Deborah Coleman

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I'm A Woman 04:52 Tools
My Heart Bleeds Blue 06:27 Tools
Brick 05:18 Tools
Another Hoping Fool 04:15 Tools
Love Moves Me 03:30 Tools
Don't Lie To Me 03:42 Tools
Goodbye Misery 00:00 Tools
The Day It Comes 03:55 Tools
The Dream 06:50 Tools
Beside Myself 03:33 Tools
Roll With Me 04:15 Tools
If You Love Me Like You Say 00:00 Tools
Look What You Do To Me 03:40 Tools
I Got To Know 05:23 Tools
Soft Place To Fall 04:50 Tools
I Can't Lose 04:39 Tools
Nobody To Blame 00:00 Tools
Torn In Two 03:32 Tools
Confused 03:30 Tools
Deserted Highway 00:00 Tools
Livin' On Love 03:50 Tools
Everlastin' Tears 04:32 Tools
Don't Talk In My Sleep 00:00 Tools
So Damn Easy 04:10 Tools
Travellin' South 00:00 Tools
Light Of Day 03:43 Tools
Walk Your Walk 04:22 Tools
Feelin' Alright 05:01 Tools
What Goes Around 04:16 Tools
The River Wild 05:37 Tools
Memory Lane 00:00 Tools
Wagon Wheel 05:07 Tools
Bending Like A Willow Tree 00:00 Tools
Crazy 00:00 Tools
Heaven's Got The Blues 03:33 Tools
Something's Wrong 00:00 Tools
The Man Is Mine 00:00 Tools
Stop The Game 05:45 Tools
Nothin' To Do With Love 00:00 Tools
Fine & Mellow 04:51 Tools
Greezy 06:35 Tools
Hain't It Funny 00:00 Tools
Do You Want My Love 06:35 Tools
On The Hunt 00:00 Tools
I Found You 03:35 Tools
Motor City II 00:00 Tools
Happy When You're Unhappy 00:00 Tools
They Raided the Joint 03:38 Tools
You're With Me 00:00 Tools
Changes 04:09 Tools
Long Time 03:36 Tools
Zero 03:54 Tools
Seven Days 00:00 Tools
Don't Lie To Me (Live) 00:00 Tools
Bad Boy 00:00 Tools
Lie No Better 00:00 Tools
Undeniable 00:00 Tools
You’re With Me 00:00 Tools
My Love Belongs to You 00:00 Tools
I Believe 00:00 Tools
Can You Hear Me? 00:00 Tools
Healing Ground 00:00 Tools
When Will I Be Loved? 00:00 Tools
What About Love? 00:00 Tools
Loves Like Rain 00:00 Tools
Bendin' Like a Willow Tree 00:00 Tools
You're With Me (Live) 00:00 Tools
A Woman In Love 00:00 Tools
Lookin' For A Real Love 00:00 Tools
I Believe (Live) 00:00 Tools
Temporary Like Achilles 00:00 Tools
Dream 00:00 Tools
My Love Belongs To You - Instrumental 00:00 Tools
Happy 00:00 Tools
I'm A Woman (Live) 00:00 Tools
Brick (Live) 00:00 Tools
My Love Belongs To You (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
My Heart Bleeds Blue (Live) 00:00 Tools
Goodbye Misery (Live) 00:00 Tools
The Dream (Live) 00:00 Tools
Moanin' The Blues 00:00 Tools
Brick - Live 00:00 Tools
My Heart Bleeds Blue - Live 00:00 Tools
good understanding 00:00 Tools
I'm A Woman - Live 00:00 Tools
Don't Lie To Me - Live 00:00 Tools
Fight 00:00 Tools
Jesus Just Left Chicago 00:00 Tools
The Dream - Live 00:00 Tools
I Believe - Live 00:00 Tools
Goodbye Misery - Live 00:00 Tools
You're With Me - Live 00:00 Tools
I Cry 00:00 Tools
Do You Want My Love? 00:00 Tools
Takin' A Stand 00:00 Tools
Missin' You 00:00 Tools
Can't Leave The Blues 00:00 Tools
Hain't It Funny? 00:00 Tools
Evil Gal's Daughter 00:00 Tools
Don't Talk About Love 00:00 Tools
Them Changes 00:00 Tools
What Should I Do? 00:00 Tools
Two Moons Gone 00:00 Tools
Don't Start the Car 00:00 Tools
Motor City 00:00 Tools
In the Basement 00:00 Tools
Strong Enough to Hold You 00:00 Tools
Meanest Women 00:00 Tools
Changes Revisited 00:00 Tools
Time Bomb 00:00 Tools
So Far 00:00 Tools
Get Up 00:00 Tools
Show Me 00:00 Tools
LookWhat You Do To Me 00:00 Tools
Love's like rain 00:00 Tools
Can You Hear Me 00:00 Tools
Hitting on Nothing 00:00 Tools
Time Bomb (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Talking Loud 00:00 Tools
What Goes Around? 00:00 Tools
Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothin' 00:00 Tools
YOURE WITH ME 00:00 Tools
Hittin' On Nothin' 00:00 Tools
04 - DESERTED HIGHWAY 00:00 Tools
Meanest Woman 00:00 Tools
Livin'On Love 00:00 Tools
Happy When Youre Unhappy 00:00 Tools
call from the cold 00:00 Tools
Don't Talk About Love (Duet With Skeeter Brandon) 00:00 Tools
Checks and Love Letters 00:00 Tools
DaVIP - Brick 00:00 Tools
Light Of The Day 00:00 Tools
Changes Revisted 00:00 Tools
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Deborah Coleman (October 3, 1956 - April 12, 2018) was an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. Deborah was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and raised in a music-loving military family that lived in San Diego, San Francisco, Bremerton, Washington, and the Chicago area. With her father playing piano, two brothers on guitar, and a sister who plays guitar and keyboards, Deborah felt natural with an instrument in her hands, picking up guitar at age 8. Her work has been favorably compared to Jimi Hendrix and Tracy Chapman and she is known for high energy, charismatic, crowd-pleasing performances. Coleman has become one of the most sought-after blues artists on the scene. Coleman is a highly charismatic stage performer. She stretches out in a live setting and demonstrates both her fluid, warm vocals and her considerable guitar skills. She has played at the top music venues such as North Atlantic Blues Festival 2007, Waterfront Blues Festival 2002, the legendary Monterey Jazz Festival 2001, Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival 2000, Sarasota Blues Festival 1999, the San Francisco Blues Festival 1999, Fountain Blues Festival 1998, just to name a few. Coleman's Blind Pig debut, I Can't Lose (1997), is a powerful album of great ballads and blues stories, and of course, great guitar playing and singing. Her version of Billie Holiday's "Fine and Mellow" got her a lot of airplay on college and public radio stations around the U.S. On Soul Be It (2002), a well-rounded live set by her quartet, there are many highlights, including the rousing opener ("Brick"), the minor-toned blues "My Heart Bleeds Blue," the bluish romp "Don't Lie to Me," and a jump blues, "I Believe." However the most memorable selection is "Goodbye Misery," which has a marathon solo by Coleman that is full of fire and creative ideas. This highly enjoyable set serves as a perfect introduction to the music of Coleman. Followed by What About Love? (2004) and Stop the Game in (2007). Time Bomb (2007) features three women Blues players, Deborah Coleman, Sue Foley and Roxanne Potvin. Time Bomb may not be the appropriate name for this assembly's production because there is no waiting around for the fuse to burn down and the fireworks to start. Right from the opening title track, "Time Bomb", an instrumental where all three women take turns laying down leads, things are beginning to sizzle. For the next nine songs the women spell each other off taking lead vocals and guitar duties of every third song until they come together again on the final track "In The Basement". Deborah Coleman died on April 12, 2018. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.