Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Turn Me On 00:00 Tools
Going Out 00:00 Tools
Cool as Ice 00:00 Tools
Un-American Woman 00:00 Tools
Girl 03:32 Tools
#Zero 02:42 Tools
Skid Row 04:16 Tools
#1 (Song 1) 05:32 Tools
Overtake 03:27 Tools
The World 03:53 Tools
The Past Distance 07:33 Tools
Afterimage & Tree Of Tea 04:16 Tools
Dance Or Chance To 07:16 Tools
A Replay 04:36 Tools
3rd Presence 05:12 Tools
This Girl 03:53 Tools
Six-Seven-8 05:59 Tools
Gone 02:04 Tools
0.5 ct a sense 05:12 Tools
Dawn is Here 02:04 Tools
You are like LA 03:23 Tools
What You Got 03:23 Tools
#Under Sound 02:04 Tools
Wake Up 03:23 Tools
Holy Fuck! 07:19 Tools
Lie 07:19 Tools
A.F.Y. 07:19 Tools
Kali, Take Me Home 06:50 Tools
on and off 07:19 Tools
Siren Song 06:50 Tools
Ok, Alright - Late Night Vocal Version 06:50 Tools
sweet tick away 06:50 Tools
Say What You Want (Love Is Death) - Soft Version 06:50 Tools
Waitin' 06:50 Tools
building 06:50 Tools
Don't Belong 01:20 Tools
Get Real 01:20 Tools
Marble Eyes 01:20 Tools
Say My Name (Bonus Track) 03:23 Tools
Walk Away 01:20 Tools
Stone Town - Berlin Mix 01:20 Tools
re:order 07:14 Tools
Illusions 01:20 Tools
wall of mine and you 01:20 Tools
Copenhagen 01:20 Tools
Thwl 01:20 Tools
past distance...scene5 07:27 Tools
out line 10:34 Tools
You Are Like L.A. 03:23 Tools
re:peat 06:01 Tools
and...reaf in the... 10:34 Tools
glass chair 10:34 Tools
nothing river 10:34 Tools
Say What You Want (Love is Death) 03:38 Tools
OK, Alright 04:13 Tools
okay 03:38 Tools
fore the light 03:38 Tools
voice 03:38 Tools
elf and maze 03:38 Tools
plastic noise 05:12 Tools
Stone Town 03:57 Tools
slow strings 06:54 Tools
will to sense 06:54 Tools
0.5ct A Sense 05:12 Tools
Ok, Alright (Late Night Vocal Version) 06:54 Tools
Say My Name 04:51 Tools
Stone Town (Berlin Mix) 06:54 Tools
a place 06:54 Tools
save 06:54 Tools
it's glass 04:26 Tools
turn blue on 04:41 Tools
Say What You Want (Love Is Death) [Soft Version] 04:41 Tools
signal 04:51 Tools
Do You Feel Like Going Out Tonight 02:56 Tools
Going Out (Going Out (single)) 02:56 Tools
Going Out (EP Version) 02:56 Tools
The Dawn Is Here 02:56 Tools
No Radio 02:56 Tools
Toast 05:34 Tools
Going Out (Radio Edit Single) 02:56 Tools
Cider 05:12 Tools
re:peat 06:01 Tools
Four Horrors 06:01 Tools
Dream Journey II 05:34 Tools
#1 05:33 Tools
The Lady Caliph 05:33 Tools
No Coming Back 04:22 Tools
Say What You Want (Love Is Death) (Soft Version) 05:33 Tools
#1(song 1) 05:34 Tools
Hot Water 05:34 Tools
Pool of the Skeletons 05:34 Tools
0.5ct sense 05:12 Tools
Sag 04:22 Tools
Dead Air 04:22 Tools
Holy F**k! 05:12 Tools
Evil Under the Car 05:12 Tools
Desafinado 05:12 Tools
Sweet Lorraine 05:12 Tools
The Lady Caliph: Dinner 05:12 Tools
building 05:12 Tools
The River Flows in You 04:22 Tools
Breathe 05:12 Tools
01 Going Out Tonight 05:12 Tools
Susann Vega 05:12 Tools
Somewhere over the Rainbow 04:22 Tools
voice 05:12 Tools
They Can't Take That Away from Me 04:22 Tools
out line 05:12 Tools
nothing river 05:12 Tools
Doctor 05:12 Tools
okay 05:12 Tools
glass chair 05:12 Tools
Kill Movie 05:12 Tools
Going Out directed by Lily X 05:12 Tools
its glass 04:26 Tools
Going Out Tonight 05:12 Tools
fore the light 05:12 Tools
Black Rain 05:12 Tools
Untitled 04:22 Tools
These Foolish Things 04:22 Tools
Golden Boy 04:22 Tools
Very Early 04:22 Tools
will to sense 04:26 Tools
a place 04:26 Tools
Cheez Money 04:26 Tools
01 Going Out 05:12 Tools
Soft,Slimy,Ugly 05:12 Tools
plastic noise 04:22 Tools
elf and maze 04:22 Tools
and... reaf in the... 10:31 Tools
The Days of Wine and Roses 04:22 Tools
In Your Own Sweet Way 10:31 Tools
save 04:22 Tools
And K.K.K 04:22 Tools
Seven on Down 04:22 Tools
Say What You Want 04:22 Tools
People Help the People 04:22 Tools
"Going Out" (OMV) directed by Lily X 04:22 Tools
Thought of You 04:22 Tools
10 Say What You Want (Love Is Death) (Soft Version) 04:22 Tools
I'll be home 04:22 Tools
slow strings 04:22 Tools
its glass 04:22 Tools
03 3rd Presence 04:22 Tools
02 Skid Row 04:22 Tools
07 Girl 04:22 Tools
04 The Dawn Is Here 04:22 Tools
Fields of Gold 04:22 Tools
Deep White 04:22 Tools
09 You Are Like LA 04:22 Tools
11 Stone Town (Berlin Mix) 04:22 Tools
Girl (OFFICIAL SINGLE) 04:22 Tools
Kiteflyer 04:22 Tools
08 Ok, Alright (Late Night Vocal Version) 04:22 Tools
re:peat 04:22 Tools
signal 04:22 Tools
turn blue on 04:22 Tools
re-peat 04:22 Tools
Lush Life 04:22 Tools
06 Overtake 04:22 Tools
05 This Girl 04:22 Tools
Fernando 04:22 Tools
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight 04:22 Tools
Dinner 04:22 Tools
Night and Day 04:22 Tools
Ouch My Toe 04:22 Tools
Corporatocracy 04:22 Tools
Fallen Down 04:22 Tools
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2 acts exist under the name Dinner: 1) Coming from the area of Japan where some of the best instrumental post rock is created, these Yamagata boys do not disappoint. With clean guitars and simple and sometimes ambient/minimalist songs which fade into aggressive overtures. The entire album has an organic and natural feel to it with genres like jazz, funk and progressive mixed in for variation. At certain points they sound like a jam band and at other times a precision based mathematical band. Whatever they are, they rock with grace. 2) Danish-born artist Anders Rhedin makes music under the name Dinner and got signed to Captured Tracks in 2014 after releasing only two EPs. What does he sound like? At times, Dinner sounds a bit like melodic EBM-meets-Europop with elements of Danish darkwave. And sometimes he sounds more like the male descendant of Nico singing Eno-esque pop songs on discarded Julian Cope tracks. Whomever you ask, you’ll find Dinner’s sound defies simple classification. In Rhedin's own words it's: "like a sun-bleached cassette tape you'd find stuck behind your car's dashboard - that was last played at a party in Dusseldorf in 1984 - full of echoes of sweaty depressions, spiritual longings, and early-morning trances." Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.