Channel X

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Groove To Move 03:45 Tools
Rave The Rhythm 04:35 Tools
Ticket 06:47 Tools
Snug Descent - Oliver Koletzki Remix 07:19 Tools
Monday 06:55 Tools
My 3 Wishes - Doctor Dru Remix 07:02 Tools
Deliverance - Original Mix 06:44 Tools
Deliverance (Original Mix) 06:43 Tools
Mosquito 07:04 Tools
Scope 06:55 Tools
Need to Love 07:24 Tools
Salome 06:44 Tools
My 3 Wishes (Doctor Dru Remix) 06:44 Tools
Freakshow - Original Version 07:10 Tools
Take It to the Top 02:20 Tools
Ouf of Control 07:05 Tools
Snug Descent (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 00:30 Tools
Sleeping Dogs 04:03 Tools
Feelings 03:46 Tools
A Million Colors 05:38 Tools
We love the X - Original Version 06:19 Tools
Slowly Falling Leafs - Robosonic Remix 07:22 Tools
Evil 06:59 Tools
Delight 07:05 Tools
So High 02:21 Tools
Headless 07:05 Tools
A Million Colours 05:40 Tools
Steamboat Willie - Orginal Version 06:09 Tools
Deliverance 06:43 Tools
Arriving 00:49 Tools
Little Symphony 06:21 Tools
Rodeo 06:23 Tools
Cheshire Cat 01:52 Tools
Dancing Robots 07:06 Tools
My 3 Wishes (Nico Stojan Remix) 08:20 Tools
Out Of Control 04:38 Tools
Maniac 06:33 Tools
It's Too Late 04:35 Tools
Bug Trouble 01:31 Tools
Circus Bizarre - Original Version 07:22 Tools
Black Coffee 01:32 Tools
Into the Club 07:50 Tools
Behind the Mirror - Original Version 06:43 Tools
We Love the X - Original Mix 06:19 Tools
Freakshow (Format B Remix) 06:52 Tools
Freakshow (Original Version) 07:23 Tools
Rising Sun 06:43 Tools
Freakshow 07:23 Tools
Freakshow - Format B Remix 06:52 Tools
Against The Wall - Original Version 06:30 Tools
Snug Descent (Original Version) 00:30 Tools
Euphoria 07:24 Tools
We Love the X (feat. Oliver Koletzki) 00:30 Tools
Hangover 06:22 Tools
Refugia 07:41 Tools
Against the Wall 06:26 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf - feat. Natalie 06:27 Tools
Black Coffee - Original Version 06:41 Tools
Teatime 02:30 Tools
Strange Girl 07:10 Tools
Monday - Original Version 06:57 Tools
Marvel - Original Version 06:44 Tools
We Love The X (Original Version) 06:19 Tools
Behind the Mirror (Original Version) 06:43 Tools
Lift Off 06:29 Tools
Rodeo - Original Mix 06:24 Tools
Strange Girl - Original Version 07:10 Tools
Elysium - feat. Niko Schwind 07:23 Tools
Drifting Clouds 07:41 Tools
Leaving 06:09 Tools
Feel My Love 05:48 Tools
A Million Colours (Illegal Mix) 05:24 Tools
Freaky Pilot 06:56 Tools
Circus Bizarre (Original Version) 07:21 Tools
Rodeo (Original Mix) 06:23 Tools
Monday (Original Version) 06:56 Tools
Snug Descent 08:13 Tools
Marvel 04:21 Tools
Reflections 08:04 Tools
Strange Girl (Original Version) 07:10 Tools
Spooky Lights - Original Version 07:14 Tools
Wake Up 08:47 Tools
My 3 Wishes (Kolombo Remix) 00:00 Tools
We Love the X 00:30 Tools
Salome (Audiojack Remix) 08:47 Tools
My 3 Wishes 00:00 Tools
Free Falling 04:22 Tools
Fear 05:59 Tools
Hot Candy 07:41 Tools
Cantrip - feat. Björn Störig 07:15 Tools
You're an Angel 03:37 Tools
Mosquito (Original Mix) 07:04 Tools
I Need Somebody 03:34 Tools
X-Ray 08:04 Tools
Evil (Original Mix) 06:59 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Trance Mix) 05:30 Tools
Little Symphony - Orginal Version 06:22 Tools
Drifting Clouds (Original Mix) 07:41 Tools
Coffee 03:54 Tools
Steamboat Willie 06:18 Tools
Snug Descent - Original Version 08:13 Tools
Ticket - Original Version 06:48 Tools
Marvel (Original Version) 00:30 Tools
My 3 Wishes (Original Mix) 07:03 Tools
Gate 66 07:02 Tools
Pelvic Thrust 07:05 Tools
The Old Train 01:38 Tools
My Dear - Original Version 07:42 Tools
Circus Bizarre 05:13 Tools
Rave the Rhythm (Radio Edit) 03:41 Tools
Orient Express 06:29 Tools
Rave to the Rhythm 04:58 Tools
Scope (Original Mix) 06:55 Tools
Behind The Mirror 04:05 Tools
Delight (Original Mix) 07:05 Tools
Slowly Falling Leafs (Robosonic Remix) 07:21 Tools
Rave The Rhythm - Original Version 04:58 Tools
Keep on Movin' 03:46 Tools
Touch My Soul 03:44 Tools
Love Is Everything 04:25 Tools
Rave the rhythm (Remix) 04:00 Tools
Rave in the Key of X 05:29 Tools
All Your Love 04:38 Tools
Hey 06:38 Tools
So Strong 04:25 Tools
Orient Express (Original) 04:49 Tools
Dirty Laugh 07:27 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf feat. Natalie (Florian Rietze Remix) 00:00 Tools
Sleeping Dogs - Original Version 06:46 Tools
Dancing Robots (Original Mix) 00:30 Tools
House Gangsta - Original Mix 07:23 Tools
Crank 07:28 Tools
Silicon On Sapphire 04:06 Tools
Waves 06:43 Tools
Old Candy (Ruede Hagelstein Re 08:04 Tools
Old Candy - Ruede Hagelstein Remix 08:05 Tools
Old Candy (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) 08:04 Tools
Groove To Move (Radio Version) 03:40 Tools
Bells 06:20 Tools
My 3 Wishes - Nico Stojan Mix 08:21 Tools
Out Of Control (Original Mix) 03:24 Tools
I Feel So Free 03:44 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Original Version) 04:57 Tools
Take It To The Top (Radio Edit) 03:24 Tools
Before Midnight 06:29 Tools
Pelvic Thrust (Ah Remix) 05:31 Tools
Rodeo (Barem Remix) 06:45 Tools
Little Symphony (Original Version) 06:21 Tools
The Rhythm Of The Night 03:23 Tools
Mosquito - Original Mix 06:21 Tools
Spooky Lights 07:14 Tools
My 3 Wishes - Nico Stojan Remix 04:06 Tools
Feelings (Original Mix) 07:02 Tools
Take It To The Top (Spacecake Mix) 04:38 Tools
Channel X (Illegal Mix) 05:22 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Remix Structure I) 04:32 Tools
My Dear 07:42 Tools
Glowing 06:21 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf (feat. Natalie) 06:27 Tools
Supernova 03:38 Tools
Stupid (Format B Remix) 06:52 Tools
Black Coffee (Original Mix) 07:26 Tools
Bug Trouble (Original Mix) 06:41 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf (Robosonic Remix) 00:30 Tools
Little Symphony (Original Mix) 06:21 Tools
Freaky Pilot Part 2 06:34 Tools
Gate 66 (M_Ferri Remix) 06:48 Tools
Maniac (Original Mix) 06:33 Tools
Snug Descent (feat. Jake the Rapper) 08:13 Tools
Steamboat Willie (Original Mix) 06:18 Tools
Arriving (Original Mix) 00:49 Tools
Into The Club - Original Version 07:54 Tools
Take It To The Top (Eurobeat 12" Mix) 04:22 Tools
Elysium (feat. Niko Schwind) 07:23 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Single Version) 04:55 Tools
Against the Wall (Orginal Version) 03:50 Tools
Dive 01:52 Tools
Bells (Original Mix) 06:19 Tools
Take It to the Top (Energy Mix) 04:22 Tools
Little Symphony (Orginal Version) 01:30 Tools
Monday (Orginal Version) 05:13 Tools
Rave the Rhythm (Remix Structure II) 04:34 Tools
Cheshire Cat (Original Mix) 01:52 Tools
Circus Bizarre (Orginal Version) 03:58 Tools
Gate 66 - M_Ferri Remix 06:48 Tools
For You 07:39 Tools
Freakshow (Orginal Version) 05:41 Tools
We Love the X (Orginal Version) 04:51 Tools
Glowing - Audiojack Remix 04:03 Tools
Bug Trouble - Original Version 07:27 Tools
Behind the Mirror (Orginal Version) 04:05 Tools
Silicon & Sapphire 04:03 Tools
Mosquito (Orginal Version) 05:14 Tools
Hey (Original Mix) 06:38 Tools
Black Coffee (Orginal Version) 04:21 Tools
Headless (Original Mix) 07:39 Tools
Pelvic Thrust - Original Mix 04:34 Tools
Wake Up - Original Version 07:01 Tools
Snug Descent (Oliver Koletzki Remix) [feat. Jake the Rapper] 07:19 Tools
Ticket - Original Mix 06:47 Tools
Leaving (Original Mix) 06:09 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Structure I) 04:32 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Structure II) 04:34 Tools
Marvel (Orginal Version) 04:21 Tools
All In - Original Mix 06:56 Tools
Power Of Youth 06:20 Tools
Bells - Orginal Version 06:20 Tools
So High (Single Mix) 03:58 Tools
Freakshow (Original Mix) 07:23 Tools
Hangover (Original Mix) 06:22 Tools
Ticket (Orginal Version) 04:47 Tools
Spooky Lights (Orginal Version 05:30 Tools
My Dear (Orginal Version) 05:07 Tools
Groove To Move<Jt21 Remix> 03:38 Tools
Little Symphonie 05:16 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Original Mix) 03:38 Tools
Freaky Clique (click | click R 03:38 Tools
Freaky Pilot Pt.2 06:34 Tools
Monday (Feat. Meggy) 06:57 Tools
It's Too Late (Original Version) 07:12 Tools
A1 - The Old Train 07:12 Tools
Channel X (TC) (illegal mix) 00:00 Tools
Refugia - Uone Remix 03:44 Tools
Fly 04:24 Tools
Strange Girl (Orginal Version) 04:59 Tools
Teatime (Original Mix) 02:30 Tools
Monday - Original Mix 06:56 Tools
Circus Bizarre - Original Mix 04:59 Tools
Take It To The Top (Eurobeat 12'' Mix) 04:19 Tools
I Feel So Free (7 Version) 03:44 Tools
Rave the rhythm (Basic Instinct soundtrack) 06:56 Tools
It´s too Late 04:35 Tools
Rave The Rhythm - 1991 04:54 Tools
Snug Descent (Feat. Jake the Rapper) - Oliver Koletzki Remix 07:19 Tools
Sxe On The Street 02:39 Tools
B1 - Old Candy (Ruede Hagelstein Rmx) 08:07 Tools
Fear - Original Mix 06:56 Tools
Rodeo - Barem Remix 03:46 Tools
Pelvic Thrust - Alfred Heinrichs Remix 05:31 Tools
Delight - Original Version 06:55 Tools
Crank (Schulz Remix) (Digital 05:31 Tools
Glowing (Audiojack Remix) 04:58 Tools
Automatic - Original Mix 02:20 Tools
Rave The Rhythm - Single Version 03:42 Tools
Dirty Laugh (Mike Wall Remix) 06:53 Tools
Freakshow - Format: B Remix 06:53 Tools
A Million Colours (Subway Mix) 04:03 Tools
scope (original mix) SF 06:55 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf 11:06 Tools
Orient Express (Original Mix) 06:29 Tools
Double Defused 06:59 Tools
Pelvic Thrust (Alfred Heinrichs Remix) 06:53 Tools
Fear (Original Mix) [] 06:53 Tools
Pigs in the Blanket 02:30 Tools
Steamboat Willie (Orginal Version) 01:30 Tools
Gate 66 (Microbodies Departure Mix) 07:02 Tools
Cantrip (feat. Björn Störig) 07:14 Tools
Refugia (Uone Remix) 06:57 Tools
I Have a Dream 02:20 Tools
House Gangsta (Original Mix) 06:52 Tools
Sense Of Being - Original Mix 06:43 Tools
Salome (Original) 04:48 Tools
Channel X (T.C.) (Illegal Mix) 03:46 Tools
Fear (Original Mix) 03:46 Tools
Shifted Reality 06:52 Tools
Channel X (naked version) 04:58 Tools
Old Candy (Ruede Hagelstein Rmx) 06:59 Tools
Dancing Robots - Original Mix 07:06 Tools
Channel X 00:30 Tools
Ticket (Original Mix) 03:58 Tools
Sense of Being (Original Mix) 06:43 Tools
The Rhythm Of The Night (Radio Edit) 03:27 Tools
Dirty Laugh (Lunatik Remix) 03:27 Tools
Dirty Laugh (Mikdat Remix) 04:58 Tools
Snug Descent (Feat. Jake The Rapper) (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 07:18 Tools
Stupid (Format:B Remix) 06:52 Tools
Groove To Move (Instrumental) 05:10 Tools
Supernova (Original Mix) 07:14 Tools
slowly falling leaf feat. natalie (tuneon remix) 06:57 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf (feat. Natalie) - Robosonic Remix 06:59 Tools
Black Coffee (Original Version) 00:30 Tools
Rodeo (Original) 06:59 Tools
Take It to the Top (Space Cake Mix) 06:59 Tools
Gate 66 - Microbodies Departure Mix 03:27 Tools
My 3 Wishes (Nico Stojan Mix) 03:27 Tools
Evil (Original Mix) 06:59 Tools
Cantrip 07:14 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Extended) 04:57 Tools
Stupid - Format:B Remix 04:58 Tools
Freakshow (Format:B Remix) 06:59 Tools
Freaky Clique - Click | Click Remix 00:30 Tools
House Gangsta 00:30 Tools
Into The Club - Original Mix 00:30 Tools
Save Me 00:30 Tools
A1 A Million Colours 00:30 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Original) 07:18 Tools
Snug Descent [Oliver Koletzki Remix] 07:18 Tools
Elysium 07:23 Tools
Need To Love (Original Mix) 07:18 Tools
Channel X @ Weddingmania vs Möbelrücken @ Brunnen70 07:18 Tools
Monday (Original Mix) 06:57 Tools
Little Symphony [Orginal Version] 00:30 Tools
Race The Rhythm 00:30 Tools
The Rhythm Of The Night (Oliver's Monks On Dope Mix) 07:23 Tools
Cantrip (Feat. Bjorn Storig) 07:15 Tools
Groove To Move (JT21 Remix) 03:38 Tools
Freakshow - Original Mix 07:23 Tools
Back In Time - Original Mix 07:23 Tools
Headless - Original Version 06:55 Tools
Channel X-Mosquito 07:23 Tools
Under Pressure 07:23 Tools
Sense Of Being 06:36 Tools
Scope (Original Version) 06:55 Tools
Save Me - Original Mix 05:06 Tools
Salome (Original Mix) 06:44 Tools
Channel X - Rave the rhythm 05:06 Tools
Falling Stars - Original Mix 07:14 Tools
Elysium - Original Version 07:14 Tools
Under Pressure (Original Mix) 06:44 Tools
Behind The Mirror - Original Mix 07:14 Tools
Scope - Original Mix 07:14 Tools
Rave To The Rhythm (Original Mix) 07:15 Tools
Lift Off (Original Mix) 07:15 Tools
Mosquito Mosquito 00:00 Tools
Rave The Rhythm [Trance Mix] 06:59 Tools
Salome - Audiojack Remix 00:00 Tools
A Million Colours (U.K. Mix) 05:06 Tools
Reflections (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Hot Candy - Original Mix 06:44 Tools
Rave the Rhythm (Basic Instinct) 06:44 Tools
Refugia (Original Mix) 06:46 Tools
All In (Original Mix) 07:23 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf (Robosonic Remix) [feat. Natalie] 01:30 Tools
Dirty Laugh - Lunatik Remix 05:57 Tools
Dirty Laugh - Mikdat Remix 05:57 Tools
The Old Train - Original Mix 06:53 Tools
Channel X. (T.C.) (Illegal Mix) 03:47 Tools
Silicon on Sapphire (Remix) 07:23 Tools
Old Candy 01:33 Tools
Channel X @ Kater Holzig 21.04.13 00:00 Tools
Rave in the Key of "X" 00:00 Tools
Evil (Original Mix) [] 06:59 Tools
Elysium (ft. Niko Schwind) 07:23 Tools
Snug Descent (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Heat Up 07:21 Tools
Fly (Channel X Remix) 06:27 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Structure 1) 07:23 Tools
Crying In Silence 07:23 Tools
Back In Time (Original Mix) 07:23 Tools
Feelings - Original Version 07:23 Tools
Slowly Falling Leafs 07:23 Tools
Marvel - Original Mix 07:23 Tools
Satellite (Luigi Rocca Remix) 05:47 Tools
Back InTime 07:23 Tools
Rave The Rythm (12 Inch Mix) 07:23 Tools
energiehalmix(12-10-1998 hardcoremix) 07:23 Tools
Dirty Laugh - Mike Wall Remix 07:23 Tools
Grove to Move 03:47 Tools
You’Re An Angel 03:36 Tools
Delight (Original Version) 01:30 Tools
Rave the Rhythm (extended mix) 04:51 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf feat. Natalie (Original Mix) 06:27 Tools
Evil - Original Version 06:27 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf (feat Natalie - Robosonic remix) 07:21 Tools
Salome - Original Mix 06:55 Tools
Sleeping Dogs (Original Mix) 06:46 Tools
Into Dark 06:46 Tools
Little Symphony [Original Version] 07:23 Tools
Snug Descent (feat Jake The Rapper) 07:23 Tools
Channel X @ SommerNachtsTraum @ Ritter Butzke 07:23 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf (ft. Natalie) 06:27 Tools
Reflections (Snippet) 03:47 Tools
Crank (Digital Exclusive) - Schulz Remix 07:23 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf (feat. Natalie) - Juicy Jay & SH Remix 03:47 Tools
22. TAKE IT TO THE TOP 03:47 Tools
Monday ( Original Mix ) 03:47 Tools
Satellite 05:19 Tools
Unchained (Original Mix) 05:19 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (Remix Structure 2) 01:30 Tools
Evil (Original Version) 05:19 Tools
Channel Xtc (Illegal Mix) 01:30 Tools
Circus Bizarre (Original Mix) 07:21 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf - Original Version 07:21 Tools
Channel X - Mosquito (Original Mix) 07:21 Tools
Fly (Channel X Rmx) 07:21 Tools
Snug Descent (feat Jake the Rapper - Oliver Koletzki remix) 07:21 Tools
X-Files In the Mix (Continuous Mix) 07:21 Tools
Elysium (feat Niko Schwind) 07:21 Tools
Dancing Robots (Original) 07:21 Tools
Rodeo (Barem Remix) 07:21 Tools
Freaky Clique (Click Click Remix) 07:21 Tools
The Phantom Voltage 03:34 Tools
Makhlok Perosak 03:34 Tools
Crank (Schulz Remix) 00:30 Tools
Wake Up (Original Version) 00:30 Tools
Rave The Rhythm (OST Основной Инстинкт) 00:30 Tools
It's Done 00:30 Tools
Orient Express - Original Mix 00:30 Tools
The Rhythm Of The Night (Praga's Cloud 9 Mix) 05:47 Tools
Before Midnight (Original Mix) 05:47 Tools
Channel X - Before Midnight (Full Track) 05:47 Tools
Slowly Falling Leaf feat. Natalie (Juicy Jay & SH Remix) 05:47 Tools
Arriving (Original Version) 05:47 Tools
Groove to Move - Channel X - G 06:27 Tools
Dive (Original Mix) 06:27 Tools
Abolotion 01:14 Tools
The Rhythm Of The Night (Original 12 Mix) 01:14 Tools
Rave The Rhythm - Structure I 04:32 Tools
Come Again 01:23 Tools
Dance Machine 01:23 Tools
Freakshow (Stil vor Talent) 01:23 Tools
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There are at least 3 different artists with this name: 1. Belgian Techno Rave 2. Malaysian Hardcore Punk 3. A German electronica duo 1. What happens when five talented, good lookin' youngsters meet at the Boccaccio, a famous club in Belgium, and want to be noticed? They simply pick up the phone, dial Jade 4 U/Praga Khan/Oliver Adams (aka. Lords of Acid) and introduce themselves, knowing that if they could get an appointment, they would have a chance to see their favorite producers at work. The producers were interested from the first moment on. After 2 days of hard studio work Rave the Rhythm was ready. As soon as the test pressing was made, they went and tried it in different discotheques and indeed, the audience went wild. In 1991 "Rave the Rhythm" had forced its way into the European dance charts, Channel X was touring all over Europe and appeared several times on television. But you haven't seen nothin' yet!! "Rave the Rhythm" was taking up as part of the soundtrack of Paul Verhoeven's erotic thriller Basic Instinct, starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. Soon after the success of the first single the team went back into the studio to make the brilliant follow up Groove to Move. This adrenalin-stimulating record was licensed by PWL and became a top 40 record in the UK. 1994 saw the release of the first Channel X full album To the Top. The opening title-track Take it to the Top became a number one record in Japan. The band did some extensive touring in the land of the rising sun and became the leader of the Euro techno invasion. The succes in Japan was that big that the band invested all their studio time in the production of Japanese flavored techno songs. In 1996 "Channel X" returns to Europe. The first new release is the single The Rhythm of the Night. The same year, Never Records US, releases the album Tuned In...Turned On featuring all the Channel X classics and many new ones. 2.CHANNEL X is a hardcore band strongly influenced by the 80s and 90s sxe/youth crew bands. We began early year 2000 in a small city call klang valley.Our first line up is Ein,Kerk,Rizal panjang,rizal(dashown) and Mamat,but then the band broke up for some reason.About a year later,Channel-x back again with a whole new line up which is Rizal,Aizam,Herry,Hassan and Chacha.Channel-x recorded a couple of songs with the new line up and play a couple of shows but the line up wasn't strong enough to stand and Channel-x again,changed to the current line up. For the meantime chacha,judge,ja'a and arwith plays along the band in shows. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.