David Whitfield

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Cara Mia 03:13 Tools
Answer Me 02:37 Tools
Santo Natale 02:56 Tools
Santo Natale (Merry Christmas) 02:53 Tools
The Book 02:18 Tools
My September Love 03:00 Tools
Rags to Riches 02:11 Tools
I Believe 02:10 Tools
The Adoration Waltz 02:34 Tools
Mama 02:44 Tools
Cry My Heart 02:40 Tools
When You Lose the One You Love 02:49 Tools
Beyond the Stars 03:02 Tools
Ev'rywhere 02:44 Tools
On the Street Where You Live 03:14 Tools
The Right to Love 02:32 Tools
Bridge of Sighs 02:59 Tools
Adeste Fideles (O, Come All Ye Faithful) 02:01 Tools
I'll Find You 02:37 Tools
My Son John 02:27 Tools
Smile 03:07 Tools
Climb Ev'ry Mountain 02:13 Tools
The Bridge of Sighs 02:55 Tools
Angelus 02:50 Tools
Everywhere 02:42 Tools
Santa Natale 02:52 Tools
Hear My Song Violetta 02:33 Tools
Ramona 02:11 Tools
When I Grow Too Old to Dream 02:41 Tools
You Belong In Someone Else's Arms 02:07 Tools
Willingly 02:31 Tools
Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) 02:31 Tools
My Unfinished Symphony 02:26 Tools
I'll Never Stop Loving You 02:44 Tools
Lady of Madrid 02:11 Tools
Adoration Waltz 02:36 Tools
You Are My Hearts Delight 03:16 Tools
Cara Mia (Digitally Remastered) 03:13 Tools
Scottish Soldier 03:09 Tools
Marta 02:39 Tools
Heartless 02:39 Tools
Santo Natale (Merry Christmas) (Digitally Remastered) 02:39 Tools
William Tell 02:04 Tools
Santo Natale - Merry Christmas 02:55 Tools
Stranger in Paradise 03:26 Tools
Only a Rose 03:07 Tools
If I Lost You 02:31 Tools
Open Your Heart 02:55 Tools
O Come All Ye Faithful - Adeste Fideles 02:02 Tools
Mardi Gras 02:39 Tools
When I Grow to Old to Dream 02:33 Tools
underware 02:04 Tools
BRIDGE 02:33 Tools
David Whitfield - If I Lost You 02:04 Tools
The Rudder and the Rock 02:28 Tools
Adeste Fideles 02:04 Tools
SANTO 02:50 Tools
Atmosphere 00:00 Tools
only s rose (Desert Song) 03:04 Tools
Impossible 03:12 Tools
The Lady 02:27 Tools
You Are My Heart's Delight 03:13 Tools
If Ever I Would Leave You 03:13 Tools
Cara Mia 03:13 Tools
Climb Everymountain 02:16 Tools
Nangelus 02:27 Tools
Your Eyes 02:46 Tools
Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) 02:35 Tools
Dance, Gypsy, Dance 02:27 Tools
Answer Me - Digitally Remastered 02:27 Tools
Oh Tree 02:48 Tools
The Adventures of William Tell Theme 02:01 Tools
You Are Too Beautiful 02:52 Tools
Adeste Fidelis 01:59 Tools
You'll Never Walk Alone 02:19 Tools
David Whitfield - Smile 02:19 Tools
Rose Marie 02:36 Tools
Trees 02:36 Tools
I'm the King of Broken Hearts 02:21 Tools
Dance Gypsy Dance 02:21 Tools
Vienna, City of My Dreams 02:25 Tools
Climb Every Mountain 03:06 Tools
My September Love (1956) 00:00 Tools
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) 00:00 Tools
O Come All Ye Faithful 00:00 Tools
My Heart and I 03:06 Tools
Love Tears And Kisses 02:21 Tools
Hear My Song, Violetta 02:00 Tools
David Whitfield - Your Eyes 02:21 Tools
That's When Your Heartaches Begin 02:21 Tools
Afraid 03:06 Tools
David Whitfield - Rags To Riches 02:21 Tools
I'll Never Forget You 02:25 Tools
Theme from the Adventures of William Tell 02:00 Tools
Love, Tears and Kisses 03:06 Tools
Santa Natale (Merry Christmas) 02:00 Tools
David Whitfield, Mantovani - Cry My Heart 02:25 Tools
David Whitfield - Adoration Waltz 02:00 Tools
David Whitfield - Oh Tree 02:00 Tools
Answer Me (Digitally Remastered) 02:00 Tools
My September Love - Digitally Remastered 02:21 Tools
David Whitfield - Santo Natale 02:21 Tools
My One True Love 03:06 Tools
Santo Natale [Clean] 03:06 Tools
Only A Rose (Desert Song) 03:06 Tools
Throw Open Wide Your Window 03:06 Tools
Poppa piccolino 03:06 Tools
The Desert Song 03:06 Tools
Goodbye 03:06 Tools
I'd Give You the World 02:51 Tools
Answer Me (My Love) 02:38 Tools
Evrywhere 03:06 Tools
So Nice 02:51 Tools
Farewell, My Love 02:51 Tools
Just the Way You Look Tonight 02:51 Tools
Santa Rosa Lea Rose 02:32 Tools
How When And Where 03:06 Tools
Look for the Silver Lining 02:05 Tools
O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) 02:05 Tools
Song Of The Dreamer 02:12 Tools
My September Love (Digitally Remastered) 02:52 Tools
Song of the Vagabonds 01:46 Tools
It's Never Too Late to Pray 02:12 Tools
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David Whitfield was a popular Tenor of the mid 1950,s In his day he was fabulously popular , and sang to capacity crowds . He appeared on the Ed sullivan show several times with great aplomb . In the later 1950,s his style of singing had to compete with the likes of Buddy Holly , Elvis Presley ,and by the early 1960,s had moved into musicals such as "The Desert Song" and "Rose Marie", and recorded classic albums such as "ALONE" with his wonderful semi operatic style of singing. In his day he sang a large range of songs and was sometimes likened to the great Mario Lanza. He just loved travelling , and visited Canada and especially Australia many times , His great hits , were those he recorded with Mantovani ,his favorite being "When You lose the one you love" Many of his songs were written for his voice alone ,well known exceptions being "I Believe"(1953) also recorded by Franke Laine and "Thats When your Heartaches Begin" (1958),also recorded by Elvis Presley He was and is the most popular British recording artist of the 1950,s with a career extending into the 60,s and 70,s ,appearing on many quiz programs on australian television as a special guest . Much missed by many and I note with interest many new CD releases in 2006 . Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.