Claude Thornhill

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Snowfall 03:00 Tools
Arab Dance 04:27 Tools
Embraceable You 03:05 Tools
There's A Small Hotel 03:20 Tools
A Sunday Kind Of Love 03:20 Tools
Buster's Last Stand 02:57 Tools
Anthropology 03:07 Tools
Polka Dots and Moonbeams 03:21 Tools
Donna Lee 03:07 Tools
Early Autumn 02:52 Tools
Yardbird Suite 03:23 Tools
Autumn Nocturne 03:13 Tools
Habanera 01:53 Tools
Robbin's Nest 03:12 Tools
Where or When 03:03 Tools
Robbins' Nest 03:19 Tools
Sorta Kinda 02:16 Tools
Portrait of a Guinea Farm 03:18 Tools
La Paloma 04:35 Tools
As Long As I'm Dreaming 03:52 Tools
Night and Day 03:07 Tools
Cabin In the Sky 02:10 Tools
Hungarian Dance No. 5 02:43 Tools
Poor Little Rich Girl 02:34 Tools
Sleepy Serenade 02:53 Tools
I Get the Blues When It Rains 02:29 Tools
Lullaby Of The Rain 03:20 Tools
I Knew You When 03:18 Tools
Sometimes I'm Happy 02:37 Tools
Pop Goes The Weasel 02:44 Tools
I've Got a One Track Mind 03:04 Tools
When the Lilacs Bloom Again 03:11 Tools
Where Has My Little Dog Gone 02:44 Tools
Bad Humour Man 02:34 Tools
I'm Thrilled 02:52 Tools
Under the Willow Tree 03:05 Tools
The Doll Dance 02:55 Tools
Lover Man 03:31 Tools
You Were Meant for Me 03:11 Tools
Humoresque 02:54 Tools
Moonlight Becomes You 03:08 Tools
O Sole Mio 02:49 Tools
I May Be Wrong 02:12 Tools
Let's Call It a Day 03:16 Tools
Lovers in Glass Houses 03:09 Tools
I Don't Know Why 02:58 Tools
Godchild 03:12 Tools
Love Tales 03:24 Tools
Stack O'barley 02:04 Tools
The Legend of Old California 03:06 Tools
All I Need Is You 03:20 Tools
Love of My Life 03:19 Tools
Do I Worry 02:37 Tools
Funiculi, Funicula 03:15 Tools
Stack Of Barley 02:12 Tools
Just About This Time Last Night 03:05 Tools
Adios 03:11 Tools
Don't Call It Love 03:14 Tools
Traumerei 02:49 Tools
'Deed I Do 02:57 Tools
I Remember Mama 02:57 Tools
Snowfall Theme 02:33 Tools
Jeru 03:04 Tools
The Happy Stranger 03:12 Tools
Funiculi-Funicula 03:14 Tools
Happy Stranger 02:39 Tools
Love For Love 02:50 Tools
Sunday Driving 02:29 Tools
Stealin' Apples 03:12 Tools
Warsaw Concerto 02:57 Tools
At Sundown 03:04 Tools
Loch Lomond 02:57 Tools
Be Careful It's My Heart 03:10 Tools
Mandy is Two 03:38 Tools
Over Night 03:04 Tools
I Found You In The Rain 03:26 Tools
Something To Remember You By 03:18 Tools
Jim 03:38 Tools
Just Around The Corner 03:39 Tools
Puttin' And A Takin' 02:33 Tools
I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder 04:14 Tools
Sing a Love Song 03:07 Tools
To Each His Own 02:59 Tools
For Heaven's Sake 02:57 Tools
My Old Flame 03:13 Tools
Lullabye Of The Rain (Alt Take) 02:48 Tools
Butterfly (Papillon) 03:09 Tools
Oh You Beautiful Doll 03:06 Tools
Elevation 02:56 Tools
Sunday Drivin' 03:07 Tools
Paradise 02:49 Tools
Anthropology 2 03:12 Tools
Alt Wien 01:43 Tools
O Sole mio (My Sunshine) 02:51 Tools
Five Brothers 03:06 Tools
Someone To Watch Over Me 03:06 Tools
Walkin' Stick 02:51 Tools
The Song Is You 03:02 Tools
Arabian Dance 04:53 Tools
Donna Lee (Remastered) 02:28 Tools
You Do 03:47 Tools
I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep 03:28 Tools
Orange Blossom Lane 03:23 Tools
Snowfall ('41) 03:28 Tools
Loch Lomond (John Kirby) 04:53 Tools
Hungarian Dance No.5 02:28 Tools
Moments Like This 03:00 Tools
Hungarian Dance #5 02:39 Tools
Moonlight Bay 02:35 Tools
We're the Couple in the Castle 03:14 Tools
Alt Wien (Old Vienna) 02:40 Tools
Hang Out the Stars in Indiana 04:28 Tools
Moonlight Masquerade 03:11 Tools
Miss You 03:12 Tools
Concerto for Two 03:19 Tools
She'll Always Remember 03:20 Tools
Autumn Serenade 02:19 Tools
Mambo Nothing 02:45 Tools
I Hate You, Darling 03:12 Tools
Family Affair 02:52 Tools
Rose of the Rio Grande 02:49 Tools
Smiles 02:57 Tools
Somebody Nobody Loves 03:05 Tools
Harbour Lights 02:41 Tools
I Said No 03:01 Tools
La Paloma (Grey Dove) 04:33 Tools
Lullabye Of The Rain 03:13 Tools
Baby Mine 03:23 Tools
Would You Believe Me? 03:14 Tools
Rose O'Day 03:22 Tools
Jack, Jack, Jack 03:20 Tools
Chattanooga Choo Choo 03:09 Tools
Count Me in 02:49 Tools
La Paloma 1946 05:56 Tools
Ev'rything I Love 02:59 Tools
The Bells Of San Raquel 03:17 Tools
Memory Lane 03:20 Tools
Puttin' And Takin' 02:20 Tools
Träumerei 02:49 Tools
Sweet and Lovely 03:03 Tools
This Love of Mine 03:22 Tools
A Sunday Kind Of Love (With Fran Warren) 03:24 Tools
Grieg's Piano Concerto 03:15 Tools
Traumerai 02:23 Tools
Claude Thornhill-Arab Dance 02:23 Tools
On Moonlight Bay 02:47 Tools
The Troubadour 03:58 Tools
Autumn Nocturn 02:19 Tools
Oh You Beutiful Doll 03:06 Tools
Ebb Tide 02:19 Tools
I'll Pray For You 02:59 Tools
Medley: Just You, Just Me / Tea For Two / St. Louis Blues 03:58 Tools
Thrivin' on a Riff 03:58 Tools
Early Autumn (With Fran Warren) 02:57 Tools
Somebody Else Is Taking My Place 03:18 Tools
Rock A Bye Bay 03:25 Tools
America, I Love You 03:02 Tools
Would You Believe Me 11:06 Tools
Antropology 03:00 Tools
Royal Garden Blues 02:29 Tools
Claude Thornhill / Yardbird Suite 03:24 Tools
The Things I Love 03:05 Tools
Yours Is My Heart Alone 02:19 Tools
Introduction 01:29 Tools
Stars Fell On Alabama 02:31 Tools
Deed I Do 02:57 Tools
There's A Small Hotel - Original 03:21 Tools
The Troubadour (Pictures At An Exhibition) 03:21 Tools
Snowfall (Gil Evans arrangement) 01:29 Tools
Medley: Jealous/Swinging Down The Lane/Breezing Along With The Breeze 02:47 Tools
Baia 02:04 Tools
Loch Lomond (with Maxine Sullivan) 02:47 Tools
The Lamp Of Memory 03:15 Tools
You Go to My Head 03:15 Tools
Ya Lu-Blu 03:13 Tools
Stop! You're Breaking My Heart 11:06 Tools
April In Paris 01:46 Tools
Isn't It Wonderful 02:47 Tools
Träumerei (Dreaming) 11:06 Tools
Whip-Poor-Will 02:53 Tools
If you were the only girl in the world 03:27 Tools
Thrivin' On A Riff Take 1 01:36 Tools
Medley Just You, Just Me Tea For Two St. Louis Blues 11:06 Tools
Early Autumn - Feat.Fran Warren 11:06 Tools
Snowfall (41) 03:15 Tools
I'll Get By/That's My Desire 03:19 Tools
Snowfall #1 03:19 Tools
La Paloma (Grey Dove) Take 1 11:06 Tools
Moonlight Cocktail 11:06 Tools
Medley That's My Desire Beware My Heart Stella By Starl 11:06 Tools
Puttin' And Talkin' 11:06 Tools
People Like You 03:15 Tools
Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? 11:06 Tools
Thrivin' On A Riff Take 2 03:05 Tools
For Heaven's Sakes 03:27 Tools
Breezin' Along (With the Breeze) 02:47 Tools
Summer is gone 03:27 Tools
Begin The Beguine 02:47 Tools
I'll See You in My Dreams 01:46 Tools
Deep Purple 01:46 Tools
Plka dots and moonbeams 01:46 Tools
Medley: Jealous / Swinging Down the Lane / Breezing Along With the Breeze 03:13 Tools
Alt Wien - Old Vienna 03:15 Tools
Rose O' Day 03:15 Tools
Hungarian Dance Number Five 03:15 Tools
Snowfall (1941) 03:15 Tools
You're Not So Easy To Forget 02:47 Tools
Medley 02:47 Tools
La Cinquantaine 02:47 Tools
Coquette 02:47 Tools
Hungarian Dance 5 02:47 Tools
Gone with the Wind 02:47 Tools
Spanish Dance 02:47 Tools
You Wore a Tulip 02:47 Tools
Harbor Lights 03:13 Tools
Johnson Rag 02:47 Tools
Ev'rything I Love (Let's Face It 1941) 02:47 Tools
So Would I 02:47 Tools
Mambo Nothin 02:47 Tools
Medley: I'll Get By / That's My Desire / Stella by Starlight 02:47 Tools
Don't Save Your Love 02:47 Tools
Lodge Podge 02:47 Tools
Tonight We Love 02:47 Tools
Pussy Footin' 02:47 Tools
Lover Man (oh, Where Can You B 02:04 Tools
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Claude Thornhill (Terre Haute, Indiana, August 10, 1908 – July 1, 1965, Caldwell, New Jersey) was an American pianist, arranger, composer, and bandleader. He composed the jazz and pop standards "Snowfall" and "I Wish I Had You", the last recorded by Billie Holliday. As a youth, he was recognized as an extraordinary talent and formed a traveling duo with Danny Polo, a musical prodigy on the clarinet and trumpet from nearby Clinton, Indiana. As a student at Garfield High School in Terre Haute, he played with several theater bands. Thornhill entered the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music at age 16. That same year he and clarinetist Artie Shaw started their careers at the Golden Pheasant in Cleveland, Ohio with the Austin Wiley Orchestra. Thornhill and Shaw went to New York together in 1931. Claude went to the West Coast in the late 1930s with the Bob Hope Radio Show, and arranged for Judy Garland in Babes in Arms. In 1935, he played on sessions for Glenn Miller's first recordings under his own name, as Glenn Miller and His Orchestra. He played on Glenn Miller's composition "Solo Hop," which was released on Columbia Records. After playing for Paul Whiteman, Benny Goodman, Ray Noble, Glenn Miller, and Billie Holiday, and arranging "Loch Lomond" and "Annie Laurie" for Maxine Sullivan, in 1939 he founded his Claude Thornhill Orchestra. Danny Polo was his lead clarinet player. Although the Thornhill band was originally a sophisticated dance band, it became known for its many superior jazz musicians and for Thornhill's and Gil Evans' innovative arrangements; its "Portrait of a Guinea Farm" has become a classic jazz recording. The band played without vibrato so that the timbres of the instruments could be better appreciated, and Thornhill encouraged the musicians to develop cool-sounding tones. The band was popular with both musicians and the public; the Miles Davis Nonet was modeled in part on Thornhill's cool sound and use of unconventional instrumentation. The band's most successful records were "Snowfall," "A Sunday Kind of Love" and "Love for Love." His most famous recording, "Snowfall," was released in 1941 as Columbia 36268. He released the song also as a V-Disc recording, as V-Disc 271A1. Playing at the Paramount Theater in New York for $10,000 a week in 1942, Thornhill dropped everything to enlist in the US Navy to support the war effort. As chief musician, he played shows across the Pacific Theater with Jackie Cooper as his drummer and Dennis Day as his vocalist. In 1946, he was discharged from the Navy. Then in April, he reformed his ensemble. He kept his same stylistic lines, but added some Bop lines to it. He got his old members of Danny Polo, Gerry Mulligan, and Barry Galbraith back together, but also added new members like Red Rodney, Lee Konitz, Joe Shulman and Bill Barber. Barber was a tuba player, who was considered as a "soft brass" player rather than a bass as to not interfere with (Joe) Shulman on the bass. Their creative and immaculately clean and delicate interpretation of Evans’s arrangement of Dizzy Gillespie’s fast bop theme "Anthropology" (1947) provides a particularly noteworthy example of Thornhill’s style, which influenced Miles Davis’s recordings in 1949 for Capitol and many musicians who followed . In the mid 1950s, Thornhill was briefly Tony Bennett's musical director. He offered his big band library to Gerry Mulligan when Gerry formed the Concert Jazz Band, but Gerry regretfully declined the gift, since his instrumentation was different. A large portion of his extensive library of music is currently held by Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. After his discharge from the Navy he continued to perform with his orchestra until his death of a heart attack at 1:30 a.m., July 2, 1965, at his home in Caldwell, New Jersey. Claude was booked at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the time, the engagement was kept in his honor with his music director in his place. He was survived by his wife, actress Ruth Thornhill, and his mother, Maude Thornhill (81 at the time), of Terre Haute, Indiana, still active at the time conducting choirs. Claude Thornhill's compositions included the standard "Snowfall", "I Wish I Had You", recorded by Billie Holiday and Fats Waller, "Let's Go", "Shore Road", "Portrait Of A Guinea Farm", "Lodge Podge", "Rustle Of Spring", "It's Time For Us To Part", "It Was A Lover And His Lass", "The Little Red Man", "Memory Of An Island", and "Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" In 1984, Claude Thornhill was inducted into the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.