Bubbles 00:00 Tools
Sun 00:00 Tools
The Stars Have Eyes 00:00 Tools
Something 00:00 Tools
Mr Weatherman 00:00 Tools
TrappedIce 00:00 Tools
Baby I'm A Want You [By Call And Response] 00:00 Tools
12 stars have eyes 00:00 Tools
Call And Response - Bubble Go Pop 00:00 Tools
Baby I'm-a Want You 00:00 Tools
08 map 00:00 Tools
Landscape 00:00 Tools
07 colors 00:00 Tools
Trapped in Ice 00:00 Tools
Sillhouette 00:00 Tools
05 california floating in space 00:00 Tools
01 - Blowin' Bubbles 00:00 Tools
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Call and Response are a musical ensemble hailing from the Bay Area, California. The music they compose is filled with rhythm, harmony, and warmth. Elements of classic pop, spacey jazz, film soundtracks, folk and soul music are only some of the musical inspirations drawn upon by the group. Call and Response formed in 1998 when Simone Rubi (keyboards, vocals) and Daniel Judd (guitar), who shared a love of obscure pop music, film soundtracks, and synthesizers, decided to collaborate on a musical project in their hometown of Santa Barbara. They began writing songs and soon Simone asked one of her oldest friends, Carrie Clough (vocals), to lend her harmonic skills to the group. A year later they relocated to Oakland where they met Terri Loewenthal (bass, vocals). Terri, a Florida native, impressed them with her fluid bass playing and ability to harmonize vocally. In need of percussion, they chanced upon Jordan Dalrymple (drums) an accomplished musician from San Diego, living in Berkeley. The five immediately became close friends and a productive song writing team, each lending their individual talents and insights in a uniquely democratic fashion. Call and Response finished recording a new album in January 2004. With this record, the band innovates a sound that is impressionistic, mystical, and beautiful. The 10 song album entitled Winds take no shape, will be released in June on Badman Recording Co., who have released albums by Mark Kozelek, Rebecca Gates, My Morning Jacket, and other talented artists. The Call and Response self-titled debut album from 2001 on Emperor Norton Records gained international recognition and received positive reviews from National Public Radio and the Washington Post. Reviewers drew comparisons to the Sea and Cake, Heart, the Jackson 5, Gal Costa, Brian Eno and Stereolab. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.