Daddy X

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Money 03:39 Tools
Peaceful Day 04:45 Tools
If I Could 04:03 Tools
Against All Odds 02:31 Tools
Mindbender 03:07 Tools
All Seeing Eye 04:09 Tools
Take You Higher 02:45 Tools
Tha Bomb 03:35 Tools
Old School Shit 02:30 Tools
The Great Escape 03:32 Tools
Grow Your Own 02:24 Tools
Higher than High 04:09 Tools
New World Order 04:08 Tools
Next Life 04:18 Tools
Wake N Bake 01:55 Tools
You Are Everything 03:45 Tools
Stoney Age 04:31 Tools
Everybody Must Get Stoned 04:08 Tools
Changin' 04:41 Tools
Wicked-N-Riteous 04:09 Tools
Area 51 02:15 Tools
Money Machine 03:57 Tools
Dyin' Breath 03:21 Tools
Stoney Vibrations 04:26 Tools
Irie Feelin 04:11 Tools
Sky Blue 05:10 Tools
One Man Standin' 04:38 Tools
Anna Rose 04:15 Tools
Settin' Sun 05:20 Tools
Livin Free 03:46 Tools
Praise Jam 03:30 Tools
Get Up 00:00 Tools
Pleasure to Burn 04:27 Tools
Round The World 03:52 Tools
Karma (feat. Dogboy) 04:00 Tools
Freedom (feat. Corporate Avenger) 05:44 Tools
High Fidelity 02:25 Tools
Dyin Breath 00:00 Tools
Nature's Way (feat. Dogboy & Dirtball) 03:56 Tools
Better Place (feat. Dirtball) 04:01 Tools
Karma 04:01 Tools
Settin Sun 00:00 Tools
Freedom 05:45 Tools
Better Place 04:02 Tools
Power, Greed, Lies and Money (Featuring Judge D) 03:12 Tools
Power, Greed, Lies And Money 03:13 Tools
Last Daze (King Klick Featuring Big B & Dogboy) 03:23 Tools
High Timez (feat. Brokencyde) 04:32 Tools
Power, Greed, Lies & Money (Feat. Judge D) 03:13 Tools
Last Daze 03:23 Tools
Pleasure to Burn (Feat. Dog Boy) 03:23 Tools
Last Daze (feat. Big B & Dogboy) 03:23 Tools
Nature's Way 03:57 Tools
Fool's Paradise 03:51 Tools
Natures Way 03:51 Tools
U Are Everything 03:51 Tools
Get Up (feat. Brokencyde) 03:48 Tools
Children's Story (feat. Daddy X) 03:52 Tools
Round the World (Feat. E-Mann) 03:51 Tools
Get Up (Starring Sky Blue) 03:51 Tools
The Underground (feat. Big B) 03:20 Tools
Hello World (feat. Johnny Richter) 03:47 Tools
One Man Standing 03:47 Tools
Fuck tha Police (feat. Judge D, Saint Dog and Daddy X) 03:47 Tools
Praise Jam (feat. Smokin Scotty Dread) 04:43 Tools
Praise Jam (Feat. Smokin' Scotty Dread) 04:43 Tools
Around the World 03:52 Tools
Power Greed Lies and Money 03:14 Tools
Sick World 04:06 Tools
Last Daze (King Klick feat. Big B & Dogboy) 04:06 Tools
Brand New Day (feat. Big B) 03:22 Tools
Supastar (feat. Big B) 03:38 Tools
Against Alll Odds 02:31 Tools
Last Daze - King Klick Feat. Big B & Dogboy 02:31 Tools
Get Low 03:08 Tools
Funky Rhyme (feat. Danny Diablo) 03:53 Tools
Locomotion (feat. X Clan) 03:53 Tools
Long Way 03:36 Tools
Batter Swing (feat. The Dirtball) 03:24 Tools
Children's Story 03:16 Tools
Mayday (feat. Big B & The Dirtball) 03:53 Tools
Half Empty (feat. Big B & D-Loc) 03:24 Tools
Get Up (feat. Sky Blue) 03:24 Tools
Freedom - Feat. Corporate Avenger 03:24 Tools
Power, Greed, Lies And Money Feat. Judge D 03:13 Tools
Bring tha Noize (feat. Sen Dog and Daddy X) 03:13 Tools
Grow You Own 03:13 Tools
Karma Feat. Dogboy 02:39 Tools
Power, Greed, Lies And Money (feat. Judge D) 02:39 Tools
Better Place Feat. Dirtball 02:39 Tools
Power, Greed, Lies & Money (Fe 02:39 Tools
Mushroom Cloud (feat. The Dirtball) 03:16 Tools
With Us or Against Us 03:16 Tools
Wicked And The righteous 03:16 Tools
Wicked N Riteous 03:16 Tools
Fire in the Sky (feat. Pakelika) 03:45 Tools
Burn 03:45 Tools
Mushroom Cloud 03:16 Tools
Same Ol' Story (feat. The Dirtball) 03:16 Tools
Dyin Breathe 05:26 Tools
Get Stoned 03:16 Tools
Let's Ride 05:26 Tools
Livin' Free [*] 03:16 Tools
One Life (feat. Johnny Richter & Judge D) 03:16 Tools
Pump Up Ya Knucks (feat. The Dirtball) 03:16 Tools
Let's Do It (feat. The Dirtball) 03:16 Tools
People Into Making Progress (feat. Saint Dog) 05:26 Tools
Last Daze [*] 05:26 Tools
Pass That 05:26 Tools
Bump That Shit 05:26 Tools
Misfits 05:26 Tools
Get Em Up (feat. Jared/HED PE, Big B & The Dirtball) 04:28 Tools
All Night Long (feat. The Dirtball & Big B) 04:03 Tools
Freedom Feat. Corporate Avenger 05:46 Tools
Nature's Way - Feat. Dogboy & Dirtball 05:46 Tools
Fire It Up (feat. Moonshine Bandits & The Dirtball) 05:46 Tools
Hallucinations 05:46 Tools
Uncle Sam (feat. Judge D & Saint Dog) 05:46 Tools
Watch'n Time Fly (feat. Tsunami Bros & Judge D) 04:28 Tools
On The Rise (feat. Big B & The Dirtball) 04:28 Tools
Fire It Up 04:28 Tools
Last Daze - King Klick Featuring Big B & Dogboy 03:24 Tools
Medicine Man (feat. Daddy X) 03:24 Tools
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Brad Xavier better known by his stage name Daddy X is a hip hop artist, and record producer. He is the frontman for Kottonmouth Kings. Xavier was also a member of Orange County punk band Humble Gods, which included original Pennywise bassist Jason Thirsk. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.