Caroline Smith

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Bloodstyle 03:25 Tools
Magazine 03:21 Tools
Half About Being a Woman 00:00 Tools
Trying Not to Love You 03:02 Tools
The One Thing 03:10 Tools
All That I Know Is (I'm your baby) 03:55 Tools
Child of Moving On 05:01 Tools
Walking Off Strong 04:01 Tools
Buy Me Something 01:59 Tools
Kind of Man 03:02 Tools
All That I Know Is (I’m Your Baby) 03:43 Tools
So It Goes 04:37 Tools
Birch Trees and Broken Barns 03:00 Tools
Lack of Height 03:43 Tools
Trying My Shoes 03:01 Tools
Closing the Doors 03:16 Tools
You Promised Me 02:48 Tools
from me 05:35 Tools
She Ain't Got It 03:44 Tools
Five Months Too Long 03:13 Tools
Tying My Shoes 03:07 Tools
The Tragedy Of June 11 03:07 Tools
excuses 01:05 Tools
i clench my teeth 02:50 Tools
Grizzly Bear 04:29 Tools
Denim Boy 04:29 Tools
Birch Trees & Broken Barns 03:23 Tools
Sally 02:28 Tools
The One Thing - Audiotree Live Version 02:28 Tools
Gracie 03:44 Tools
Bloodstyle - Audiotree Live Version 03:44 Tools
Clench My Teeth 02:56 Tools
clench my teeth (cd) 02:56 Tools
Half About Being a Woman - Audiotree Live Version 02:56 Tools
Animal 02:56 Tools
All That I Know - Audiotree Live Version 02:56 Tools
Child of Moving On - Audiotree Live Version 02:56 Tools
Magazine - Audiotree Live Version 02:56 Tools
Caroline Smith - Bloodstyle 02:56 Tools
All That I Know 02:56 Tools
Cigarette Smile 02:56 Tools
How Lost Are You? 04:02 Tools
Darling Light 04:02 Tools
Dogpile 04:02 Tools
Dragging People Down 04:02 Tools
Tierney 04:02 Tools
Where has Sally Gone? 02:28 Tools
Eagle's Nest 03:35 Tools
I'll Always Be 04:02 Tools
Undressed 04:02 Tools
lack of height (cd) 03:34 Tools
She Ain't Got It (Live on The Local Show) 03:35 Tools
My Darling Light 04:03 Tools
King of Man 03:27 Tools
Green To Grey 03:27 Tools
Not For a While 04:03 Tools
Calliope 03:03 Tools
Tanktop 00:30 Tools
Scholarships 06:20 Tools
Strong Shoulders 02:08 Tools
Cigarette Smiles 00:30 Tools
Under the Night 02:08 Tools
;;; 03:41 Tools
Hannah's Song 03:41 Tools
Rocking Chair 00:00 Tools
Strong Shoulders Reprise 01:44 Tools
Half About Being a Woman (89.3 The Current, Caravan Du Nord) 01:44 Tools
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Merging ’90s R&B and neo-soul with her indie-rock roots, Caroline Smith‘s new music has settled comfortably into a new backdrop as she takes a step from girl to woman. Half About Being a Woman is a record about self-acceptance and growing into yourself; it’s about going back to the roots of ‘feel-good’ music. “I wanted to find my way back to the reason why I started playing music in the first place,” says Smith. “Over the last year I began to embrace that being a strong, confident, opinionated woman is something to be proud of, not subdued. I have to embrace where my roots are and stay true to who I am: an unabashed fan of 90′s R&B, pop, and neo-soul.” While some might be surprised by the transition, the truth is that Caroline has never stopped evolving. From folky beginnings and an indie rock second album, she has been consistently pushing herself to new heights. With soaring vocals and catchy melodies at the heart of all three albums, Caroline is settling into a sound that feels more like home. “I feel I’ve finally created something that is a nod to some of my favorite records while being able to use my own voice to illustrate my personal transition into woman hood; That time in a woman’s life when her ‘fat butt’ becomes her ‘phat ass’. I wanted to make music to celebrate that and to encourage other women to do the same.” This glimpse of an artist in flux was captured perfectly in the PBS documentary on Caroline, My Way Back Home. The video for “Magazine“, created by director/editor Dan Huiting (Bon Iver, The National, Local Natives, Andrew Bird) and DP Ryan Thompson, perfectly captures the the theme of a woman actively embracing her femininity and transcending societal expectations. The album, released by United Interests, was produced by Jake Hanson (guitarist- Mason Jennings, Solid Gold), recorded at Near North Studios by Brett Bullion (Dark Dark Dark, Chris Walla) and mixed by Paul Marino (Mint Condition). It includes contributions from long-time bandmates Jesse Schuster and Arlen Peiffer (Cloud Cult) along with several guest musicians including Mike Lewis (Bon Iver, Andrew Bird). The band will be touring through the fall to support the album – starting with an expected sold-out show at First Avenue in their home town of Minneapolis, MN. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.