Daniel Brandt

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Chaparral Mesa 00:00 Tools
Kale Me 00:00 Tools
Turn Over 00:00 Tools
Flamingo 00:00 Tools
Eternal Something 00:00 Tools
FSG 00:00 Tools
The White of the Eye 00:00 Tools
Sailboats III 00:00 Tools
On The Move 00:00 Tools
Casa Fiesta 00:00 Tools
Cherry Dream 00:00 Tools
Blackpool Sands Forever 00:00 Tools
Daze 00:00 Tools
Twentynine Palms 00:00 Tools
Ltd 00:00 Tools
Channels 00:00 Tools
Blackpool Sands Forever (Rival Consoles remix) 00:00 Tools
Blackpool Sands Forever - Rival Consoles Remix 04:32 Tools
Channels (Paul Frick Remix) - Bonus Track 04:32 Tools
Arrival 04:32 Tools
Blackpool Sands Forever [Rival Consoles Remix] 04:32 Tools
Endless Refill 04:32 Tools
Endless Refill - Bonus Track 04:32 Tools
Twenynine Palms 04:32 Tools
Pleasuredome (Bonus Track) 04:32 Tools
Pleasuredome - Bonus Track 04:32 Tools
Burning Skies 04:32 Tools
Endless Refill (Bonus Track) 04:32 Tools
Pleasuredome 04:32 Tools
Make Sense 05:41 Tools
Anywhere 05:41 Tools
This Is Not How I Wanted It To Be 05:41 Tools
The Magic of Numbers (060606) 04:18 Tools
The Darkness Inside 04:18 Tools
Fragments 04:18 Tools
The Dreamcoloured Void 04:18 Tools
Sgustok Magazine Podcast 029 - Daniel Brandt 04:18 Tools
Eternal Regrets 04:18 Tools
Being Somebody Else 04:18 Tools
Cherry Dream (Radio Edit) 04:18 Tools
Judgement 04:18 Tools
We Are All Alone 04:11 Tools
Rain Keeps Falling 08:04 Tools
Designed Destiny 08:04 Tools
Machine Make Music 08:04 Tools
Sour dough 03:33 Tools
Flicker 03:33 Tools
The Re-Recorded Organ Works Part II 03:33 Tools
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Daniel Brandt always creates music with the aim to produce certain feelings and atmospheres. The resulting tracks range from instrumental fantasy or soundtrack-like music and experimental sample based compositions to intense highly-electronic music with aggressive vocals within the realms of EBM and Futurepop. Early works are the highly experimental “The Organ Works!”, where organs in various shapes and sizes are integrated into modern music – recently re-recorded and updated, released as “The Re-Recorded Organ Works” exclusively and free on Daniel Brandt’s homepage –and “The Chorus Lives!”, where various experiments in vocals and musical story telling are presented in a strange collection of everything to EBM and ambient. More recent releases are the “Magic”-series – the “Traces of Magic” collection being the latest release – of more fantasy/soundtrack like nature. The most current release is the “Past The Future EP”, which could be described as a retro futuristic voyage into electronic music. The sounds are more clearly electronic than ever and the vocals reminding of both past and current trends within EBM, Futurepop and industrial music. The EP is following up a collection of older experimental music entitled “Programmable Future Editable Past”. Daniel Brandt is also, since late 2005, a member of Neurobash (www.neurobash.com) after originally having remixed for the band, now arranging and writing material together with the rest of the band and performing synthesizers and backing vocals live. All music is available free at Daniel Brandt’s official webpage, www.aeongate.com. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.