Dr. Rude

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Turn Up - Radio Edit 00:00 Tools
Musical Mezz 03:03 Tools
Midnight - Scope DJ remix 05:13 Tools
Voodoo Beats 04:03 Tools
Jump It Up Yo (Digital Punk Rmx) 04:44 Tools
Feelings 02:22 Tools
Shakedown [Mix Cut] 02:01 Tools
Hostage 06:10 Tools
Set Me Free 02:01 Tools
Hold It Down 05:33 Tools
Drop The Mixtape - Coone remix 06:10 Tools
Clean N' Crunchy 04:53 Tools
Hold It Down - Edit 05:33 Tools
Slash 05:26 Tools
Extra E 02:01 Tools
Batman Attack - Radio Edit 02:29 Tools
Jump it up Yo 05:33 Tools
Drop the Mixtape 03:39 Tools
Batman Attack - Edit 04:16 Tools
Babyboom Is In The Room 03:50 Tools
Coming Your Way (Kiddstock Festival Theme 2016) - Radio Edit 05:12 Tools
Exhale - Radio Edit 05:18 Tools
Batman Attack 04:06 Tools
Drop The Mixtape (Coone Remix) 03:38 Tools
Jump The F*ck Up 02:29 Tools
Set Me Free - Edit 03:38 Tools
Kalavela Shot Me Down 04:24 Tools
Freak 02:06 Tools
Drop That Low 03:39 Tools
It's War - Edit 04:24 Tools
Feelings (B-Front Remix) 03:38 Tools
Shake That Ass (Lethal MG Remix) 03:38 Tools
Out of Heaven - Radio Edit 05:28 Tools
Fire On The Floor 04:24 Tools
Feelings - B-Front remix 05:28 Tools
S.D.B. 05:28 Tools
Drop The Mixtape (Original Mix) 04:26 Tools
Huh 04:06 Tools
Turn Up - Original Mix 05:28 Tools
Valhalla 03:33 Tools
Bring It 13:45 Tools
Musical Mezz (Ronald-V Remix) 05:28 Tools
Rock The Bass 03:39 Tools
Huh! 05:45 Tools
Break The Floor 04:35 Tools
Hostage - Edit 02:05 Tools
Apocalypse 02:05 Tools
Musicall mezz 05:45 Tools
Get Back MF - Original 05:18 Tools
All The Girls (Album Version) 05:18 Tools
Opzij Die Slip - Dany BPM remix 04:16 Tools
Feelings (Hard Drop Edit) 05:12 Tools
Buzz 04:16 Tools
Set Me Free - Radio Edit 13:45 Tools
Midnight (Scope DJ Remix) 05:12 Tools
Freak (Phrantic Remix Edit) 02:05 Tools
Batman Attack - Original Mix 13:45 Tools
Noesis 02:05 Tools
Endorphin 02:05 Tools
All I Need 04:31 Tools
Exhale - Radio Version 13:45 Tools
Shakedown 04:32 Tools
All I Need - Original 04:32 Tools
Code Red 02:05 Tools
Batman Attack (Radio Edit) 03:56 Tools
Bullet Hole 04:58 Tools
Diego 04:48 Tools
In The House [Mix Cut] - Original Mix 01:51 Tools
Midnight 03:33 Tools
Funkyman 03:56 Tools
Treblemaker 05:02 Tools
Jump It Up Yo (Digital Punk Remix) 03:56 Tools
Endorphin (Extended Version) 03:56 Tools
Extra E (Q-IC Remix) 03:56 Tools
Tricky Tricky 03:56 Tools
Feelings 2.0 (Hard Drop Edit) 04:35 Tools
Exhale 04:35 Tools
Out of Heaven 04:35 Tools
Freak (Phrantic Remix) 04:58 Tools
S.D.B 03:56 Tools
Jump It Up Yo (Digital Punk Rmx) @ 4UsOnly.biz 03:56 Tools
Jump It Up Yo Digital Punk Remix 03:56 Tools
Eat, Sleep, Rave, Booyah! 04:58 Tools
Hausa Wausa 03:56 Tools
In The House 04:35 Tools
Extra E @ 4UsOnly.biz 04:35 Tools
A Little Bit Louder 04:58 Tools
The Vikings Say Booyah! 04:58 Tools
S D B 04:58 Tools
Coming Your Way - Radio Edit 04:13 Tools
Clean N Cruncky - M Walder Remix 04:58 Tools
Feelings 2.0 01:42 Tools
Ravers Groove 04:58 Tools
Time Flies 13:45 Tools
Batman Attack (Original Mix) 01:42 Tools
Ambulance 04:58 Tools
Noesis (Extended Version) 04:58 Tools
Bleep Bleep MF 04:58 Tools
Burn in Hell 03:56 Tools
It's War 03:56 Tools
Shakedown (Edit) 04:13 Tools
Electronic Gangster 04:12 Tools
Apocalypse (Radio Edit) 03:56 Tools
Get Back MF 01:42 Tools
Endorphin (Radio Version) 01:42 Tools
Shakedown (Extended Version) 01:42 Tools
Coming Your Way - Original Mix 03:56 Tools
Hold It Down (Pro Mix) 01:42 Tools
We Are All Connected (2 Reactions Anthem) 01:42 Tools
Don't Stop 01:42 Tools
Drop The Mixtape (Coone Remix 01:42 Tools
Coming Your Way 03:56 Tools
Matsoe Matsoe (Fenix Remix) 03:56 Tools
Out of Heaven (Radio Edit) (feat. Jesse Lyons) 03:56 Tools
Shakedown (Radio Version) 03:56 Tools
Jack My Afro 03:56 Tools
Acid Rocker (Original Mix) 03:56 Tools
Jump The Fck Up 03:56 Tools
Kompulsive Therapy 03:56 Tools
Dr. Rude - Dominator 2010 WarmUp Mix 03:56 Tools
SNPR 03:56 Tools
Guus Meeuwis - Het Is Een Nacht (Dr. Rude Remix) [X-Qlusive Holland XXL Tool] 03:56 Tools
Noesis (HB Edit) 03:56 Tools
Shakedown (HB Edit) 03:56 Tools
Kalavela shot me down [ZD] 03:56 Tools
Jump The Fuck Up 03:56 Tools
Jump It Up Yo [Digital Punk Remix] 03:56 Tools
Panic Power 03:56 Tools
Dr. Rude - Musical Mezz 03:56 Tools
#655. Q-dance @ Tomorrowland | Sunday | Dr. Rude 13:45 Tools
Shake That Ass - Lethal MG Remix 03:02 Tools
Defqon.1 2015 Continuous Mix By Dr. Rude 03:02 Tools
Revolution 03:02 Tools
Bullet Hole (Radio Version) 03:02 Tools
Musical Mezz - Ronald V Remix 03:02 Tools
Shakedown (Radio Edit) 13:45 Tools
It's War (Extended Mix) 13:45 Tools
Matsoe Matsoe 05:29 Tools
Panic Power - G. Barj Remix 05:29 Tools
Partykickin' Time 04:13 Tools
Acid Rocker - Original Mix 05:12 Tools
S D B (DJ Pat B Remix) 05:12 Tools
Bullet Hole (Radio Edit) 05:12 Tools
Jump It Up Yo - Digital Punk Remix 05:12 Tools
Saxoform - Chicago Zone Remix 03:02 Tools
Feelings - Original 03:02 Tools
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Dr. Rude – Always ready to operate On the 16th of November 1982, it was time for one of the biggest multi-talented DJ’s to check out what it would be like to be on planet Earth. Not having the knowledge that he was about to become one of the true leaders of his generation in harder styles. Dutch Rudi Feenstra’s interest got caught by hiphop: one of his friends was playing the sounds and inspired Rudi to get an own set of two turntables and a mixer. Scratching, cutting and juggling around, Rudi found out that hiphop wasn’t his cup of tea. Instead of heavy basses, downtempo beats and rappers, he learned that he got more enthusiastic about kicks, basslines and filthy synthesizers. He started getting skills in mixing hardstyle, but he was also attracted to houseclassics and early rave. He used the techniques he gathered from his hiphop-background to make his sets more interesting for the audience. After gaining some experience, he entered the contest for the Defqon.1 2004 talent room. He won the talent nights and as a result of his performance, he was allowed to play at the festival. Since that very day, the doctor got a crazy schedule. He got booked for the biggest events around: Audio Attack, Mindcontroller and the legendary event History Of Hardcore, where he featured next to the infamous Dream Team. But this was all just another step towards his future. Because of his rising stardom, he was offered a contract with Masters of Hardcore Bookings, the biggest hardcore agency in the world. His name got even bigger than before, and he managed to rock every crowd. He debuted on Masters of Hardcore in 2005 in front of an insane Hardcore Arena filled with thousands of hardcoreheads, followed by more performances like Defqon.1 2005, Pandemonium and Trip 2 Dreamland – Erotic City. But in 2006, the doctor obtained more operation rooms: he got infected by the jump-virus. And although he is a doctor, he couldn’t find a cure for his disease. He even let his mind go and started to produce records, followed by his own label: Rude Records. Because of his productions like “Musical Mezz”, “Shake That Ass” and “Jump It To Yo”, he got international bookings and the respect of well-known artists in the jump-scene. Rudi released the acclaimed “Jumpin’ Electronics” EP together with Lobotomy Inc. on his own label, and got several enquiries for remixes. This resulted in releases on some of the hottest labels around like Babaruom Records, Jump It, Kozmik Records and Zoo Records and remixes for artists like Chicago Zone, Ronald V and DJ Isaac. Nowadays, Rudi is in big demand in France and Belgium, where the Dutch star profiled himself as ons of the biggest DJ’s from Holland. The combination of these diverse styles makes Dr. Rude one of the most versatile DJ’s in the Benelux. The Dutch crowd is mad about his oldschool, early rave and present hardcore-sets, but abroad they are also loving his French tek and Belgian beats-sounds. To make this very thing clear: you can’t put this man in boxes. He manages to rock every party: beatmatching, scratching and becoming one with the audience makes this DJ the right man on every place. Always ready to cure a party that is about to become a flatliner, or just making you feel even more better: Dr. Rude is the answer to all your enquiries. But beware: a longlasting treatment could cause some serious fatigue problems, since you can’t stand still on his beats. You have been warned… Dr. Rude is a partycrasher! Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.