Dirk Powell

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Susan's Gone 03:43 Tools
Waterbound 02:52 Tools
Wild Bill Jones 03:08 Tools
Brown-Eyed Rabbit 03:00 Tools
Hop High My Lu lu gal 03:00 Tools
Goin' Where I've Never Been Before 03:08 Tools
My Love Lies in the Ground 03:17 Tools
Sally Ann 02:33 Tools
Rollin’ Round This Town 00:00 Tools
Ruby With the Eyes That Sparkle 00:00 Tools
Prettiest Little Girl in the County 02:47 Tools
Wayfarin' Stranger 04:24 Tools
The Drunkard's Hiccups (Jack of Diamonds) 03:15 Tools
Cluck Old Hen 02:03 Tools
Some Sweet Day 04:56 Tools
Lonesome John 01:53 Tools
Boats Up The River 04:25 Tools
Say Darling Say 03:03 Tools
The Blackest Crow 03:20 Tools
mountain air / washington's march / bonaparte's retreat (medley) 05:04 Tools
Lonesome Dove 02:56 Tools
Cherokee Trail / Glory In The Meeting House 02:08 Tools
Breaking Up Christmas 03:17 Tools
La Chanson de Mardi Gras 03:51 Tools
Little Satchel 04:59 Tools
Police 03:12 Tools
Moonshiner 04:04 Tools
Texas Bells 02:19 Tools
Pretty Polly 04:23 Tools
Morehead 02:06 Tools
Walking Through Clay 02:19 Tools
Skillet Good and Greasy 02:22 Tools
Raleigh and Spencer 02:43 Tools
Cousin Sally Brown 02:31 Tools
Stobrod's Tune 02:07 Tools
La terre tremblante (feat. Courtney Granger) 04:17 Tools
Backstep Cindy 02:39 Tools
Spoonbread 02:39 Tools
Mother's Little Children 03:51 Tools
God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign 03:20 Tools
Wish I Had a Dollar 03:30 Tools
Western Country 04:00 Tools
Sow 'Em On The Mountain 03:17 Tools
Cumberland Gap 03:24 Tools
Adieu False Heart 02:12 Tools
Sixteen and One 02:48 Tools
The Bald Headed Judge 02:42 Tools
Handsome Molly 02:26 Tools
Rubin 03:44 Tools
Craggy Spring 02:09 Tools
Little Maggie 03:39 Tools
Old Virginia 01:37 Tools
Mole in the Ground 03:01 Tools
Sweet Sunny South 03:00 Tools
Honey Babe 02:25 Tools
Going Back to Fielden 02:26 Tools
Getting Upstairs 02:17 Tools
Throw Down Your Earthly Crown 02:49 Tools
Leaning On a Wall 03:17 Tools
The Silk Merchant's Daughter 05:01 Tools
Pleasure Of A Single Life 02:28 Tools
When I Die I'll Live Again 02:18 Tools
Ride With the Devil 04:11 Tools
I Am The Man, Thomas 02:29 Tools
Abide With Me 02:18 Tools
Near and Far 02:49 Tools
Been All Around This World, Baby Mine 02:49 Tools
The Cradle, the Coffin, the Cross on the Hill 04:07 Tools
Zollie's Retreat 02:40 Tools
Fair Margaret and Sweet William 02:40 Tools
An Old Love Song, Folk Song... 00:58 Tools
Break The Chains 01:33 Tools
Bow Down 03:06 Tools
Angel Band 04:49 Tools
Good King Wenceslas 01:33 Tools
Silent Night 02:22 Tools
When Sorrows Encompass Me Round 04:49 Tools
Hunky Dory/Ryestraw 03:06 Tools
Claire Dechutes 02:59 Tools
My Heart Won't Let Me Stay 02:59 Tools
Wake Robin/Bravest Cowboy 02:59 Tools
A Tune For Paul 02:59 Tools
Three Forks Of Cumberland 03:40 Tools
Angels We Have Heard on High 02:30 Tools
Hop High, My Lulu Gal 03:42 Tools
Goodbye Girls 02:59 Tools
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 02:59 Tools
We Three Kings 03:13 Tools
Sweet Goes The Whistle 02:46 Tools
Poor Soldier 02:46 Tools
Hard Times 01:38 Tools
Deck the Halls 01:38 Tools
As I Went Out A’Walkin' 01:34 Tools
The Keys To The Kingdom 03:43 Tools
What Child Is This 02:46 Tools
Golden Chain 03:43 Tools
Away in a Manger 01:56 Tools
Joy to the World 01:34 Tools
O Tannenbaum 01:56 Tools
That Ain't Right 01:56 Tools
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 00:59 Tools
Jingle Bells 01:00 Tools
The Holly and the Ivy 00:59 Tools
That's a Good Little Lick Right There... 00:59 Tools
Silver Bells 00:59 Tools
Frosty the Snowman 02:01 Tools
You Used To Play That Cindy ... 01:00 Tools
Christmas Comin' (Christmas on St. John) 01:28 Tools
Cripple Creek 01:00 Tools
Mountain Air Medley 01:00 Tools
Christmas Time's A'Comin' 02:03 Tools
The Twelve Days of Christmas 02:03 Tools
Rollin' Round This Town 02:03 Tools
You Used to Play That Cindy... 01:01 Tools
Mountain Air/Washington's March/Bonaparte's Retreat 02:03 Tools
La Terre Tremblante 04:12 Tools
Keys to the Kingdom 03:44 Tools
La Terre Tremblante - Feat. Courtney Granger 01:01 Tools
Freedom Highway 01:01 Tools
A Time For Paul 01:01 Tools
There's a good little lick right there... 03:01 Tools
Wake Robin / Little Cowboy 03:44 Tools
Wake Robin/Little Cowboy 03:01 Tools
Hard Times (Come Again No More) 03:01 Tools
Hunky Dory / Ryestraw 03:01 Tools
Ruby With Red Eyes That Sparkle 03:12 Tools
Cherokee Trail/Glory in the Meeting House 03:12 Tools
As I Went Out A'Walkin' 00:58 Tools
Honey Baby 00:58 Tools
Hidden Track 01:10 Tools
'An old love song, folk song...' 00:58 Tools
Three Fors Of Cumberland 00:58 Tools
The Waco Girl 00:58 Tools
Lord, I Used To Know 150 Songs By Heart...And Waterbound 00:58 Tools
Unlisted 00:58 Tools
[Untitled Hidden Track] 00:58 Tools
'You use to play that Cindy...' 01:01 Tools
'That's a good little lick right there...' 01:00 Tools
See the Soldiers Marching 01:00 Tools
Susan's Gone - Dirk Powell 01:00 Tools
Three Forks of Cumberland [Live] 01:00 Tools
La Pointe Two-Step 01:00 Tools
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“Dirk’s got great subtlety, tremendous feel, and he’s very loose and very modern, in the best sense of the word.” ---T-Bone Burnett Dirk Powell has expanded on the deeply rooted sounds of his Appalachian heritage to become one of the preeminent traditional American musicians of his generation. In addition to acclaimed releases on Rounder Records, he’s recorded and performed with artists such as Loretta Lynn, playing several instruments on her Grammy-winning release “Van Lear Rose,” Sting, Jack White, Levon Helm, Jewel, T-Bone Burnett, Ralph Stanley, and Linda Ronstadt, among others. His ability to unite the essence of his culture with modern sensibilities has led to work with many of today's greatest film directors, including Anthony Minghella, Spike Lee, Ang Lee, Victor Nuñez, Steve James, and Edward Burns. His live performances of powerful Appalachian music with The Dirk Powell Band have inspired audiences across the globe in a wide variety of venues, including such prestigious settings as the Eastman School of Music and the Interlochen Academy. Dirk selected and arranged traditional Appalachian material for Riverdance: The Show, in which he also performed on fiddle. For the past several years, he has also enjoyed a strong collaboration with Tim O’Brien, resulting in acclaimed recordings such as “Songs From The Mountain,” and performed with his Cajun group Balfa Toujours. In his early teens, Dirk formed a musical bond with his grandfather, James Clarence Hay of Sandy Hook, Kentucky, and discovered a personal resonance with traditions that stretch back to Scots-Irish ancestors who came to the mountains in the middle of the 18th century. Dirk learned banjo and fiddle firsthand in continuation of this line. He was featured as part of “The Great High Mountain Tour,” focusing on his multifaceted involvement with the Academy Award-winning film “Cold Mountain,” for which he acted on screen, arranged traditional material, and served as on-set musical advisor and consultant. Other dramatic films featuring his musical performances include Ang Lee’s “Ride With The Devil,” Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled,” and Edward Burns’ “The Brothers McMullen.” Dirk has scored several documentaries, including the award-winning films “Stranger With a Camera”, “The Unfinished Civil War,” and the upcoming release “Thoughts in the Presence of Fear.” He also appeared in the BBC/RTE documentary series “The Irish Empire” as an expert on the culture of early Scots-Irish immigrants to Appalachia. He recently collaborated on a fusion of Appalachian music and Hip Hop with Richmond producer/rapper Danja Mowf for the film “From the Holler to the Hood,” which looks at tension between guards and inmates in the new maximum-security prisons in Appalachia. Dirk is also a founding member of the Cajun group Balfa Toujours, which he formed with his wife Christine Balfa after her father Dewey passed away in 1992. This internationally touring band records for Rounder Records and has been called “the future of Cajun music” by scholar Barry Ancelet. This statement is more apt than ever, as Dirk and Christine are now raising two beautiful young daughters, Amelia Rose and Sophie Jo. While Dirk has produced recordings for numerous artists around the country, he recently established his own studio in Louisiana, called the Cypress House. In the short history of the studio, Dirk has recorded and/or produced The Red Stick Ramblers, Ginny Hawker and Tracy Schwarz, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, The Wilders, Uncle Earl, April Verch, Richie Stearns, Polecat Creek, Tony Davoren, Corey Ledet, and Tit Salé. In short, Dirk Powell displays a vibrant creative energy that crosses many boundaries while remaining grounded in the rural traditions of his heritage. His formal musical training, deep-running roots, and dedication to self-expression as a necessary part of life combine to make him one of the most important artists in America today. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.