Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Here Are the Roses 04:30 Tools
Condition 03:36 Tools
Remembrance 04:22 Tools
Trust 04:25 Tools
Treasure 04:08 Tools
Obedience 04:25 Tools
Lonely Tonight 03:47 Tools
Forever 05:33 Tools
Epiphany 03:53 Tools
Where is the love? 04:14 Tools
Remembrance (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) 04:32 Tools
Remembrance - Ulrich Schnauss Remix Of Dragons 04:35 Tools
Rememberance (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) 04:33 Tools
Food For My Soul 03:59 Tools
Remembrance (Ulrich Schnauss remix of Dragons) 04:35 Tools
Freak Blaster 06:28 Tools
Remembrance (Ulrich Schnauss R 04:35 Tools
Treasure - Danny Sober Mix 05:28 Tools
Love Like This 04:58 Tools
Treasure (Danny Saber Club Mix) 05:28 Tools
Redemption 03:33 Tools
Amplified Emotion 03:42 Tools
Cosmosis 03:32 Tools
Sunset Scenery 04:16 Tools
Sandman 02:58 Tools
Failure 03:32 Tools
Remembrance (Ulrich Schnauss remix of Dragons) - Ulrich Schnauss remix of Dragons 04:36 Tools
On The Wall 02:48 Tools
Insatiable 03:20 Tools
Remembrance - Ulrich Schnauss Remix 04:34 Tools
Mercy Call 04:48 Tools
Are You There 04:03 Tools
Your Way Too 03:02 Tools
Pop’s Bag 03:39 Tools
05 - Trust 04:26 Tools
Anarchy in the U.K. 02:38 Tools
Radioactive 00:00 Tools
Lonely Tonight (Pylon King Remix) 04:10 Tools
Big Mike Requiem 02:27 Tools
Anarchy In The UK 02:38 Tools
Heart Transplantation 02:53 Tools
Where Is The Love (OHM Remix) 07:21 Tools
Lonely Tonight (Def E Remix) 07:21 Tools
Flamme Ardente 02:27 Tools
Here Are the Roses (Pylon King Remix) 07:21 Tools
Eaux vives 04:31 Tools
08 - Rememberance 02:27 Tools
L'ile du Temple Maudit 06:07 Tools
The Forest Of My Place 02:31 Tools
Torche Rouge 03:10 Tools
Force Des Eaux Et Des Monts 05:06 Tools
Because Of Man 02:05 Tools
Dazhai 03:21 Tools
Where is the Love (Pylon King remix) 02:05 Tools
Once in the Fever... 04:09 Tools
Nouvelle Chine 03:43 Tools
Shut 03:15 Tools
Lonely Tonight - Pylon King Remix 04:12 Tools
Heart of stone 03:18 Tools
Family And Friends 03:24 Tools
Friends And Family 02:10 Tools
Young and in Love 03:46 Tools
I am the Wind 03:48 Tools
heartthrob 03:25 Tools
Big Mike 04:56 Tools
Epiphany (Pylon King Remix) 06:36 Tools
Here Are The Roses - Pylon King Remix 06:16 Tools
Shoopies 02:15 Tools
Dead Horse 02:40 Tools
My Dog Mozart 02:34 Tools
Elephant Stomp 02:59 Tools
Whoa Yeah 04:57 Tools
Kamikaze 04:57 Tools
Waiting For Death 01:58 Tools
Stale Values 01:54 Tools
I Need Love 02:34 Tools
Necessary Moments 02:11 Tools
Aether's Breath 03:25 Tools
Obedience Overseer Remix 04:57 Tools
Get off of my Cluod 03:01 Tools
Secrets uv the Night 02:58 Tools
Condition (Pylon King Remix) 02:58 Tools
Treasure (Pylon King Remix) 02:58 Tools
Rain on You 02:22 Tools
C'mon 03:01 Tools
You're A Dream 02:49 Tools
Rememberance (Pylon King Remix) 02:49 Tools
Bad Kids 02:59 Tools
Heart On My Sleeveless 02:22 Tools
Ancient Rhythm 02:41 Tools
Sleep When I'm Dead 02:32 Tools
Life Is Cheap 02:58 Tools
Obedience (Pylon King Remix) 02:32 Tools
Are You There? 02:58 Tools
Pop's Bag 02:58 Tools
I Say Go 02:32 Tools
Where Is The Love - Ohm Remix 07:08 Tools
Cool Night 03:12 Tools
Jealousy 02:59 Tools
Forever (Pylon King Remix) 02:32 Tools
Music Magic 02:46 Tools
Anarchy in the U.K. (China, 1982) 02:36 Tools
This Time 02:30 Tools
Cool Bard 02:43 Tools
The Wild One 02:14 Tools
Three Steps From The Bar 02:22 Tools
Gravity 02:22 Tools
Ohnezahn 02:22 Tools
Bad Wisher 02:43 Tools
Trust (Pylon King Remix) 02:30 Tools
Like It's A Bad Thing 02:48 Tools
Drachen 02:48 Tools
PK Roses (Bonus Track) 06:57 Tools
Hear Me 06:57 Tools
Greyhound 04:28 Tools
Fade 04:00 Tools
Crying 04:28 Tools
Don't Waste My Time 04:28 Tools
Get Off Of My Cloud 02:43 Tools
Obedience - Pylon King Remix 05:25 Tools
Dragons - Here Are The Roses 04:28 Tools
My Music 01:52 Tools
Rememberance - Pylon King Remix 06:50 Tools
Anarchy in the U.K. (Sex Pistols) 02:43 Tools
01 Flamme Ardente 02:36 Tools
Where Is The Love - Pylon King Remix 05:15 Tools
Lonely Tonight - Def E Remix 07:23 Tools
The Dragons "Sleep When I'm Dead" - Dragons 04:28 Tools
Wavin' Hair 03:03 Tools
Hold Me 01:52 Tools
Meet Me 01:52 Tools
My Thrill 01:52 Tools
Bad Dream 01:52 Tools
Caravan Palace 04:05 Tools
Hold Me In Your Arms 04:05 Tools
where is the love (OHM mix) 02:36 Tools
Treasure - Pylon King Remix 07:09 Tools
Forever - Pylon King Remix 05:47 Tools
Easy Spirit 01:52 Tools
At the Dawn 04:19 Tools
Living...Fuck Yeah 04:19 Tools
Imagine Dragons Its Time 07:23 Tools
Hier Zuhaus' 07:23 Tools
dragons 01:52 Tools
Treasure [Danny Sober Mix] 06:48 Tools
Epiphany - Pylon King Remix 06:38 Tools
Take It All Out On Me 01:52 Tools
Woah Yeah! 04:41 Tools
The Bold O'Donoghue 04:41 Tools
Trust - Pylon King Remix 06:48 Tools
Mitten im Himmel 06:48 Tools
Astrid und Hicks - Wir sind nicht perfekt 06:48 Tools
Drachenreiter von Berk 06:48 Tools
Around And Around 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 3: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 1: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 2: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 4: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 10: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 12: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 6: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 13: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 14: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 8: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 9: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 5: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 11: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Kapitel 7: Das große Drachenrennen 06:48 Tools
Breakdown 04:00 Tools
Demons 03:54 Tools
Colors - The Critical Bounce Remix 05:35 Tools
The Origin of Dragons - Extra Mythology 05:35 Tools
Imagine Dragons Piano Cover 04:00 Tools
Condition - Pylon King Remix 06:48 Tools
02 L'ile du Temple Maudit 06:48 Tools
Hicks' Song 06:48 Tools
Alvin der Heimtückische 06:48 Tools
Messmaker 04:33 Tools
Mehltau 04:33 Tools
Steig' mit mir 04:33 Tools
The Law 04:00 Tools
04 Anarchy in the U.K. 03:54 Tools
I'm Alright 06:48 Tools
08 Nouvelle Chine 03:36 Tools
06 Torche Rouge 03:36 Tools
‘Cosmosis’ 06:48 Tools
05 Dazhaï 03:13 Tools
Roll The Dice 15:29 Tools
Wizard Lizard 15:29 Tools
Platz in der Welt 15:29 Tools
Remembrance [Ulrich Schnauss Remix] 04:33 Tools
Edgen - K & K 01:39 Tools
Beacause Of A Man 01:39 Tools
Should I Know You? 01:39 Tools
Springtime In The Spiritworld 03:54 Tools
Still Pissed Off 03:54 Tools
07 Force des Eaux et des Monts 05:35 Tools
Princess Nokia (Cover) 05:35 Tools
09 Get off of my Cluod 05:35 Tools
Dazhaï 03:36 Tools
Ted 03:36 Tools
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There are multiple artists named Dragons. 1) DRAGONS are an electronically influenced duo consisting of Anthony Tombling Jnr and David Francolini. Formed last year in Bristol, from the ashes of Francolini’s former bands Levitation (Rough Trade, Chrysalis etc) and Dark Star (EMI) it showcases a darkly-veiled underworld with haunting vocals and addictive melodies. "Every now and then, a record comes along that takes your breath away on the very first listen. Here are the roses, the debut LP from the enigmatic electronic rock duo Dragons, is one of these records. This is a work of unapologetic melodrama and self-possession, a serious statement of intent that imprints itself indelibly on the soul. Lyrically, the songs are devastating in their bleakness. They come steeped in sepulchral gloom, conjuring disorienting images of graphite skies, monochrome city streets and isolated figures languishing in the shadows. Where is the love? a work of sombre, sinister beauty, is the stuff of gothic nightmares while the eponymous opener (“I’m sitting half naked/my heart racing/my soul long dead”) is a heartfelt paean to alienation, even if it concludes on a more hopeful note. Singer Anthony Tombling Jnr sounds like the weight of the world rests exclusively on his shoulders while David Francolini’s drumming conjures an atmosphere of ferocious, slow-burning intensity. The tension reaches boiling point in Lonely tonight, searing with the suggestion of a relationship gone bad. If all this sounds like an unlikely formula for a pop record that’s because it is. But it is Tombling Jnr and Francolini’s willingness to engage with the darker side of human experience that gives their music urgency and depth, rather than weighing it down with emotional baggage. In an era of bland musical commercialism, Dragons arrive like a breath of fresh air in a sticky sauna. Here are the roses is a tremendous record – visceral yet captivating, experimental yet full of heart. Listen to it. You won’t hear anything else like it.".. Fiona Sturges . 2) The Dragons were not from China. They were French, and the band was a prank played on music journalists. While it is true that punk rock, within a few years of 1977, had spread to every western, and many an eastern, European country, as well as the Philippines, Japan, Tunisia, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and elsewhere, there is no evidence that it existed in China in 1982. Rather, a French punker and a couple of Chinese immigrants living in Paris who understood the power of the pisstake sent out a press release accompanying their album, “Parfums de la revolution,” discussing their goals, such as, “To subvert the National economy by trying to boost the consumption of superfluous goods which in the long term would increase their own marketable value.” Admirable, indeed, but how could anyone think it was serious? Perhaps because Dragons fit punk stereotypes that papers like NME loved to hate when they said things like, “We make noise. The more noise we make, the happier I am.” They seemed to be a confirmation that punk rock’s tone-deaf idealism and naïveté could be translated into a mysterious language and smuggled across closed borders. Or was it actually the music press itself that was idealistic and naïve? In addition to the LP, Dragons released a split single with a punk band—actually an amalgamation of two bands, Deadlock and Kryzys—from Poland, far behind the Iron Curtain. That recording was an authentic illicit expression of revolutionary ideas, which Dragons parodied. In some repressive regimes, punk rock’s emergence was a precursor to glasnost, circulated then, as punk was, on samizdat cassettes, but recognition of this achievement is still precluded by the belief, to quote another review on American hardcore in the same feature, that the music was “aesthetically repressed”—as if the police cared! In the end, it is true that the Dragons’ version of “Anarchy in the UK” is a cover, and a rather inspired one at that. It is also apparently true that the “dim glow of a legitimate grievance aired with the excitement of a toothache” continues to be relevant today as the music press remains credulous—or should I say gullible?—when it comes to the exotic, especially if it seems to confirm preconceived notions about the local. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.