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Bring in All 04:15 Tools
Event Horizon 05:10 Tools
desDREAM 03:52 Tools
eternal flame 03:43 Tools
midion 05:14 Tools
Orbital 00:32 Tools
XI IX 05:40 Tools
To the Past Shadows 03:33 Tools
No More Lies 05:12 Tools
Tomorrow Will Turn Into the Past 03:17 Tools
Mantra 04:16 Tools
Poison 05:00 Tools
Sleepwalkers 06:16 Tools
XXX 05:07 Tools
In Flames 05:11 Tools
Insomnia 06:57 Tools
Mimosa 04:06 Tools
Crucified: Act I 04:04 Tools
You Fucker... 04:00 Tools
XII: Salem 03:13 Tools
The War Between Us 04:32 Tools
Euphoria 04:14 Tools
Jealous Sky 05:38 Tools
Zombie 04:16 Tools
Void 06:49 Tools
Black Lady 08:25 Tools
Devil's Game 04:34 Tools
Astral Drift 02:41 Tools
Let's Play Love 05:08 Tools
the sinner 00:00 Tools
Depression 02:06 Tools
Sorrow 04:10 Tools
Shadows of My Life 07:14 Tools
Brumgia 05:36 Tools
The Orgasm 09:52 Tools
_s.u.p.e.r.N.O.V.A. 00:00 Tools
Othello's Crying 06:26 Tools
Sound 3.1 04:09 Tools
Lancelot 10:11 Tools
Sound 3.2 04:24 Tools
Neptune the Mystic 06:44 Tools
Changing Skin 05:37 Tools
The Longing 00:00 Tools
Aleja Gwiazd 03:23 Tools
Shira 03:48 Tools
If I Were Fire (S'i' Fosse Foco) 07:11 Tools
Ślady Przeznaczenia 05:01 Tools
Demo 2009 06:02 Tools
Fabryka Czasu 01:44 Tools
Niespełniony 03:49 Tools
Tryumf 04:39 Tools
W Słońcu Dawnych Dni 03:56 Tools
Look for Yourself 00:00 Tools
Stagnacja 01:16 Tools
Sens Wyobraźni 03:47 Tools
Złudzenie 04:36 Tools
Stavkirken 00:00 Tools
Perfect Paradise 00:00 Tools
Nuntius Diaboli 00:00 Tools
Summon My Name 00:00 Tools
Golden Cage 00:00 Tools
Rush 06:25 Tools
The Invocation 00:00 Tools
The Rage Inside My Heart 00:00 Tools
Unforgiving Soul 00:00 Tools
Love and Pride 00:00 Tools
I Am the Mirror 00:00 Tools
I Am The Mirror (Intro) 00:00 Tools
If I Were Fire 00:00 Tools
Bring In All (Digital Factor Remix) 03:51 Tools
XXX (SKON Remix) 04:00 Tools
Garage Minimal 04:19 Tools
Fall Of The Masquerade 04:19 Tools
A Fools Nightmare 06:25 Tools
Wolves Arise 04:02 Tools
s.u.p.e.r.N.O.V.A. 01:30 Tools
The Dice and The Devil 01:30 Tools
Bring In All (Inside out remix by Controlled Collapse) 05:04 Tools
Bring In All (Human Steel Remix) 04:02 Tools
Bring In all (Bactee & Tito remix) 06:25 Tools
Riding Out of Memphis 04:09 Tools
One Hand On The Bible 01:30 Tools
Deadlocked 01:30 Tools
Feel My Pain 03:54 Tools
Disconnected 04:15 Tools
In the Desert of Fire and Ice 03:32 Tools
Her Disguise 05:24 Tools
Undone 05:24 Tools
Black Hearted Love Affair 03:57 Tools
Intermission 01:04 Tools
Season of War 04:34 Tools
Bring In All (Cat Fetishist Remix) 05:48 Tools
The Consumed 04:34 Tools
In Flames (Vigilante remix) 04:34 Tools
Cold Wind 03:41 Tools
Sorrow (Public.C remix) 06:10 Tools
Intro 03:35 Tools
Sound 3,1 03:36 Tools
Tommorow will turn into the pa 03:26 Tools
Bring in All - Human Steel Mix 04:02 Tools
Sound 3,2 03:46 Tools
In Flames (H.Exe remix) 04:33 Tools
In Flames (Troum remix ) 06:32 Tools
Perfect Paradise (Etienne Sin Production) 06:32 Tools
And Tomorrow 03:21 Tools
In Flames In Flames (Acid Plan remix) 06:18 Tools
In Flames (Troum remix) 05:08 Tools
In Flames (Revision rmx DJ Shamaniac) 03:15 Tools
In Flames In Flames (Revision rmx Dj Shamaniac) 03:15 Tools
Bring in All - Bactee & Tito Mix 06:25 Tools
In Flames In Flames (GEttNER remix) 05:08 Tools
Bring in All - Digital Factor Mix 03:51 Tools
Sound 04:09 Tools
Aleja gwiazd (Zdzisława Sośnicka cover) 03:22 Tools
Bring in All - Cat Fetishist Mix 05:48 Tools
War, War Between Us 03:22 Tools
Bring in All - Inside Out Remix By Controlled Collapse 05:03 Tools
Inséminoïd 03:52 Tools
XI-IX 03:52 Tools
Desdemona- Event Horizon 05:48 Tools
Le temp d'un rève 04:49 Tools
Orgasm 09:52 Tools
Le temps d'un rêve 04:07 Tools
bring me on 04:07 Tools
XXX ( Human Steel remix ) 03:59 Tools
X X X - Skon Mix 03:59 Tools
SuperNOVA 03:59 Tools
Œlady Przeznaczenia 03:59 Tools
Live It 03:44 Tools
John's Children 02:27 Tools
The Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes 04:38 Tools
Who Knew 02:27 Tools
Bring In All (Digital Factor mix) 03:51 Tools
Bring In All (album version) 04:15 Tools
In Flames (Acid Plan remix) 04:15 Tools
war,war between us 04:38 Tools
If I were Fire (Si Fosse Foco) 04:38 Tools
If I Were Fire (S'i' Fosse Foc 07:11 Tools
Xiix 03:51 Tools
X X X 03:51 Tools
Inseminoid 04:15 Tools
Bruymgia 03:43 Tools
W S³oñcu Dawnych Dni 03:43 Tools
Bring In All (Human Steel mix) 03:43 Tools
Bring In All (Cat Fetishist mix) 03:43 Tools
If I Were Fire (S'i' Fosse Fo 03:43 Tools
In Flames (GEttNER Remix) 03:43 Tools
My One True Love (ft. Etienne Sin) [YouTube Rip] 03:43 Tools
Perfect Paradise (BREAKDOWN SHOW) 03:43 Tools
Changing Skin by.metallium 03:43 Tools
Bring In All (Official Video) 00:00 Tools
Niespe³niony 00:00 Tools
Act IV: Ave Maria 00:00 Tools
Niespełnoiny 00:00 Tools
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There are at least five bands named Desdemona. 1. Power metal from Italy. They released 2 albums before 2009 split-up. "Lady of the Lore" (2001) and "Look For Yourself" (2004). 2. Metalcore solo artist from Northport, New York Facebook: Bandcamp: 3. Industrial / electronic metal from Poland. DESDEMONA is one of the most popular Polish alternative acts. “The new sound of DESDEMONA is based on the super-strong drums rhythm, the electronic elements, metal and industrial guitars as well as powerful vocals (…).Gothic inspirations have been replaced by the influences of such bands as MINISTRY or NIN”. (ROCK METAL PL 2004). DESDEMONA have twice opened the concert of TYPE'O'NEGATIVE in Poland and once opened the concert of KATATONIA. The group has been on a mini tour with TIAMAT and PAIN. DESDEMONA have performed at many prestigious festivals in Europe. The band has shared stage with FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, DREADFUL SHADOWS, DEINE LAKAIEN, CLAN OF XYMOX, SUICIDE COMMANDO, etc. Discography: "Stagnacja" Label - MorbidNoizz / 2000 "_s.u.p.e.r.N.O.V.A." Label - MatalMind / 2003 "Version 3.0" Label - MetalMind / 2004 "Live 3.0" Concert DVD Label - MetalMind / 2005 DESDEMONA are: Agnieszka Lesna ( vocals) Krzysztof Chorazy (guitar) Robert Plaskowski (keyboards / samples / loops / electronics) Szymon Świerczyński (bass) Managemeny & booking: Arkadiusz Wachowicz LP Art Productions - Management & Booking Agency 4. An American western gothic band. Ginger DeLoach - Vocals, Josh Kean - Percussion, Kenny McWilliams - Guitar, Piano, Bass, Chad Rochester - Bass, Don Russo - Guitar, Slide guitar. They released one album in 2011 called Lost In the Valley of Devils 5.Technical Thrash Metal from France Discography: Advanced TapeDemo1992 Moonlight SlaughterDemo1993 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.