Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Natalie 04:09 Tools
Yes 03:26 Tools
As Time Goes By 03:19 Tools
Closer 03:15 Tools
Apocalyptic Youth 03:31 Tools
Downtown 03:15 Tools
Deliberately Wasted 02:43 Tools
Hail the Liberation 03:42 Tools
The Juggler 03:45 Tools
Rich Girl 03:54 Tools
Love And Desperation 04:01 Tools
Island 04:35 Tools
La Voix 03:06 Tools
Beast Of Summer 03:08 Tools
The Giant Dreamless Sleep 04:01 Tools
Secret Agents of Lust 03:02 Tools
Last of the Rockstars 03:32 Tools
A Lifetime On the Run 04:15 Tools
Barriers 04:06 Tools
Riding A Black Swan 03:29 Tools
Dead End Street Revisited 03:21 Tools
Mediterranean Sundance 04:29 Tools
My Shadow Out Of Time 04:10 Tools
Hurricane Season 03:12 Tools
It's Alright 04:10 Tools
Quedate En Madrid 02:58 Tools
As Time Goes By - Original Song by Sam (Dooley Wilson) 00:30 Tools
Heartbreak City 02:29 Tools
Some Misty Morning 03:25 Tools
No Devil In Me 03:37 Tools
Just For The Nite 04:16 Tools
Enter The Mountains 00:30 Tools
This is Tomorrow 00:30 Tools
Sister 00:30 Tools
Re: Old Money 00:30 Tools
Wonderful Train - Original Extended Version 05:03 Tools
Angel Of Night 07:34 Tools
Name Rank Serial Killer 07:34 Tools
Miskatonic Graffiti 07:34 Tools
Saturday Night 07:34 Tools
She Was The One 07:34 Tools
La Voix - Feat. Malena Ernman 03:08 Tools
Exit the Mountains 04:58 Tools
I Needed To Know 00:00 Tools
Play It Sam... Play "As Time Goes By" 04:58 Tools
Lei 04:58 Tools
The Girl Of Lucifer 07:34 Tools
We Could Forever 03:32 Tools
Love and desperation (radio edit) 03:04 Tools
Knock On Wood 01:16 Tools
Damping 04:39 Tools
casablanca 04:13 Tools
Wonderful Train 05:02 Tools
Knock on Wood (Alternate Version) 01:23 Tools
Oj mamo 04:10 Tools
Scandal Eyes 06:25 Tools
We'll Always Have Paris 00:00 Tools
My Bus 03:51 Tools
La La Laj 03:08 Tools
As Time Goes By (Sleepless In Seatle) 04:12 Tools
My Cyganie 02:45 Tools
Niente rose 02:45 Tools
Ghost Town 02:20 Tools
Rick and Renault 01:11 Tools
Medley: Paris Montage 03:48 Tools
Medley: Die Wacht Am Rhein / La Marseillaise 04:34 Tools
Groovy Cony 03:10 Tools
Of All the Gin Joints in All the Towns in the World 01:55 Tools
The Girl Of Lucifer (Extended Version) 07:39 Tools
Beautiful sunrise 07:39 Tools
Airport Finale/Here's Looking At You Kid 06:40 Tools
Brother Saxo 03:15 Tools
Greeting Song 03:14 Tools
Another Story 03:14 Tools
Night Camp 02:48 Tools
Matter Of Time 04:27 Tools
Ilsa Demands The Letters 03:39 Tools
My try-on 02:48 Tools
The Girl Of Lucifer (Extended) 00:00 Tools
Medley: At La Belle Aurore 04:43 Tools
Time Goes By 01:48 Tools
La voix (feat. Malena Ernman) 03:07 Tools
Wonderful Train - Extended Version 05:03 Tools
Ilsa Returns to Rick's 03:11 Tools
Medley: Main Title / Prologue (Africa... Thief) 05:20 Tools
Arrival Of Ilsa And Victor At Rick's 01:16 Tools
Medley: It Had to Be You / Shine 02:02 Tools
Segunda Chance 02:56 Tools
Hidden Love 02:10 Tools
Un punto di sutura 05:03 Tools
Hateful 1 00:00 Tools
Angústia e Orgulho 02:54 Tools
She is a liar 04:48 Tools
Yes (ATLAS Remix) 03:32 Tools
Minuetto 02:10 Tools
Levantar (part. Caio MacBeserra) 02:52 Tools
Angel Of Night - 12" Version 07:33 Tools
Medley: Shine / It Had to Be You 02:20 Tools
Hot Nights In Ibiza 06:10 Tools
Confronto (part. Théo Moratti) 03:11 Tools
Dat's what Noah done 06:10 Tools
Rick Confronts Ilsa And Laszlo 02:23 Tools
Campo de Batalha 02:10 Tools
Horizonte infinito 03:56 Tools
Dark Room 03:51 Tools
Terra di confine 03:15 Tools
Wonderful Train (original extended version) 05:03 Tools
Lost In Paradise 06:49 Tools
Parts Of A Whole 03:46 Tools
Adios Amor 03:14 Tools
Medley: Ilsa Returns... La Marseillaise 03:13 Tools
Sugar Sugar 02:48 Tools
Phantom Sings 1 02:48 Tools
Play It Sam.....Play "As Time Goes By" 02:48 Tools
幌馬車の上の三人 06:40 Tools
Jeśli kochasz 03:12 Tools
Medley: Laszlo.... Plane 02:48 Tools
Bertie Higgins 04:29 Tools
New world 06:41 Tools
5 cose 00:00 Tools
Mediterranean Sun Dance 04:10 Tools
Here Comes The Night 04:48 Tools
Dat's What Noah Done (Outtake) 00:00 Tools
Happiness is a Gun 06:40 Tools
Gelido 00:00 Tools
Sands Of Wasted Time 06:41 Tools
Rich Girls 03:55 Tools
バラと狼のラプソディー 03:37 Tools
Echoes In A Shallow Bay (Demo) 00:00 Tools
Czas moich dni 04:10 Tools
Angel Of The Night 06:40 Tools
Angel of Night (12'' Version) 07:36 Tools
Play It Sam...Play "As Time Goes By" (AVALON/AS TIME GOES BY- underscore) (LP Version) 06:41 Tools
闇に響く歌声 05:20 Tools
All You Know 03:23 Tools
Oj Mamo 04:09 Tools
Adios Amor - Power Radio Version 03:37 Tools
mzo bullet 03:53 Tools
Respond 02:46 Tools
Maschere 05:20 Tools
Last Request 06:12 Tools
Time is Anthology 03:16 Tools
Il cielo delle sei 05:20 Tools
03:17 Tools
Chaos And Anger And Pain 04:14 Tools
Here Today... 02:46 Tools
Phantom speaks 5 03:08 Tools
Phantom sings 2 03:21 Tools
Imagination (Calypso Nights) - 12" Version 06:44 Tools
Wonderful Train (Vocal - Subway Mix) 04:56 Tools
Medley: Paris Montage (As Time Goes By...Menace) (LP Version) 00:00 Tools
holiday 03:26 Tools
La percezione di un addio 03:38 Tools
Phantom speaks 1 05:09 Tools
Phantom sings 3 07:33 Tools
Jesli Kochasz 03:14 Tools
I'm on Fire - Furnace Mix 06:31 Tools
Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In The World (PIANO IMPROVISATION - underscore) (LP Version w/ dialogue) 00:00 Tools
You'll Be Sorry 04:07 Tools
Arrival Of Ilsa And Victor At Rick's (LOVE FOR SALE - underscore) (LP Version w/ dialogue) 04:07 Tools
Shes a liar 03:16 Tools
Phantom speaks 2 07:33 Tools
Jessica Jay 06:19 Tools
As Time Goes By (from 'Casablanca') 03:26 Tools
Libiam ne' lieti calici 03:23 Tools
Hatehul 1 03:16 Tools
Low Deep T 04:13 Tools
Non lo volevo 03:38 Tools
Il mio silenzio 03:38 Tools
Journey 03:26 Tools
Adios Amor (Power Radio Version) 03:37 Tools
Phantom speaks 6 03:21 Tools
Miłość Jak Wino 03:26 Tools
As Time Goes By - The Full/Original Version 02:02 Tools
Milosc Jak Wino 03:26 Tools
Cafe Sucre (Original Vocal Mix) 03:37 Tools
As Time Goes By (Hupfeld) 03:37 Tools
Cygan 00:00 Tools
Main Title 03:37 Tools
Medley: Main Title/Prologue 05:20 Tools
Fractal 00:00 Tools
Alone In a Crowd 03:38 Tools
Radio sputa 02:55 Tools
Ti chiedo scusa 00:00 Tools
Mały statek 03:21 Tools
Adios Amor (Power Radio Version) - Power Radio Version 03:38 Tools
Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In All The World... 03:38 Tools
Phantom speaks 7 07:33 Tools
Angel Of Night (12" Version) 07:33 Tools
Min Farsa Är En Vampyr 05:02 Tools
Yes (Jewellers Remix) 03:38 Tools
Scandal Eyes (Version) 06:15 Tools
Jorge Maravilha 06:19 Tools
play it sam 02:02 Tools
Adios Amor - Remix Version 03:17 Tools
Medley: Die Wacht Am Rhein/La Marseillaise (LP Version) 06:44 Tools
Of all the gin joints 06:44 Tools
Wonderful Train (Extended Version) 05:02 Tools
Medley: Die Wacht Am Rhein/La Marseillaise 04:34 Tools
Sugar Sugar - dtsch. 05:23 Tools
Non so mai dirti che... 00:00 Tools
Ghiaccio sulle mani 00:00 Tools
Ti scriverò da qui 00:00 Tools
Un taglio in bocca 00:00 Tools
Angel Of Night (12' Version) 07:36 Tools
Hej Dziewczyno 05:23 Tools
La La Laj 03:08 Tools
Alabina & Gipsy Kings 03:08 Tools
Rick Confronts Ilsa And Laszlo (Medley: Con Moto...Running) (LP Version w/ dialogue) 03:08 Tools
La Marseillaise 03:08 Tools
as time goes bye 02:55 Tools
Knock On Wood (LP Version) 02:55 Tools
Medley: It Had To Be You/Shine (LP Version) 02:55 Tools
Miłość Jak Wino - 02:55 Tools
Medley: Main Title/Prologue (Africa...Thief)(LP Version) 02:55 Tools
Medley: Shine/It Had To Be You (Alternate Orchestral Version) 02:55 Tools
Bright Colors 05:09 Tools
Adios Amor - Radio Version 03:14 Tools
Adios Amor - Kaboom vs. Happy Vibes Mix 05:08 Tools
Rick And Renault (The Very Thought Of You - Underscore) (Lp Version W/ Dialogue) 01:11 Tools
Orden Jag Aldrig Sa 04:31 Tools
Oj mamo mamo 04:08 Tools
Adesso ci sei tu 03:54 Tools
Wonderful Train (Instrumental) 03:54 Tools
Play It Again Sam 00:00 Tools
Paris 00:00 Tools
Ti sto cercando 00:00 Tools
Ten dziwny spokój 04:46 Tools
Szumią wierzby 03:38 Tools
Apcoalyptic Youth 03:32 Tools
Ptakow Spiew 03:38 Tools
Medley: Ilsa Returns...La Marseillaise 03:38 Tools
Bevo vino 02:38 Tools
Cercami 04:31 Tools
La bella lavandaia 02:28 Tools
Cyganskie konie 02:28 Tools
Rick And Renault (THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU - underscore) (LP Version w/ dialogue) 02:28 Tools
Ilsa Returns To Rick's (Medley: Ilsa Returns...La Marseillaise)(LP Version w/ dialogue) 02:28 Tools
Cinzas 02:28 Tools
French Edition 02:28 Tools
Miłość jak wino 03:43 Tools
Sugar Sugar - London Nights Candyfloss Remix 05:23 Tools
Legami gli occhi 04:55 Tools
Casablanca Theme 05:23 Tools
Open Your Window 04:46 Tools
Medley 02:02 Tools
Medley: Laszlo...Plane 02:02 Tools
Ein Leben lang 02:02 Tools
The Perfect Meal 02:02 Tools
Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In The World - LP Version w/ dialogue 02:02 Tools
Rick Confronts Ilsa And Laszlo (Medley: Con Moto...Running) (LP Version w/ dialogue) 02:02 Tools
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - As Time Goes By -Complete Vocal- 02:02 Tools
Va pensiero 02:28 Tools
Miguel 03:16 Tools
Medley: Ilsa Returns...La Marseillaise (LP Version) 03:16 Tools
Ilsa Demands The Letters (Medley: Deutschland....As Time Goes By) (LP Version w/ dialogue) 03:16 Tools
A última que morre 02:28 Tools
Emily 03:38 Tools
Czerwone róże 03:38 Tools
Nubian Mindz Deat. K.J 03:38 Tools
Quédate En Madrid 02:02 Tools
Nie Wiem 04:55 Tools
Znajde Cie 03:38 Tools
Bale zurawie 03:38 Tools
Broken Heart 03:38 Tools
Sempre Foi Assim 03:38 Tools
My Bus - Original Mix 03:38 Tools
Lá Te Vejo 03:38 Tools
Tanto 03:13 Tools
Dat's What Noah Done - Outtake 02:28 Tools
Cafe Sucre (African Mix) 02:28 Tools
Medley: Laszlo....Plane (LP Version) 02:28 Tools
Bota pra fuder 02:28 Tools
Una ragione di più 02:28 Tools
Play It Sam Play As Time Goe 04:55 Tools
Biale zurawie 04:55 Tools
With love 04:55 Tools
Znajde Cie 03:25 Tools
Three 03:46 Tools
Marrakech (Russian Mafia Remix) 03:46 Tools
Play It Sam Play As Time Go 03:46 Tools
Play It, Sam... Play As Time Goes By 03:46 Tools
As Time Goes By ( LP Version) 03:46 Tools
Rey del Siglo Xx - Remastered 03:46 Tools
Panda Drum N Bass 03:46 Tools
Sweet Sensation (Oh Yes,Oh No) (Radio Edit) 03:38 Tools
Sensualitè 03:38 Tools
Rick And Renault - LP Version w/ dialogue 03:38 Tools
Medley: At La Belle Aurore (As Time Goes By...Ilsa Returns) (LP Version) 03:38 Tools
Tramonto 03:13 Tools
Arrival Of Ilsa And Victor At Rick's (Love For Sale) 03:13 Tools
Nie Wiem 03:13 Tools
Ore Ore Shaba da ba da 03:13 Tools
Perfeição 03:13 Tools
Sei stato un bluff 02:57 Tools
Abrazame 02:56 Tools
Lalalalaj 03:06 Tools
E Que Mais É Que Eu Faria 03:06 Tools
Airport Finale/Here's Looking At You Kid (Medley: Laszlo...Plane) (LP Version w/ dialogue) 03:06 Tools
Play it, Sam...Play "As Time G 03:06 Tools
Medley- Paris Montage 03:47 Tools
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There is more than one artist with this name: 1- Casablanca is a classic Rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. They debuted with the single "Downtown" in January 2010. The band consists of Anders Ljung (Space Age Baby Jane) on vocals, Ryan Roxie (Roxie 77, Alice Cooper) and Erik Stenemo (Melody Club) on guitar, drummer Josephine Forsman (Sahara Hotnights) and former professional soccer player Mats Rubarth on bass. Another single, "La Voix" was released in 2010 to go along with their performance of it during Sweden's Melodifestivalen 2010. The performance included additional guest vocals by singer Malena Ernman. The single had two versions of the song, both studio recordings, one including Malena and one just the band. It was two years later that the band would finally have time to record and release a full album. "Apocalyptic Youth" was released in April 2012. The album included original single "Downtown", but not "La Voix". Videos were released for "Downtown" and "Love and Desperation". The band began a tour for the album, but it was cut short when Ryan Roxie was called back to duty to perform with Alice Cooper again as his touring guitarist couldn't continue. The band did some occasional shows between Alice tour dates. Debut album "Apocalyptic Youth" received critical acclaim throughout Swedish reviews and abroad, culminating in UK magazine Classic Rock nominating them as Best New Band of the Year. Their Sophomore effort "Riding a Black Swan" continued in the same style, though with less experimentation, leading to a generally harder sound that retained its 70's vibe. Reviews of this effort were even better than the debut. A 2013-2014 tour commenced for this release, though this time the band continued without Ryan Roxie for a period as he once again returned to playing with Alice Cooper. A temporary touring guitarist replaced him until he returned after Alice's tour ended. 2- Casablanca is a disco band, that was produced by Harry Baierl and Helmut Rulofs. Casablanca recorded hits like The Girl of Lucifer, China Wall, Angel Of Night, and Hot Nights In Ibiza. 3- Casablanca is a Rock, Soul and Blues four piece from Japan. 4- Portuguese Hard Rock band, formed in 1988. 5 - Following in the footsteps of schoolmates Bombay Bicycle Club, and Theme Park, indie-pop five piece Casablanca are set to release their debut single ‘Yes’ this year. Having made waves under their old moniker of Lo-Fi Culture Scene at the tender ages of 15 and 16, the quartet of Jacob Wheldon (vocals/guitar), Callum Akass (bass), Tom Herzberg (guitar) and Tom MacColl (drums) found themselves quickly boasting an enviable CV. Performing alongside the likes of Foals, Bloc Party and The Maccabees and releasing a few singles, the band took time away from their budding musical career to focus on wrapping up their education. Returning now afresh and with a new name, Casablanca are set to make waves once again with their enlivened take on guitar pop. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.