Darol Anger

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Aran Boat Song (feat. Alasdair Frasier) 04:17 Tools
I Saw Three Ships 03:37 Tools
Black Mountain Rag 04:42 Tools
Hard Times Come Again No More 03:50 Tools
Down In The Willow Garden 04:45 Tools
Rise Up, Shepherd, And Follow 05:50 Tools
Are You Tired Of Me, My Darling? 04:50 Tools
Banish Misfortune (feat. Martin Hayes) 03:54 Tools
Talk About Suffering Here Below 06:15 Tools
While Roving On A Winter's Night 05:31 Tools
Oh, Death 04:23 Tools
Headwaters: Shenandoah 02:23 Tools
Angels We Have Heard on High 04:41 Tools
Voodoo Chile (slight return) (feat. Bruce Molsky) 04:59 Tools
A Little Help from My Friends (feat. Martin Hayes) 00:00 Tools
Celtic Groove (feat. Hanneke Cassel & Casey Dreissen) 04:11 Tools
Pretty Polly 08:41 Tools
La Ville Des Manteau 04:36 Tools
The Water Is Wide 06:39 Tools
Dolphins 04:17 Tools
Melt the Teakettle (feat. Natalie McMaster) 05:19 Tools
Tideline 04:16 Tools
Aran Boat Song 04:17 Tools
Shenandoah: A Quiet Place/Golden Slippers 03:23 Tools
The Gravel Shore 07:26 Tools
Farewell to Trion 03:30 Tools
To The Sea: O Shenandoah 07:26 Tools
Egrets - Live 04:27 Tools
Movie 06:42 Tools
Homer the Roamer 05:44 Tools
Denver Belle 03:30 Tools
Borealis 04:27 Tools
Banish Misfortune 03:21 Tools
Solitary Singer 05:38 Tools
John Henry 05:44 Tools
Pogo Big 04:29 Tools
Lee Highway Blues 04:29 Tools
Melt The Teakettle 05:20 Tools
Grey Owl 04:29 Tools
Fiddler's Pastime 04:36 Tools
Canyon Moonrise 04:29 Tools
Celtic Groove 06:42 Tools
Peter Pan 04:27 Tools
Above The Fog 04:27 Tools
La Ville Des Manteaux 04:05 Tools
Tone Guys Boogie (feat. Vassar Clements) 03:30 Tools
Scarborough 04:05 Tools
Intro 03:32 Tools
The Lights in the Sky Are Stars - Live 02:40 Tools
True Story 04:25 Tools
Les Barres De La Prison 03:32 Tools
Bemsha Swing 04:05 Tools
High Ham 04:27 Tools
The Ramblin' Barber 06:38 Tools
Keep Sleeping 03:57 Tools
Jaco 04:36 Tools
Fortunate 01:03 Tools
Gualala 05:49 Tools
Bach, Up 01:03 Tools
Willow Garden Fantasy 04:09 Tools
Working On A Building Medley 06:42 Tools
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 05:01 Tools
Onyamé 04:27 Tools
Bemsha Swing (feat. Richard Greene & Buell Neidlinger) 04:09 Tools
Key Signator 04:27 Tools
Beneath The Surface 02:48 Tools
A Little Help from My Friends 03:57 Tools
Daughter of Cups - Live 03:57 Tools
Gemini 04:25 Tools
The Unbearable Gift 03:57 Tools
Bach Prelude 06:24 Tools
Replaceitall 03:57 Tools
Who Had Whom 03:57 Tools
Slip and Slide 02:40 Tools
Lifeline 03:57 Tools
Tone Guys' Boogie 02:40 Tools
Love on Three Levels 04:27 Tools
John Henry (feat. The Nashville Lumberyard) 04:27 Tools
Help Me 04:27 Tools
Ouditarus Rez 04:27 Tools
Near Northern 04:01 Tools
Egypt - Live 02:37 Tools
Beloved Infidel 00:00 Tools
A Real Dragon 04:27 Tools
Spring Gesture 07:50 Tools
In What Hour - Live 07:27 Tools
Brann St. Sonata - Live 07:50 Tools
The Creep 02:48 Tools
Polska Upstairs 02:40 Tools
Piacenza 02:48 Tools
Hearts Wait 04:29 Tools
Coming Back 06:24 Tools
Carrol County Suite : [b] Blues (feat. Stuat Duncan) 01:03 Tools
Outro 02:37 Tools
Solitary Singer (Jin By Jin Remix) 05:08 Tools
Old Grey Coat 05:20 Tools
Street Stuff 04:01 Tools
Pumpkin Time - Live 07:50 Tools
Duet - Live 06:24 Tools
Near Northern - Live 00:00 Tools
Lee Highway Blues (feat. Stuart Duncan) 04:29 Tools
Pumpkin Time 03:57 Tools
You Noticed Too 06:02 Tools
Tideline - Live 06:24 Tools
Evening Prayer Blues 04:29 Tools
Dardanelles 04:29 Tools
Old Folkies 04:29 Tools
Wayfaring Stranger (Instrumental) 01:38 Tools
Blue Midnight 03:46 Tools
Ride The Wild Turkey 02:48 Tools
Train On The Island (feat. Todd Phillips) 00:00 Tools
With A Little Help From My Friends 03:57 Tools
Willow Garden Fantasy (feat. Richard Greene & Michael Kott) 01:03 Tools
Father 06:24 Tools
To The Sea: O Shenandoah! 07:27 Tools
Rotagilla 07:10 Tools
Father Adieu 07:27 Tools
Flanders Rock 07:27 Tools
Brann St. Sonata 04:05 Tools
Bach Bourée [From the French Suite] 00:00 Tools
Frogs on Ice 02:48 Tools
Carrol County Suite : [A] Where'd You Say You From 02:37 Tools
Carroll County Suite: [b] Blues 02:37 Tools
While Roving on a Winter's Night (feat. John Gorka & Dar Williams) 00:00 Tools
Little Jaco 02:37 Tools
Dysentery Stomp 04:23 Tools
Saurians' Farewell 00:00 Tools
Wedges 06:24 Tools
Higher Ground 07:10 Tools
Dawn Chorus 02:48 Tools
Basin and Range 06:24 Tools
Megatones 07:10 Tools
Pleasant Pheasant 07:10 Tools
Song for Kaila 06:24 Tools
Moose The Mooche 07:10 Tools
GyroSmoke (feat. Brittany Haas & Rushad Eggleston) 02:37 Tools
Saurian's Farewell 07:10 Tools
Lime Rock 02:37 Tools
Carroll County Suite: [a] Where'd You Say You From? 06:24 Tools
Chain of Fools 07:10 Tools
Onyame 02:37 Tools
Shenandoah: A Quiet Place / Golden Slippers 00:00 Tools
Carroll County Suite: Where'd You Say You From? 02:37 Tools
Darol & Scott's Wayfaring Stranger 07:10 Tools
Children's Song #6 07:10 Tools
Free D 00:00 Tools
Donna Lee 00:00 Tools
Melt the Tea Kettle 00:00 Tools
Carroll County Suite: Blues 05:55 Tools
Pretty Polly (feat. Mary Chapin Carpenter) 00:00 Tools
It's Dark 00:00 Tools
Bach Bouree (From The French Suite) 00:00 Tools
Bach Bourée (From The French Suite) 00:00 Tools
Rye Straw (feat. Todd Phillips) 00:00 Tools
Golden Slippers 00:00 Tools
Bach Partita #3 In E Major For Solo Violin 00:00 Tools
Liza Jane 00:00 Tools
Tone Guys' Boogie (feat. Vassar Clements) 00:00 Tools
When You Go (Djulaikta Waltz) 00:00 Tools
N.K.F. 00:00 Tools
Wall Of Mando Madness 00:00 Tools
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (feat. Todd Phillips) 00:00 Tools
Train On The Island 00:00 Tools
In The Pines 00:00 Tools
The Lights In The Sky Are Stars 00:00 Tools
Egrets 02:37 Tools
Voodoo Chile 00:00 Tools
Aran Boat Song (feat. Alasdair Fraser) 00:00 Tools
Carroll County Suite 00:00 Tools
Les Barres de La Prison (feat. Suzy Thompson) 00:00 Tools
Bonus Track 02:37 Tools
Lady Hamilton 02:37 Tools
Lost In The Loop 00:00 Tools
Sally Ann 02:37 Tools
Daughter Of Cups 02:37 Tools
Where To Now 02:37 Tools
Headwaters - Shenandoah 02:37 Tools
Old Dangerfield 02:37 Tools
Row, Brothers, Row 02:37 Tools
Raindance 02:37 Tools
Oh Death 02:37 Tools
Tone Guys' Boogie (with Vassar Clements) 02:37 Tools
Bluebird 02:37 Tools
The Seagull (Fiskmas)/The Bad Day 02:37 Tools
In the Basement 04:11 Tools
Down in the Willow Garden (feat. Paul McCandless & Victor Wooten) 00:00 Tools
Purple Haze 00:00 Tools
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Darol Anger (born in 1953 in San Francisco) is an American violinist, composer, producer and educator. In 2010 he was named Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music. Anger entered popular music at the age of 21 as a founding member of The David Grisman Quintet. With the jazz-oriented Turtle Island String Quartet that he co-founded in 1985, Anger developed and popularized new techniques for playing contemporary music styles on string instruments. The virtuosic "Chambergrass" groups Darol Anger's Republic Of Strings, Psychograss, and the long-lived Anger-Marshall Duo feature his compositions and arrangements. His Grammy-nomimated folk-jazz group Montreux was the original musical model for the New Adult Contemporary radio format. Anger has worked with some of the world's great improvising string musicians, among them Stephane Grappelli, Mark O'Connor, David Grisman, Tony Rice, Bela Fleck and Vassar Clements. Anger' main project is his Republic Of Strings ensemble, with the classical vocal group the Anonymous 4 and chamber music work and recording with pianist Phillip Aaberg and duo work with multi-string virtuoso Mike Marshall. He appears as a guest with a wide array of modern music ensembles from Traditional to Pop. www.darolanger.com Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.