David Charvet

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Leap Of Faith 04:40 Tools
Jusqu'Au Bout 04:40 Tools
Should I Leave 04:16 Tools
Sometimes It Rains 04:17 Tools
Teach Me How To Love 03:47 Tools
Je Te Dédie 04:19 Tools
Take You There 03:19 Tools
Apprendre à aimer 03:47 Tools
Touch 03:15 Tools
Leap of faith (Radio) 04:06 Tools
Fall Into You 03:47 Tools
Prisoner Of Love 05:14 Tools
If I Don't Tell You Soon 03:57 Tools
All I Want Is You 03:57 Tools
It's Alright 04:11 Tools
Cure For Love 03:22 Tools
Je te dédie (les larmes aux yeux) 00:00 Tools
It's Your Life 04:47 Tools
She Comes And Goes 03:44 Tools
Leap Of Faith (Radio Edit) 04:05 Tools
Seulement Des Hommes 03:55 Tools
Real 04:14 Tools
Regarde Toi 03:33 Tools
Leap of faith - Radio edit 04:06 Tools
Se Laisser Quelque Chose 04:41 Tools
A Tes Côtés 03:49 Tools
Sympathy 04:12 Tools
No Looking Back 03:32 Tools
I Wanna Rock 03:40 Tools
Entre Ciel Et Terre 03:17 Tools
Tes Regards 04:36 Tools
Maintenant 04:36 Tools
Je Vis 03:11 Tools
Ce Soir 02:50 Tools
Je Voudrais Te Dire 03:19 Tools
Leap Of Faith - And if we are oceans apart You will always be here in my heart And I'll always wait for you 04:19 Tools
A Tes Cotes 00:00 Tools
J'attendrais 04:06 Tools
Swim With The Birds 03:55 Tools
Damn Shame 00:00 Tools
Tombé Sans Toi 03:58 Tools
Apprendre A Aimer - Single Version 03:47 Tools
Leap Of Faith / Frenglish 03:47 Tools
That's How Long I'll Wait For You 04:19 Tools
Sometimes It Rains - Radio Edit 03:32 Tools
Dawn Shame 04:19 Tools
J'ai Dit Attends 03:06 Tools
David Charvet - Leap Of Faith 04:19 Tools
She Cums And Goes 03:43 Tools
Trouver L'amour 03:28 Tools
Take You There - Single Version 03:19 Tools
Passeport Français 02:50 Tools
Quand Tu Danses 03:33 Tools
Je dis attends 03:19 Tools
Je Vis (Dans Ce Pays) 03:11 Tools
Teach Me How To Love - Single Version 03:47 Tools
Jusq'au bout 02:50 Tools
David Charvet- Jusqu'au bout 03:47 Tools
Leap Of Faith - Graham Stack 7" Mix 03:28 Tools
Fall in to you 03:32 Tools
David Charvet- Leap of faith 03:47 Tools
Leap Of Faith (Graham Stack 7" Mix) 03:28 Tools
Regarde-Toi 03:32 Tools
À Tes Côtés 03:48 Tools
Sometimes It Rains (Radio Edit) 03:32 Tools
Qui Leur Dira ? 03:32 Tools
Apprendre a aimer (Single Version) 03:47 Tools
Je te dédie (les larmes aux ye 03:47 Tools
Jusquau Bout 03:32 Tools
Should I stay, Should I Go 03:32 Tools
Passeport français 05 03:32 Tools
Jusqu'au Bout (Radio edit) 03:28 Tools
Teach Me How To Love (Single Version) 03:50 Tools
Leap of Faith (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Sometimes In Rains 04:17 Tools
Leap Of Faith (Graham Stack Extended Mix) 03:19 Tools
Shes Cums and Goes 03:28 Tools
Love makes 03:28 Tools
J'ai dit attends 04 03:28 Tools
Leap of Faith+ 03:28 Tools
Take You There (Single Version) 03:19 Tools
Leap of Faith [Remix] 03:28 Tools
Tombé sans toi 02 03:19 Tools
Leap Of Faith (Radio Editing) 03:19 Tools
Who You Are 04:29 Tools
Fall Into Love 03:19 Tools
Qui Leur Dira 04:29 Tools
Should I live 04:29 Tools
Take You There - Version Franglaise 04:29 Tools
Passeport Francais 04:29 Tools
Leap Of Faith [Radio Edit] 04:29 Tools
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David Charvet (born May 15, 1972) is a French pop singer. Before singing he acted in movies, Baywatch, Melrose Place etc.). His first album "David Charvet" was released in 1997. His second success album was "Leap of Faith" that was released in 2002. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.