Crazy Titch

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sing Along 02:30 Tools
World is Crazy 04:16 Tools
Ghetto Kyote 01:22 Tools
Freestyle 01:48 Tools
Gunshot Riddim 01:45 Tools
Singalong(gype riddim) 04:07 Tools
Singalong 00:54 Tools
Eyes On U - Titch Freestyle 01:47 Tools
Scorpian 02:04 Tools
Silencer Freestyle 03:50 Tools
I Can C U 04:04 Tools
I Can See You 04:03 Tools
Pussy Freestyle 04:03 Tools
Spartan Freestyle 03:47 Tools
Live In The Booth (Feat. Ghetts) 02:55 Tools
Don't Phone Me 03:10 Tools
Badman (Freestyle) 03:34 Tools
Old Skool Bars 04:50 Tools
Intro 02:16 Tools
Crazy Titch - More Fire Slew.mp3 03:34 Tools
Jungle Beats Freestyle 03:09 Tools
Vibez Remix 03:21 Tools
Life 03:24 Tools
She Makes Me Smile 02:10 Tools
Destruction 00:00 Tools
Forever (Freestyle) 01:34 Tools
Hustling 02:31 Tools
Talk Up 02:06 Tools
Untitled 00:38 Tools
crunk along 00:38 Tools
crazy titch freestyle 05:26 Tools
Vegas Lights 02:15 Tools
Crazy Titch - Nutty Riddim.mp3 05:26 Tools
Watch Your Mouth 02:30 Tools
Sing Along (Boy kid cloud remix) 04:30 Tools
Freestyle ft. Stana & Venor 02:34 Tools
Free Titch ft. Ghetts, Griminal & Little Nasty 03:00 Tools
R.I.P Esco ft. Stana 02:00 Tools
Suck My Dick 02:00 Tools
Bed Rock ft. Stana & Venor 03:14 Tools
On To The Next One (Freestyle) ft. Tex 02:44 Tools
Over (Freestyle) ft. Stana 03:54 Tools
Pass Your Stuff 03:22 Tools
Dizzee Rascal Vs Crazy T - Part 2 (Jus' A Rascal) 03:22 Tools
darkboi freestyle 02:24 Tools
Im Like 03:47 Tools
gully 02:59 Tools
Just An Arsehole 02:59 Tools
Stop Touching Me, I'll Get Mad 02:08 Tools
vortex freestyle 03:35 Tools
01 Crazy Titch Freestyle 05:26 Tools
Yunga Freestyle 00:00 Tools
Nutty Riddim 00:00 Tools
03 Crazy Titch Freestyle 02:34 Tools
Crazy Titch Freestyle 5 02:08 Tools
Eyes on u freestyle 01:48 Tools
04 Crazy Titch Freestyle 03:13 Tools
Delusion & Yunga Freestyle 03:13 Tools
Jus An Arsehole 03:22 Tools
Singalong Acapella 00:00 Tools
Crazy Titch Vs. Bruza.mp3 03:22 Tools
Delusion & Flirta D Freestyle 00:00 Tools
Jus' An Arsehole 03:22 Tools
Crazy Titch - Watch Your Mouth 03:22 Tools
I Can See You (Instrumental) 03:06 Tools
I Can C U, U Can C Me 04:04 Tools
Icy mountain 04:04 Tools
Mo Fire Slew 03:04 Tools
Yunga, Mentality & Delusion Freestyle 00:00 Tools
Jus' An Arsehole (Dizzee Rascal Diss) 03:22 Tools
09 Darkboi Freestyle 03:35 Tools
21 Durrty Goodz Freestyle (Bonus Track) 01:51 Tools
Messed up 04:09 Tools
I'm Like 04:09 Tools
11 Vortex Freestyle 02:14 Tools
Singalong (Instrumental)(Gype Riddim 2) 04:09 Tools
Sly Shuttle 03:45 Tools
Just an asshole 04:09 Tools
More Fire Slew 03:04 Tools
Crazy titch - I Can See You 04:09 Tools
More Fire Slew (Mega Drive Riddim) 04:09 Tools
19 Roadside Freestyle 03:45 Tools
Free Titch (Ft. Ghetts, Griminal & Little Nasty) 03:00 Tools
I Can C U (SLK Special) 03:00 Tools
Crazy titch - Jus an arsehole dizzee rascal diss 03:00 Tools
17 Yunga & Mentality Freestyle 04:27 Tools
Crazy Titch - Suck My Dick 04:27 Tools
Singalong (Benton Remix) 05:01 Tools
18 Yunga Freestyle 02:55 Tools
12 Darkboi Freestyle 03:32 Tools
R.I.P Esco (Ft. Stana) 02:00 Tools
Straight 00:00 Tools
20 Roadside Freestyle 03:20 Tools
Over (Freestyle) (Ft. Stana) 03:54 Tools
10 Singalong (Mashup) 03:54 Tools
Roadside Freestyle 03:43 Tools
14 Darkboi & D Dark Freestyle 03:26 Tools
On To The Next One (Freestyle) (Ft. Tex) 02:44 Tools
How 00:30 Tools
Crazy Titch Vs Wiley 03:43 Tools
Overnight Celebrity 03:43 Tools
Bed Rock (Ft. Stana & Venor) 03:43 Tools
Durrty Goodz Freestyle (Bonus Track) 03:43 Tools
Dizzee Rascal Diss 03:43 Tools
Straight Rmx 03:10 Tools
Singalong Instrumental 03:43 Tools
Jus an Arsehole (Slewin Dizzee) 03:43 Tools
Gully (feat. Keisha) 02:59 Tools
I Can C U (Say My Name Crazy T) 03:10 Tools
Stop (Produced by Da Vinche) 00:00 Tools
I Can C U, U Can C Me (Say My Name Crazy T) 03:07 Tools
ice rink 02:59 Tools
Icy Mountains 04:08 Tools
I Can See You - Crazy T 02:59 Tools
Crazy Titch Freestyle 2 02:59 Tools
Stunt 101 Freestyle 02:59 Tools
So Crazy 02:59 Tools
Fuck Eskiboy (Wiley Diss) 03:07 Tools
La La La Freestyle 02:59 Tools
Yunga & Mentality Freestyle 02:59 Tools
Crazy Titch Freestyle 4 01:19 Tools
Crazy Titch - Sing Along 02:59 Tools
Dipset Anthem Freestyle 02:59 Tools
09 Pussy (DJ Raph Crazy Times 00:53 Tools
Crazy Titch Freestyle 3 01:56 Tools
Jus an arsehole dizzee rascal diss 00:53 Tools
Badboy 00:53 Tools
Jus An Arsehole (Dizzee Rascal Diss) 01:19 Tools
Whats Your Fantasy 01:19 Tools
Sing Along Remix 01:19 Tools
Singalong (VÉ…NKEI x CANDYLX Remix) 01:19 Tools
Darkboi & D Dark Freestyle 01:19 Tools
Boys In Da Hood 01:56 Tools
Eyes On U 03:06 Tools
Sing Along (Gype riddim) 04:08 Tools
Singalong Instrumental (Gype Riddim) 04:09 Tools
Over (Freestyle) (feat. Stana) 03:54 Tools
Crazy Titch - I Can C U, U Can C Me 01:19 Tools
Bad World 04:08 Tools
Just an arsehole (Dizzee rascal diss) 03:17 Tools
when im ere 06:01 Tools
Gunnin More Fire 03:17 Tools
jus a arsehole dissing dizzee 03:17 Tools
I Can C U (Instrumental) 03:06 Tools
Bassline Dozen (Street Mix) 03:47 Tools
Jus an arsehole [fuck dizzee] 00:00 Tools
Badboy (CDQ) 03:54 Tools
Crazy Titch - Im Like 03:47 Tools
Real Conflicts - Feat. Hoosier Daddy 03:06 Tools
Crazy Beat (Instrumental) 03:47 Tools
Pussy (Produced by Mr Slash) 00:00 Tools
Lean Back Freestyle 00:00 Tools
(Dizzie Rascal Diss) Just An Arsehole 03:17 Tools
Aim High Freestyle 03:06 Tools
Crazy Titch Freestyle 1 03:06 Tools
Straights 00:00 Tools
Old School Bars 04:51 Tools
Crazy Titch Ft. Sugababes - Gully (1xtra rip) 04:51 Tools
Fuck Eskiboy 01:04 Tools
Dizzee Dub 04:35 Tools
lean back freestyle dissing di 04:35 Tools
jus a arsehole dissing dizzee rascal 04:35 Tools
Badman Freestyle 04:35 Tools
66 Jahlil Beats Freestyle 04:35 Tools
crazy titch dizee rascal diss 02:49 Tools
Bed Rock (Feat. Stana and Venor) 03:14 Tools
Forever Freestyle 03:14 Tools
Pussy 03:24 Tools
Stop 03:24 Tools
Crazy Titch - Pass Your Stuff 03:24 Tools
Pussy (Produced by Mr. Slash) 03:24 Tools
Scorpion 02:04 Tools
I'll Lash Bare Back 03:24 Tools
Lethal Bizzle Dub 03:24 Tools
Lean Back Freestyle Dissing Dizzee Rascal 03:24 Tools
Crazy Titch - Ghetto Kyote 03:24 Tools
Pussy (Smokey's Dubstep Remix) 03:24 Tools
Do Some Work (Radio Rip) 03:24 Tools
Crazy Tich Wiley Slew (Tich went nutz) 03:24 Tools
Overnight Celebrity Freestyle 03:24 Tools
Pulse Ends 03:24 Tools
Practice Hours 03:24 Tools
Silencer Freestyle (Radio Rip) 03:24 Tools
Wiley & Lethal Bizzle Dub 03:24 Tools
Crazy Titch - Nutty Riddim 03:24 Tools
Free Titch 03:00 Tools
Just An Arsehole (Dizzee Rascal Diss) 03:00 Tools
Freestyle (Feat. Stana and Venor) 03:00 Tools
Don't Phone Me Freestyle 03:00 Tools
R.I.P Esco 03:00 Tools
Pulse Endz Remix 03:00 Tools
Crazy Titch - Jus An Arsehole (Dizzee Rascal Diss) 03:00 Tools
One of the Greatest 04:09 Tools
Its War 03:00 Tools
i can see you (didgy vocal edi 03:00 Tools
Gully Ft. Keisha 03:41 Tools
darkboi freestyle 2 03:00 Tools
Straight VIP 02:32 Tools
Shank Riddim 03:00 Tools
Crazy Titch - Scorpian 03:00 Tools
I Can C U (Vocal) 02:04 Tools
Singalong (Original Mix) 02:04 Tools
Outro 00:38 Tools
Sing Along (PERRY-D MASHUP) 02:49 Tools
La La La 00:38 Tools
Chrome Riddim 00:38 Tools
Don't Phone Me Freestyle (Radio Rip) 00:38 Tools
No Further 00:38 Tools
Singalong (Instrumental) 04:09 Tools
Crazy Titch - Sing Along Remix 04:09 Tools
Cock Back (feat. Nasty Crew) 02:49 Tools
Free Titch (feat. Ghetts, Griminal & Little Nasty) 03:00 Tools
Singalong (Acapella) 04:09 Tools
Sing-A-Long 04:09 Tools
Bed Rock (feat. Stana & Venor) 03:14 Tools
R.I.P Esco (feat. Stana) 03:00 Tools
Stop (Vocal) 03:58 Tools
Switching Songs 06:01 Tools
Crazy Freestyle 06:01 Tools
Jus' A Arsehole 06:01 Tools
When I'm 'Ere (Freestyle) 06:01 Tools
Shank Riddim Freestyle 06:01 Tools
Icy Mountains (Produced by Wiley & Terror Danjah) 02:04 Tools
I Can C U U Can C Me 02:04 Tools
Every endz ft. mr. wong, jme & flirta. d 02:04 Tools
Sing a Long 02:49 Tools
Everybody 02:49 Tools
When Im Ere Freestyle 03:00 Tools
Wiley Slew 03:00 Tools
Darkboi Freestyle 1 03:00 Tools
Vortex Freestyle 1 03:00 Tools
Vortex Freestyle 3 03:00 Tools
Freestyle (feat. Stana & Venor) 03:00 Tools
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Crazy Titch (born Carl Dobson), 31, is a British grime MC from Stratford, East London currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Richard Holmes. Having previously spent five years in Aylesbury (HM Prison) for robbery, handling stolen goods, theft, burglary and criminal damage, Dobson turned his attention to music, and secured a support role with D12. He gained underground fame due to his membership of grime collective Boys In Da Hood, which included various artists including step-brother Durrty Goodz. He has written "Sing Along" (2004) and has worked with the Sugababes' Keisha Buchanan on the track "Gully" and produced a documentary on DVD entitled Crazy Times Vol.1. He also appeared on the grime mixtape "Practice Hours". The East London rapper's most popular hit to date is "I Can C U", receiving heavy airplay on Channel U. On the 2 November 2006, Carl Dobson and step-father Anthony Green were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 21 year old Richard Holmes. [1] Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.