City of the Lost

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Dreamcatcher 04:11 Tools
Children of War 06:39 Tools
Fragile Peace Revives 06:05 Tools
Spacewalk 06:04 Tools
Hidden Flows 04:22 Tools
Long Way Home 06:46 Tools
A Coming Storm 04:10 Tools
Basilisk 05:31 Tools
The Nightingale 06:20 Tools
Introduction 01:06 Tools
Postcards from Zhukovskiy 02:31 Tools
Through the Wasteland 05:48 Tools
Great Tartary 04:43 Tools
86 Days of Despair 05:49 Tools
Back to the Future 04:03 Tools
Seraphim 04:31 Tools
Epilogue 01:48 Tools
Rise as One 02:58 Tools
Omen, Pt.1 (Temple Keepers) 04:31 Tools
Chase the Flow 03:45 Tools
Aurora 05:16 Tools
Omen, Pt.2 (The Stargazer) 05:16 Tools
Crimson Dawn 07:22 Tools
Battle for the Northern Lands 07:16 Tools
G2V 07:22 Tools
Passing Through the Darkest Mist 07:16 Tools
Climbing the Mountain 03:28 Tools
Radio Lizard 04:40 Tools
Call of the Wild 03:28 Tools
Longest Night 04:40 Tools
Ashes 04:40 Tools
Great Wall of China 04:40 Tools
At the Gates 04:40 Tools
For What Are We Fighting For? 04:40 Tools
Altai I (New Born) 04:40 Tools
Paper Soldier 04:40 Tools
Deathcather 04:40 Tools
Colors Fade in Me 04:31 Tools
Justice 04:31 Tools
Восток-1 04:40 Tools
War of Grains of Sand 04:31 Tools
The Key 04:31 Tools
Fire Storm 04:31 Tools
The Reason Why I'm Here 04:31 Tools
Altai II (Second Chance) 04:31 Tools
In the Depth of Mire 04:31 Tools
Martin's Escape 04:31 Tools
The Last Words 04:31 Tools
Last Wave 04:31 Tools
A Fire Inside 04:31 Tools
Stream of Life 04:31 Tools
Jotunn Falls 04:31 Tools
Reflection 04:31 Tools
Neon Starfall and You Behind the Cinema 04:31 Tools
A New Adventure for Three Old Dogs 04:31 Tools
Krasnye Zvezdy, Krasnye Gimny 04:31 Tools
Hidden Path 04:31 Tools
Ballad of the Key Keeper 04:31 Tools
Red Planet Landing 04:31 Tools
Shadows Running from the Light 04:31 Tools
Красные Звёзды, Красные Гимны 04:31 Tools
A New Era 04:31 Tools
Martin & the Key Keeper 04:31 Tools
Стальное Сердце (Диалог) 04:31 Tools
Stalnoe Serdtse (Dialog) 04:31 Tools
The Last Wave 04:31 Tools
Shadows of Watchers 04:31 Tools
Omen Pt.1 (Temple Keepers) 04:31 Tools
Omen Pt.2 (The Stargazer) 04:31 Tools
The Terminator 04:31 Tools
Bridges to Nothing 04:31 Tools
The Nightingale (re-arranged) 04:31 Tools
Omen, Pt. 1 (Temple Keepers) 04:31 Tools
Radio Lizard (Radio Edit) 04:31 Tools
Basilisk (Radio Edit) 04:31 Tools
The Nightingale (Live) 04:31 Tools
Deathcatcher 04:31 Tools
Hidden Flows (Radio Edit) 06:39 Tools
Terminator (cover) 04:31 Tools
Omen, Pt. 2 04:31 Tools
Nightingale (Re-Recorded) 06:39 Tools
The Nightingale (re-recorded) 06:39 Tools
Seraphim (Radio Edit) 04:31 Tools
Aurora (Live) 04:31 Tools
Radio Wave 04:31 Tools
Wild Wind Blows - Aurora 04:31 Tools
Post Nuclear Surf 04:31 Tools
Sand Riders 04:31 Tools
Wild Wind Blows - Seraphim 04:31 Tools
Ocean Dream 04:31 Tools
Great Wall of China (live) 06:39 Tools
Terminator (Сover) 04:31 Tools
Children Of War [Instrumental] 06:39 Tools
Красные Звёзды, Красные Гимны (live) 06:39 Tools
Fragile Peace Revives (OST "Физика или химия") 06:39 Tools
Spacewalk [Instrumental] 06:04 Tools
Long Way Home [Instrumental] 06:46 Tools
Fragile Peace Revives [Instrumental] 06:05 Tools
Spacewalk [OST Физика или химия] 00:00 Tools
Beings of Light 00:00 Tools
Wild Wind Blows 00:00 Tools
G2Vf 00:00 Tools
Wake 00:00 Tools
Colors Fade Away in Me - 2015-10-04 - gtr s1 00:00 Tools
At the Edge 00:00 Tools
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Bandcamp|YouTube|Facebook official website: City of the Lost is a Russian instrumental progressive rock/post-metal band, that was formed in Moscow (November 15, 2010) by composer Grigoriy Kolokutin. The first full-length album «At the Edge» represented the first chapter of the general concept in the work of the band. It tells about the journey in the post-apocalyptic world of the future after a man-made disaster, that was caused by the irresponsible actions of mankind in the present to find the lost ark-city. The story about a journey of Key Keeper through the snow-covered northern lands continued in the second album «Wild Wind Blows». Now City of the Lost recording the third LP, which will continue the storyline of the previous chapters. In short, you can find concept on official website. Discography: Bridges to Nothing (2016) - Chapter III Colors Fade in Me (2016) In the Depth of Mire (2016) Wild Wind Blows (2014) - Chapter II At the Edge (2013) - Chapter I Birds of Tartary (2012) Life Long Novel (2011) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.