David Rose

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The Stripper 01:54 Tools
Like Young 03:39 Tools
Wear Your Love Like Heaven / Workin' on a Groovy Thing 04:51 Tools
Holiday for Strings 04:51 Tools
Gay Spirits 02:40 Tools
Carol of the Bells 01:31 Tools
Bonanza 00:56 Tools
Gay Spirits - Digitally Remastered 96 02:08 Tools
High Chaparral 02:14 Tools
Little House on the Prairie 03:03 Tools
TEDTalks : 10 things to know before you pitch a VC for money - David S. Rose (2007) 00:56 Tools
The High Chaparral 02:49 Tools
The Christmas Waltz 03:17 Tools
The Christmas Tree 02:29 Tools
Medley: Toyland, Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful 02:49 Tools
Gay Spirits - Remastered 00:00 Tools
Like Young - 1996 Digital Remaster 03:39 Tools
High Chapparal 01:40 Tools
Toyland 01:34 Tools
Late Afternoon 04:19 Tools
Highway To Heaven 03:18 Tools
The Twelve Days of Christmas 01:28 Tools
Skyway 03:15 Tools
The Beast 04:00 Tools
An American in Paris 03:16 Tools
Wear Your Love Like Heaven / Workin' On A Groovy Thing (Medley) - 1997 Digital Remaster 04:54 Tools
Echoes 02:27 Tools
Distant Relations 04:24 Tools
The Distance Between Dreams 06:26 Tools
Medley Toyland, Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful 03:56 Tools
The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) 03:07 Tools
Wear Your Love Like Heaven / Workin' On A Groovy Thing (Medley) 04:53 Tools
Try A Little Tenderness 02:19 Tools
Ponderosa 03:25 Tools
Gay Spirits (Digitally Remastered 96) 02:08 Tools
Bonanza Theme 00:55 Tools
Blue Skies 03:20 Tools
Night And Day 03:38 Tools
High Chaparral, The 01:14 Tools
Marie 02:19 Tools
I Saw Three Ships 01:23 Tools
I'll Be Seeing You 02:55 Tools
Yours Is My Heart Alone 02:52 Tools
Like Young - Remastered 02:52 Tools
Harlem Nocturne 02:41 Tools
Little Girl 02:29 Tools
East Of The Sun 03:07 Tools
City of Sleeping Dreams 03:12 Tools
Bonanza - Lorne Greene 01:53 Tools
The Sad, Sad Rocking Horse 02:28 Tools
When You're Smiling 02:32 Tools
Our Waltz 03:23 Tools
The Stripper (The Full Monty Soundtrack) 01:58 Tools
Wear Your Love Like Heaven / Workin' On A Groovy Thing (Medley) (1997 Digital Remaster) 04:52 Tools
The Little Drummer Boy 02:19 Tools
Like Young (1996 Digital Remaster) 03:38 Tools
Holiday for Trombones 02:50 Tools
The Little House In The Prairie 03:38 Tools
All Or Nothing At All 03:04 Tools
Sunset Strip 02:19 Tools
Poinciana 03:06 Tools
Whispering 02:52 Tools
One Love 03:08 Tools
Dance of the Spanish Onion 03:56 Tools
That Old Black Magic 02:52 Tools
Parade of the Clowns 02:26 Tools
How High the Moon 03:11 Tools
I'll Never Smile Again 02:55 Tools
Waltz Of The Bubbles 02:13 Tools
Satan and the Polar Bear 03:18 Tools
Falling In Love With Love 02:50 Tools
Ciribiribin 02:27 Tools
You Do Something To Me 02:31 Tools
September In The Rain 03:43 Tools
Manhattan Square Dance 02:23 Tools
Hate Me Tomorrow 01:45 Tools
Deck the Hall/The First Noel/Joy to the World 02:45 Tools
Le Petit Prince 02:09 Tools
Oh Look At Me Now 03:05 Tools
Our Love 04:24 Tools
Silent Night/O Come All Ye Faithful 02:15 Tools
American Hoe-Down 02:50 Tools
Heaven [From Highway To Heaven] 01:39 Tools
Fiesta in Seville 02:50 Tools
Soft Lights and Sweet Music 02:34 Tools
Black and Tan Fantasy 03:13 Tools
Rose of Bel-Air 03:17 Tools
Autumn Leaves 03:16 Tools
Banned In Boston 03:17 Tools
Five Minutes More 02:36 Tools
Come Out 02:00 Tools
The Christmas Song 03:05 Tools
Little House Theme 00:40 Tools
Night Train 03:50 Tools
The World Is In My Arms 03:14 Tools
The Coffee Song 02:24 Tools
Ol' Man River 04:15 Tools
Amid Daydream 03:18 Tools
Intermezzo 03:07 Tools
Sophisticated Lady 02:48 Tools
There's Only One Way! 02:48 Tools
One More Time 02:15 Tools
El Gran Chaparral 03:12 Tools
Calypso Melody 01:57 Tools
Highway to Heaven (Heaven) 02:36 Tools
Walk On the Wild Side 03:23 Tools
My Heart Belongs to Daddy 01:57 Tools
Someone to Watch over Me 02:36 Tools
Lover 02:32 Tools
The Night We Called It A Day 03:32 Tools
Christmas Is Coming/Angels We Have Heard 02:54 Tools
I'm In The Mood For Love 03:13 Tools
Mood Indigo 02:21 Tools
Blue Prelude 02:45 Tools
Portrait of a Flirt 02:36 Tools
Last Call For Love 02:33 Tools
Little Drummer Boy 03:06 Tools
when i fall in love 04:02 Tools
What Is this Thing Called Love 03:46 Tools
St. James Infirmary 01:57 Tools
October Mist 02:16 Tools
Where Is The Love 03:03 Tools
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 03:23 Tools
Ebb tide 03:21 Tools
Hoss 02:29 Tools
September Song 03:34 Tools
Sunrise Serenade 03:06 Tools
Tenderly 03:21 Tools
Serenade to Lemonade 03:13 Tools
California Melodies 03:06 Tools
The High Chaparral / Main Theme 01:02 Tools
The Sweetest Sounds 03:46 Tools
David Rose & His Orchestra Gay Spirits 02:36 Tools
David Rose - The Stripper 01:54 Tools
This Guy's in Love With You 02:11 Tools
Autumn Holiday 01:50 Tools
The Autumn Waltz 02:51 Tools
la casa de la pradera 02:55 Tools
Journey Of The Hopefuls 02:59 Tools
4:20 AM 02:34 Tools
My Dog Has Fleas 02:19 Tools
Starset 05:04 Tools
The Gaucho Serenade 03:13 Tools
Estrellita (Little Star) 03:06 Tools
Wear Your Love Like Heaven 00:00 Tools
Ain't Misbehavin' 02:56 Tools
Laughter in the Rain 02:11 Tools
Embraceable You 03:43 Tools
Shine On Harvest Moon 02:17 Tools
Some of These Days 02:54 Tools
Silent Thunder 02:08 Tools
Deserted City 03:14 Tools
Too Beautiful To Last 03:23 Tools
Roman Holiday 02:21 Tools
The Very Thought of You 02:36 Tools
Blue Autumn 03:18 Tools
Autumn Serenade 03:23 Tools
If You Leave Me Now 03:00 Tools
The Stripper (1962) 02:21 Tools
I've Got You Under My Skin 03:27 Tools
Indian Summer 02:16 Tools
Deep Purple 02:44 Tools
'Tis Autumn 02:35 Tools
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody 02:11 Tools
Happy Heart 02:51 Tools
Medley Toyland Silent Night Oh Come All Ye Faithful - David R 02:29 Tools
Annie O'Toole 02:43 Tools
The Blue Room 02:13 Tools
Horseless Carriage 03:27 Tools
Autumn Nocturne 02:32 Tools
Blues In the Night 03:00 Tools
Stringopation 01:39 Tools
I Get a Kick Out of You 02:51 Tools
Student Prince Serenade 03:13 Tools
Hoedown At Virginia City 01:40 Tools
La Petite Maison dans la Prairie 01:05 Tools
Fury In Old Mexico 02:43 Tools
Legend of Sam Hill 03:12 Tools
The High Chaparral: The High Chaparral 01:13 Tools
Night & Day 02:46 Tools
Til There Was You 00:00 Tools
Wear Your Love Like Heaven; Workin' On a Groovy Thing 02:17 Tools
Swinging Shepherd Blues 02:32 Tools
Amazing Grace 02:16 Tools
Paris Oui Oui 00:00 Tools
Fiddlin' for Fun (Les Violins S'amusent) 03:12 Tools
Why Do You Pass Me by (Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir) 02:08 Tools
A Frenchman in New York 02:08 Tools
You Stepped Out Of A Dream 02:11 Tools
Let's Fall In Love 02:58 Tools
Autumn In New York 02:43 Tools
Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing 01:02 Tools
Do You Love Me 02:54 Tools
Main Theme - From "The High Chaparral" Original Soundtrack 03:24 Tools
Stripper, The 02:08 Tools
Serenade In Blue 03:09 Tools
You and the Blues 02:46 Tools
Lady of the Evening 03:43 Tools
Manhattan 03:00 Tools
Cimarron 03:52 Tools
Love for Sale 03:00 Tools
Gigi 08:16 Tools
Wear Your Love Like Heaven, Workin' On A Groovy Thing 03:09 Tools
Our Love Is Here to Stay 03:31 Tools
If You Could Read My Mind 02:47 Tools
The Happy Bow 00:30 Tools
Without You 03:42 Tools
Stereophonic March 03:00 Tools
I'm Lonely For You 03:09 Tools
Like Blue 02:11 Tools
Gypsy 02:59 Tools
March of The Pretzels 03:00 Tools
Flavia 01:02 Tools
The Balloon Riders 02:50 Tools
Blue Again 02:55 Tools
Blue Holiday 02:55 Tools
Theme from Carnival 03:27 Tools
The Little House On The Prairie 02:57 Tools
Little House On The Prairie: Little House On The Prairie 02:57 Tools
Buscarem la Sort 02:57 Tools
Medley: Deck The Hall-The First Noel-Joy To The World 02:36 Tools
Men Into Space: Theme 02:44 Tools
Lullaby Of The Leaves 02:36 Tools
(What Did I Do to Be) So Black and Blue 03:12 Tools
How the West Was Won 02:13 Tools
Night In Trinidad 02:34 Tools
There's A Small Hotel 03:31 Tools
Calypso Medley 02:34 Tools
Music of Angels 02:34 Tools
Lullaby Of Birdland 02:45 Tools
June In January 00:00 Tools
Green Moods 03:43 Tools
Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing 00:00 Tools
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face 03:16 Tools
Nostalgia 02:59 Tools
Thank Heaven for Little Girls 01:02 Tools
Bewitched 02:58 Tools
OT: Little House on the Prairie (arrangement A) 03:27 Tools
Love 03:27 Tools
Piccadilly 02:34 Tools
Little House on the Prairie Theme 03:06 Tools
Ghost Riders in the Sky 02:34 Tools
If 00:30 Tools
Alone Again Naturally 03:21 Tools
Misty 02:45 Tools
Forbidden Planet 00:00 Tools
The Tiny Ballerina 03:06 Tools
Trees 03:43 Tools
What Is There To Say 02:14 Tools
Medley: Silent Night-O Come All Ye Faithful 02:16 Tools
Laura 02:58 Tools
Medley: Toyland, Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful - David Rose 03:09 Tools
Theme from Exodus 01:02 Tools
Meet The Orchestra 01:02 Tools
Worlds Apart 08:16 Tools
Highway Patrol 04:18 Tools
Starset (for Bela Bartok) 01:02 Tools
Little Girl Blue 01:02 Tools
Men Into Space: Main Theme 01:02 Tools
Lazy River 04:53 Tools
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 01:57 Tools
Stairway To The Stars 02:43 Tools
Prisoner Of Love 02:34 Tools
Pam Pam 00:30 Tools
The Stripper (Take It Off) 01:02 Tools
Bordeaux 00:30 Tools
Time After Time 02:41 Tools
Men Into Space 02:56 Tools
Lovable Clown 02:41 Tools
Christmas Is Coming/Angels We Have Heard On High 03:06 Tools
The Dancing Cane 02:14 Tools
Medley: Silent Night - O Come All Ye Faithful 03:06 Tools
Why Do You Pass Me By - Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir 01:52 Tools
Aquarius 02:59 Tools
Con Ocho Basta 02:59 Tools
The Stripper (S02E15) 01:02 Tools
Sea Hunt 08:16 Tools
Medley: Toyland/Silent Night/Oh, Come All Ye Faithful 01:52 Tools
Someone Here Among Us 03:04 Tools
Spartacus - Katchatourian 01:02 Tools
Gay spirit 01:02 Tools
Rose, David, And His Orchestra 01:02 Tools
The Blue Subterranean (Why Are We So Afraid?) 01:02 Tools
OT: Bonanza (arrangement B) 01:02 Tools
Oh My Belle emmanuelle 02:34 Tools
Joy to the World 02:34 Tools
4.20am 02:34 Tools
Taco Holiday 02:41 Tools
Misty - Digital Bonus Track 02:34 Tools
A La Bien Aimée 02:41 Tools
Love Is a Many Splendored... 02:34 Tools
Wig-Wam 03:02 Tools
Romantic Waltz 01:29 Tools
Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt Suite) 01:29 Tools
When You're With Me 02:00 Tools
My Own True Love 00:30 Tools
The Journey 00:00 Tools
The High Chaperral 01:13 Tools
Puppet Serenade 02:34 Tools
The Mask Waltz 03:24 Tools
Concerto 03:07 Tools
Cabaret 03:47 Tools
I Can See You 03:47 Tools
Penthouse Serenade 05:04 Tools
Holiday for Flutes 02:14 Tools
The Flying Horse 02:14 Tools
What Did I Do 03:24 Tools
Banjo and Fiddle 02:56 Tools
Medley: Christmas Is Coming-Angels We Have Heard On High 02:59 Tools
Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm 02:59 Tools
Those Were The Days 01:52 Tools
The Green Leaves Of Summer 01:52 Tools
Dance of Fury 03:24 Tools
I Should Care 01:52 Tools
All The Things You Are 02:41 Tools
Belle of the Ball 08:16 Tools
Around the World in Eighty Days 08:16 Tools
Swedish Rhapsody 08:16 Tools
Say a prayer for me tonight 08:16 Tools
Fiesta para Cuerdas 02:59 Tools
I remember it well 08:16 Tools
Born to Be So Blue 02:51 Tools
Blue, Turning Grey Over You 02:34 Tools
I'll Take Romance 02:49 Tools
Jolly Old St. Nicholas 02:34 Tools
Sophisticated Lady - Digital Bonus Track 02:34 Tools
Flying Horse 02:08 Tools
Summertime In Venice 01:29 Tools
Misirlou 04:08 Tools
Won't You Be Mine 04:08 Tools
Green Leaves of Summer 04:08 Tools
Melody Fair 02:04 Tools
friendly persuasion 03:07 Tools
Caravan 03:07 Tools
Thanks For The Memories 03:24 Tools
Like Young (With Andre Previn) 00:00 Tools
Medley: Christmas Is Coming - Angels We Have Heard On High 03:07 Tools
Bat Masterson 03:07 Tools
Starset(ForBelaBartok) 05:04 Tools
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 05:04 Tools
Love Is for the Very Young 05:04 Tools
I Need No Atmosphere 05:04 Tools
Wear Your Love Like heaven/Workin`On A Groovy Thing 02:56 Tools
Blue Dawn 02:56 Tools
In A Sentimental Mood 08:16 Tools
Almost Like Being in Love 03:47 Tools
Television's Greatest Hits 6, Remote Control - Highway To Heaven (1:35) 08:16 Tools
Ponderosa (From The Tv Series 'Bonanza') 08:16 Tools
Berceuse 04:18 Tools
Hombre 04:18 Tools
Au Dela Du Miroir 08:16 Tools
Forever And Ever 00:00 Tools
The Parisians 08:16 Tools
The Stripper - The David Rose Orchestra 08:16 Tools
Whispering Gras 08:16 Tools
Workin' On A Groovy Thing 02:48 Tools
Why Was I Born - From “sweet Adeline” 1929 08:16 Tools
Unsere kleine Farm 08:16 Tools
What Is This Thing Called Love? 02:51 Tools
A Little Time To Play 02:49 Tools
Say It Isn’t So 02:49 Tools
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David Rose (June 15, 1910 – August 23, 1990) was a British-born American songwriter, composer, arranger, and orchestra leader. His most famous compositions were "The Stripper", "Holiday for Strings", and "Calypso Melody". He also wrote music for the television series Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza. In addition, Rose was musical director for the Red Skelton show during its 21-year-run on the CBS and NBC networks. He was a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the national fraternity for men in music. Recipient of four Emmy awards, David Rose was born in London to Jewish parents and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He was married on October 8, 1938, to the actress Martha Raye. They were divorced on May 19, 1941. He was married for a second time, on July 28, 1941, to the actress and singer Judy Garland. They had no children, though Garland reportedly underwent at least one abortion during the marriage, at the insistence of her mother, her husband, and the studio that employed her, MGM. Garland and Rose divorced in 1945. He had two daughters with his third wife, Betty Bartholomew. His granddaughter is singer-songwriter Samantha James. Rose was a live steam hobbyist, with his own backyard railroad. Rose died in Burbank, California at the age of 80 and was buried in Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery in Hollywood Hills, California. "The Stripper" was composed by Rose and recorded in 1962. It evinces a jazz influence with especially prominent trombone lines, and evokes the feel of music used to accompany striptease artists. The piece features in the films Slap Shot, The Full Monty and Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit as well as TV series Little Britain and Scrubs. It was also famously used in a parody by British comedy duo Morecambe and Wise, where they danced to the tune while making breakfast. It also is often used in cartoons and sitcoms when an attractive female enters a room. "Holiday for Strings" became well-known as the theme for Red Skelton's programs. It was also recorded as a vocal by Allan Sherman, with the straight melody but with ersatz lyrics comprised solely of the names of the American states. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.