DJ Tripp

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Paper Rump 03:48 Tools
Paper Rump (Wreckx-N-Effect vs. M.I.A.) 03:47 Tools
Just Stop Believin' (Lady Gaga vs. Journey) 04:01 Tools
Dynamite Pressure (Taio Cruz vs. Queen & David Bowie) 04:12 Tools
Papa Was A Ghost (The Temptations Vs. Deadmau5) 02:44 Tools
Run This Firefly (Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West vs. Owl City) 04:43 Tools
We Are On Fire (Adele vs. Fun.) 04:25 Tools
Express This Way (Madonna vs Lady Gaga) 04:47 Tools
Royal Losers (Lorde vs. Beck vs. Lil Jon) 04:46 Tools
Stand Me Up (Stevie Nicks vs. Avicii) 04:46 Tools
Funky Black Party Starter (Pitbull ft. TJR vs. Lipps Inc. vs. Ram Jam vs. Daft Punk) 00:30 Tools
Dynamite Pressure [Queen & David Bowie vs. Taio Cruz] 00:30 Tools
Dynamite Pressure (Taio Cruz VS Queen & David Bowie) 00:30 Tools
How Low In The House (Ludacris VS Steve Aoki) 04:20 Tools
I Know You Want To Bomb Me (Pitbull VS Bucketheads) 04:30 Tools
Naughty Dover Girl 00:00 Tools
We R L'Amour (Ke$ha vs. Erasure) 05:06 Tools
B.U.D.D.Y. (Weezer vs. Justice) 03:17 Tools
Never Gonna Clock You 04:13 Tools
Express This Way (Remix) (Lady Gaga vs. Madonna) 05:24 Tools
Edge Of Love (Lady Gaga vs. The Outfield) 05:31 Tools
Love Is Young (Fun. Vs. Pat Benatar) 03:46 Tools
Super Holla Tricka (Beastie Boys vs. Gwen Stefani vs. A. Skillz & Krafty Kutz) 04:35 Tools
Stranger Heathens (twenty one pilots vs. Survive) 00:00 Tools
Weezer vs. Justice - B.U.D.D.Y 00:30 Tools
Royal Losers (Lorde vs. Beck ft. Lil Jon) 04:45 Tools
B.U.D.D.Y. (Weezer VS Justice) 00:30 Tools
Just Like Rudolph (The Cure vs Gene Autry vs Rudolph) 04:45 Tools
Celebrate Love (Rare Earth vs. Cobra Starship vs. Camille Yarbrough) 03:59 Tools
Close To Faith 03:51 Tools
Dynamite Pressure 04:11 Tools
Just Stop Believin' 04:01 Tools
Turn Down For Humpty (Digital Underground vs. DJ Snake & Lil Jon) 04:11 Tools
Get Yeah (Original Mix) 06:24 Tools
Paper Rump (Wreckx-N-Effect vs. M.I.A.).) 03:47 Tools
What Is Fancy? (Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX vs. Howard Jones) 06:24 Tools
We Will Rock and Roll Beverly Hills 03:34 Tools
Billie Jean Got Lucky (Michael Jackson x Daft Punk) 03:34 Tools
benny got back 00:00 Tools
Spin Me Harder (Daft Punk vs Dead Or Alive) 03:53 Tools
Lean On Scrubs (TLC vs. Major Lazer) 02:53 Tools
Devil's Milkshake (Kelis vs. Beck) 02:53 Tools
Tripp Takes U 03:53 Tools
She Wants Animals 04:59 Tools
Maniacs Emerge 02:53 Tools
She Wants Animals (Nine Inch Nails vs. Ace of Base) 04:59 Tools
Super Freaks On Film (Rick James vs. Duran Duran) 05:30 Tools
Without Me (Vader Mix) 04:37 Tools
nwday 04:37 Tools
Papa Was A Ghost 05:11 Tools
Erotic Pitbull (Pitbull vs. Prince) 05:20 Tools
How Low In The House (Ludacris vs. Steve Aoki) 04:18 Tools
Super Holla Tricka 04:18 Tools
B.U.D.D.Y. 03:18 Tools
MSTRFRG 03:18 Tools
Run This Firefly 04:59 Tools
Makes Me Disco 03:18 Tools
Enjoy The Sorry (Justin Bieber vs. Depeche Mode) 05:20 Tools
Run This Firefly (Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye West vs. Owl City) 05:05 Tools
Have A Good Time (1st Take) 03:34 Tools
we will rock beverly hills 03:34 Tools
Just Stop Believin' (Lady Gaga 04:02 Tools
My Superstitious Brain (Run-DMC Vs. Stevie Wonder Vs. Cypress Hill Vs. Beastie Boys) 05:20 Tools
Just Stop Believing 03:34 Tools
Lust For Da Club Life 03:01 Tools
Stand Unbelievable 04:20 Tools
Never Float On 03:34 Tools
On The Edge Volume 1 04:02 Tools
Spin Me Harder 04:02 Tools
Thrillered 05:20 Tools
You Need Roses 05:20 Tools
Twist Laws 05:20 Tools
We Are On Fire 04:24 Tools
Express This Way 04:46 Tools
Paper Rump (Wreckx-N-Effect vs 04:58 Tools
Next Egyptian 04:24 Tools
Super Freaks On Film 04:58 Tools
Benny Got Back (Benny Benassi vs. Sir Mix-a-Lot) 04:58 Tools
Express This Way (Madonna vs. Lady Gaga) 03:53 Tools
We Will Rock Beverly Hills (Weezer vs Joan Jett vs Queen) 04:46 Tools
36 Song Mix 04:46 Tools
Sub-Milkshake (Kelis vs the Sex Pistols) 03:42 Tools
Run This Firefly (Jay-Z Vs. Rihanna Vs. Kanye West Vs. Owl City) 04:58 Tools
Just Like Rudolph 05:30 Tools
Come Get Some Loser 05:26 Tools
Spin Me Harder (Daft Punk vs. Dead or Alive) 03:53 Tools
Laura Honey 04:42 Tools
Hey Ride 03:53 Tools
Rockafeller Rocket Shack 03:53 Tools
Maniacs Emerge (Fischerspooner vs. Michael Sembello) 00:00 Tools
"Billie Jean Got Lucky (DJ Tripp Mashup)" - Michael Jackson VS Daft Punk 04:42 Tools
With Or Without Glycerine 04:42 Tools
Go Toxic 04:42 Tools
Just Got Enough Feeling (Black Eyed Peas vs. Depeche Mode) 04:23 Tools
How Low In The House 04:20 Tools
My Superstitious Brain 04:20 Tools
Pictures Of Walls (The Cure VS Oasis) 04:52 Tools
Close To Faith (George Michael vs. The Cure) 04:52 Tools
ForeignAir "So Light Her Love Is (DJ Tripp Mashup)" 00:00 Tools
Sw-Swing It Out 00:00 Tools
Beastie Boys "Hold It Now, Hit It! (DJ Tripp's Dirty Remix Feat Rhythm Scholar)" 00:00 Tools
Eple Off Your Shoulder 04:59 Tools
Don't Go Weird 04:59 Tools
Don't Stop Till Ya TKO (Michael Jackson vs. Le Tigre) 04:59 Tools
Super Freaks On Film (Rick James VS Duran Duran) 05:30 Tools
We R L'Amour (Slow Intro) (Ke$ha VS Erasure) 04:20 Tools
Techno Attack 05:30 Tools
The Low Anthem (Flo-Rida Vs. Pitbull Vs. Enur) 04:20 Tools
"One More Child (DJ Tripp Mashup)" - Swedish House Mafia VS Daft Punk 00:00 Tools
Encore Blitz 00:00 Tools
blurred distortion 00:00 Tools
devil's milkshake 00:00 Tools
Emerge For Nothing 05:07 Tools
Chasing Kids 00:00 Tools
Single Ladies Choice (Beyonce VS Fatboy Slim) 04:35 Tools
We R L'Amour (Slow Intro) 05:07 Tools
Dynamite Pressure (Queen & David Bowie vs. Taio Cruz) 05:07 Tools
We Want Your Gay Dwarf 04:23 Tools
Billie Jean Is a Spy 03:42 Tools
Sub-Milkshake 03:42 Tools
don't you want the time 04:23 Tools
My Britney 05:07 Tools
My Band Just Wants To Have Fun 04:23 Tools
Kill Missy 04:23 Tools
Paper Rump [Wreckx-n-Effect vs. M.I.A.] 04:23 Tools
Techno Attack (Daft Punk vs. The Faint) 04:20 Tools
Sure Fire Way (Beastie Boys vs. Bloodhound Gang vs. Run D.M.C.) 04:20 Tools
Royal Losers 04:46 Tools
With or Without Glycerine (Bush vs. U2) 04:20 Tools
Just Needed Time (The Cars vs. DJ Antoine) 05:26 Tools
Without Vader (Eminem vs. John Williams) 04:20 Tools
Don't Go Weird (Yaz vs Oingo Boingo) 00:00 Tools
Lust for da Club Life (Iggy Pop vs. 50 Cent) 04:20 Tools
Seven CECE Army 04:20 Tools
Come Get Some Loser (TLC vs. Beck) 05:26 Tools
Controlled Fire 04:20 Tools
Hustlers Jam 04:20 Tools
Sweet Yellow High 04:20 Tools
Get Ur Mode On 04:20 Tools
Break It Off 04:20 Tools
Enjoy Silence 04:20 Tools
Sure Fire Way 04:20 Tools
Country Gangsta 04:20 Tools
Nasty Amp 04:46 Tools
House Of Dead Lovers 04:46 Tools
B.U.D.D.Y (weezer vs. justice) 04:20 Tools
We R L'Amour 05:06 Tools
Express This Way (Lady Gaga Vs. Madonna) 04:46 Tools
Go Toxic (Yazoo vs. Britney Spears) 04:46 Tools
Love Is Young 03:46 Tools
Just Stop Believin' (Lady Gaga vs Journey) 04:15 Tools
Edge of Love 04:25 Tools
Weapon Of Compton 04:25 Tools
I'll Fly With You, But Not Tonight 04:25 Tools
I Know You Want To Bomb Me 04:30 Tools
Tear My Sharona Apart 04:30 Tools
Rockafeller Rocket Shack (B-52's VS Felix Da Housecat VS Fatboy Slim) 04:30 Tools
Don't You Want the Time (Human League vs. Benny Benassi) 04:30 Tools
Twist Laws (Beck vs. The Beatles) 04:46 Tools
Is 'Love' Electric? 05:26 Tools
Beyonce Rockin Beats 05:26 Tools
Dusty Girl (Notorious B.I.G. Vs. Leftfield Vs. Stereo MCs) 04:20 Tools
This Is How We Do It In The Jungle 04:43 Tools
Sedated Disco 05:26 Tools
Smells Like a Party 04:43 Tools
Erotic Pitbull 05:26 Tools
Make Love Fuck Poison 04:43 Tools
Valley Girl In a Gay Bar 04:43 Tools
Michael's Wonderwall 05:26 Tools
Hella Good Bass 04:43 Tools
Hungry Bit 04:43 Tools
Just Stop Believing (Lady Gaga vs. Journey) 04:43 Tools
Smells Like a Party (Pink vs. Nirvana) 04:15 Tools
Are You Gunna Be My Honey (Moby vs. Jet) 03:46 Tools
Stand Unbelievable (Ludacris vs. EMF) 03:46 Tools
Controlled Fire (Missy Elliott vs. Prodigy) 03:46 Tools
Submilkshake 03:46 Tools
Enjoy Silence (Delerium vs. Depeche Mode) 03:46 Tools
A Random DJ Mix 04:46 Tools
Somebody Wants Me 04:46 Tools
Just Needed Time 04:46 Tools
Sexy Girl (Dirty) 04:46 Tools
Super Holla Streisand 04:46 Tools
How Many Licks (To Constantinople) 04:46 Tools
Lie Rider 04:46 Tools
Jumpin' Someone Else's Freak 04:46 Tools
Next Tequila 04:31 Tools
Funky Strange Come 04:31 Tools
It Wasn't Me Bitch 05:05 Tools
Missy Gonna Work It Out 05:05 Tools
Comfortable Holiday 05:05 Tools
Dynamite Pressure (Taio Cruz VS Queen & David Bowie) mashup 04:11 Tools
I know you want (Pitbull vs. Bucketheads) 05:05 Tools
Smack My Sexyback 05:05 Tools
shewantsanimals 05:05 Tools
Rock It Like It's Lobster 05:05 Tools
Stand Me Up 05:05 Tools
My Band Just Wants to Have Fun (D12 vs. Cyndi Lauper) 00:00 Tools
She Wants Animals (NIN vs Ace Of Bass) 00:00 Tools
Dynamite Pressure (Taio Cruz V 00:00 Tools
Pure Love Energy 00:00 Tools
Sub-Milkshake (Kelis vs. Sex Pistols) 00:00 Tools
Hold The Debauchery 00:00 Tools
spinmeharder 00:00 Tools
Get Ur Mode On (Missy Elliott vs. Depeche Mode) 00:00 Tools
Pictures of Breath (Blu Cantrell vs. The Cure) 00:00 Tools
80s_121808_1 00:33 Tools
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DJ Tripp is a Mash-Up artist. A remixer, producer, dj and self proclaimed master of Galaga. A DJ for 15 years, he plays everything from 80's, Industrial, Breaks, House, Hip-Hop, Top 40 and sometimes some alternative....but only when drunk. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.