Cosmic Rough Riders

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Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Value of life 02:40 Tools
Revolution (In the Summertime?) 03:29 Tools
The Gun Isn't Loaded 02:54 Tools
Have You Heard the News Today? 02:53 Tools
Brothers Gather Round 01:13 Tools
Glastonbury Revisited 02:37 Tools
The Loser 01:51 Tools
The Pain Inside 03:23 Tools
Baby, You're So Free 03:32 Tools
The Charm 02:02 Tools
You've Got Me 03:07 Tools
Melanie 03:23 Tools
Sometime 03:31 Tools
Justify the Rain 02:42 Tools
For a Smile 03:19 Tools
Because You 03:25 Tools
Emily Darling 02:27 Tools
Morning Sun 00:56 Tools
in Time 04:04 Tools
When You Come Around 03:51 Tools
Life in Wartime 03:51 Tools
Sunrise 03:27 Tools
Revolution 00:00 Tools
There's Nothing Wrong 03:32 Tools
Tomorrow May Never Come 01:11 Tools
Kill the Time 03:05 Tools
The Need to Fly 03:01 Tools
She's Never Around 03:48 Tools
Blind 03:30 Tools
Stupid You 03:50 Tools
Now That You Know 02:48 Tools
Smile 04:03 Tools
It Is I 03:58 Tools
Don't Get Me Down 04:00 Tools
Lost In America 04:09 Tools
Emptiness 04:35 Tools
Love Won't Free Me 03:51 Tools
Just A Satellite 03:40 Tools
Fight 04:21 Tools
Stars Look Different From Down Here 04:21 Tools
People Are People 04:08 Tools
This Is Your Release 04:18 Tools
Annie 03:56 Tools
The Rain Inside 03:22 Tools
I Call Her Name 02:45 Tools
Universal Thing 03:41 Tools
Afterglow 04:38 Tools
I Got Over You 03:50 Tools
Laura Nyro 01:54 Tools
Ungrateful 03:37 Tools
Camera Shy 03:25 Tools
To Be Someone 03:06 Tools
Can't Get Any Closer 02:49 Tools
Nothing to Lose 02:50 Tools
Rape Seed Children 02:19 Tools
Have You Heard the News Today 00:00 Tools
Patience 05:05 Tools
Back Home Again 02:52 Tools
Brand New Car 03:02 Tools
Your Eyes 02:17 Tools
Country Life 03:15 Tools
River Runs Dry 02:27 Tools
Garden of Eden 02:34 Tools
What's Your Sign? 03:14 Tools
Lady in the Lake 02:18 Tools
Still a Mother's Son 02:54 Tools
Move Along 03:21 Tools
The Sound of Windchimes 02:23 Tools
Here Comes My Train 01:08 Tools
The Pain Inside (remix) 02:52 Tools
New Day Dawning 03:45 Tools
Alright 03:11 Tools
Melanie (acoustic) 03:14 Tools
Baby you´re so free 00:00 Tools
Now That ou Know 02:49 Tools
Free 03:15 Tools
The Game 03:19 Tools
Every Day 03:23 Tools
Come Closer 03:10 Tools
The Carpenter Song 02:50 Tools
Loser 02:25 Tools
cosmic rough riders - when you come around 02:25 Tools
Charm 02:04 Tools
If You Want A Friend 03:19 Tools
Stay My Friend 03:14 Tools
Melanie - Acoustic 00:00 Tools
Rain Inside 03:23 Tools
Lauro Nyro 03:23 Tools
The Gun Isnt Loaded 03:23 Tools
Revier Runs Dry 03:14 Tools
Track 6 03:23 Tools
Pain Inside 03:14 Tools
Track 2 03:14 Tools
The Gun Isn't Loaded (Live) 03:14 Tools
Helplessly hoping 03:14 Tools
Track 5 03:14 Tools
Track 9 03:14 Tools
Track 4 03:14 Tools
Here Comes 03:14 Tools
Track 7 03:14 Tools
New Day 03:14 Tools
Still A Mothers Son 03:14 Tools
I Don't Know What To Say 03:14 Tools
Track 8 03:14 Tools
Track 1 03:14 Tools
Revolution (In The Summertime) - Reading Festival 2001 03:14 Tools
Charm - Reading Festival 2001 03:14 Tools
Country Home - Reading Festival 2001 03:14 Tools
Melanie - Reading Festival 2001 03:14 Tools
Sometime / Loser - Reading Festival 2001 03:14 Tools
Pain Inside - Reading Festival 2001 03:14 Tools
Revolution (In The Summertime?) (Live) 03:14 Tools
Track 3 03:14 Tools
you´ve got me 03:14 Tools
Gun Isn't Loaded - Reading Festival 2001 03:14 Tools
baby youre so free 03:14 Tools
Revolution in the summertime (Live) 03:14 Tools
07 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - Love Won't Free Me 03:14 Tools
02 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - When You Come Around 03:14 Tools
have you heard the news today ? 03:14 Tools
10 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - This Is Your Release 03:14 Tools
03 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - In Time 03:14 Tools
11 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - People Are People 03:14 Tools
01 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - It Is I 03:14 Tools
08 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - Fight 03:14 Tools
09 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - Just A Satellite 03:14 Tools
Revolution (In the Summertime- 03:14 Tools
Sometimes 03:14 Tools
08 Cosmic Rough Rides - Revolution (Nuwanda) 03:14 Tools
05 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - Lost In America 03:14 Tools
04 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - Don't Get Me Down 03:14 Tools
06 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - Emptiness 03:14 Tools
12 - COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - The Stars Look Different From Down Here 03:14 Tools
Unwind 03:14 Tools
Move In With Me 03:14 Tools
The Pain Inside - Remix 00:00 Tools
Drowning Not Waving 03:14 Tools
What's Your Sign ? 00:00 Tools
01 Brothers Gather Round 00:00 Tools
04 Baby, You're So Free 00:00 Tools
Cosmic Rough Riders - Because You 00:00 Tools
Never Runs Dry 00:00 Tools
05 Value Of Life 00:00 Tools
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The Cosmic Rough Riders are a pop/rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They were originally formed in 1998 by Daniel Wylie and Stephen Fleming, and later they were joined by Mark Brown and James Clifford. Daniel made two solo albums under the guise of CRR, "Deliverance" in 1999 and "Panorama" in 2000. Local musician Stephen Fleming was brought in to engineer and play guitar on the "Panorama" sessions. After the album was complete, Wylie invited him to become a full time member of CRR: "we were both unemployed and I didn't have any money to pay Stephen for his work, so I agreed to split everything 50/50 with him. I even gave him 50% of the song writing credit on my songs which he had nothing to do with writing. Such was my naivety of the music business at the time". Alan McGee received a copy of "Panorama" from its sleeve designer (and old band mate) David Wells. McGee wanted to see the band live (not knowing it wasn't actually a band of course), so a band was hastely put together to showcase for him. McGee loved what he saw and wanted to sign the whole group. Wylie was 41 years old at the time and not wanting to blow this long awaited opportunity, agreed to sign as a band to Poptones. McGee had an idea to release a compilation of the first two albums with three new songs. Wylie hurriedly wrote three new tunes, resulting in the release of the compilation album: "Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine". It went on to sell over 100,000 copies, spawning two top 40 singles. Cosmic Rough Riders appeared on Top of the Pops and toured the world, but being in a band didn't work for Daniel. During sessions for the follow up to "Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine", Wylie (by now a successful songwriter who was used to making all his own decisions in the studio) got tired of the constant bickering about the direction the music should take; the interference from his newly acquired band members in the studio had become such a problem that he decided to leave and go solo again. Daniel then signed a solo deal with Measured Records and released two albums; "Ramshackle Beauty" and the outtakes album, "Postcards". Both received critical acclaim but two years later with the contract at an end and looking for a new challenge Wylie again decided to move on. His latest album, "The High Cost of Happiness" arrived in August 2006 via Neon Tetra Records (a label he set up with David Wells). On its release, the album was heralded by critics as "his best work yet" - also claiming Wylie to be "one of the best kept secrets on the UK's music scene". Wylie continues to play live around the world and has just completed a Spanish tour where "The High Cost of Happiness", has received stunning reviews. "The Very Best of Daniel Wylie & Cosmic Rough Riders", is a reminder for those who bought into "Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine" that Wylie is still firing on all cylinders, writing classic, timeless, harmony pop music. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.